I am more than happy to fill any request....but as with most things there are some rules to making requests....They are as follows...

1 - You must have at least 50 posts to have a request filled.

2 - You can only make request every 1 month. If you are unhappy with what was done for you...work with the designer...maybe they can adjust/fix something to your liking.

3 - If your request leaves the first page then you may bump it. Under no other circumstances will this be allowed.

4 - Also do not ask for banners advertising another site..or banners/sigs you plan to use on other sites. This is UOW, you can request those at those sites.

5 - In your request thread you are only to ask for 1 banner/piece. Requesting multiple banners at a time is just a way around the 1 Request per month rule and you will be asked to edit your request, if you don't after about 3 days, your request will be closed.

6 - Thank whoever makes your banner. People put their time and their effort into the banners, do not just take the banner and not say thank you, that is just rude. Remember to give Credit to who ever made it.

7 - If someone makes your request, the thread will be closed, but if you ask for another attempt it'll stay open, although if someone makes you a banner, and you don't reply, the thread shall be closed after 2 days from the submission.

8 - No Private Messaging Requests, AT ALL.

9 - No Ripping GFX (Taking credit for banners you did not make and editing them without permission)

10 - Battles
Open Challenges can be made and accepted by anyone. If you want to challenge a specific person..then make it a callout to said person. When an open challenge is made the person making the challenge gets to set the guidelines for the battle. When a callout is made the person being challenged gets to decide on the guidelines of the battle. The voting goes as so, first to 5 votes wins....4-1 is a T.K.O. win....3-0 is a K.O. win. If you'd like to set a different voting system for your specific battle please do so when stating the guidelines.

Failure to obey these rules will result in a warning. After 2 warnings, a ban will be requested.


* Please when rating peoples work, don't just post 'nice' or 'sweet' or any other one letter replies like that.

* Please give your opinions on the banner and give it a proper rating. This helps members improve there GFX skills.

* Please try to avoid being disrespectful and putting people down because they are not as good as others.

* Help people improve by sharing tips and ideas and please remember to be as nice as possible. All comments and feedback are welcome.

Request Template MUST BE USED

Forum Blended Or Normal:

*Forum Blended Banners for those who don't know are the sexy ones you'll see that seem to "blend" right into the forums background. Normal are just that..the normal looking banners.*

~Also..at some point in time I'm going to try and set-up some more tournaments and what-not...that will actually be finished. I'm trying to think of incentive that can be used to get more interested in joining our tournaments. I also plan on doing my best on getting more active members even if just for the Graphics section.~

+With that said I'd like to thank you for reading my new and updated rules for the Graphic Section. Please feel free to pm me any questions/concerns/ideas that you may have.+