I know they’ll be watching me. I just know it! Thirty or so of the creatures, all sitting there staring intently. Those buggy, wide eyes bulging like over-sized baseballs from their small unsightly pinheads. I’ll hear the dull chatter emitting from those grotesque, drooling mouths. Alien, foreign noises – disgusting and putrid. I can’t believe I’ve resigned myself to this fate for so many years to come. But what choice do I have…?

They’ll point at me when I’m not looking, they’ll snicker at every move I make, they’ll write horrid things on the wall. Uncontrollable monsters. I can’t do anything to stop them. One raise of the hand or swat of the stick or negative word from the mouth will surely spell my doom. Why, oh why, have I done this to myself…?

I walk into the room doing all I can to compose myself. I turn to face my captors.

“Good morning and welcome back class, my name is Mr….”