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Conversation Between Travicity and lɐuǝɯo⊥ǝɥԀ

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  1. Boob
  2. MAGA
  3. u smel hehe
  4. England Ireland Scotland wales WHEN England wins it becomes a painful PAINFUL loss to all the Russia. P M M IS MODERNISM THAT IS WHAT IT IS.


  5. If we exist in the sense of reality. Normality wouldn't be alive. God is real but he isn't. I love you but we do t know each other. Juke,lo,Mau7: figŁ&;
  6. This is my peace offering http://store.steampowered.com/app/448310/
  7. Only when you stop masturbating to it
  8. Keep that gay shit outta my sbox
  9. Post-materialism is a tool in developing an understanding of modern culture. Considered in reference of three distinct concepts of materialism. First kind of materialism, and the one in reference to which the word post-materialism is used most often, refers to materialism as a value-system relating to the desire for fulfillment of material needs and an emphasis on material luxuries in a consumerist society. A second referent is the materialist conception of history held by many socialists, most notably Marx and Engels, as well as their philosophic concept of dialectical materialism. Third definition of materialism concerns the philosophical argument that matter is the only existing reality. First concept is sociological, second is both philosophical and sociological, and third is philosophical. Post-materialism can be an ontological postmaterialism, an existentialistic postmaterialism, an ethical postmaterialism or a political-sociological postmaterialism, which is also the best known
  10. Hypermodernism is the cultural, artistic, literary and architectural successor to Modernism and Postmodernism in which the form (attribute) of an object has no context distinct from its function. Attributes can include shapes, colors, ratios, and even time. Unlike postmodernism and modernism, hypermodernism exists in an era of fault-tolerant technological change and treats extraneous attributes (most conspicuously physical form) as discordant with function. While modernism and post-modernism debate the value of the "box" or absolute reference point, hypermodernism focuses on improvising attributes of the box (reference point now an extraneous value rather than correct or incorrect value) so that all of its attributes are non-extraneous; it also excises attributes that are extraneous. Hypermodernism is not a debate over truth or untruth as per modernism/postmodernism; rather it is a debate over what is and is not an extraneous attribute.

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