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04-24-2009, 11:29 AM
We start off with a look back at Lockdown when we saw a lot of titles change hand, including Angelina Love, Team 3D, and Mick Foley. Bobby Lashley also made his debut.

We are live on tape from Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Don West and Mike Tenay.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring and he has the TNA title belt. Jeff introduces the new TNA Heavyweight Champion, Mick Foley. Mick comes to the ring. Mick says that this is a great moment in TNA history and a great moment for both of them because they have been wanting it for a long time. Mick has someone to thank and he says that it is not Dirk (the cameraman he drop kicked). Mick says that it was bittersweet because while it was a great moment for him, he saw Sting and he was a broken and vanquished man. Mick says that we will probably not see Sting for a while so they want a round of applause for Sting. Jeff says that as founder of TNA it is his duty to award Mick the title belt.

Jeff says that six months ago when they were in house to sign the documents to be executive shareholder, he never thought that he would be in the ring under these circumstances. Jeff says that Mick said that he wanted to focus on a career in the business outside of the ring. Jeff says that he should have known better, but Mick is the TNA Champion. Jeff says that one of his responsibilities is to announce that Mick’s first title defense will be at Sacrifice in Orlando. The title will be defended in a Four Way Match. Jeff says that if Mick loses, he will sacrifice his title; but if one of the three opponents lose, they will be sacrificing something greater. The challengers will be determined by what they are willing to sacrifice.

Mick says that he does not understand Jeff and he wants to know who ‘TNA Management’ is. Mick says that TNA management is him and Jeff and since he did not agree to that match, it must have been Jeff. Mick wonders what happened to one-on-one competition. Mick says that he can see the resentment that Jeff has because Mick is the champion and not him. Mick says that Jeff liked him more when he was pushing pencils because he was the good soldier. Mick says that he is the general now. Mick says that he wants to book a match for Jarrett tonight. Mick says that he can do it despite Jarrett’s hamstring. Mick says that since Cactus Jack was such a positive influence, Jeff will be in a “Cactus Jack Smack Attack” where he will choose some items to use during the match. Mick says that there are four young men in the back who would like to face Jarrett. Those men are the Main Event Mafia. Mick chooses Scott Steiner to face Jarrett.

Lauren is in the back at the Angelina Love celebration. Velvet says that they will be throwing the biggest party to celebrate Angelina’s win.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Don West was with Team 3D earlier today. Don congratulates them on their victory. Ray thanks all of the fans and Beer Money who brought their A Game to Lockdown. Ray says that they are 22 time Tag Team Champions. They are proud to be a part of a company that focuses on tag team division. They announce the first Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Tournament. The winner will get a trophy, a check for $100,000, and a shot at the title.

Match Number One: James Storm and Robert Roode versus Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed

Storm and Lethal start things off and Storm with a kick and punch to Lethal. Lethal with a rana and a leg lariat. Lethal tags in Creed and Creed with a clothesline into the corner and Lethal with a drop kick. Creed with a springboard bulldog for a near fall. Storm with a punch and he tags in Roode. Creed with jabs to Roode and a double split followed by a punch. Storm trips Creed and Lethal with a suicide dive. Creed back body drops Roode to the floor. Creed with a somersault plancha onto Roode and Storm.

Creed suplexes Roode back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Storm tags in and they hit a spinebuster and lungblower combination for a near fall. Roode with a slam and then Storm and Roode with elbow drops for a near fall. Storm and Roode with a double suplex to Creed and it is time to remember their team name. Storm with a reverse chin lock. Creed and Storm each try for cross body blocks and both men go down. Roode and Lethal are back in and Lethal with a running clothesline and then he Irish whips Roode. Roode sends Lethal to the apron and Lethal with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Storm elbows Roode by accident. Creed with an enzuigiri and then they hit a cross body off a suplex by Lethal. Lethal hits a Lethal Combination to Roode but he only gets a two count. Storm with a super kick and then they hit the DWI on Lethal for the three count.
Winners: James Storm and Robert Roode

Jeremy Borash is in the Main Event Mafia locker room and he asks Kurt Angle about the Lethal Lockdown match. Jeremy says that he was surprised that Jeff turned down Angle’s offer. Kurt says that he wants to make something perfectly clear. Angle says that they beat themselves and they made a mistake in trying to trust Jeff Jarrett. He does not blame Steiner. Scott apologizes for trying to trust Jarrett. Scott talks about twenty years of friendship and Jarrett decided to side with the young punks. Steiner says that he is going to treat Jarrett like a young punk.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and he tells Jeff that Scott Steiner is not happy. Jeff says that he does not care about how Steiner feels. At Lockdown, he made a business decision and he would make the same decision every time. The Frontline might be young and make mistakes, but they go out every night and bust their butts in the ring. Eric Young interrupts and he wants a favor from Jeff Jarrett. He wants to know what it will take to get into the main event. He talks about how Sting picked him to be in the main event. Eric brings up that he had the title taken away from him twice. Jeff mentions that a lunatic is in charge. Eric says that he wants to know when it will be his turn. Jarrett tells Eric to find Holiday to be his tag team partner.

We run through what is coming up on the rest of the show tonight.

We go to footage from after the Main Event on Sunday night. We see Mick getting into his car. We see Mick get home and then we see him with his kids as they get on the bus to go to school.

Lauren is with Kevin Nash and Lauren says that it is good that he is back in the ring. Lauren asks Nash if he might have some trouble tonight against the Legends Champion. Nash says that he is getting the title back for Booker. Sharmell and Jenna have some problems and it is evident. Nash and Jenna leave and Sharmell tells Booker to handle things or she will do it herself.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see more Mick Foley footage from this week. Mick has his title belt with him and he asks if another World Champion has gone into their restaurant.

Jeremy Borash is still with Jeff Jarrett. A.J. and Daniels stop in and A.J. apologizes for doubting him. Daniels says that they won’t know how much it feels to be brought back to TNA. They say that they have Jarrett’s back tonight.

Match Number Two: Sojournor Bolt versus Taylor Wilde in a Ladder Match for the Number One Contender Spot

They climb the ladder and Taylor knocks Bolt off but Bolt knocks the ladder over. Wilde with a kick to Bolt and then she punches her. Bolt with a double thrust and Wilde goes down. Bolt puts the ladder against the turnbuckle and she tries to Irish whip Taylor into the ladder, but Taylor reverses it and Bolt goes down. Taylor sets up the ladder and Bolt stops her and Bolt with a belly-to-back suplex. Bolt tries to climb the ladder but Wilde gets Bolt on her shoulders and hits an Electric Chair drop. Bolt gets some brass knuckles from her top and both women climb the ladder. Wilde punches Bolt and Bolt rakes the eyes. Bolt punches Wilde with the brass knuckles and Bolt grabs the contract.
Winner: Sojournor Bolt

Madison, Angelina, and Velvet walk in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy is with Jeff and they are interrupted by Slick Johnson. Slick says that it is an emergency because Jocelyn is on the phone.

We go to the ring and Velvet and Madison are in the ring hyping the Angelina Love trading card. Madison Rayne is officially in the group. They bring out Angelina Love. Velvet says that she is so happy for Angelina. She asks Angelina if there is anything that she wants to say to her fans. Angelina says that she wants to thank all of her fans for supporting her all of these years. Velvet says that they have a treat for Angelina. It is time for the dancing boys.

The celebration is interrupted by Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed. Kong storms to the ring. Velvet and Madison get out of the ring and then Angelina leaves the ring. Since Kong couldn’t go after Angelina, Velvet, and Madison; it is time for one of the dancers to get an Awesome Bomb.

We go to commercial.

We are back with more Mick Foley on the Road as Champion. We see Mick get a massage and Mick gives her a tip for her work.

Match Number Three: Kevin Nash versus A.J. Styles for the Legend’s Title

Nash with a knee and elbow. Nash with knees in the corner and then it is elbow time in the corner. Nash chokes Styles with his boot. Styles with a drop kick to the knee and an enzuigiri and Nash goes down. Styles works on the leg and he connects with a series of elbows. Styles works on the hamstring but Nash sends Styles into the turnbuckles. Styles punches Nash from the turnbuckles but Nash with an elbow that knocks Styles from the turnbuckles and A.J. goes to the floor. Nash sends A.J. into the apron and then they return to the ring. Nash with a side slam for a near fall and Nash continues the attack with a short arm clothesline. Styles with chops but Nash with a knee and Styles goes to the apron. Styles punches Nash and then A.J. with the Phenomenal forearm. Styles with a drop kick for a near fall. Nash tries for a choke slam but Styles punches Nash in the elbow and then hits a Pele kick for a near fall. Styles goes to the apron and he tries for a springboard 450 splash but Nash moves out of the way.

Sharmell and Booker T come to the ring and Sharmell gets on the apron while Booker hits an axe kick and the referee sees it and does absolutely nothing about it. The referee finally realizes what he saw and he disqualifies Nash for the interference.
Winner: A.J. Styles by disqualification

We go to commercial.

We are back with footage during the commercial and Sharmell and Jenna need to be separated.

Match Number Four: No Limit with Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi versus Eric Young and The Outlaw Jethro Holliday in a Team 3D Invitational Challenge

Young and Yujiro start off and Young works on the arm. Yujiro with a kick but Young with the Young flip to the apron followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Holliday tags in and punches Yujiro. Holliday with a snap mare and a boot to the head. Holliday with a leg drop for a near fall. Holliday with a forearm but Yujiro kicks Holliday. Holliday with a full nelson slam for a near fall. Naito tags in after Yujiro with a rake of the eyes. Naito with a missile drop kick and then they double team Young. Naito punches Holliday followed by a back body drop for a near fall. Naito with a rear chin lock. Naito with an elbow to the top of the head. Yujiro tags in and he punches Holliday. Yujiro with a slam and then he goes up top but he connects with Holliday’s boots. Young tags in and he punches Yujiro and Naito followed by clotheslines. Young with a power slam to Yujiro for a near fall. Kiyosho gets on the apron and then Yujiro hits a suplex on Holliday. Young knocks Kiyoshi off the apron and Young hits a crucifix drop for the three count.
Winners: Eric Young and Jethro Holliday

Lauren is in the back with A.J. and she asks him about his match. A.J. says that was not the first time that A.J. Styles was beat but then he wasn’t. A.J. sees Joe arrive and he has a black towel over his head. A.J. wants to know why Joe won’t return his phone calls. Joe says that his problem is everyone and everything. A.J. says that they are friends. Joe says that there are no friends, just his nation of violence. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Lauren and Abyss to visit Dr. Stevie. Lauren asks when Stevie became a psychiatrist. Abyss tries to calm Lauren down but she will have none of it. Stevie says that he appreciates Lauren’s compassion for Abyss, but what about her compassion for Stevie? Stevie says that he is a recovering addict. When Chris comes to his appointments, Stevie says that he feels his pain. Stevie tells Lauren that they need to help Chris transfer his aggression.

Mike Tenay is in the interview area with Christopher Daniels and he talks about how he is closer to A.J. Styles than anyone else. He talks about how TNA was explained to them as the alternative with the X Division. Tenay compares Daniels to some of the greats like Kurt Angle, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero and wonders why others have not seen it. Daniels talks about when he was fired in the Feast or Fired match. Daniels says that he was watching Impact and saw the Main Event Mafia saying that TNA was nothing until they showed up. That is when things changed for him and it was time to put himself on the same level as the greats.

Mick Foley walks to the announce table as we go to commercial.

We are back with another On the Road with Foley segment. We see Mick signing autographs at the airport while he carries his title belt.

Mick Foley comes to the announce table to join Don and Mike to watch the main event.

Match Number Five: Jeff Jarrett versus Scott Steiner in a Cactus Jack Smack Attack Match

Jarrett with a reverse atomic drop and then he hits Steiner with a kendo stick. Jarrett hits Steiner with a crutch and then he punches him. Jarrett clotheslines Steiner over the top rope to the floor and then Jarrett hits Steiner with a walker and then he takes a sign from a fan and then after using it reveals that it is a dead end sign. Jarrett hits Steiner in the back with the sign. Steiner sends Jarrett into the guardrails and then he slams Jarrett on the floor. Steiner has a pogo stick and he uses it on Jarrett and then he uses the pogo stick and Jarrett clotheslines him off the pogo stick. Steiner stops Jarrett from using a mailbox and Steiner hits Jarrett with a plastic Santa. Steiner with a suplex onto a trash can and we go to commercial.

We are back and the action has returned to the ring and Jarrett sends Steiner into a chair that was wedged in the turnbuckles. Jarrett hits Steiner with a trash can lid. Jarrett with a double underhook DDT onto the trash can for a near fall. Steiner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner hits Jarrett in the head with the trash can lid. Steiner puts Jarrett in the Steiner Recliner but Jarrett gets to the ropes. Steiner releases the hold. Jarrett hits Steiner with a trash can lid but he can only get a two count. Jarrett sets for the Stroke onto the chair but Steiner blocks it and he sends Jarrett into the chair. Steiner puts a trash can on Jarrett and Steiner hits the trash can with a crutch. Jarrett with a low blow and a Stroke for a two count. Jarrett gets a chair and he goes up top but Steiner hits Jarrett with a trash can. Steiner with a Super Samoan drop and both men are down. Steiner gets a two count. Steiner with a Steiner Recliner and Jarrett gets to the ropes again. Jarrett gets Steiner on his shoulders and he hits an Electric Chair drop and both men are down. Jarrett has a guitar and he uses it on Steiner. Jarrett hits the Stroke for the three count.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

After the match, Kurt Angle comes out and he hits the Olympic Slam on Jarrett. Angle puts Jarrett in the ankle lock. Steiner puts Jarrett in the Steiner Recliner while Angle keeps the ankle lock applied.

Mick Foley comes into the ring and he hits Angle in the back and Steiner leaves the ring. Foley does not stop with the Main Event Mafia and he hits Jeff Jarrett with the chair. We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment with footage from the main event and the attack on Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett is on the mic and Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles are in the ring with him. Jarrett says that it was bad decisions. He says that he has no one to blame but himself. He knew six months ago when he hired Foley that he was a whack job. Jarrett says that it is now personal and he has broken a personal relationship. Jarrett says that the next time he sees Foley, he is going to shove a pink slip up his ass.

Bobby Lashley’s music and video play and he comes out. The Main Event Mafia is happy but Jarrett is not happy.

We go to credits.