In the last 6-7 years I've had a lot of nightmares. Nightmares that would be so real that you literally feel what was going on. In one dream, I murdered man, and I literally felt the thick, red blood cover my body. Talk about a nightmare alright. In another, as a tornado was heading toward the old wooden house I was in, I turned to my left and it looked like I was staring death in his face. I've had nightmares that I was so close to death, but I never died. NEVER. Almost a year after my dads death, I had a dream where I hugged him, and I'm telling you I've never had a dream like that that felt so real, so intensely real. That was the greatest dream I've had. I've heard things that were not there - but never really saw anything with my own eyes. Those were only in the dreams I had while I was sleeping.

The last dream I had was a few nights ago. When I went to bed, I usually sleep on my stomach with my blanket up to my neck. Then comes my dream. My grandmother walks in the room, and asks me something, but I pointed to my mouth because I couldn't speak, but she didn't understand me, so she left the room like nothing was wrong. (Now to those of you who don't know - in reality I have multiple sclerosis, I've been home bound since Feb of this year). Now, this was where the dream went totally weird. Right after my grandmother left, a little girl with a handful of toys appeared by my bedside. There was a bright ball of light shining in the middle of her. She had pigtails with red ribbons, a blue strapless dress with a while shirt underneath. I wasn't afraid, and I reached out to her, and touched the light. It did something to me, but I was unsure what. She disappeared it seemed. Then I tried to move my legs and I couldn't, so I crawled out of bed the best I could, opened the door, where my grandmother was out there. She didn't seemed too concern, I tried to say something, but I simply just fainted it seemed. At that time, I felt like a blanket cover me - then I woke up in the same position as I was in the dream, but I was in my bed in reality.

Dreams and nightmares can mean many things - most of them you cannot understand why they even occur. I don't understand why they happen, but we can only share our experiences.