UOWForums GFX Battle Rules

Want to challenge someone to a GFX Battle? Well here is your chance.

Make a thread issuing the challenge whether it be an open challenge to anyone or to a certain opponent.

Make sure that you clarify these simple guidelines in each battle:

Topic - What is the piece going to be about?

Size - What is the MAX and MIN of the piece, OR is there no size limits at all?

Due Date - When are the entries due, so voting can begin OR would you like special judges for the battle?

Votes - How many votes will it take to win? OR will a date to be set and the most votes at the end of that date wins?

Premades - Whether or not they are allowed?

Once you submit a piece, it cannot be edited or taken back.

If you steal someone else's work, you will be disqualified from the battle and banned from GFX.

Any questions, just ask!