The Escort
(I did not write this)

She lit up a cigarette as her last client of the day hurriedly left the motel room. This one was a little rough, but hey, work is work. She got up from the bed to close the door her client left open when she saw a man. A sullen face with sunken eyes that stared straight into your soul standing outside.

She closed the door quickly and locked it. Pulling back the curtains, she could see him approaching the door. Knock, knock, knock. She cowered behind the bed and prayed he wouldn't break in. Knock, knock, knock. Why is he here? Why won't he leave? Knock, knock, knock. Please, just leave me alone!

The knocking ceased. She peered over the bed, tears in her eyes. She got up slowly and walked cautiously to the window. The man was no where to be seen. However, a single piece of paper had been slipped under her door.

Dear Sir or Madam,

It has come to our understanding that you have no desire to use our complementary escort service
to the realm of the dead. While it is a difficult journey to make, we respect your wishes and hope
you have a safe travel there yourself.

Sincerely, Death