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    Default This Day in History - 24th Jul, 2016

    On this day in history in ....

    1956 - Jesse James defeats Frank Jares for the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title in Nashville, Tennessee, ending Jares' second reign and starting his own second run with the belt.

    1963 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Prince Nero in Millstone, NJ.

    1965 - WWWF ran New Haven, CT with the following results:
    -Vittorio Apollo defeated Clyde Steeves.
    -Tony Newberry defeated Ted Lewin.
    -Fuzzy Cupid & Sky Low Low defeated Irish Jackie & the Jamaica Kid.
    -Wahoo McDaniel defeated Jerry Graham.
    -Gorilla Monsoon & Bill Watts defeated Bobo Brazil & Haystacks Calhoun.

    1967 - WWWF ran Atlantic City, NJ at the Convention Hall with the following results:
    -Tomas Marin defeated Chuck Richards.
    -Frank Holtz defeated Steve Stanlee via disqualification.
    -Arnold Skaaland defeated Frank Hickey.
    -Luke Graham fought Miguel Perez to a draw.
    -WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Spiros Arion defeated WWWF U.S. Tag Team Champions Lou Albano & Tony Altimore to win the titles.

    1967 - WWWF ran Washington, DC with the following results:
    -Ernie Lassiter defeated Bob Taylor.
    -Sam Rubin defeated Angelo Savoldi.
    -Pete Sanchez defeated Johnny Rodz.
    -Arman Hussian defeated Smasher Sloan.
    -Gorilla Monsoon defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna.
    -Irish Jackie & the Jamaica Kid defeated Sky Low Low & Little Brutus.
    -Bobo Brazil defeated Prof. Toru Tanaka.

    1968 - WWWF ran Baltimore, MD with the following top results:
    -Tony Altimore & Lou Albano defeated Sammy Rubin & Lenny Solomon.
    -Bull Ramos defeated Virgil the Kentucky Butcher.
    -Prof. Toru Tanaka & Gorilla Monsoon defeated Earl Maynard & Victor Rivera.
    -WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated George Steele.

    1969 - WWWF ran Washington, DC at the National Arena with the following results:
    -The Fabulous Moolah defeated Vivian Vachon.
    -Baron Scicluna fought John L. Sullivan to a draw.
    -Antonio Pugliese defeated Frank Hickey.
    -Mitsu Arakawa defeated Miguel Feliciano.
    -Joe Cox defeated Lou Albano.
    -Cowboy Bradley & Joey Russell defeated Frenchy Lamont & Billy the Kid.
    -WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Prof. Toru Tanaka via disqualification.

    1970 - Nick Bockwinkel defeats Paul DeMarco for the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Title in Atlanta, ending DeMarco's fourth run with the title, and starting Bockwinkel's second reign.

    1971 - WWWF drew the first $100,000 gate in the history of New York City to a Madison Square Garden event featuring the following results:
    -Little Beaver defeated Joey Russell at 10:24.
    -Mike Pappas defeated Jack Evans at 7:25.
    -The Fabulous Kangaroos defeated Manuel Soto & Bill White at 29:21 in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1 - Costello pinned Soto; fall #2 - Soto pinned Kent; fall #3 - Kent pinned White.
    -Jimmy Valiant defeated the Black Demon at 8:17.
    -Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Beautiful Bobby at 7:04.
    -Bruno Sammartino pinned Blackjack Mulligan at 1:04 after a series of bodyslams.
    -WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales & Gorilla Monsoon defeated WWWF International Tag Team Champions Luke Graham & Tarzan Tyler in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls match at 20:13; fall #1: the champions were disqualified; fall #2: Tyler pinned Monsoon; fall #3: Morales pinned Tyler.

    1972 - WWWF ran Atlantic City, NJ with the following results:
    -El Olympico defeated Joe Turco.
    -WWWF Tag Team Champion Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Arnold Skaaland.
    -George Steele defeated Sonny King via disqualification.
    -Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Chuck O'Conner.
    -The Blue Demon defeated Thomas Marin.
    -WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales defeated WWWF Tag Team Champion Mr. Fuji via countout.

    1975 - Torrie Wilson is born.

    1975 - WWWF ran Caribou, Maine at the Armory with the following results:
    -WWWF Tag Team Champion Pat Barrett defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna via disqualification when Scicluna was caught with a foreign object.
    -Blackjack Lanza defeated Mike Paidousis.
    -WWWF Tag Team Champion Dominic DeNucci defeated Butcher Vachon.
    -Spiros Arion defeated Dean Ho.
    -Blackjack Mulligan defeated Tony Garea via countout.

    1977 - Championship Wrestling from Florida ran Orlando, FL at the Sports Stadium, bringing in WWWF champion Superstar Graham with the following results:
    -Mike York & Tank Patton defeated Raul & Carlos Matta.
    -Buddy Roberts defeated Brian Blair.
    -Scott Casey defeated the Great Mephisto.
    -Charlie Cook defeated Tony Marino via disqualification.
    -Rocky Johnson defeated WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham in a non-title match.
    -Dusty Rhodes & Steve Keirn fought Florida Tag Team champions Pat Patterson & Ivan Koloff to a draw.

    1977 - WWWF ran Steubenville, Ohio at St. John's Arena with the following results:
    -Johnny DeFazio defeated Frankie Williams.
    -Peter Maivia & Ivan Putski defeated George Steele & Stan Stasiak in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match, 2-0.
    -Larry Zbyzsko defeated Baron Von Raschke via disqualification.
    -Johnny Rivera defeated Jim Grabmire.
    -Jose Gonzalez pinned Frank Monroe.

    1979 - WWF ran Portland, Maine with the following results:
    -Dave Darrow defeated Mike Jones via disqualification.
    -Hussein Arab defeated Pete Doherty.
    -Tito Santana defeated Johnny Rodz.
    -Bulldog Brower defeated Dominic DeNucci.
    -Ivan Putski defeated Jimmy Valiant.
    -Greg Valentine fought Chief Jay Strongbow to a double disqualification.

    1980 - Les Thornton enters WWC and is billed as the WWC World Junior Heavyweight Champion, reactivating a title that had not been used since Dick Steinborn held it in 1960.

    1980 - WWF ran Asbury Park, NJ at the Convention Hall with the following results:
    -Rick McGraw defeated Jose Estrada.
    -Larry Sharpe defeated El Olympico.
    -Tor Kamata defeated Tony Altimore.
    -Bulldog Brower fought Angel Maravilla to a draw.
    -WWF World Champion Bob Backlund fought WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Patera to a double countout.

    1980 - WWF ran South Yarmuth, Maine with the following results:
    -Dave Darrow defeated Fred Marzino.
    -Steve King fought Angelo Gomez to a draw.
    -Johnny Rodz defeated Pete Doherty.
    -Hulk Hogan defeated Rene Goulet.
    -Andre the Giant & Ivan Putski defeated the Wild Samoans via disqualification.

    1982 - Carlos Colon defeats Abdullah The Butcher for the WWC World Heavyweight Title (later to become the WWC Universal Title) in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This was the first time the title ever changed hands, as Abdullah had been recognized as the champion since entering the company. On the same show, The Moondogs (Rex & Spot) defeating Invader I & Pierre Martel for the WWC World Tag Team Title.

    1982 - WWF ran Providence, Rhode Island with the following results:
    -Steve Travis defeated Charlie Fulton.
    -Bob Orton Jr. won a 22-man battle royal to earn a world title shot later in the show.
    -Sky Low Low defeated the Carolina Kid.
    -Pedro Morales pinned Swede Hanson.
    -Blackjack Mulligan defeated Mac Rivera with the claw hold.
    -Salvatore Bellamo defeated Mr. Fuji via disqualification.
    -WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Bob Orton Jr.
    -Jimmy Snuka pinned Tony Garea.
    -Tony Atlas defeated Johnny Rodz.
    -Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Pete Doherty.
    -Ivan Putski defeated Jose Estrada.

    1983 - Magnum T.A. & Hacksaw Duggan defeat Ted DiBiase & Mr. Olympis for the Mid South Tag Team Title in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    1983 - A live event at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, Ontario drew 11,000 fans with the following results:
    -NWA US Champion Greg Valentine defeated Cy Jernigan at 9:16.
    -The One Man Gang defeated Mike Davis.
    -Jacques Goulet & Kelly Kiniski defeated Nick DeCarlo & Vinnie Valentino.
    -Bob Marcus defeated Masa Fuchi.
    -Rufus R. Jones defeated Jake Roberts.
    -Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr. pinned Mike Rotundo at 23:04.
    -Jimmy Valiant & Bob Orton Jr. defeated Mid-Atlantic TV Champion the Great Kabuki & Gary Hart in a steel cage match at 7:05.
    -NWA World Tag Team Champions Jack & Jerry Brisco defeated Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood via disqualification at 18:22.
    -Sgt. Slaughter defeated Canadian Heavyweight Champion Angelo Mosca to win the title at 22:18.
    -NWA World Champion Harley Race defeated Ric Flair via disqualification at 16:42 when Flair accidentally punched guest referee Johnny Weaver after Race moved out of the way; after the bout, Weaver punched Flair as payback.

    1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Columbia, SC with the following results:
    -Tom Shaft defeated Doug Vines.
    -Brian Adidas defeated Jeff Sword.
    -NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard defeated Johnny Weaver.
    -The Renegade & Mark Youngblood fought NWA Tag Team Champions Don Kernodle & Ivan Koloff to a double disqualification.
    -The Junkyard Dog defeated Wahoo McDaniel via disqualification.

    1984 - WWF ran Brooklyn, NY with the following results:
    -Rene Goulet fought Jose Luis Rivera to a draw.
    -The Haiti Kid defeated Dana Carpenter.
    -Paul Orndorff defeated Terry Daniels.
    -Greg Valentine defeated Tony Garea.
    -Sgt. Slaughter defeated the Iron Sheik.

    1984 - WWF ran Salt Lake City, UT at the University of Utah with the following results:
    Jesse Ventura defeated Salvatore Bellomo.
    Mil Mascaras defeated Jerry Valiant.
    Mad Dog Vachon defeated Tiger Chung Lee.
    Big John Studd defeated Steve Gatorwolf.
    WWF IC Champion Tito Santana defeated Moondog Rex.
    WWF Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch defeated Rocky Johnson & SD Jones.
    Andre the Giant won an 18-man Battle Royal.

    1987 - Sherri Martel pinned WWF Women's Champion the Fabulous Moolah in Houston, Texas to win the title at 7:56 by blocking an attempted slam into the ring and reversing it into a cradle. After the match, Moolah knocked down referee Joey Marella for counting the pin before Sherri hit her in the back with the title belt - sending Moolah to the floor. The bout would air on WWF Television, marking the end of Moolah's run as prominent titleholder.

    1988 - WWF ran three live events the same day, with the following results:

    WWF in Toronto, Ontario at Maple Leaf Gardens:
    -Terry Taylor defeated Scott Casey via submission with the Scorpion Deathlock at 12:07.
    -The Powers of Pain defeated Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov when the Barbarian pinned Zhukov with a clothesline off the top.
    -King Haku pinned SD Jones (sub. for the Junkyard Dog).
    -Greg Valentine pinned Don Muraco after hitting him with his shinguard as Muraco tried to revive the referee, who was knocked down moments earlier as Muraco attempted the tombstone.
    -Prime Time Wrestling - 8/1/88: The Ultimate Warrior, Davey Boy Smith, & the Dynamite Kid defeated Mr. Fuji & WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition at 7:37 when Warrior pinned Smash with a forearm off the top.
    -Terry Taylor (sub. for Hercules) pinned Richard Charland.
    -WWF World Champion Randy Savage defeated Ted Dibiase via disqualification after Virgil interfered.

    Santa Fe, NM:
    -DJ Peterson defeated Billy Anderson.
    -WWF Women's Champion Sensational Sherri defeated Rockin Robin.
    -Paul Roma & Omar Atlas (sub. for Jim Powers) defeated Barry Horowitz & Sifi Avi.
    -Frenchy Martin pinned Koko B. Ware.
    -Tito Santana pinned Ron Bass.

    Chicago, IL at the Rosemont Horizon:
    -Bad News Brown pinned Jim Neidhart.
    -Dino Bravo defeated Ken Patera via forfeit after Patera was attacked and injured during their arm wrestling contest and was unable to wrestle.
    -The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty defeated the Conquistadors.
    -Rick Rude pinned Jake Roberts.
    -The Big Bossman pinned Sam Houston.
    -Iron Mike Sharpe pinned Lanny Poffo.
    -Brutus Beefcake (w/ George Steele dressed as a woman) defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion the Honkytonk Man (with Peggy Sue, a wigged Sherri Martel) via disqualification.
    -Andre the Giant pinned Jim Duggan,

    1991 - WCW ran San Diego, CA at the Arts Center featuring the following results:
    -Big Josh pinned Black Bart.
    -PN News defeated Johnny B. Badd via disqualification when Teddy Long interfered.
    -WCW World TV Champion Steve Austin pinned the Yellow Dog when Lady Blossom interfered.
    -The Diamond Studd pinned Tom Zenk by putting his feet on the ropes for leverage.
    -Dick Murdoch & Dick Slater defeated Richard Morton & Terrance Taylor when Slater pinned Morton with his feet on the ropes.
    -El Gigante pinned the One Man Gang.
    -Sting & Ron Simmons defeated Nikita Koloff & Barry Windham when Sting pinned Koloff.

    1992 - WWF held the first-ever wrestling event at the America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona with the following results:
    -Kamala pinned Jim Powers.
    -The Nasty Boys defeated High Energy, Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware.
    -Road Warrior Hawk (substituting for Davey Boy Smith) pinned Repo Man.
    -The Ultimate Warrior pinned Papa Shango with a press slam and splash.
    -The Beverly Brothers defeated the Bushwhackers.
    -Tito Santana (substituting for Sgt. Slaughter) defeated the Mountie.
    -WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart pinned Shawn Michaels.

    1992 - WWF ran the Palace of Auburn Hills, Michigan with the following results:
    -Crush defeated Skinner via submission with the head vice at 9:38.
    -The Big Bossman defeated Nailz via disqualification at 7:11.
    -WWF Tag Team Champions the Natural Disasters defeated Ted Dibiase & IRS via disqualification at 8:47.
    -Tatanka pinned Rick Martel at 16:38.
    -Virgil pinned Kato at 12:15.
    -The Undertaker pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Ted Dibiase (substituting for the Berzerker, with Jimmy Hart & Mr. Fuji) at 6:30; after the bout, Taker dropped Dibiase, Hart, and Fuji with tombstones.
    -WWF Champion Randy Savage pinned Ric Flair at 20:42.

    1994 - WWF ran North Tonawanda, NY at the Melody Fair with the following results:
    -Duke Drose defeated Adam Bomb.
    -WWF Women's Champion Alundra Blayze defeated Luna Vachon.
    -Ted Dibiase's Undertaker defeated Thurmann Sparky Plugg.
    -Mabel defeated Bam Bam Bigelow.
    -Doink the Clown defeated Jeff Jarrett.
    -The Heavenly Bodies defeated the Smoking Gunns.
    -Razor Ramon defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel via disqualification.

    1996 - WCW taped WCW Sarturday Night in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Riverfront Coliseum, featuring the following results:
    -Alex Wright defeated Disco Inferno.
    -Public Enemy defeated the Nasty Boys in a dog collar match.
    -Dean Malenko defeated Eddie Guerrero.
    -Rick & Scott Steiner defeated WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat to win the titles.
    -Kevin Nash & Scott Hall defeated Sting & WCW World TV Champion Lex Luger via disqualification.
    -Randy Savage defeated WCW U.S. Champion Ric Flair in a non-title match.

    1996 - WWF ran Spokane, WA with the following results:
    -Justin Bradshaw defeated Bob Holly.
    -WWF Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated The New Rockers, Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy, Henry & Phinneas Godwinn, and Skip & Zip.
    -Steve Austin defeated Savio Vega in a No DQ match.
    -Owen Hart defeated Aldo Montoya.
    -Psycho Sid (substituting for Ahmed Johnson) defeated Goldust after about a minute.
    -The Undertaker defeated Mankind.
    -Psycho Sid defeated Davey Boy Smith after about a minute.
    -Marc Mero defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
    -WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Vader with the superkick after 3 minutes.

    1998 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at the War Memorial, featuring the following results:
    -Tracy Smothers defeated Chris Chetti.
    -John Kronus defeated Ulf Hermann.
    -Lance Storm defeated Tommy Rogers.
    -Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney defeated Danny Doring & Mike Lozansky.
    -Masato Tanaka & Jerry Lynn defeated Mike Awesome & Justin Credible.
    -Bam Bam Bigelow & Chris Candido defeated the Blue Meanie & Super Nova.
    -Taz fought Bam Bam Bigelow to a no contest.
    -ECW World TV Champion & ECW World Tag Team Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Spike Dudley.
    -ECW World Tag Team champion Sabu defeated Mikey Whipwreck.
    -Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley defeated the Sandman & Tommy Dreamer.

    1999 - Kurt Angle defeats J.R. Smooth in Memphis, Tennessee, for the Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title, the first professional wrestling championship ever won by the Olympic gold medalist.

    1999 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran the Riverfront Center in Alexandria, LA with the following results:
    -Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated CW Anderson & Vito Lograsso.
    -Chris Chetti & Nova defeated Tony Devito & Simon Diamond.
    -Super Crazy defeated Little Guido.
    -Jerry Lynn defeated Lance Storm.
    -ECW World Tag Team Champions Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney defeated Buh Buh Ray & D-Von Dudley.
    -Steve Corino defeated Bill Wiles.
    -Francine defeated Steve Corino.
    -ECW World Champion Taz defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri.
    -Sabu defeated Justin Credible in a ECW Death match.

    1999 - Edge wins his first WWF gold, capturing the Intercontinental championship in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario in Skydome. Edge was a last minute substitute for Ken Shamrock, who had travel issues. Edge was unaware he was winning the belt until after the referee had counted three. Other results from the show saw:
    -The Godfather & Val Venis defeated Gangrel & Prince Albert following the Ho Train and Money Shot on Albert.
    -Test defeated Meat with a flying elbow drop.
    -Edge & Christian defeated the Acolytes when Edge pinned Bradshaw with a top rope DDT.
    -D-Lo Brown defeated WWF European Champion Mideon in a non-title match following the Sky High and Lo Down.
    -WWF Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Kane & X-Pac after the Acolytes interfered.
    -The Road Dogg defeated Billy Gunn in a dog collar match by reversing the Fameasser into a pump handle slam.
    -The Rock defeated the Big Bossman in a nightstick match following the People's Elbow.
    -The Undertaker defeated the Big Show in a steel cage match when the Acolytes and Mideon attacked Show, allowing the Undertaker to escape over the cage.

    2000 - Lance Storm defeats Big Vito in Cleveland, Ohio for the WCW Hardcore Championship.

    2001 - WWF ran Pittsburgh, PA with a Smackdown taping at the Mellon Arena featuring:
    -Bubba the Bulldog pinned Cory K with his feet on the ropes.
    -WCW Tag Team Champion Chuck Palumbo (w/ WCW Tag Team Champion Sean O'Haire) pinned Test after O'Haire interfered and hit Test with one of the title belts.
    -Jerry Lynn pinned K Kwick with a cradle.

    Sunday Night Heat:
    -Scotty 2 Hotty pinned Chavo Guerrero Jr. with the Worm at 3:57 after Chavo failed a splash off the top.
    -Raven & Justin Credible defeated Sho Funaki & Taka Michinoku at 3:35 after Raven hit the DDT on Funaki.
    -Albert pinned Hugh Morrus at 3:24 with the Baldo Bomb after Hugh failed a moonsault.
    -Hardcore Holly pinned Mike Awesome at 3:27 with the Alabama Slam after Awesome missed a splash off the top.

    -Jeff Hardy (w/ Lita) defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman & Hurricane Helms at 3:39 when Helms was pinned after sustaining the Twist of Fate / Swanton combo.
    -The Dudley Boyz defeated Billy Gunn & the Big Show at 3:26 when Bubba Ray pinned Gunn following the 3D
    -Diamond Dallas Page defeated Kane via disqualification at 4:24 following a chair shot; after the contest, Kane sat up from a chair shot from DDP and hit the chokeslam on WCW referee Nick Patrick.
    -WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam & WCW US Champion Kanyon defeated Chris Jericho & Tajiri at 3:48 when RVD pinned Tajiri with the Five Star Frog Splash after Kanyon hit Tajiri with the US title belt,
    -WWF Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm defeated Perry Saturn via disqualification at 3:19 when the challenger attacked Storm with Moppy.
    -Edge & Christian defeated Tazz & Rhyno at 3:06 when Christian pinned Tazz after both simultaneously suffered a Gore from Rhyno that was intended for Edge.
    -Kurt Angle defeated WCW World Champion Booker T via submission with the ankle lock to win the title at 10:29.

    2002 - Flash and BJ Payne were released from their WWE developmental contracts.

    2002 - NWA:TNA held their weekly Wednesday night PPV in Nashville, TN at the TNA Asylum. Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

    The July 24th edition of NWA: Total Nonstop Action began with Jeff Jarrett in the ring hitting security with chair shots. Mike Tenay explained that Jarrett had been in the ring for five minutes ranting. Jarrett demanded that Ken Shamrock bring him "his NWA Title". Jarrett said he would not leave the building until the NWA Title was his.

    We cut to the back, where security, presumably holding back Ken Shamrock, got wiped out by the champion. One guard mouthed off to Shamrock, and he punched him out too. Bob Armstrong and Don Harris tried to calm Shamrock, who said (the audio was low) that he was doing things his way. They stepped aside. Shamrock left the room, then barricaded the door, locking security in the room. Shamrock told Ian Harrison to watch the door, and not let anyone in or out of the room.

    Bill Behrens was in the ring, telling Jarrett to leave the ring, or security would come out and drag him out (Behrens didn't know Shamrock had locked up the guards). Behrens told him he was suspended for 60 days, starting today. Behrens waited for Jarrett to decide to leave or be dragged out, and Jarrett hit him with the chair. Shamrock hit the ring, and attacked Jarrett. Shamrock hit a dropkick and started pounding Jarrett. Apolo and Monty Brown came out and pulled Shamrock off Jarrett, but this allowed Jarrett to hit Shamrock with a chairshot. Jarrett was at a standoff with Apolo and Brown, when Brian Lawler and K Krush ran out. They got Jarrett to go with them to the back, while Behrens and Shamrock were helped from the ring. The announcers pointed out that security was still locked up in the back.

    The opening match for the show was The Amazing Red vs. Low Ki. Low Ki felt out Red with some kicks, then Red hit two armdrags and a dropkick. Low Ki went to the floor, and Red hit a rana. Red slugged it out with Low Ki, then in the ring Ki missed a charged in the corner, and Red dropkicked him in the back of the head. Red hit a neckbreaker from the second rope for a two count. Low Ki tossed off a powerbomb, then hit a rolling somersault kick. Low Ki hit an elbowdrop for a two count. Red flipped out of a snapmare, but Low Ki hit a springboard bodypress, then a double underhook suplex, holding on with the Dragon Wing (double underhook clutch). Low Ki chopped Red in the corner, and when Red went to the top, Low Ki crotched him. Low Ki applied the Dragon Sleeper while in a Tree of Woe, then got a two count. Low Ki grabbed a knuckle lock and headbutted Red, but Red leaned back in the corner and kicked him. Low Ki blocked a series of kicks and got a dragon screw. Low Ki then unloaded with some kicks. Red hit a legsweep and a Red Star Press (standing backflip splash) for a two count. Red hit a sunset flip style flip powerbomb (Code Red) on Ki for a two count. Red hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two count. Red went for it again, but Low Ki tossed it off. Red managed to avoid some strikes and kicks, and hit a spinning enzugiri to the back of the head. Red missed the corkscrew moonsault (InfraRed). Low Ki hit the cartwheel kick (Tidal Krush) in the corner, and the Ki Krusher '99 for the win. Low Ki wins. The fans chanted for Low Ki after the match.

    The TNA girls (new ones) danced, while upcoming shows were plugged).

    Goldy was in the back, following Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett went up to Harrison (security was banging on the door that Harrison was guarding) and said he wanted in, because he was looking for Shamrock. Harrison refused to move, and Jarrett said he would take care of "Joe Steroid" on his time, and went on looking for Shamrock.

    The Hot Shots (Cassidy O 'Reilly & Chase Stevens) vs. Wildcat Chris Harris & Cowboy James Storm was next. The Hot Shots said "We're pricks, we're proud, we're protruding". They showed an interview from earlier with Storm & Harris, where they revealed that it was the Hotshots who had attacked them the night of the tag team tournament. Harris, with a cigarette, then started ripping on Storm's cowboy gimmick, saying it "sucked", cursing it, and told him not to do anymore "Stan Hansen stuff". Storm acted like it wasn't a gimmick at all.

    The match got underway, with Storm hitting a headscissors and Storm a spear. O'Reilly took over on Storm outside, then tossed him into the ring so Stevens could get a cover for two. The Hotshots hit a double dropkick, sandwiching Storm's head for a two count. O'Reilly hit a jumping back elbow on Storm and a split leg moonsault for a two count. They hit a Hot Shot on Storm, then Stevens missed a moonsault. Chris Harris finally tagged in and hit a bulldog on Stevens and a Thesz press on O'Reilly. Harris hit a double clothesline. Storm hit a swinging reverse DDT on O'Reilly. Harris was caught in a DDT by Stevens, but reversed it into a Northern Lights suplex and got the pin. The Hotshots laid out Storm and Harris with a superkick/German suplex combo on both after the match.

    Goldy was in the back, where the doctor was checking Shamrock. Shamrock woke up, and demanded to know where Jarrett was.

    Apolo vs. Brian Lawler was next. The fans chanted "Jerry's Kid" at Lawler. Lawler hit a slam early, but Apolo downed him with a shoulderblock and hit a double arm suplex. Apolo chopped and punched Lawler in the corner, and hit a sitout powerbomb for a two count. Apolo ran into a superkick Lalwler choked Apolo with his necklace. Lawler worked over Apolo with a chinlock, but Apolo came back with a clothesline and a back elbow. Apolo hit a slam and legdrop for a two count. Apolo and Lawler traded blocks and reversals, until Apolo hit a superkick. Apolo went for the TKO/Hawaiian Crush/Stunner out of a fireman's carry, but Lawler reversed it into a DDT. Lawler was bleeding from the mouth. Lawler danced mockingly, then punched Apolo. Lawler then did the old Too Cool dance, and hit a neckbreaker. He started dancing again, and Apolo rolled him up from behind and pinned him. During this match, I noticed the setup of the Nashville Fairgrounds. It is obviously a much smaller building, but the fans are closer to the ring. Sort of reminds me of the ECW Arena or the old studio wrestling set ups, which I like. Looks much better than an empty arena to me.

    After the match, Brian Lawler was at ringside, and Don West said he did a "good job" in the match. Lawler went psycho and choked West. With no security, Tenay and Ferrara had to pull Lawler off and convince him to leave.

    K Krush came to the ring, and they replayed his hanging of Norman Smiley and Scott Hall from last week. K Krush said he should be referred to as "The Truth" and that K Krush is no longer. The Truth said "they gave me that name". He said he would no longer be "their puppet" and that the rules they created he does not abide by. He said he would not be held down, like Allen Iverson and Mike Tyson is. He brought up more athletes, most of which have been successful. He even mentioned O.J. Simpson.

    Monty Brown came out and said he had heard enough of this. He said people make and create opportunities. He said he had been to two SuperBowls, and nothing was given to him. He said he left football to make his opportunities in wrestling. Brown said the "truth" may be that Krush couldn't "walk the walk" and maybe he wasn't "all that". Brown laid down a challenge, but Truth said he had no problem with him. Truth said they both have their views and that Brown should take his "Uncle Tom ass" out of the ring. Truth went to hit Brown, but Brown hit a double arm suplex and the Alpha Bomb (slam into powerbomb) on him. Brown ripped the Iverson shirt off Truth and left the ring.

    Just my opinion, but I don't see the need for this kind of angle in wrestling. It's cheap heat, and certainly Krush/Truth is talented enough not to need it. Basically, its crap. Back to the report.

    A video package aired on the history of Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles. They started to air an interview that Mike Tenay conducted earlier today with Styles and Lynn. Styles said he understood where Lynn was coming from, and that he respects him now. Lynn said he knows where AJ is coming from, since he was in his shoes ten years ago. Lynn said he appreciates that Styles now realizes what he was telling him about paying his dues. Lynn said he and AJ would be working as a unit tonight against the Elvises.

    The TNA girls danced.

    The NWA World Tag Team Title match was next. It was Jimmy Yang & Jorge Estrada vs. Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles. Siaki joined on commentary, but his mic was low. In the ring, Lynn hit some armdrags on Estrada. Estrada and Lynn traded hammerlocks, and Estrada hit a side slam. Lynn applied a reverse Gory Special, but Estrada got out and hit a rana. Lynn hit a flying headscissors, and pounded him in the corner. Styles tagged in, and he and Lynn hit a flapjack, and a dropkick/legdrop combo. Styles got a two count. Styles missed a spinkick, but caught a second one and got a two count on Estrada. Siaki was putting himself over on commentary. Estrada hit an anklescissors, sending Styles into the turnbuckles. Jimmy Yang came in, and Styles missed a dropkick, and Yang stomped him, but Styles hit the rana from the mat. Styles hit a spinning back suplex on Yang for a two count. Jerry Lynn tagged in, hit a drop toe hold, and Styles hit a senton on Yang. Lynn rammed Yang into the turnbuckles, and hit a snapmare. Yang reversed a whip, but Lynn hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Styles got a headscissors and a flying forearm in the corner on Yang. Styles went for a springboard bodypress off a whip, but Yang caught him on his knee. The match broke down, with Styles brawling with Estrada on the floor. Siaki clotheslined Styles, and tossed him in the ring. Yang put Styles in a pretzel hold, walked up him in the corner, and hit a series of shoulderblocks. Estrada tagged in and hit a suplex on Styles for a two count. Estrada hit a series of kneedrops to the midsection. Styles fought back, but was caught in a uranage for a two count. Yang tagged in and hung Styles gut first on the top rope. Yang got a two count. Estrada hit a springboard moonsault for a two count, and a small package for another two. Estrada hit a clothesline and a spinebuster for another two on Styles. Estrada dropped a knee, then hit a vertical suplex. Yang came in with a slingshot somersault senton. Yang applied an abdominal stretch, and Estrada gave him leverage. Styles came back with a Quebrada moonsault into a reverse DDT. Styles went for the tag, but Estrada cut him off. Estrada and Yang worked over Styles in their corner. Styles reversed a whip, but missed a dropkick. Estrada got a two count, and tagged in Yang. Styles missed an enzugiri, but hit a backkick on Yang. Tang's nose was busted open. Lynn got the tag, and cleaned house, hitting a springboard sunset flip from the second rope on Estrada for a two count. Lynn dropkicked Yang from the ring and hit him with a pescado. Estrada hit an Asai moonsault on Lynn. Styles went for a twisting plancha, but Siaki shoved the Elvises away, and Styles slammed into Lynn. Lynn went headfirst into the railing, and was busted open. In the ring, Yang & Estrada hit a legdrop/splash combo from opposite corners. The Elvises hit a double fisherman's neckbreaker on Styles, and kept Lynn from the ring. Styles fought back, and hit Yang with a discus clothesline and went to the top rope. Lynn managed a guillotine legdrop on the ropes and slingshot splash on Estrada and got the pin. Styles was standing on the top rope, and apparently mad about not getting to do his move on Yang, left the ring. Lynn, a bloody mess, was left lying in the ring. Lynn was the legal man in the match. Lynn & Styles retain the titles, and the Elvises get their first defeat.

    The TNA Girls danced.

    Next up was "Jive Talkin'", a interview segment with Disco Inferno with a living room set on the stage. Disco started talking about his accomplishments in wrestling, including his streak of wins over Barry Horowitz. No kidding, he mentioned that. He said he even judged pregnant bikini contests. Disco said he was there to teach the wrestlers how to be stars and have personality. Then he left. Segment went about seven minutes. Apparently his segment will be every week.

    The TNA Girls danced again.

    Ken Shamrock went up to Ian Harrison, and asked if he had seen Jarrett. Harrison said yes, and that he was looking for him. Shamrock said Jarrett better hope he doesn't find him.

    Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Monty Brown & Elix Skipper was next. Diamond & Swinger got a brief "ECW" chant. Simon slapped Skipper at the start, and Skipper responded with a kick. Skipper and Diamond slugged it out, and Skipper hit a rana for a two count. Skipper got a side cradle for another two. Swinger ran in, and Skipper leapfrogged him and Brown slugged him from the ring. Brown and Skipper hit Diamond with a double dropkick. Simon reversed a whip on Skipper and missed a dropkick, and Swinger hit Skipper with a clothesline from the apron. Simon & Swinger hit a sideslam/elbow combo on Skipper. Swinger hit a cobra legsweep on Skipper for a two count. Swinger went for a bodypress, and Skipper did the matrix to dodge it, but Diamond ran in and clotheslined him. Diamond tagged in and hit the Simon Series on Skipper, but Brown broke it up. Simon & Swinger hit a double reverse legsweep on Skipper for a two count. Simon went to clothesline Skipper, but he ducked and Simon hit Swinger. Skipper hit a flip styles Northern Lights on Swinger and tagged Brown. Brown hit a powerslam on Diamond, and a press slam on Swinger, dropping him on Simon. Brown covered Simon for a two count, but Swinger broke it up. Simon & Swinger hit the Problem Solver (elevated DDT) on Skipper, but he wasn't the legal man. Skipper tripped Swinger as he came off the ropes, and Brown caught Diamond in the Alpha Bomb for the pin. Skipper and Brown embraced after the match, but Skipper held Brown longer, and The Truth/K Krush came out and ambushed Brown. Truth hung Brown over the top rope, as Skipper just walked away, an obvious set up.

    Goldylocks interviewed the Dupps about not getting a match. Stan Dupp commented on Goldy's pink top, saying pink was his favorite color. Stan called Bo a "retard" for leaving Fluff Dupp with Pa Dupp. Bo said in the wrestling business, all you have to do is bump into someone and you get a match that night. Bo bumped into Goldy's breast, but obviously was not getting a match with her. So, Bo bumped into Ian Harrison. A challenge was made for a match, and accepted.

    Back in the ring, another match was going to be announced, but the Dupps came out. Ring Announcer Jeremy Borash introduced Bo Dupp, and the Dupps said the opponent was "some big muscled guy from the back". Ian Harrison came out, and Bo started out with punches, which lasted a few seconds. Ian pounded him in the corner and hit a clothesline and a slam. Stan Dupp joined the commentators. The fans chanted "USA" briefly at the British Harrison. Harrison hit a shoulderblock, but Bo hit a back elbow, a boot to the face, and a big splash. Harrison hit a back suplex and a press slam. Harrison hit shoulderblocks in the corner, missed a clothesline and hit a powerslam for two. Stan Dupp ran in and attacked Harrison, causing a DQ. Harrison hit a belly to belly on Stan. Bo was going to hit him with a wooden board, but Ian grabbed it, slowly, and broke it over his knee. The Dupps left.

    In the back, Jeff Jarrett broke into the room where Shamrock and security was. Jarrett and Shamrock had a brief brawl, and were pulled apart by security. Ron Harris said that they would do things "his way" and demanded that Shamrock go to the ring for his match, while ordering security to take Jarrett away.

    The ladder vs. submissions match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title match was next. Sabu came to the ring, and the ladder match between Malice & Sabu from last week was recapped. Shamrock came out, and the match was on. The fans chanted "Sabu" at the start. Shamrock hit some punches at the start, caught a kick and hit a clothesline. Shamrock went after a leg, but Sabu made the ropes. Sabu kicked Shamrock and rolled him up (the referee counted one for some reason) and Sabu applied a leglace, Shamrock reversed it, and they broke off. Sabu went for a leg again, and we were informed that security was fed up, and had left the building. Shamrock went for a jujigatame, but Sabu made the ropes. Shamrock tripped Sabu, and hit a series of knees to the gut and kicks to the head. Shamrock applied a chinlock, but Sabu made the ropes. Sabu ducked a clothesline, hit one of his own, and applied a jujigatame armbar. Shamrock got out and applied a leglace. Sabu made the ropes again. They announced that Ricky Steamboat will be brought in next week to bring order to the show, and he will have full authority in the company. Sabu hit a slingshot legdrop on Shamrock, and went for the jujigatame again. Shamrock got out and stomped Sabu. Shamrock hit a flying leg lariat in the corner on Sabu. Sabu rolled to the floor, and went for the ladder, but Shamrock hit a baseball slide, sending the ladder into Sabu. Shamrock dragged Sabu up the ramp, and tossed him into one of the dance cages. The dancer didn't move from the cage. Sabu was busted open, and Shamrock took him to ringside and tossed him into the ringpost. Sabu reversed a whip and sent Shamrock into the rail. Sabu set up a table on the ramp. Sabu put Shamrock on the table, and put a chair in the ring. Sabu chairlaunched onto the top rope, then flipped off through the table, which Shamrock had rolled off of. Sabu's back was now bleeding. Shamrock set up the ladder in the ring, and started to climb. Sabu weakly gave chase, but just lied at the foot of the ladder. Shamrock was having trouble getting the belt down. The lights went off, came back on, and Shamrock was still trying to get the belt down. Malice ran out, and chokeslammed Shamrock off the ladder. Malice then climbed the ladder and grabbed the still dangling belt. Malice held the belt over his head and walked up the ramp as the show ended.

    2004 - WWE's Raw brand ran Erie, PA at the Civic Center with the following results:
    -The Hurricane & Rosey defeated Chuck Palumbo & Mike Bucci.
    -Rodney Mack pinned Steven Richards after Jazz interfered.
    -Val Venis pinned Tyson Tomko with a full nelson slam.
    -Batista pinned Maven with the sit-down powerbomb.
    -Victoria pinned Jazz with the Widow's Peak.
    -Chris Jericho pinned Kane with a roll up and putting his feet on the ropes for leverage after Kane hit an exposed turnbuckle.
    -WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Rob Conway & Sylvian Grenier defeated Rhyno & Tajiri when Grenier pinned Rhyno with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage.
    -World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit defeated Triple H via submission with the Crippler Crossface after Eugene came to the ring to counter the interference from Batista.

    2004 - Combat Zone Wrestling presented the third annual Tournament of Death. Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

    Combat Zone Wrestling held its third annual Tournament of Death event in Smyrna, Delaware outdoors behind the Break Away Tavern on Saturday afternoon 7/24. The show, CZW's annual celebration of insane spots and gore, drew in the area of 450-500 fans, a little down from last year's event, but still a great, fun insane show with the feeling of a demented Woodstock.

    Complete results of the tournament saw:

    *The show opened with CZW owner John Zandig coming out and asking the fans to remember that everyone working the show is a professional and that the fans should be careful to stay out of the line of the wrestlers and the objects they use.

    Round One:

    *Arsenal defeated Evil Ninja 2 in a best out of three falls Log Cabin Light Tube Death Match. Both are from the Canadian Internet Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) which does a hardcore style north of the border. The Log Cabins are light tubes taped together to build a square. Arsenal hit a dive through the ropes. They used the light tubes as weapons. Ninja tossed Arsenal off the apron into the first log cabin on the floor. The crowd popped huge for every light tube destroyed all day, letting out "ooohs" as the glass and powder flew into the air. Arsenal set up a chair in the ring and climbed, it dropping Ninja on it with a tombstone. It ended up with Arsenal superplexing Ninja off the top rope through two stacked "log cabins" for the win. OK match. The crowd was heckling the guys at the start since they were small and young and most of the fans hadn't seen them before.

    *Nick Gage pinned Ruckus in a Barbed Wire Board Death Match. They had two barbed wire boards in the corners. Ruckus was a substitution for CZW owner John Zandig who pulled out of the show a few weeks back due to neck issues. Robby Mireno cut a good promo before the match. The Blackout gimmick (Mireno as a white boy trying to be a gangsta while running a "label" of black wrestlers) is my favorite thing in CZW right now. Gage used a chair to pummel Ruckus. Gage hit a running boot to a board, which was draped over Ruckus' face. Gage powerbombed Ruckus on the board for the pin. OK match.

    *In the first of several Fans Bring The Weapons matches, The Wifebeater defeated Mad Man Pondo in a sick match that saw a stop sign, various light tube creations, a bunch of old records, a flat screen TV and more used as objects of destruction. Beater slammed a keyboard with thumbtacks glues to the keys over Pondo's head and the tacks stuck in. Both guys got huge reactions coming out. Fun brawl.

    *Sexxy Eddy (another IWS worker) defeated Ian Knoxx in a Thumb Tack and Tack Strips Death Match. Tack Strips are strips with tacks attached to wooden boards. Eddy, who looks like WWE's Nunzio if he wore his hair like something out of the 1950s greaser movement, did a lot of mic work before the match. He also did a striptease bit using Zandig's wife to disrobe him. It was so out of place on the show, it had to have been a practical joke or something that was setting up a later angle that didn't take place. The early portions of the bout were pretty bad, but it turned into both guys taking numerous bumps into a ton of thumb tacks that were poured out of a cooler into the center of the ring. Eddy splashed Knoxx through one of the nail boards, propped on chairs, to the outside of the ring. He also slammed Knoxx off the ropes onto one of the tack boards. Eddy's routine was goofy but he was great at interacting with the crowd. Knoxx, who took an awesome bump at Cage of Death 5, had been sidelined with a shoulder injury in recent months, and seemed to be trying to make up for lost time with his bumping here. Just sick.

    *In a second Fans Bring the Weapons Match, Necro Butcher defeated IWS's Green Phantom. Butcher got the biggest ovation on the show for his entrance. He beat the living hell out of Phantom, potatoing him with crazy stiff shots as they brawled around the ring and into the crowd. Phantom was bleeding heavily from what I believe was a broken nose as the blood was just dripping out of his mask. There were more unique weapons including a fan made "Light tube Cactus" made out of green tubes in a flower pot. Butcher stuck it between Phantom's legs and kicked it. No babies tonight. They splattered sour milk all over the place as well, which no doubt made those fans nearby happy. At one point, Phantom look a snowboard with light tubes attached to the bottom and jumped off the ropes onto Butcher on the floor with it, like he was in some demented XGames tournament. At this point, this was my favorite match on the show. It was just completely evil and brutal.

    *JC Bailey defeated Chris Cash in a Light Tubes and Ladders Death match. They started out fast with Bailey putting a light tube under Cash's arm and kicking it, opening him up under the armpit. That's gotta hurt. Two ladders were brought into the equation. Cash was killing himself left and right out there. At one point, Bailey was hit with a light tube and a jagged piece jutted out of his stomach like a knife. Naturally, he made sure to sell it and waited for everyone to take photos and get video closeups before pulling it out. Sick! Bailey put Cash under a ladder with light tubes and hit a senton off the top onto the ladder. Who thinks of this stuff? Zandig came out after the match and noted that Cash was nervous about doing the match, but had proven himself. Zandig asked Cash to be on his team at the promotion's Cage of Death 6 which will apparently follow the great methodology they used last year with the team concept and (I assume) the two rings and suspended cage.


    *Sexxy Eddy defeated Arsenal in a Light Tubes Death Match with a springboard moonsault. The tubes were taped along the ring ropes horizontally, so if someone was whipped into the ropes, they would hit the tubes. They also had tubes set in the corners. Arsenal began drilling Eddy in the face with the bottom of a trash can several times. That was sick. At some point, Eddy was cut in the arm by something and apparently sliced a vein. He was shooting blood, which he shot farther by pulsing his hand. After the match, Eddy pulsed the blood into his own mouth, which may have been the most disgusting thing I've ever seen inside and out of wrestling. This was another insane bout. Thankfully, Eddy was OK after being stitched up.

    Zandig brought Eddy back out and announced that due to his injuries, he was being sent to the hospital and would not work the finals. Zandig invited him to come back to Philadelphia at the promotion's ECW Arena afternoon show on 9/11.

    *The Wifebeater defeated JC Bailey in another Fans Bring The Weapons match. Beater came out with a weedwhacker but Bailey attacked him and zapped him in the stomach with it. Beater pured a huge bucket of salt over Bailey's wounds. The finish saw them brawl into the crowd and atop a pickup truck. Beater gave him a sitdown powerbomb into the back of the truck, which had well over 100 light tubes sitting inside it, for the pin.

    *Necro Butcher defeated Nick Gage in a Panes of Glass Death Match. They had the four Panes in each corner of the ring. Lots of brawling on the floor. Gage did the running boot through a plane of glass. Blackout returned and distracted Gage. They tried to attack Gage after the match but Butcher kept them at bay and ran them off.

    Tournament of Death Final *WifeBeater defeated Necro Butcher in a match that saw more fan-made weapons, dozen of light tubes, barbed wire wrapped around the ropes, and two pieces of Cage fencing bridged between the ring and the guard rail -- one with barbed wire board and the other littered with light tubes. They had the sections of the crowd closest to the bridges back up as they set up the ring. They started out taking turns beating each other with the weapons and light tubes. Butcher got suplexed out of the ring onto the cage fencing covered in light tubes. They brawled through the crowd and on top of a truck. Beater gave Necro a sideslam off the top of the truck through two tables, with featured a plane a glass bridged across two chairs and one of the tables set on fire. The place went nuts for that. Beater pinned Butcher. Both men returned to the ring, where Zandig awarded Beater the Tournament of Death trophy. Zandig thanked the fans and teased there would be a PPV announcement soon. The promotion has been working on some kind PPV deal, although what that entails I am not yet sure of the details on. I would guess it would be a taped deal of some sort.

    Notes: Necro Butcher also went to the hospital to get stitched up....The tournament was a rousing success in that it was a really entertaining show, especially if you are a fan of the death match style. I expect it will be a hot seller on www.smartmarkvideo.com....The show attracted bus trips from both New York City and Canada to the show....The outdoor location made for a unique atmosphere, as it did last year. Thankfully, the weather held up as the forecast was thunderstorms. It didn't actually rain until the final match of the show, and even then it wasn't a heavy downpour....There had been talk of last year's TOD winner Nick Mondo making an appearance at the show but it never happened. He recently did an interview with CZW's website discussing last year's TOD....The promotion returns to Philadelphia on 8/17 and then again with a matinee on 9/11. For more information, visit www.CZWWrestling.com.

    2005 - WWE presented the 2005 Great American Bash PPV. Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

    The Great American Bash opened with a video focusing on the Batista-JBL, Undertaker-Hassan, and Guerrero-Mysterio matches. Tazz and Michael Cole welcomed us to the show, and pointed out that the show was being aired free to troops overseas via the Armed Forces Network.

    WWE Tag Team Champions MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro, with Melina) vs. Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich.

    MNM had new ring outfits, and Melina was wearing a pair of Bruiser Brody-style boots (in other words, big fuzzy boots). Animal & Heidenreich came out to the LOD theme, and for those that were wondering, no, Heidenreich was not wearing Road Warrior paint or gear. Heidenreich started off with Mercury, hitting a shoulderblock, and Mercury immediately went to the floor to regroup. Mercury got back in and went for a front facelock, and Heidenreich effortlessly tossed him off. Mercury left the ring, got back in, and was given a big boot. Mercury fell to the floor, but Animal tossed him back in. Animal and Heidenreich hit a double shoulderblock, but Mercury hit a boot to the face and tagged in Nitro. MNM went for a double vertical sulex, but Animal reversed it and suplexed both members of MNM by himself. Animal backdropped Nitro, then tagged in Heidereich. Heidenreich lifted Nitro with a choke, but Mercury ran in and clipped his leg.

    Mercury tagged in and dropped his weight on Heidenreich's leg, then yanked on the limb. MNM worked on the leg, including a double legdrop to the leg and chest. Mercury and Nitro continued to tag in and out, working on the leg, and keeping Heidenreich from tagging. Mercury dropped some elbows to the leg, then Heidenreich kicked Mercury away and made the hot tag to Animal. Animal hit Mercury with a back suplex and an elbowdrop, and sort of dropkicked Nitro off the apron. Animal missed a charge in the corner, and Nitro hit Animal with a title belt (Melina distracted the ref). Mercury rolled up Animal, but he kicked out at two. MNM set up Animal for the snapshot, but Heidenreich ran in and speared Nitro. Animal gave Mercury a powerslam, and called for the Doomsday Device. Heidenreich hit the top rope clothesline, and Animal got the pin on Mercury at the six minute mark.

    Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions: Animal & Heidenreich.

    Animal got on the mic and said "Hawk, this one is for you!"

    Josh Mathews interviewed Eddie Guerrero backstage. Guerrero said he called up Rey Mysterio this weekend and added a stipulation to their match. Guerrero said Mysterio had to agree, or he would reveal Mysterio's secret. Guerrero talked about how manipulation is his "new addiction". Guerrero said the stipulation was that Dominic, Rey's son, has to sit at ringside and watch the match, and if Guerrero wins, Dominic has to get in the ring and hear the "bedtime story".

    Christian vs. Booker T, with Sharmell.

    Christian stalled outside the ring at the bell. When he got in, Booker shrugged off some punches and hit a back elbow. Christian left the ring again and headed up the ramp, but Booker went after him and dragged him back to ringside. Booker tossed Christian back into the ring and hit a back suplex. Booker catapulted Christian into a corner for two, but Christian pulled the referee in-between them so he could hit a low blow and throw Booker shoulder first into the ring post. Christian hit a swinging reverse DDT from the second rope for two, then choked Booker against the bottom rope. Booker fought back with punches, but missed a spinkick and Christian hit a cross armbreaker for a two count.

    Christian applied a rear naked choke, but Booker fought back with chops. Booker hit a side slam for a two count. Booker missed a side kick and crotched himself on the top rope. There were some cheers for Christian (probably because Buffalo isn't that far from Toronto, where Christian is from). Christian pulled Sharmell onto the ring apron, and Sharmell slapped him. Christian went to charge Sharmell, but Booker grabbed him and hit the Bookend for a two count. Booker hit a forearm and a clothesline, then delivered a vertical suplex for a two count. Booker hit a sunset flip out of the corner, and Christian rolled through into his own pinning position and grabbed the ropes, but Booker still kicked out. Booker hit a spinebuster, and called for the Spinarooni, which got booed. Christian charged Booker, and Booker hit him with a flapjack. Booker did the Spinarooni, and went for the ax kick, but Christian ducked it and went for the Unprettier, but Booker shoved him into a corner.

    Booker went to punch Christian in the corner, but Christian pulled out a powerbomb and put his feet on the ropes for a two count. Booker rolled to the apron, and Christian went to grab him, but Booker yanked him throat first across the top rope. Booker hit a missile dropkick, but Christian got his foot on the ropes to break up the pin. Christian gave Booker a thumb to the eyes, and tossed him to the floor. Christian went outside, but Booker tossed him into the ringpost and the ring steps. Booker tossed Christian back into the ring, then hit ax kick off the second rope for the pin at the eleven minute mark.

    Winner: Booker T.

    Backstage, Steve Romero interviewed Melina, who vowed that MNM would become Tag Champions again. She also said there was no way the fans would see her stripped to her bra and panties later tonight.

    A Summerslam commercial aired.

    U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit.

    They locked up at the bell and had to be separated by the referee in the corner. On the second lockup, Benoit hit some knees in the corner, then a clothesline off the ropes. Benoit hit some chops in the corner, but Orlando fought back with punches. Benoit hit some chops and delivered a snap suplex, then dropkicked Orlando in the face for two. Orlando grabbed an armbar and pounded Benoit's shoulder. Benoit rolled under a kick and hit an awkward dragon screw leg whip. Orlando rolled to the floor. Benoit went for a baseball slide, but Orlando dodged it and rammed Benoit back first into the ring post. Orlando got in the ring and tried to loosen a turnbuckle, but Benoit grabbed him and hit a German suplex.

    Benoit chopped Jordan and delivered a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Orlando came back with elbows and punches, pounding Benoit in a corner, where he stomped him down. Orlando whipped Benoit across the ring into the opposite corner and hit a clothesline. Jordan gave Benoit a cross armbreaker, then applied a variation on the short arm scissors. Jordan applied a traditional armbar, but Benoit tripped out, and the two exchanged punches on the mat. Jordan applied a weird kind of hammerlock, then grabbed a cradle for two. Benoit grabbed Jordan's legs, but Jordan kicked him away.

    Benoit hit some chops, but Jordan punched him down, and sort of applied a crossface chicken wing, but the crossface part wasn't quite right. Jordan hit a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Jordan hit a reverse elbow for another two, then applied a surfboard. Jordan slammed Benoit, as a "Boring" chant started up. Jordan went to the top rope, but Benoit crotched him. Benoit hit some chops, then hit a top rope superplex. Benoit hit some forearms and a backdrop, then elbowed a charging Jordan. Benoit went for the Sharpshooter, but Jordan kicked it off. Benoit hit a German suplex. Jordan blocked a second, missed a right hand, and Benoit hit two more German suplexes. Benoit hit the top rope headbutt, but only got a two count.

    Benoit hit Jordan with some chops. He threw Jordan into a corner, but Jordan bounced out and collided heads with Benoit. Benoit fell to the mat, and Jordan pulled the pad off a top turnbuckle. Benoit grabbed Jordan from behind for German suplex, but Jordan held onto the ropes. Jordan pulled forward, and Benoit went headfirst into the exposed steel turnbuckle. Jordan then scored the pin at the fourteen minute mark.

    Winner: Orlando Jordan.

    They kept the camera on Benoit for a while after the match, and the fans applauded him before he left the ring.

    A video package on the Hassan-Undertaker feud was shown.

    Number One Contender Match: The Undertaker vs. Muhammad Hassan, with Daivari.

    The masked men that are not terrorists (Cole called them "sympathizers") carried Hassan to the ring on a makeshift throne. Hassan got on the mic and demanded respect from the crowd. Hassan said if he didn't defeat The Undertaker, he would never appear on Smackdown again. Hassan promised to beat The Undertaker, return to Smackdown, win the World Heavyweight Title, and become the first Arab-American champion in WWE. Hassan said he sacrificed Daivari and his lawyer to the Undertaker because he will do anything to win the WWE Title. Hassan said he wasn't afraid of the Undertaker. The lights then went off for The Undertaker's entrance. The masked man surrounded the ring at the direction of Daivari after Taker got in the ring.

    Hassan danced in the ring, avoiding the Undertaker at the start. Hassan fired off some right hands and kicks, ticking off Taker. UT tossed Hassan in the corner and pounded him down, then drove a knee into the midsection, following with a kick and an elbow. Undertaker charged into a boot by Hassan, but Hassan then ran into a big boot by Taker. Undertaker grabbed an arm wringer and hit an elbow to the shoulder. Undertaker did the Old School rope walk and hit a forearm, then hit a facedriver for a two count. Taker punched Hassan down in a corner with punches, then choked him. Taker went for a big boot in the corner, but Daivari moved Hassan out of the way, and Taker fell to the floor. One of the masked men distracted the referee while the others attacked Taker. Hassan recovered and rammed Taker into the ringsteps.

    Hassan tossed Taker back into the ring and choked him with his boot. Hassan distracted the referee, and a masked man choked Taker. Hassan hit a DDT and applied a rear naked choke. Undertaker through off the choke and went for a backdrop. Hassan kicked away the backdrop, which got Taker mad. Undertaker punched Hassan to the mat, then went to the floor and knocked down one of the masked men. Another masked man pulled out a wire and choked Taker with it, then rolled him back into the ring. Hassan applied a camel clutch, but Undertaker stood up and gave Hassan the Electric Chair. Taker hit a pair of splashes in the corner, then gave a masked man a big boot when he ran into the ring. Taker hit Snake Eyes on Hassan, then booted another masked man. Another masked man in, and he gets punched down. Undertaker dropped an elbow on Hassan, then punched out two more masked men. Undertaker went for the tombstone, but Hassan floated over it. Hassan whipped Taker into the ropes, but Taker ducked a clothesline and hit a chokeslam for the win at the eight minute mark.

    Winner: The Undertaker.

    Post-match, the masked men attacked, with Undertaker destroying several of them, including driving a chair into the throat of one, chokeslamming another on the floor, and tossing one over the Spanish Announcers table. Undertaker got back in the ring, and Hassan shoved Daivari towards him and escaped the ring. Undertaker chokeslammed Daivari. The masked man with the wire from earlier got in the ring, and Taker gave him a boot to the face and a tombstone piledriver. Undertaker went to the floor and tossed Daivari through the wooden front of the Spanish Announcers table. Hassan had crawled to the top stage. Undertaker went after him and chokeslammed him on the stage. Undertaker then removed several of the metal grates on the top of the stage, making a large hole. Undertaker then gave Muhammad Hassan a Last Ride powerbomb through the hole in the stage. Undertaker then stood over the hole, raised his arm, and walked off. After some replays, the camera moved to the hole and showed Hassan lying across the concrete, a metal lighting truss under his back, his body occasionally convulsing.

    Steve Romero interviewed Torrie Wilson, who promised to show that girls can "kick ass" and said she would give the men what they want to see, Melina stripped to her bra and panties.

    They went to the hole in the stage, where a now-bloody Hassan was being put on a stretcher.

    The Mexicools (Juventud, Psicosis & Super Crazy) vs. The BWO (Big Stevie Cool, Da Blue Guy & Hollywood Nova).

    The Mexicools drove out on lawnmowers and gave the Spanish announcers a rake. The BWO drove out on Big Wheels. There was an "ECW" chant for the BWO. Nova started out with Juventud, with Juvi flipping over Nova and doing a moonwalk. Juvi went for a hiptoss, but Nova flipped him to the mat. Richards came in and helped Nova clean house on Crazy and Psicosis. Meanie avalanched Crazy and Psicosis, and the BWO cleared the ring. Juventud hit Nova with a springboard spinkick as he was distracted by Psicosis. Juventud hit a spinkick and applied an armbar on Nova. Juventud hit some punches, and a spinkick, then tagged in Crazy. Crazy hit a snapmare and a running dropkick to Nova's head for two. Juventud applied an armbar on Nova, who came back with a big boot to the face. Nova finally made the tag to Stevie, who backdropped Psicosis, dodged a Juventud springboard, and hit Psicosis with a sideslam. The match broke down, and Richards was left in the ring with Psicosis. Richards missed a charge in the corner, and Super Crazy hit him with a springboard moonsault. Psicosis followed with a guillotine legdrop and got the pin on Richards at the five minute mark.

    Winners: The Mexicools.

    A video package on the Rey Mysterio-Eddie Guerrero feud was shown.

    Rey Mysterio was shown in the locker room with his son Dominic (who now has blonde hair). Dominic said he was scared, and Rey told him there was nothing to be scared about, and that he loved him.

    Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio.

    Guerrero came out first, then Rey came out with Dominic and sat him in a chair at ringside. The fans chanted "Eddie Sucks" as Eddie made gestures and smiles towards Dominic. There was a "Let's Go Eddie" chant from some fans. Eddie told Rey to shake his hand, and Rey did, with Eddie pointing out the handshake to Dominic. Rey then hit a short arm clothesline to start the match, and followed with a clothesline and a backdrop. Rey missed a springboard bodypress, but flipped out of a back suplex attempt and went for a series of rollups for two counts. Rey hit a bulldog out of a bodyscissors for a two count. Eddie whipped Rey across the ring, but Rey put on the breaks and hit a back elbow. Eddie hit a reverse atomic drop out of the corner as Rey tried to punch him. Eddie went to the top rope, but Rey crotched him. Mysterio gave Guerrero a top rope rana for a two count. Mysterio went to the top rope, but Guerrero crotched him.

    Guerrero pulled Rey off the ropes for a crucifix bomb, but Rey turned it into a rana. Rey hit a 619 to the midsection, then gave him a West Coast Pop for a two count. Eddie rolled to the floor, and could be heard saying "He almost beat me". Eddie walked over to Dominic, and gave him a hug. As Rey went after him, Eddie held Dominic in front of him. Rey yelled at Eddie to let him go. Eddie told Rey to get down on his knees, then when Rey did, Eddie shoved Dominic to the side and attacked Rey. Eddie threw Rey back into the ring, and Tazz called Guerrero an "ass****" for what he did. Guerrero kicked Rey on the mat and pounded him in the back. Eddie tossed Rey to the floor on one side of the ring, then went over to Dominic again and smiled at him.

    Back in the ring, Eddie continued to pound Guerrero, choking him against the ropes. Eddie went for a series of covers, but Rey kept kicking out at two, frustrating Guerrero. Guerrero went to stare at Dominic again, then worked over Rey with kidney punches. Rey reversed a backbreaker attempt into a bodypress for a two count. Eddie put Rey in a Gory Special, and there was a light "boring" chant. Rey flipped out into a sunset flip, but Eddie rolled through it and catapulted Mysterio over the top rope and to the floor. Eddie went towards Dominic again and started talking to him, patting him on the head. Rey charged Guerrero and hit a series of rights.

    As they made it back into the ring, Mysterio dropkicked Guerrero's leg out from under him, then kicked him in the face for a two count. Mysterio went for a springboard moonsault, and Eddie caught him, by Mysterio swung around into a DDT. Mysterio draped an arm over Guerrero for a two count. Mysterio gave Guerrero a springboard dropkick to the back of the head, then hit the 619. Mysterio went for a springboard legdrop, but Guerrero moved and Mysterio crashed to the mat. Guerrero hit the Three Amigos vertical suplexes, then went to the top rope, but Rey was rolling away from the corner, out of range of the frog splash. Eddie got off the ropes, then gave Rey two more vertical suplexes. Eddie Guerrero hit a brainbuster, then delivered the Frog Splash. Eddie slowly and arrogantly laid across Rey for a cover, and Rey rolled Guerrero over into a crucifix for the flash pin at the seventeen minute mark.

    Winner: Rey Mysterio.

    Mysterio and Dominic left ringside quickly, while an angry and frustrated Guerrero argued with ringside fans.

    Josh Mathews interviewed JBL, who now has a Red, White and Blue hat and vest. JBL took a shot at the Buffalo Bills for never winning the big one. JBL guaranteed that he would win tonight.

    Bra & Panties Match: Torrie Wilson vs. Melina, with Candice Michelle as the referee.

    Candice came out first, and Michael Cole and Tazz noted that she would be the first ever referee to wear a garter to the ring. Melina came out wearing pants and a T-Shirt (she had a mini-skirt and skimpy top during the opening tag match). Torrie also wore pants and a shirt to the ring. They locked up at the bell, with Melina breaking clean in the corner. Melina lightly slapped Torrie, and Torrie shoved her to the mat. Melina pulled Torrie to the mat by her hair, but Torrie came back with a sloppy headscissors. Torrie cradled Melina and went for her pants, but couldn't get them off. Torrie applied an abdominal stretch and pulled off Melina's shirt. Torrie rolled up Melina and tried for the pants, but Melina kicked Torrie off, through the ropes and to the floor. Melina grabbed Torrie, tossed her back in, and pulled off Torrie's top. Melina kept up the attack, but couldn't get Torrie's pants off. Melina choked Torrie, and Candice forced her to break. Torrie kicked Melina in the head from the mat. Melina crawled to the apron, but Torrie pulled her back into the ring. Torrie hit a dropkick and clothesline, then hit a vertical suplex. Torrie went for her pants, but Melina monkeyflipped her off. Torrie went for Melina, but Melina hit a Hot Shot, knocking out Torrie. Melina pulled of Torrie's pants to get the win at the five minute mark.

    Winner: Melina.

    Post-match, Melina attacked Candice, so Candice and Torrie double teamed her and pulled off Melina's pants. Melina ran off, and Candice stripped down to her own bra and panties, so the crowd got to see all three women in their underwear tonight.

    The events leading to the main event were recapped.

    World Champion Batista vs. John Bradshaw Layfield.

    JBL entered in a limo with police escort, with red, white and blue confetti falling from the ceiling. JBL handed out small flags to the audience. As Batista came out, Michael Cole informed us that Batista is the first man to headline a Raw-brand and Smackdown-brand PPV in the same month. There was a "Batista" chant before the two men locked up. Batista backed JBL into the corner on the initial lockup, and broke clean. They locked up again, and JBL went for a waistlock, but Batista elbowed him away. Batista hit a shoulderblock, and then flexed in the center of the ring. JBL hit a knee to the gut and threw some forearms. JBL whipped Batista across the ring, but Batista came back with a clothesline and JBL went to the floor to regroup.

    Batista gave chase, and JBL kicked him as they got back into the ring. Batista reversed a whip and hit a side slam for a two count. Batista hit some elbows in the corner, then choked him with his boot. Batista ran into a JBL boot, and JBL downed Batista with a running shoulderblock. Batista reversed a whip and hit a back body drop, then clotheslined JBL over the top rope and to the floor. Batista threw JBL into the security wall, and then back into the ring. As Batista got on the apron, JBL tried to suplex Batista into the ring, but Batista blocked it, so JBL dropped down, yanking Batista throat first across the top rope. Batista was on the floor, and JBL tried to jump on him from the apron, but Batista caught him and rammed him into the ring apron. Batista hit a kneelift and rolled Batista back into the ring.

    Back in the ring, JBL begged off, then poked Batista in the eyes and threw him shoulder first into the ringpost. JBL hit a boot to the face, and Batista fell to the floor. JBL tackled Batista on the floor, sending both men over the announcers table. JBL pounded Batista on the floor, and knocked out a camera. JBL stood on the table and hit a flying punch. Batista was rolled back in the ring and JBL covered for a two count. JBL catapulted Batista into the middle rope, then choked him against the bottom rope. JBL hit a boot to the face, then dropped a trio of elbows for a two count. JBL applied a sleeperhold, and held onto it for a long time. The referee checked Batista's arm, but the champion kept it up on the third check.

    Batista elbowed out, and hit a back suplex. JBL grabbed Batista by the trunks and pulled him through the ropes and to the floor. JBL went outside and rammed Batista into the ring steps. JBL rammed Batista into the steps a second time, then punched him on the floor. JBL rammed Batista into the ringpost, but Batista came back with a boot to the face, then hit a clothesline, sending both men over the security wall and into the crowd. Batista pounded JBL on the floor, then rolled JBL back over the wall to ringside. They went back into the ring, with JBL hitting some forearms. Batista reversed a whip and hit a back elbow. JBL reversed a whip, and sent Batista into a corner. JBL bounced off the ropes for the Clothesline From Hell, but hit the referee, knocking him to the floor. Batista gave JBL a spinebuster. Orlando Jordan ran out, but Batista knocked him off the apron. Batista grabbed JBL for a powerbomb, but Jordan crawled in with a chair and hit Batista in the back. JBL covered Batista, and Jordan revived the referee. The referee counted, but Batista got his shoulder up at two.

    JBL hit a Clothesline From Hell, but the still groggy referee was lying on the mat and unable to crawl over and count. JBL measured for another clothesline, but ran into a Batista spinebuster. Jordan got in the ring and charged, but Batista backdropped him over the top rope and to the floor. Batista hit some shoulderblocks in the corner on JBL, whipped him across the ring and hit a clothesline. Batista powerslammed JBL. Jordan got on the apron with a chair, but Batista pulled him into the ring. Batista took the chair and hit Jordan with hit, then hit JBL with it. The referee saw Batista hit JBL with the chair, and called for the bell at the 20-minute mark.

    Winner via disqualification: JBL.

    Batista, enraged, took the chair and hit Jordan and JBL repeatedly in the back with the chair. Batista then took his title belt and walked off. As Batista got to the stage, they announced that JBL was the winner. Batista turned around, walked back to the ring and powerbombed Orlando Jordan. Batista then gave JBL a powerbomb, and walked off, ending the show.

    2006 - Aurora Rose Levesque, daughter of Triple H & Stephanie McMahon, was born.

    2006 - WWE broadcast Raw in Cleveland, OH a the Quicken Loans Arena. The taping featured the following results:
    -Viscera & Charlie Haas defeated Chris Cronus & Michael Hutter
    -Eugene defeated Rob Conway
    -Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated Val Venis & Gene Snitsky
    -Victoria defeated Torrie Wilson

    -WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Mikey & Kenny (w/ Mitch, Nicky, & Johnny) defeated Robbie & Rory McAllister at 3:18 when Kenny pinned Robbie with a reverse swinging neckbreaker after the other Spirit Squad members interfered behind the referee's back.
    -Shelton Benjamin pinned Carlito Caribbean Cool at 7:16 with a low blow behind the referee's back after Carlito did a standing flip off the top rope; due to pre-match stipulations, Benjamin became the #1 contender to the IC title; prior to the match, it was announced Benjamin demanded this rematch from the previous week's show.
    -WWE Women's Champion Mickie James pinned Candice Michelle in a non-title match at 2:13 by grabbing the tights for leverage after the momentum of a flying bodypress by Candice put Mickie on top.
    -Shawn Michaels defeated Jonathan Coachman via disqualification at 3:03 when Umaga, with Armando Allejandro Estrada, assaulted Michaels after Michaels hit the superkick on Coachman, moments after Michaels easily disposed of the interfering Spirit Squad; after the bout, Umaga scared the Spirit Squad from the ring before dropping Michaels with the thumb strike to the throat.
    -John Cena & Ric Flair defeated WWE World Champion Edge (w/ Lita) & WWE Intercontinental champion Johnny Nitro (w/ Melina) at 10:41 when Nitro submitted to Cena's STFU.
    Dark Match: John Cena defeated WWE World Champion Edge in a non title Streetfight.

    2007 - Dr. Claire Godfrey plead guilty in Albany County District court to 10 counts of criminal diversion of prescription medicines. New York State Department of Health investigator Mark Haskins told the Daily News that Godfrey wrote illegal prescriptions worth more than $1.3 million for steroids and other similar drugs to patients, including "two current WWE professional wrestlers", without ever examining them. Godfrey's plea deal will keep her from going to prison, although she could still lose her medical license. Godfrey told Judge Stephen Herrick that if needed, she would testify against indicted executives from the Orlando, Florida-based Signature Compounding Pharmacy, who face a variety of charges stemming from being the center of an alleged steroid distribution ring. According to the article, Signature would charge "clients" $10,000 for access to Godfrey to write prescriptions for patients she never met or examined. Godfrey would be paid $50 per prescription and according to the report, earned close to $200,000 over a several month period.
    The News did not name the WWE performers who received the prescriptions, but did note that neither wrestler was the late Chris Benoit.

    2007 - World Wrestling Entertainment signs Ted DiBiase Jr. to a developmental deal and sends him to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa, Florida. DiBiase, who would drop the Jr. upon making his WWE main roster debut, would go on to star in the WWE Studios film "The Marine 2" as well as be featured on both Raw and Smackdown.

    2007 - Ronald Paul Gossett, known to the wrestling world as Ronnie P. Gosett, passed away in a Nashville, TN, hospital. It is believed that Gossett had been at Metro General Hospital since April 2007, when he was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with colon cancer. Gossett was a great heel manager for the Memphis-based USWA in the 1990s. Gossett also appeared for a lot of Georgia-area independent companies that had TV throughout the '90s, most particularly Ben Masters' Peach State Wrestling based in Cordele, GA, Jerry Blackwell's Southern Championship Wrestling (and later Joe Pedicino's Georgia All-Star) in Alpharetta, and Ron Fuller's promotion, which ran just across the border into Chattanooga, TN. I don't recall him working in the Northeast outside of that region except the short-lived AWF promoted by Gordon Scozzari, where he managed the team of Bob Orton and Barry Horowitz.
    He, like other USWA regulars of that era, also made a cameo appearance during the early "Double J" Jeff Jarrett vignettes the WWF produced to introduce Jarrett to the company.

    2007 - WWE taped ECW and Smackdown in Fresno, CA at the Save Mart Center. The ECW report is below. The remainder of the taping featured the following results:
    -Sylvan (w/ Maryse) defeated Sho Funaki.

    -Batista pinned WWE Smackdown!Tag Team Champion Deuce at 4:38 with the sit-down powerbomb after sending Deuce into Domino on the ring apron.
    -WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle defeated Jamie Noble via count-out at 3:08 when the champion made it back in the ring as Noble chased him around ringside, pulling off his boot in the process.
    -Chavo Guerrero pinned Eugene with the brainbuster and frog splash at 7:22.
    -Matt Hardy & Ric Flair defeated WWE US Champion MVP & Chris Masters at 13:38 when Hardy pinned Masters with a reversal into the Twist of Fate.deserved another shot at the belt.
    -Mark Henry defeated Joey Blaylock via KO with the bearhug at 1:44.
    -Kane pinned Dave Taylor with a clothesline off the top and chokeslam at 3:18.
    -Jimmy Wang Yang & Torrie Wilson defeated Kenny Dykstra & Victoria at 4:21 when Yang pinned Dykstra with a standing moonsault off the top .

    Continued ...
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    Continued ...

    2007 - WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi. Buck Woodward filed the following TV Report:

    ECW for July 24th opened with ring announcer Justin Roberts reading a self-serving (and obviously self-written) introduction for "the face of Extreme", ECW Champion John Morrison. Morrison talked about how he was going to "make believers" out of the fans, then recited a poem about how CM Punk would now be "surrounded by darkness". Morrison said Punk would never get another title shot, and that he was "moving onwards and upwards".

    Morrison said he was a fighting champion, and that he would give someone a chance to claim "15 minutes of fame". Morrison said if anyone could either beat him or last 15 minutes in a non-title match, he would grant them a title bout. Morrison said he had a tag match later on, but he ran into someone backstage that intimidated him and deserves a shot at "15 minutes of fame". Morrison said this person was from Fresno, California. A much smaller wrestler, who I assume is a local independent wrestler, came out. They started the clock, and Morrison gave him a headbutt. We never even heard what this guy's name was. Morrison took off his jacket, hit a corkscrew neckbreaker, and beat him in 34 seconds. Morrison got on the mic and said that he had tried his best, but he "couldn't get the job done". Morrison said that was his "brush with greatness" and walked off.

    A Triple H promo aired. He's returning at Summerslam, in case you didn't know.

    Kevin Thorn vs. Stevie Richards.

    The ring announcer calls him "Stevie". The trunks say "Stevie". The graphic says "Steven". Thorn kicked Richards in the gut and pounded him down, then whipped Richards into the turnbuckles. Thorn went for a backdrop, but Richards kicked Thorn, then kicked him in the leg, then dropkicked him in the face. Thorn rolled outside to regroup. Thorn got on the apron and Richards shoulderblocked him to the floor. Richards got out on the apron and Thorn knocked out his legs, sending Richards crashing to the floor. Thorn threw Richards back into the ring and put him in a over-the-shoulder backbreaker, then dropped down to his knees. Thorn slammed Richards, then picked him up and slammed him again.

    Thorn dropped an elbow to the lower back for a one count. Richards tried to fight back with punches, but Thorn hit a knee to the gut and pounded Richards in a corner. Richards hit a pair of kicks to the gut, then some kicks to the leg. Thorn then caught a kick and hit a spinebuster, but Richards got his shoulder up at two. Thorn sat Richards on the top turnbuckle, then went for a Razor's Edge, but Stevie slipped out of it and grabbed a backslide for the three count at the four minute mark.

    Winner: Stevie Richards.

    Yes, for the first time since September 5, 2006 (when he beat Balls Mahoney), Stevie Richards has won a match on television. Tazz credited Richards' orange and black trunks, which Styles had made fun of earlier.

    They showed clips of Extreme Expose dancing for The Miz last week.

    The Miz came out and talked about how he is a "chick magnet". He invited Extreme Expose to come out and watch him in action. Kelly, Brooke and Layla came out and sat at ringside.

    The Miz vs. Nunzio.

    They traded waistlocks and headlocks at the start, then Miz hit a shoulderblock, but Nunzio swept the leg for a two count. Miz came back with a knee to the gut and a stomp, but Nunzio tripped him with a drop toe hold. Miz ran out of the ring, but Nunzio gave chase. Miz got in the ring, but Nunzio hit a shoulderblock from the apron and a top rope bodypress for a two count. Nunzio missed an avalanche in the corner and got hung up on the top rope, and Miz kicked him in the gut. Miz got a two count, then hit some knees to the gut. Miz hit a clothesline in the corner for a two count. Miz applied a bodyscissors with a chinlock. Nunzio bridged back in it for a two count. Miz hit some fists and forearms, then jumped off the second rope. Nunzio got his foot up, but Miz caught it and landed on his feet. Miz threw Nunzio's leg back, but Nunzio rolled to his feet and hit a series of forearms. Nunzio hit the Sicilian Slice (second rope Rocker Dropper), but Miz kicked out at two. Miz hit a legsweep into a faceplant. Miz then hit a kneelift into a neckbreaker for the pin at the three minute mark.

    Winner: The Miz.

    Miz said he had a surprise for Extreme Expose and invited them into the ring. He had them play music, and Miz danced with Extreme Expose. They then cut to Big Daddy V getting ready to wrestle. I'm not sure which visual was more disturbing, Miz' dancing or Big Daddy V with no shirt on.

    Big Daddy V vs. Jimmy Cruz & Victor Delvino.

    They showed a clip of Big Daddy V laying out the Boogeyman two weeks ago. Matt Striker joined the announcers. We never found out who was who on the opposition, not that it mattered. Big Daddy V swatted both men around, then took down one of them with a side mare. V press slammed the other opponent, then flung him out of the ring. V hit the other man with some forearms and chops, then a planted him with a Samoan Drop. Big Daddy V scooped up the other man with one hand and threw him down. V piled them in a corner and hit an avalanche on them. Big Daddy V slammed one of them, then gave the other man a sidewalk slam, planting him on top of his partner for the win in two minutes.

    Winner: Big Daddy V.

    Highlights of John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley from the Great American Bash was shown.

    John Morrison & Elijah Burke vs. CM Punk & Tommy Dreamer.

    Punk and Burke started, but Punk demanded that Morrison start the match with him. Morrison tagged in, but Burke took a swing at Punk from the apron, and that distracted him and allowed Morrison to get the upper hand at the beginning. Morrison took Punk down with a side mare and held a side headlock for a while, then hit some punches and tagged in Burke. Burke stomped Punk down in the corner, then hit a forearm to the back. Burke ran into a boot by Punk, then Punk hit some kicks to the legs. Burke reversed a whip, but missed a charge in the corner. Punk hit Morrison on the apron with a running boot, knocking him to the floor. Punk then backdropped Burke to the outside as well, and we went to commercial less than two minutes into the match.

    Back from the break, Punk gave Burke a leg lariat, then tagged in Dreamer. Punk gave Burke a drop toe hold and Dreamer delivered an elbow to the back for a two count. Dreamer hit a vertical suplex, then tagged in Punk, who hit a slingshot somersault senton for a two count. Dreamer tagged in and gave Burke a second rope elbow while Punk hit a side slam. There was an "ECW" chant for Dreamer. Buke hit some knees to the body and tagged in Morrison. Morrison went for a cross bodyblock, but Dreamer caught it and hit a fallaway slam. Dreamer gave Morrison a catapult into the turnbuckles for a two count. Dreamer gave Morrison a bulldog for a two count. Dreamer applied a Texas Cloverleaf, but Morrison made the ropes. Dreamer missed a charge in the corner and Morrison went to the ring apron. They exchanged blows, then Morrison slingshotted in over Dreamer and hit an enzugiri, then a dropkick for a two count. Burke tagged in and he and Morrison beat down Dreamer in their corner.

    Burke put Dreamer in a chinlock, but Dreamer got out with a jawbreaker. Burke stomped Dreamer in the head, then hit a running kick to the back of the head for a two count. Buke went back to the chinlock, saying he was going to break Dreamer's neck as he wrenched the hold in. Dreamer elbowed out, but Burke backed him into his corner. Dreamer tried to fight out, but Burke kicked him down, then hit an elevated elbow in the corner. Morrison was tagged in and pounded Dreamer with punches. Morrison applied a trapped arm headscissors, but Dreamer got up in the hold and gave Morrison an Electric Chair. Morrison tagged in Burke, who cut off Dreamer from making a tag. Burke rubbed Dreamer's face in the mat, then choked him against the middle rope. Burke hit a slingshot double axe handle to the back of Dreamer's head, which was on the ring apron. Morrison tagged in and hit a slingshot kick, knocking Dreamer from the apron to the floor.

    Morrison threw Dreamer back in the ring and applied a cobra clutch. Dreamer fought out of it, but Morrison slammed him. Morrison went to the top rope, but Dreamer crotched him and delivered a neckbreaker. Dreamer tagged in Punk, and Morrison dove to tag out to Burke. Punk hit Burke with an elbow, then gave Morrison, who had jumped to the floor to avoid Punk, a pescado. Punk hit Burke with a springboard clothesline, then delivered some kicks and an exploder suplex for a two count. Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, then a bulldog. Morrison ran in and Punk gave him an enzugiri. Morrison rolled back out of the ring. Burke charged Punk, and Punk scooped him up in a fireman's carry and hit the GTS for the pin at the sixteen minute mark.

    Winners: CM Punk & Tommy Dreamer.

    Morrison grabbed his title belt and stared at Punk and Dreamer from the floor, then left while his partner was still down in the ring. He stared at Punk from the aisle, and Punk screamed that he wanted the belt as the show ended.

    2008 - The FOX affiliate in New York City opened their 10 PM newscast with video footage of an incident that saw former ECW World champion The Sandman arrested during a birthday celebration for Captain Lou Albano. In the video, an obviously inebriated Sandman is seen trying to give a speech for Lou Albano and even stepping atop a banquet table. The video then shows footage of Sandman charging at someone as several others wrestlers, including Philadelphia indy wrestler Annhilation and someone who I believe was Pitbull Gary Wolfe attempt to hold Sandman back. One of the videos show someone brandishing a beer bottle, looking as if they were preparing to throw it. Another clip shows a handcuffed Sandman on the floor surrounded by police officers. Sandman's bail was set at $10,000 after several days of incarceration.

    2009 - Ring of Honor presented the first night of their Death Before Dishonor in Chicago Ridge, IL. Matt McAusland followed the following live report:

    Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor Night One

    El Generico vs. Sonjay Dutt

    Fun opener. Crowd was very into Generico. Very awkward man hug after the traditional handshake to start the match. Dueling chants of "Ole" and "Sonjay" throughout the match. During some slower reversals, a fan yelled "quit stalling" to which Generico responded "Ok!" and slammed Dutt. Some very nice back and forth. 15 minute draw, which the entire crowd crapped all over. "Five more minutes" started, which Generico joined in. Sonjay grabbed the mic "You want five more minutes (crowd cheers)... well I sure as hell don't." and he left. Nice heat getter.

    Briscoes vs. Super Smash Bros.

    Some very nice double teaming throughout and not just from Mark & Jay. Crowd, our section especially, was very into chanting music from different levels of the original Super Mario Bros. game to get SSB going. Another fun spot when Player 1 blocked a Briscoe kick, yelled "Hey ref, catch!" and tossed the leg to him, then hit a nice hangman neckbreaker for a two count. Briscoes win with a massive Doomsday Device on Player 2. Very nice reaction to the SSB both during and after the match.

    D'Lo Brown vs. Frankie the Mobster

    Frankie is... strange. Slow start to the match. Crowd loved D'lo. Pretty standard and somewhat slow back and forth. Sky High, 3 count, done. D'lo got on the mic afterwards, sucked up to the crowd "If I could, I'd be here every day and twice on Sundays for you guys" and then pushed the Official ROH After party. Nothing spectacular, but fun and did what it was supposed to.

    Jimmy Rave, Claudio Castagnoli, Bison Smith and Joey Ryan vs. Necro Butcher, Colt Cabana, Brent Albright and Grizzly Redwood - 8 man elimination tag match

    This was lots of fun. Necro started of the match with a flying headscissors, which immediately got everyone's full attention. Nice "holy $h!t" chant for Colt Cabana doing some posing. Grizz got to be the first bleeder of the night and boy did he. Nice spot in the corner where all four heels were grinding their boots into Grizz's bloody face simultaneously. Bison hits a powerbomb, then Styles Clash and Grizz is the first out. Bison then goes to toss Grizz to the audience, Colt rolls him up, and we're at 3 a piece. Rave ends up bleeding soon after, which was somewhat sick looking as it kept dripping off of his bangs. Faces get some beat down time, Rave rolls up Butcher (may have held the tights or the ropes, but couldn't see as the tall guys in front of us kept standing up. There should really be a thing at Ticketmaster where they don't sell you tickets for the front row unless you're 5'2" or less... but I digress...) and it's 3-2 advantage heels. Butcher snaps, takes Rave and brawls with him outside, so Colt and Albright take the hint and do the same to Ryan and Claudio. Rave counted out, and it's even 2-2. Nice little tag match breaks out for the next ten or so minutes. Albright finally catches Claudio with a half nelson suplex to leave Ryan by himself. Ryan immediately eliminated Albright, but again, those damned standers, so I have no clue how. Let's go with... nutshot. Sounds plausible. Couple of minutes of back and forth with Colt and Ryan. Ryan gets Nana's headdress, pops Colt with it and Joey Ryan is your winner.


    Bret Hart Promo

    Bret came out, was brief and to the point, but still spoke volumes. Put over ROH big time, even made a nice little jab at himself about how "this is what wrestling should be: all these guys busting their butts... and I sign some autographs." Everyone cheered and all is normal in Canada. I'm very afraid if he ever runs for office. We don't have a two term max like the U.S. does for the leader of Canada. Man, the only person who'd beat him is Gretzky.

    Kenny Omega vs. Kenny King w/Titus

    Seemed to just not be clicking. Omega has that fiery babyface thing down, but he seemed a step or two off tonight. King was great heeling it up. Does a lot of those little things that make people boo him but they don't know why they're doing it. Omega hit a nice inverted hurancanraa (no clue how to spell that one) and then a... really lame double palm to the torso for the win. I'm not sure what the hell that was as I'd never seen Omega before, but send it back to the Street Fighter Hall of Fame; it's not a finisher. After the bout, Omega grabs the mic, pretty typical Face 101 about wanting a shot at Aries tomorrow night for the belt.

    Lance Storm and Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards and Chris Hero w/Shane Hagadorn

    Ok, Lance Storm may not be Bret Hart, but he could still get in as a member of parliament quite easily. The crowd loved him. Really solid wrestling to start between Steen and Hero. Steen took a shot at Richards and knocked him off the apron, busting him open hardway behind the ear when he hit the barricade. Both tag out, and some even nicer back and forth between Storm and Richards. Heels got some heat on Storm, who made the hot tag and Steen hit a nice dive over the top for a big guy. Heels gain the advantage and hit some nice double teams. Hot tag to Storm, he cleans house a bit. Finish comes when Storm and Steen lock in stereo Sharpshooters and, as Richards rolled out of the ring, they hit the Hart Attack on Hero and drive the fans insane. Huge pop for the win.

    ROH Champion Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Nigel McGuiness

    Aries got some very nice (but cheap) heat before the match, stealing Bret's "is/was/will be" bit. Crowd was agitated by that one. Very nicely put together so that it wasn't the typical people breaking up pinfalls and no one sees it coming. Everyone got their shots in and while they were going for the pin, instead of having no clue what was coming, they would strike or counter whoever was coming to stop the pinfall. It makes sense. Right on. Really well done match, tons of nice spots. Finish came when Tyler Black climbed the top rope to hit Nigel, but Kenny King came from the back and knocked him off the top rope, allowing Aries to hit the 450 double leg drop for the win. Post match, Nigel wasn't moving and I'm pretty sure he wasn't just selling it. He was lying very still, the ref was touching the sides of his neck, presumably to see if Nigel could feel it. Took about 5 minutes but Nigel eventually was able to roll slowly out of the ring and be helped to the back.

    All in all, I was extremely pleased with the show. Next event is November out in Mississauga, I believe they said the 14th but don't quote that as gospel. The only downside to the show were a couple of knuckleheads that wanted to be the show. One guy kept yelling out random "inside" comments during matches. He nearly got mobbed by the entire section though after making a comment during D'Lo's match about Frankie needing to "watch out for the running powerbomb, it's quite paralyzing." That stuff is just pathetic. Same goes for the other moron of the night that, during the main event, any time the ref would count two and there was a kickout he would yell about how the ref ruined his life or how the ref was terrible etc. Again, just stupid stuff. I've got no problem with people being a bit rowdy and getting into it, but don't be a goof. There's a line, and both of those guys had no clue where it was. The ref yeller nearly got mobbed too as he wouldn't stop yelling at the ref after the main event when Nigel was clearly injured. Aside from those two goofballs, awesome night, worth every penny.

    2009 - TNA ran Monroe, LA with the following results:

    TNA X Division Champion Homicide defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir
    Awesome Kong pinned Taylor Wilde with the Implant Buster
    Rhino pinned Kip James with the Gore
    James Storm & Robert Roode defeated Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams when Roode pinned Magnus with the DWI; stipulations stated the winners would become the #1 contenders to the TNA Tag Team Titles
    Abyss pinned Scott Steiner with the Black Hole Slam
    Hernandez pinned Samoa Joe with a diving headbutt

    2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

    We start off tonight‚€™s show with a look at the main event from last week when Jeff Hardy was confronted by Jeff Hardy and Punk returned the favor by throwing Chris Jericho into Hardy. Rey Mysterio confronted Punk.

    We are live on tape from Richmond, Virginia and your announcers are Jim ‚€˜Remember there is a pay per view on Sunday‚€™ Ross and Todd ‚€˜I miss Byte This‚€™ Grisham.

    Before our first match, Jeff Hardy gets on the mic and he is impressed by the reaction from the fans. Jeff wishes greetings and salutations to the fans. He reminds everyone that CM Punk said that he would be a statistic. He also says that Punk despises what Jeff Hardy means to the fans and he will hate it more when Jeff wins the title. Jeff says that he is sick of Punk preaching the Straight Edge lifestyle and on Sunday the WWE Universe will be living in the moment. Jeff talks about Chris Jericho and he says that Chris must be worried about finding a tag team partner, but he should worry about Jeff tonight.

    Match Number One: Jeff Hardy versus Chris Jericho

    Hardy with a waist lock take down and then he punches Jericho. Jericho goes to the floor and Hardy follows after him. Hardy sends Jericho into the ringside barrier and then they return to the ring. Hardy kicks Jericho in the corner. Hardy with a back elbow to Jericho but Jericho with an Irish whip. Hardy with a float over and head scissors. Hardy sends Jericho to the floor and then Hardy tries for a baseball slide but Jericho grabs the legs and pulls Hardy to the floor as we go to commercial.

    We are back and Jericho with a neck breaker and a half nelson and choke. Hardy with elbows and a cross body for a near fall. Jericho with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Jericho kicks Hardy in the head and then he waits for Hardy to get back to his feet to send Jeff back to the mat with a punch. Jericho kicks Hardy in the head as he shows no respect for the number one contender. Hardy misses a splash into the corner when Jericho moves out of the way. Jericho goes to the turnbuckles and he hits an elbow drop and gets a near fall with his feet on the ropes. Jericho sends Hardy‚€™s throat into the ropes and gets a near fall. Jericho punches Hardy in the head. Jericho with a side head lock but Hardy with a flying clothesline and both men are down.

    Hardy with running forearms followed by a reverse atomic drop, leg drop and kick to the head for a near fall. Hardy goes up top but he misses the Swanton. Jericho does not miss the Lionsault but Hardy kicks out at two. Jericho tries to put Hardy in the Walls of Jericho but Hardy is able to escape the hold. Jericho tries a second time but Hardy with an inside cradle for a near fall. Hardy with the mule kick and Jericho falls into the corner. Hardy with the drop kick into the corner but Jericho grabs Hardy and puts Jeff in the Walls of Jericho. Hardy is able to get to the ropes. Jericho goes for the Walls again but Hardy punches Jeff. Jericho tries to catapult Hardy into the turnbuckles but Hardy lands on the turnbuckles and hits Whisper in the Wind for a two count. Jericho escapes a Twist of Fate with a Codebreaker that sends Hardy to the floor. Jericho sees Hardy on the floor and Jericho goes outside to bring Jeff back into the ring. Jericho pushes Hardy back into the ring but Hardy is able to kick out at two. Jericho with another kick to Hardy. Hardy with a kick and Twist of Fate and Jeff rolls to the apron. Hardy removes his shirt and then he struggles to go to the top turnbuckle for the Swanton. Jericho hits the ropes and it crotches Hardy. Jericho punches Hardy and then he sets for a superplex. Hardy punches Jericho off the turnbuckles and Hardy hits the Swanton for the three count.
    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    Michelle McCool is in the back telling Jan the makeup lady that she is the greatest Diva in WWE history. Michelle asks Jan about all of the women in the company. Melina stops by and Jan leaves but Melina tells Jan that Michelle needs a lot more work. Melina calls Michelle the biggest phony in WWE history. Melina says that she will win the Women‚€™s Title at Night of Champions since she invoked her rematch clause. Melina decides to give Michelle a touch up with her makeup.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and did you know that people cannot escape the WWE Universe unlike other websites.

    It is time to take a look at John Morrison.

    Match Number Two: Great Khali with Runjin Singh versus Mike Knox

    They lock up and Khali sends Knox into the ropes. Knox with a kick to the midsection followed by a punch. Khali with a punch to the head and then he kicks Knox in the corner and then he goes to the elbow and a chop to the chest.

    Kane‚€™s pyro goes off as well as his music and he comes out. Knox attacks Khali from behind because Khali forgot he has a match. Knox punches Khali and Khali goes to a knee. Khali grabs Knox by the throat but Knox fights off. Khali with an elbow and kick to Knox. Khali with a clothesline and chop to the head. Khali sets for the Punjabi Plunge and hits it to get the three count.
    Winner: Great Khali

    After the match, Khali tells Kane to come to the ring and Kane walks to the ring. Kane gets on the apron and then he goes halfway over the ropes but then he thinks about it and returns to the apron and the floor. Kane leaves the ring and goes to the back.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with Word Up featuring Cryme Tyme and Eve . . . and eventually Jesse. Eve advises us that the word of the day is G.O.A.T. Hart Dynasty confront Cryme Tyme and then Jesse joins in and points out that he is from Badstreet. There is going to be a rumble but the Hart Dynasty leave. Cryme Tyme lets Jesse stay with them, but then he speaks and he is left behind.

    Dolph Ziggler has something to say before his match and he reminds everyone who he is and he says that he is not one for big introductions. After Night of Champions, everyone will know him as Intercontinental Champion.

    Match Number Three Dolph Ziggler with Maria versus Fit Finlay

    They lock up and Finlay backs Ziggler into the ropes and he has a clean break. Finlay works on the arm and he pulls Ziggler down by the hair. Ziggler gets to the ropes. Finlay with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Finlay with an Irish whip but he misses a running shoulder in the corner and he hits the ring post. Ziggler sends Finlay‚€™s arm into the ring post and then the apron. They return to the ring and Ziggler works on the arm and then he hits a clothesline for a near fall. Ziggler with kicks in the corner and then he puts Finlay in an arm bar. Ziggler adds a chin lock but Finlay with a punches. Ziggler with a drop kick to the arm and he gets a near fall. Ziggler tries to use the ropes but Finlay punches Ziggler and brings him back in from the apron and hits a series of clotheslines and a seated splash for a near fall. Finlay with an Irish whip and a shoulder in the corner. Finlay tries for the fireman‚€™s carry slam but Ziggler holds on to the ropes. Ziggler goes to the floor and he tries to pull Finlay to the floor but Finlay sends Ziggler into the announce table. Finlay sends Ziggler into the announce table and hits a clothesline. Maria checks on Ziggler and Finlay starts to get back into the ring but Ziggler hits the leaping leg sweep and gets back in the ring before the ten count.
    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

    Kane is talking to Chris Jericho in the back. Does Chris Jericho have a tag team partner for Sunday?

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and CM Punk comes out to the ring and he has something to say. Punk says that he has a challenge for the fans. He challenges them to see things his way. He wants them to learn to ‚€˜Just Say No‚€™ because the people who cheer for Jeff Hardy are slaves to the vices that make Jeff ‚€˜Live for the Moment‚€™. He says that everyone proudly wears their prescriptions on their sleeves like a badge of honor. Punk talks about the drug use by everyone in the building whether it be prescription or recreational. Punk says that it is difficult to live the Straight Edge lifestyle and be like him. Punk says that they are living a tougher life. Punk says that nobody takes into the long term effects of alcohol on the liver. Punk says that it won‚€™t be fun to drink any more when it spirals out of control. He talks about the smokers. Punk talks about all of the chemicals in cigarettes. Punk says that he does not want to be the bearer of bad news because they won‚€™t be able to get the monkey off their back to stop smoking, drinking, or taking pills. It all starts by saying no. He challenges everyone before it is too late to say no.

    Jeff Hardy‚€™s music plays and he comes out again but not as fast as he did before his match with Chris Jericho. Jeff tells Punk that he has a lot of nerve. He says that what Punk doesn‚€™t know about people could fill a book. Hardy says that Punk has forgotten to know what it is like to be human. Hardy says that people make mistakes and they can change. Punk says that they think they can change. Punk says that he is not going to enable Hardy and he is not going to stay in the ring with Hardy. Punk says that he is just going to say no. Punk leaves the ring.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with the Smack of the night: The six person mixed tag match from last week.

    Match Number Four: Eve with Cryme Tyme versus Natalya with David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd

    They lock up and Eve with a side head lock. Eve holds on but Natalya with a hair pull. They lock up again and Natalya with a clean break. Eve with a side head lock take down. Natalya with a power slam for a near fall. Natalya tries for a surfboard and she has Eve in the air but Natalya‚€™s shoulders were on the mat. Natalya misses a leg drop when Eve moves. Eve with a kick and clothesline followed by a drop kick. Eve with a forearm and kick but Natalya responds with a clothesline. Natalya punches Eve and then tries for a belly-to-back superplex but Eve knocks Natalya off and Eve hits a moonsault for the three count.
    Winner: Eve

    Khali and Singh are talking in the back and Chris Jericho stops by and he wants to talk to Khali. Jericho says that there is speculation for his tag team partner. Jericho tells Khali that he is one of the front runners to be his tag team partner. Khali and Singh start to talk and Khali says that it would be an honor to be champion but he wouldn‚€™t want his partner to be Chris Jericho.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Five: R Truth versus Charlie Haas

    Haas pushes Truth to the mat but Truth punches Haas. Truth blocks a kick and then he does a split to avoid a clothesline. Truth with a spinning kick for a near fall. Truth appears to have hurt his knee and Haas takes advantage of that. Haas pulls Truth into the ring post and wrings the leg. Haas with a kick to the injured leg. Haas continues to work on the knee and then he punches Truth and gets a near fall. Haas with a single leg crab and Truth gets to the ropes. Haas is sent into the turnbuckles and Truth with a punch and kick. Truth with an uppercut and punch. Truth with a back elbow and a back body drop. Truth with a hip toss for a near fall. Haas sends Truth into the turnbuckles. Haas continues to work on the knee. Haas charges into the corner but Truth moves. Truth hits a scissors kick for the three count.
    Winner: R Truth

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and did you know that males under two years of age do not matter to WWE.

    It is time to run down the card for Night of Champions and Grisham and Ross are in the ring to discuss the matches.

    Match Number Six: CM Punk versus Rey Mysterio

    Punk works on the arm and has Rey in a hammer lock but Rey with a snap mare to escape. Punk with a kick to Rey and then has Rey in a step over toe hold and then he rolls through. Rey kicks Punk to get out of the hold. Punk grabs the leg and then puts Rey in a front face lock. We go to a Greco Roman knuckle lock and Punk with a leg trip and then Rey with a sunset flip. Punk and Rey each get near falls and then they get face to neck. Punk pushes Rey but Rey with kicks to Punk. Punk sends Rey into the ring post and Rey‚€™s shoulder is injured. Punk gets a near fall. Punk with a side head lock on Rey. Punk with a kick to Rey followed by a wrist lock. Rey uses the ropes to counter but Rey tries to use the ropes but he lands awkwardly after Punk pushes him and falls to the floor. Punk with a baseball slide to the shoulder and we go to commercial.

    We are back and Punk has Rey in an arm bar and cross face. Rey with kicks to the head but Punk runs Rey into the turnbuckles and gets a near fall. Punk with a snap mare and kick to the back followed by a drop kick and near fall. Punk with a hammer lock. Punk with a key lock but Rey gets out of the hold. Punk with a kick and Rey responds with another one. Punk slams the arm into the mat and then he runs his shoulder into Rey‚€™s arm for a near fall. Punk with a Gory Special but Rey gets out of the hold. Punk charges into the corner but Rey with a drop toe hold that sends Punk into the turnbuckles.

    Dolph Ziggler comes out to watch the match. Rey with kicks to Punk but Punk with a kick to the back. Rey with forearms and then he hits a springboard cross body for a near fall. Rey with a drop kick for a near fall. Rey with a kick to the midsection. Rey with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors that sends Punk ‚€˜into the position‚€™. Punk back body drops Rey to the apron when he tries a 619. Rey hits a springboard seated splash and then Rey knocks Ziggler off the apron. Punk uses the distraction to his favor as he hits a drop kick for a near fall.

    Punk tries for a suplex but Rey escapes. Punk hits the running knee but Rey avoids the bulldog. Rey sends Punk into the ropes and Rey tries for the 619 but Rey gets a head butt to the midsection. Punk throws Rey to the floor but Rey returns to the ring and Punk sets for the Go To Sleep. Rey avoids it and hits a bulldog out of a wheelbarrow. Punk staggers to the 619 position and Rey hits it. Rey hits the diving splash but Dolph Ziggler breaks up the cover and the referee calls for the bell.
    Winner: Rey Mysterio by disqualification

    After the match, Ziggler attacks Rey and Rey sends Ziggler into the ropes. Rey tries for the 619 but Punk pushes Rey from behind. Dolph waits for Rey to get up and Dolph hits the leaping side leg sweep. Ziggler hits a second one. Jeff Hardy blows past Punk and he attacks Ziggler. Punk gets to the ring and he gives Hardy Go To Sleep.

    2009 - WWE ran a Supershow in Salisbury, MD at the Wicomico Youth Center with the following results:
    -Drew McIntyre defeated Jimmy Wang Yang.
    -MVP defeated Carlito.
    -WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Dolph Ziggler.
    -ECW World Champion Tommy Dreamer defeated Christian, William Regal, and Vladimir Kozlov.
    -Miz defeated Primo Colon.
    -WWE Divas Champion Maryse defeated Mickie James.
    -World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk defeated Jeff Hardy.
    -John Cena defeated the Big Show in a No DQ match.

    2010 - Dragon Gate USA presented their first anniversary show, which also doubled as a PPV taping for "Enter the Dragon II" at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. Mike Johnson filed the following live report from the event:

    The show opened with a video showing highlights of the last year and thanking the fans for their support

    CIMA came to the ring and took the ring mic. He welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming to the show. He thanked everyone for their one year anniversary and asked the fans if they were ready for the DGUSA show. As he psyched up the crowd, Johnny Gargano hit the ring. He took the mic and told CIMA he knows he is looking for an American representative for Warriors International. He said that he has someone in mind..and shock of shocks, it's Johnny Gargano. He challenged CIMA for a match right now. CIMA asked him if he was serious and what he was talking about. Gargano slapped him in the face. CIMA asked him if he wanted a fight, he would get one and asked them to ring the bell.


    CIMA attacked Gargano and chopped away at him. Gargano came back with an enziguiri, knocking CIMA through the ropes to the apron, then hit a kick off of the apron. Gargano followed up with a dive out of the ring to the floor. Gargano worked over CIMA on the floor, then tossed him back in. He dropkicked CIMA for a two count and followed up with a neckbreaker. CIMA came back with a double stomp, then began working over Gargano's legs, slamming his knees into the mat. He worked Gargano into position for a bow and arrow. CIMA began kicking Gargano in the chest. He whipped Gargano into the corner. Gargano failed to fight off CIMA and was drilled with a forearm that sent him out of the ring. Gargano came back with a spear, then stomped CIMA in the face.

    Gargano used a series of kicks to the face. He began grandstanding but CIMA came back. Gargano caught him in a submission hold, then rolled him over for a two count. Gargano used a sunset flip for another near fall. The crowd began rallying CIMA. Gargano went for a suplex but CIMA escaped and hit a backstabber. CIMA came off the ropes with a nasty double stomp for a two count. CIMA hit a top rope sunset flip for a two count. CIMA nailed a double knee strike in the corner but Gargano came back with a kneelift to the face, running snake eyes into the center turnbuckle and a superkick for a two count.

    Gargano chopped CIMA into the corner. CIMA nails a superkick of his eye. He and Gargano go back with a series of suplex counters until CIMA hits a Michinoku Driver for a two count. CIMA ties Gargano to the tree of woe and nails a dropkick to his face. He nails a Van Terminator dropkick from one corner to the other. CIMA hits an Emerald Frosion, then nails a diving double knee strike off the top rope for the pin.

    Your winner, CIMA!

    CIMA offered Gargano his hand after the match but when Gargano went to take it, CIMA blew him off and walked out.


    The first man to score the pinfall is the victor. Cannon and Ricochet started, feeling each other out. Ricochet takes Cannon out and goes for a dive but Taylor tags in. He takes out Ricochet and Cole hits the ring. Cole took him out and hit a nice tope suicida to the floor. Richochet went for a dive but was caught with a Cannon clothesline. There were a series of dives, culminating with Ricochet hit a twisting springboard dive out on everyone. They did a Tower of Doom spot out of the corner. Cannon dumped Taylor into the corner with a suplex. Cole caught Taylor with a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. Crazy level of action here.

    Cole and Cannon fired back and forth with chops. Cannon killed him with a clothesline for a two count. Taylor missed a big boot on Cannon but came back with another kick. Ricochet caught him with a rana and standing moonsault press for a two count. Ricochet hit a backslide driver on Cole then a twisting DDT on Cannon. Cannon nailed Cole with Total Anarchy for a two count. This is just an insane bout - the type that makes stars. Fans began chanting, "This is awesome."

    Ricochet went for a dive but was pulled out and hit with a back suplex onto the apron by Cole. Taylor went for a plancha but missed. Cole hit a flying bodypress on Cannon. Cannon caught him with a backdrop suplex out of a guillotine choke for a two count. Cole and Cannon battled in the corner. Ricochet hit the ring but was caught by Cannon with a spinebuster. Cole hit a Canadian Destroyer. Ricochet went for the most insane twisting dive ever and missed. Taylor hit a leaping piledriver and scored the pin.

    Your winner, Chuck Taylor!

    That was incredible. CIMA was watching the match from behind where I was stationed and was popping huge. That's the type of bout that takes guys from just being wrestlers on a roster to stars.

    Fans chanted "Chucky T" and then, "That was awesome." Unlike a lot of times where we hear the chant, it really was.


    Younger is a substitute for the injured Dragon Kid. Doi appeared to have his ribs taped and wore a t-shirt into the ring. They went back and forth until Doi was tossed out of the ring. Younger went for a senton to the floor but missed. Younger was selling his knee coming back into the ring. Doi went right after the knee, tying Younger's leg up in the ropes and nailing him with a running dropkick. Doi locked in a one-legged crab but Younger made his way to the ropes. Doi began nailing a series of shinbreakers, then snapped him with a belly to back suplex.

    Younger tried to mount a comeback but was kicked with a basement dropkick. Doi nailed a charge but Younger caught him and nailed a back suplex. Younger tried to rally himself and nailed several flying forearm splashes. Doi went for a waistlock but Younger used a series of elbows to escape. Doi caught him with an elbow to take Younger back down. Doi went for a an F5 but Younger escaped and drilled him with a lariat for a two count. Doi tied up Younger in the ropes, then nailed a series of dropkicks and a senton off the ropes.

    Doi went for the F5 but Younger rolled him up. Younger avoided a sliding kick and hit a package bomb for a two count. Younger went for a Gringokiller but Doi dropped down, slamming Younger down face-first into a Pedigree type move. Doi followed that up with a cannonball in the corner. He nailed the Doi-5 and then a series of slaps. He drilled Younger with a charging dropkick and scored the pin.

    Your winner, Naruki Doi!

    Younger took the mic after. He said that there a lot of fans out there that may know who he is, but tonight, he proved he can take the onslaught of offense that the best of DGUSA has to offer. He told the stables that if they are looking for an American representative, he is offering his services. Johnny Gargano attacked Younger and whipped him into the railing. Younger came up busted open..


    They lock up and Hulk backs up Mochizuki to the ropes. Clean break. They lock up again with Hulk pushed against the ropes. This time, Mochizuki chops him across the chest. Mochizuki kicks Hulk stiffly but Hulk comes back with a dropkick. They go back and forth and it's a face-off. Mochizuki takes down Hulk, who fires back. They exchange stiff kicks with Hulk getting the worst of it. Hulk tossed Mochizuki over the top to the floor and they battle on the floor.

    Back in the ring, Hulk dropkicked Mochizuki in the knee, taking him down. Hulk focuses on his knee and uses a stepover toehold to wear down Mochizuki,. He continued to work on Mochizuki's leg, focusing on the ankle as well before a rope break forced him to release. Hulk went right back after the leg, kicking at the hamstring. He turned Mochizuki into a standing Sharpshooter but Mochizuki again got to the ropes. He came back to drill Hulk with a kick to the chest. He missed a charge, but came off the ropes to kick Hulk off the ropes, then hit a charging kick, sending Hulk to the floor.

    Mochizuki followed Hulk to the floor. Hulk went for a kick but Mochizuki ducked and Hulk kicked the ringpost. Mochizuki nailed a shinbreaker on the apron. He locked in a leglock. Hulk tried to kick him off but was unsuccessful. Hulk finally fights his way to the ropes. Mochizuki goes for another shinbreaker but doesn't get it. Instead, he hits a running kick to Hulk's shinbreaker. Mochizuki locked in a figure four leglock in the middle. Hulk fought to turn it but Mochizuki rolled through and Hulk was trapped again. Hulk was almost pinned while in the move.

    Hulk finally made his way to his feet and began kicking at Mochizuki. Mochizuki kept challenging him to bring it on before delivering one of his own that sent Hulk upside down. Mochizuki locked in an ankle lock in the center of the ring and scissored Hulk's leg. Hulk made it to the ropes but was holding his leg. His kicks had lost their spring when he went after Mochizuki. Both men went for Yakuza Kicks and drilled the other in the head. Hulk charged but was sent up and over to the apron. He came back with a springboard missile dropkick.

    Hulk nailed a standing moonsault off the top to the floor on Mochizuki. Back in the ring, Hulk used a series of kicks to sweep Mochizuki's legs and hit a standing moonsault press for a two count. He nailed an overhead kick and an uranage They battled back and forth with kicks and strikes. Mochizuki tied Hulk to the tree of woe. He began drilling Hulk with kicks to the chest. He went for a hesitation dropkick but faked out Hulk, who began pulling himself up. He attacked Hulk, who crumpled into the corner.

    Mochizuki went for a back suplex but Hulk landed on his feet and killed Mochizuki. He hit several fast offensive maneuvers until Mochizuki came with a series of stiff kicks. Mochizuki hit a twisting suplex for a two count. Hulk went to the top but Mochizuki leaped and caught him with a superplex. He grabbed Hulk and placed him across the center turnbuckle. He charged with a spinning kick to the gut. Fans began rallying Hulk.

    Mochizuki went for a back suplex but Hulk landed on his feet and caught him with an EVO. Fans began chanting, "This is wrestling." Hulk's kick was blocked. They began going back and forth with stiff strikes. Hulk caught Mochizuki with a stiff kick. He placed Mochizuki on the top rope and came off the top with an EVO. Mochizuki kicked up at two. Hulk came back with a Phoenix Splash for a two count. The timekeeper rang the bell. Hulk caught Mochizuki with a cradle and scored the pin.

    Your winner, BxB Hulk!

    The timekeeper's screw up messed up the finish but it was an awesome match beyond that.

    A woman in goth makeup and a white dress rolled into the ring. Hulk looked confused and shocked. Kamikaze USA attacked Hulk. Jon Moxley said they took his hair in Japan and they took his dancing girl (she was Hulk's dancer Wrestlemania weekend), so now they are going to finish the job. They began working over Hulk until Bryan Danielson came out. Kamizake and Danielson faced off. Moxley said that they know Danielson is a P*ssy, so they will wait until they can make some money off of beating him up. They walked out. Danielson took the title belt and presented it to Hulk, then walked out. The Danielson segment of the angle was just for the live house and the DVD.


    They went back and forth early. Reed caught Swan with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Swan scored with a kick but was caught with a German suplex for a two count. Swan drilled him with a twisting kick and a standing moonsault press, then a standing 450 splash for the pin.

    Your winner, Rich Swan!

    Brodie Lee hit the ring and laid waste to everyone, including the referee and Nicole. Lee took the mic and said he didn't care if it was a man, a woman or a child. He said if something is in front of him, he's going to mow it over. He said the next time he comes to DGUSA, he's aiming for a Japanese star.


    Kamikaze USA attacked their opponents before the bell. YAMATO and Quackenbush battled in the ring. Everyone else battled outside the ring. Moxley and YAMATO choked and worked over Quack. It settled into a traditional tag. Quack knocked YAMATO and Moxley out of the ring. He hit a standing moonsault to the floor on Team Kamikaze. Yoshino and Tozawa went nuts going back and forth. Akuma and Hallowicked joined the fray. Jigsaw and Hallowicked worked on Akuma. Tozawa took out Hallowicked. Moxley chokeslammed him for a two count.

    YAMATO chopped away at Hallowicked and drilled him with a running forearm in the corner. Kamikaze USA worked over Hallowicked in the corner. Akuma went for a move off the top but Jigsaw turned it into a super rana. He made the tag to Hallowicked who went back and forth with Tozawa. Tozawa nailed a Saito suplex. Kazimake USA laid waste to the CHIKARA team and all worked over Hallowicked, pinning him.

    Hallowicked has been eliminated.

    Jigsaw battled with Tozawa and Akuma. He nailed a double stomp and then a suplex on Akuma. Moxley broke up the pin. Quack hit the scene and he and Jigsaw worked over Moxley with a doubleteam kick to the face. CHIKARA tripleteamed Moxley with a series of kicks into the corner. Yoshino hit an awesome missile dropkick off the top on YAMATO. Jigsaw nailed a brainbuster on Moxley, scoring a two count. Moxley came back with a cross face chickenwing into a suplex. Jigsaw kicked out at one and came back with a kick but was cut off with a superkick. Jigsaw kicked up at one. Moxley grabbed a chair and slammed it over Jigsaw's head.

    Moxley was DQ'd and eliminated!

    Jimmy Jacobs hit the ring and speared Moxley. They brawled out.

    YAMATO hit a brainbuster on Jigsaw and pinned him.

    Jigsaw has been eliminated!

    Tozawa and Yoshino went back and forth with fast paced spots. Yoshino missed a missile dropkick. Tozawa missed a top rope headbutt. Yoshino missed a senton and was caught with a German suplex. Tozawa caught Yoshino with a kick but Quack broke up the pinfall. Akuma hit the scene and drilled Quack with a tombstone into a reverse lungblower to the gut. Akuma hit a 450 splash for a two count. Quack whipped Akuma into YAMATO. He wheelbarrowed Akuma into a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.

    Akuma has been eliminated!

    YAMATO and Yoshino went back and forth. YAMATO missed his knockout kick. Yoshino hit a sick looking head scissors for a two count. Yoshino spear for a two count. Tozawa broke up the pin. All four battled in the ring. Quack accidentally nailed his partner, Yoshino with a forearm. YAMATO and Tozawa worked over Quack. Quack grabs YAMATO in a crucifix and runs him into a slam position, then cradles him for a two count. YAMATO came back with a choke sleeper and hit a back suplex on Quack. Tozawa hit a bridging German for a two count but Yoshino broke it up. Yoshino and YAMATO battled back and forth.

    YAMATO kicked Yoshino low. Quack returned the favor. The babyfaces locked in stereo submissions and both tapped.

    Your winners, CHIKARA!

    As you can imagine, this was extremely fast paced and I couldn't even hope to keep up with them move for move.

    After the match, Yoshino and Quack did quick mic work to push tomorrow's CHIKARA event. Quack said that tonight wasn't a night off and tomorrow won't be, either.


    Danielson came out to a "Dragon" chant and a standing ovation. No theme music. They slapped and shoved each other at the bell. Shingo missed a chop in the corner but Danielson didn't miss a forearm. They exchanged strikes. Danielson went for the cattle mutilation early but Shingo grabbed the ropes and went to the floor. When he returned, there was a test of strength. Shingo and Danielson went back and forth with Shingo getting the better of the exchange. Danielson escaped from an armbar and dropkicked Shingo.

    Danielson rides Shingo to the mat after escaping a single leg takedown. He ties up Shingo's arm. They exchanged strikes and punches. Danielson got the better of the exchange. Danielson pulled Shingo to the middle of the ring and cinched in a bow and arrow. He then pulled Shingo into a choke sleeper. When Danielson released Shingo, Shingo grabbed at his knee. Danielson began focusing his attack on Shingo's arm and mid-section. Danielson nailed a butterfly suplex into a cross arm breaker. Shingo made it to the ropes. Danielson went for a suplex. Shingo tried to reverse it but he was too hurt to get him over. Danielson attacked but Shingo blocked it and muscled Danielson over for a suplex.

    Shingo takes Danielson to the floor and whips him into the guard rail. He works over Bryan with several tosses into the rail. Back in the ring, Shingo steps on his chest and face. He cinches in a rear chinlock. Danielson forced his way back. He battled back but Shingo punched Danielson down. He choked Danielson with a boot across the throat. Shingo suplexed Danielson, then hit a senton splash. He scissored Danielson's body, working him over. Fans began rallying Danielson, who rolled Shingo into a submission attempt.

    When Shingo escaped, the two went nose to nose with forearms and chops. Danielson was suplexed over but landed on his feet and hit as leg lariat. Danielson worked over Shingo in the corner, then whipped him into the opposite corner. Danielson went up and over on Shingo, then drilled him with a clothesline. Danielson kicked Shingo off the apron and he flew into the first row. Danielson hit a springboard dive off the top into the crowd. He looked to have slipped but thankfully was OK. Fans chanted, "Best in the world."

    Danielson tossed Shingo back into the ring. He came off with a missile dropkick in the face. Shingo came back with a Northern lariat and a Saito Suplex. He nails a second but Danielson kicks out. Danielson kicks off a charge but is caught with a snap powerslam. Shingo locks on an Anaconda Vice. Danielson fought to get to the ropes and finally makes it, forcing a break. Shingo began strangling Danielson and then chopped him across the back of the neck. Danielson charged but was caught with an overhead belly to back suplex.

    Danielson used a Backlund Bridge for a two count but Shingo came back with a Torture Device into a Death Valley Driver. Danielson was able to land on his feet, then kick Shingo in the face. Both men collapsed from exhaustion. Danielson made his way back up first and began drilling Shingo with kicks to the face and hard chops to the face. Shingo absorbed them and drilled Shingo with a forearm. Danielson rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a Death Valley Driver.

    Shingo mauled Danielson with a running clothesline in the corner. Shingo sets up Danielson on the top rope and attempted a superplex. Danielson slipped out the back door and tied Shingo upside down in the corner. Danielson nailed a sliding kick into the corner, then went for a belly to back superplex and nailed it. Danielson then began stomping Shingo's head in and locked in a triangle choke. Shingo's arm dropped twice but he muscled up. Danielson turned it into a crucifix for a two. He began raining down elbows and went for another near fall. Shingo muscled himself up and climbed the ropes, hitting a Death Valley Driver off the ropes;. Danielson kicked up at the last minute.

    Fans began dueling chants. They began cracking heads with butts on their hands and knees, They battle up to their knees and trade strikes. They make their way to their feet. Shingo went for Made in Japan but Danielson fought it off. He finally caught it but Danielson kicked out. Shingo murdered Danielson with a lariat for a two count. Fans began chanting, "This is awesome." He went for Made in Japan but Danielson caught him with a small package for a two count, Danielson locked in a cattle mutilation, then nailed a Tiger Suplex. Shingo kicked out at two.

    Danielson began raining down elbow after elbow. After ten, he went for cattle mutilation but Shingo rolled through for a two count. Danielson caught Shingo with a forearm and a back suplex for a two. Danielson locked in a triangle choke. Shingo muscled him over but Danielson nailed elbow strikes. Danielson locked in a Crossface until Shingo finally tapped.

    Your winner, Bryan Danielson!

    Fans began immediately chanting, "Match of the Year!"

    YAMAYO came out and went face to face with Danielson. Shingo looked to attack from behind but BxB Hulk made the save. Jon Moxley dragged Kamikaze USA off. Fans chanted for Danielson to give a speech, so he took the mic. Danielson said that he hears Hulk is looking for an American representative for World-1 and offers himself to them. He then thanked "the best wrestling fans in the world, the fans in Philadelphia." He said that wanted to thank everyone for making the PPV so great and said it felt like something was missing. Fans chanted for Final Countdown, so Danielson called for the song. Everyone had some fun to end the show.

    Notes: The promotion held three pre-show matches for VIP ringside ticketholders...Lenny Leonard and Chikarason did commentary for the PPV and DVD release...The promotion will debut on 10/30 at the Rahway, New Jersey Rec Center....The four way wasn't originally planned as a PPV bout but was so incredible, it will now be included on the PPV.

    2010 - Ring of Honor ran Collinsville, Illinois with the following results:

    *Brandon Espinosa, Mike Sydal & Ace Hawkins pinned Mark Sterling, Jordan McEntyre & Jay Bradley
    *Tony Kozina beat Andy Ridge by submission
    *Josh Raymond & Christian Able pinned The Bravado Bros.
    *Grizzy Redwood beat Erick Stevens by DQ
    --A brawl ensued when Necro Butcher interfered and Raschee Brown came out to deal with him. All the guys from the opener tried to stop it without success.
    *Rodrick Strong pinned Colt Cabana
    *The American Wolves pinned The Young Bucks/Gen ME
    *ROH World Champ Tyler Black, Delirious & Jerry Lynn pinned Austin Aries, Rhett Titus, & Kenny King
    --Aries carried off Daizee Haze, Steen ran out to attack Black leading to...
    *El Generico beat Kevin Steen by DQ
    *Amazing Kong & The Brisco Bros. pinned Sara Del Ray, ROH Tag Champs Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli.

    2010 - WWE Raw ran Shreveport, LA at the Hirsch Memorial Coliseum with the following results:
    -Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated William Regal & Zack Ryder
    -WWE U.S. Champion Mike Mizanin defeated Mark Henry
    -Goldust defeated Ted Dibiase Jr. (w/ Maryse)
    -WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso
    -Evan Bourne defeated Chris Jericho
    -WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox defeated Eve
    -Randy Orton defeated Edge in a streetfight
    -John Cena defeated WWE World Champion Sheamus via disqualification in a lumberjack match when Nexus interfered

    2011 - WWE Smackdown ran White Plains, NY at the Westchester County Center. Billy Krotchsen filed the following live report:

    *Heath Slater won a 12 Man Battle Royal to earn an Intercontinental title shot the same night.

    *Natalya & Kaitlyn defeated Rosa & Tamina.

    *Jinder Mahal (with Great Khali) defeated Tyson Kidd.

    *Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett.

    *WWE Intercontinental champ Ezekiel Jackson defeated Heath Slater.

    *Justin Gabriel pinned Ted DiBiase.

    *Mark Henry pinned Daniel Bryan.

    *Randy Orton defeated World champion Christian by DQ. Before the match, Tony Chimel introduced Bret Hart as the special ringside enforcer. Toward the end of the match, Bret stopped Christian from bringing a chair into the ring.

    2011 - WWE Raw ran Upper Marlboro, MD. Cohen Morrison filed the following results:

    Chris Masters defeated Jack Swagger.

    R-Truth beat Zach Ryder.

    Tyler Reks beat Primo.

    Beth Phoenix beat Brie Bella.

    Tag Team champions David Otunga/Michael McGillicutty defeated Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston.

    NXT Diva Naomi is guest announcer. Four contestants from ringside had dance contest. The winner got to meet WWE stars backstage.

    US Champion Dolph Ziggler defeated Alex Riley.

    Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz.

    - John Cena versus Alberto Del Rio with the MITB briefcase online and if Cena lost, he went to Smackdown. Cena won by DQ. Miz and the heels attacked Cena after putting Del Rio in the STFU and the babyfaces saved Cena. Then Cena & the faces hit their finishers on Dolph Ziggler to end the show.

    2013 - WWE broadcast NXT, featuring the first NXT Women's champion being crowned. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

    oday is a special day for NXT because we will crown the first NXT Women‚€™s Champion. Eight women started out in this tournament, but we are down to two. Will it be Paige or Emma who gives one named wrestlers a title? Will the winner ‚€˜dance‚€™ into the record book as the first champion, or will people scream about the Women‚€™s champion?

    We begin with a video package recapping the tournament and a look at the face off between Emma and Paige after Emma advanced to the finals. Emma says that hearing the crowd chanting her name eggs her on. Paige says that she told Emma that it is going to be the two of them and Emma appeared to be in her own world. Paige says that she will win because she is the fighter while Emma is the dancer.

    We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Tom ‚€˜I am the one wearing the jacket‚€™ Phillips and Brad ‚€˜I am the one not wearing a jacket‚€™ Maddox.

    Match Number One: Paige versus Emma in the Finals of the NXT Women‚€™s Championship Tournament

    The crowd is split as the match begins and they lock up and go around the ring. Paige with a clean break and then she gets a leg sweep and gets a near fall. Paige avoids Emma‚€™s attempt at a leg sweep but Emma with a snap mare for a near fall. Paige with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. Paige tries for a slam but Emma blocks it. Emma fails to connect with a slam and Emma with an elbow to Paige and she gets a near fall.

    Paige with an Irish whip but Emma goes to the apron and she connects with an elbow and she slides in and gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Emma with an arm wringer and she sends Paige to the mat and Emma gets a near fall. Emma with a hammer lock but Paige gets to her feet and she takes Emma down with a head butt and Paige gets a near fall. Paige tries for a back slide but Emma gets into the ropes and she applies a Tarantula.

    Emma starts to dance and Paige with a savate kick that sends Emma to the floor and we go to commercial.

    We are back and Paige with a reverse chin lock. Paige stretches Emma and she puts her knee in Emma‚€™s back. Paige with a rollup for a near fall. Paige sends Emma‚€™s throat into the ropes and she gets a near fall. Paige with a Fisherman‚€™s suplex but Emma is able to kick out.

    Paige sends Emma hair first into the corner and then she kicks Emma and gets a near fall. Emma kicks out again as Paige tries to wear down Emma. Emma sends Paige into the turnbuckles and then Paige tries to get into the ropes but Emma stops her and sends Paige to the mat. Emma with a cross body onto Paige in the corner and she gets a near fall.

    Paige tries for a sunset flip but Emma stays on her feet. She drops down and starts to dance while she covers Paige, but Paige counters and gets a near fall. Emma with a double sledge to the back followed by a kick. Emma with a reverse chin lock. Emma uses her body weight to add more pressure to Paige as Paige tries to escape. Paige stomps on the foot but Emma with an elbow and she gets a near fall.

    Emma with a waist lock and she takes Paige to the mat. Paige backs Emma to the corner and she connects with elbows to the head. Emma gets a boot up and Paige blocks it. Paige sends Emma to the mat and then she applies the Haas of Pain with her knee in Emma‚€™s neck. Emma fights through the pain and she kicks Paige away. Emma with an inside cradle for a near fall.

    Emma sets for the Muta Lock but Paige escapes. Paige with a head butt and then she connects with a series of knees to Emma‚€™s head. Paige goes up top but Emma slaps Paige and she tries for a superplex and hits it.

    Both women are down but Emma crawls over to make the cover but Paige gets her foot on the rope. Paige with savate kicks followed by the Paige Turner for the three count.

    Winner: Paige

    After the match, the Divas make their way to the ring to celebrate with Paige. Triple H‚€™s music plays and he comes out to the ring and he applauds Paige‚€™s victory. He raises Paige‚€™s hand and then he leaves the ring.

    We have a video from Zeb Colter and Antonio Cesaro. They are here to talk about a man who is not a Real American and might be in the country illegally. That man is Sami Zayn. Their background check came up with nothing. He had to come from somewhere. Zeb says that Sami used to wear a mask and we know that people south of the border wear masks so they can sneak across the border (while doing his fancy fingers walking gesture) in darkness to do bad things and take jobs from Americans. Sami has some serious questions to be asked and they know that he is here illegally.

    Since Sami tried to make Mr. Cesaro‚€™s life miserable, they will do the same to Sami. They will get Sami deported.

    Antonio says that he will make Sami‚€™s life miserable in the ring, but they will make his life miserable outside the ring. Antonio tells Sami not to mess with Cesaro.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and we see the arrival of Tyler Breeze. He stares at himself in his phone as he makes his way to the ring.

    Match Number Two: Angelo Dawkins versus Tyler Breeze

    Tyler takes a few photos of himself before the match starts.

    The referee has had enough of Tyler taking photos so he starts the match. The referee starts his count and Dawkins attacks Tyler. Tyler with forearms to the back and Tyler with an Irish whip and Dawkins with a rollup for a near fall. Dawkins with an O‚€™Connor Roll for a near fall. Breeze with kicks to Dawkins and then he gets his phone.

    Breeze with a corkscrew drop kick for the three count.

    Winner: Tyler Breeze

    After the match, Tyler takes more photos of himself.

    We have an Ascension video with Rick Victor and Conor O‚€™Brian.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Three: Rick Victor and Conor O‚€™Brian versus Mickey Keegan and Aiden English

    O‚€™Brian and English start things off and Conor takes his time getting out of the corner and he connects with a series of shoulder tackles. Victor tags in and Conor holds English up while trapping the arms and Victor with a thrust to the chest. Victor sends English into the turnbuckles and then he chops Aiden.

    Victor with a back drop and he tags Conor back in. They hit a straightjacket clothesline and then Conor with a splash into the corner and he tags in Victor. Victor knocks Keegan off the apron and then Victor with a flying Yakuza Kick. Conor tags in and they hit a double hip toos into a slam. Victor tags in and while Conor hits a leg sweep, Victor with a running European uppercut to get the three count.

    Winners: Rick Victor and Conor O‚€™Brian

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and next week, Leo Kruger will team with Antonio Cesaro to face Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas.

    Match Number Four: Luke Harper (with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan) versus Sheamus

    They lock up and they go around the ring and they go to a stalemate. They lock up and Sheamus with a side head lock. Harper blocks a hip lock take down. Harper with a shoulder tackle and he looks to Bray for approval.

    They have a Greco Roman knuckle lock and Sheamus with a wrist lock and side head lock. Sheamus with a shoulder tackle and Harper goes to the floor to regroup and Bray gives him some advice. Harper takes his time getting back into the ring and then he returns to the ring and Sheamus blocks a kick and takes Harper down with a leg trip and Sheamus with kicks and he gets a near fall.

    Sheamus sends Harper into the turnbuckles and Harper does the same to Sheamus. They exchange punches as they go around the ring. Harper with an Irish whip but Sheamus with a forearm out of the corner. Sheamus with a knee drop across the throat. Harper with a European uppercut.

    Sheamus with a kick and he sends Harper over the top rope to the floor. Sheamu puts Harper against the ropes on the apron and he connects with a series of forearms and Rowan interferes. Sheamus connects with a series of forearms across Rowan‚€™s chest.

    Sheamus with a forearm to Rowan that knocks him from the apron. Harper with a shoulder tackle that sends Sheamus to the floor and Rowan with a clothesline to Sheamus. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Harper punches Sheamus and connects with a European uppercut. Harper with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Harper stands on Sheamus‚€™ head until the referee warns him. Harper chokes Sheamus in the ropes. Rowan with a punch when the referee was dealing with Harper and Harper gets a near fall.

    Sheamus with a punch but Harper with a knee and a neck breaker. Harper with a reverse chin lock. Harper and Sheamus exchange punches. Sheamus with a power slam and both men are down. They exchange forearms and punches. Sheamus with two double sledges and then he runs Harper into the corner and he connects with a knee lift. Sheamus gets Harper on his shoulders but Harper escapes.

    Harper with a Bossman Slam for a near fall. Harper with forearms to Sheamus and then he goes to the turnbuckles but misses a splash when Sheamus moves. Sheamus gets Harper up for the Finlay slam and he gets a near fall. Sheamus goes to the turnbuckles and Harper stops him. Sheamus with head butts and Sheamus leaps over Harper and he misses the Brogue Kick. Harper with a discus clothesline for a near fall.

    Harper with a splash into the corner. Harper charges into a boot from Sheamus and Rowan‚€™s attempt to interfere is thwarted. Sheamus sends Harper into Rowan on the apron. Sheamus hits White Noise and then he looks around for the place to hit his chest and then he hits the Brogue Kick for the three count.

    Winner: Sheamus

    After the match, Wyatt is laughing in his rocking chair. While Rowan pulls Harper out of the ring, Wyatt goes to the ring and he applauds Sheamus‚€™ victory.

    We go to credits.

    2014 - Sting made his first official "WWE appearance" in full makeup as a surprise at the WWE and Mattel panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, which is currently ongoing:


    Hulk Hogan, Michael Cole, Paul Heyman and Daniel Bryan are also on the panel.

    WWE released the following video:

    2014 - WWE broadcast NXT. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

    At Takeover, Charlotte Flair became the second NXT Women‚€™s Champion by defeating Natalya. Tonight, Charlotte defends her title against former BFF partner, Summer Rae. Will we see a new champion or will Charlotte retain?

    We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Renee ‚€˜Can I be the one behind the one behind the one in twenty-one and one‚€™ Young, Alex ‚€˜Sticks and stones‚€™ Riley, and Rich ‚€˜SDCC‚€™ Brennan.

    Match Number One: Konor and Viktor versus Jonny Vandal and Aaron Solow in a Non Title Match

    Vandal and Viktor start things off. They lock up and Vandal with a wrist lock but Viktor with a reversal and back drop while holding on to the wrist lock. Viktor sends Vandal into his corner and Solow makes the tag. Viktor sends Vandal to the floor. Konor tags in and Viktor and Konor surround Solow on the floor.

    Solow chops Konor and Konor with a shoulder tackle. Konor with kicks to Solow in the corner. Konor with a kick in the corner. Viktor tags in and he hits a baseball slide on Vandal on the floor and then they hit the Fall of Man and get the three count.

    Winners: Konor and Viktor

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Two: Tyler Breeze versus Mojo Rawley

    Breeze makes sure that his finger is okay and he says something to Rawley. Rawley runs Breeze into the corner and Rawley says something to the referee and Breeze with the Beauty Shot and he gets the three count.

    Winner: Tyler Breeze

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Three: Summer Rae versus Charlotte for the NXT Women‚€™s Title

    Summer gets in Charlotte‚€™s face but Charlotte pushes Summer. They push each other back and Summer is sent to the mat and Charlotte dances. Summer with a Thesz Press and they fight around the ring. Each goes for a hair based take down and they both go to the mat. They lock up and Charlotte sends Summer into the corner and Charlotte with kicks. Summer with an elbow but Charlotte gets a near fall after a clothesline.

    Charlotte with knees to the back and a figure four head lock. Charlotte rolls Summer over and she slams Summer‚€™s head into the mat. Charlotte drives Summer‚€™s head into the mat again before returning to the figure four head lock. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Charlotte still has the figure four head lock on Summer as she rakes her face. Charlotte rolls through to send Summer to the mat. Summer begs for mercy and then Charlotte charges but Summer moves, sending Charlotte to the floor. Summer gets a near fall when Charlotte is brought back into the ring. Summer sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles and then she kicks Charlotte.

    Summer tells Charlotte that she made her and then she chokes Charlotte in the corner. Summer puts Charlotte in the ropes and stretches her. Summer gets a near fall. Summer with a body scissors on Charlotte. Charlotte leans back to get a near fall. Summer gets a near fall. Summer slaps Charlotte and Charlotte slaps back. Summer with a knee in the corner.

    Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall. Summer kicks Charlotte and she applies a knee bar submission. Summer with a single leg crab on Charlotte but Charlotte escapes the hold. Summer with a rollup for a near fall. Summer drives Charlotte‚€™s head into the mat but she can only get a near fall.

    Charlotte and Summer each with clotheslines and both go down. Summer with a guillotine and she rolls through. Summer with a spinning round kick and she gets a near fall. Charlotte with a chop and clothesline for a near fall. Charlotte with another near fall. Charlotte hits Bow Down to the Queen for the three count.

    Winner: Charlotte

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Four: Simon Gotch and Aiden English versus Kalisto and Sin Cara

    English and Kalisto start things off and they lock up. Kalisto gets out of the corner and he applies a side head lock. English blocks a side head lock take down. Kalisto with a slingshot side head lock take down. English gets a rollup for a near fall. Kalisto with an arm drag and wrist lock and Cara is tagged in. They take English to the mat and they hit a stereo kick followed by a back senton by Kalisto assisted by Sin Cara. Cara gets a near fall. Cara with a chop and then he hits a springboard cross body. Cara chops and kicks English but English moves on a springboard move and English with a drop kick to the knee and he gets a near fall.

    Gotch tags in and he hits a clothesline from the apron. Gotch with European uppercuts followed by a snap mare and forearms across the chest. Gotch with a knee drop and he gets a near fall. Gotch with a chin lock and a crucifix for a near fall. Cara with chops but Gotch gets Cara up. Cara counters with a sunset flip for a near fall.

    Gotch with a European uppercut and English tags in. English with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. English with kicks to Cara followed by forearms and he gets another near fall. English with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Cara gets back to his feet and he hits a jawbreaker to get out of the hold. English kicks Cara and then connects with a leg drop and he gets a near fall. Cara with a rollup and then he turns it into a one arm power bomb and both men are down.

    Kalisto and Gotch tag in and Kalisto with a springboard cross body followed by a rollup and kick to the head. Kalisto with a springboard round kick and English breaks up the cover. Cara takes care of English and Cara with a suicide dive to English. Kalisto with a Shiranui for the three count.

    Winners: Sin Cara and Kalisto

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Lana has something to say before the match. She says that you worship actors, athletes, and politicians in the United States; but stars fade. In Russia, we have heroes. In America, your President is a star, while her President Vladimir Putin is a hero of Russia and the whole world. The man in the ring is just a star. Like all of the stars before you, you will burn out. You will fall to the greatest hero.

    Rusev takes the mic and he speaks in Bulgarian.

    Match Number Five: Adrian Neville versus Rusev (with Lana) in a Non Title Match

    Rusev picks up Neville but Neville lands on his feet. Rusev catches Neville on a cross body attempt and Rusev with knees and then he hits a fallaway slam. Rusev with boots to the chest followed by elbow drops. Rusev sends Neville into the corner and he kicks Neville in the corner.

    Rusev with a foot to the chest. Rusev puts Neville in the turnbuckles and he kicks Neville in the back. Neville punches Rusev but Rusev sends Neville into the turnbuckles. Neville with kicks to Rusev when Rusev charges into the corner. Neville with kicks to Rusev but Rusev stays on his feet. Rusev with a drop kick to the knee and then he kicks Rusev in the chest. Rusev blocks a kick and he picks Neville up for a vertical choke. Rusev with a punch. Neville goes to the apron when Rusev charges into the corner. Neville with a missile drop kick.

    Lana gets on the apron and Tyler Breeze tries to interfere but Neville stops him. Rusev with a splash against the ropes. Neville lands on his feet and he kicks Rusev in the corner. Neville goes up top for the Red Arrow but Tyler Breeze pulls Neville off the turnbuckles and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winner: Adrian Neville (by disqualification)

    After the match, Rusev with a leaping thrust kick and then he stomps on Neville‚€™s back to set up the Accolade. Lana tells Rusev to release the hold.

    We go to credits.

    2014 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling. Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

    Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on PWInsider.com!

    After looking back at last week's show, we go right to the ring where Bobby Roode comes out for his Falls Count Anywhere match with MVP. MVP doesn't come out, and we go to the back where MVP is telling Angle he refuses to wrestle because he's still suffering from the torn meniscus. Angle tells MVP to get out to the ring, but Roode decides that since it's Falls Count Anywhere, he might as well head to the back and beat the crap out of MVP there...

    Falls Count Anywhere: MVP vs Bobby Roode

    Roode batters MVP all through the backstage area and out into the crowd. MVP low blows Roode and they brawl across the floor where MVP takes a (horribly overpriced, trust me) beer from a fan and throws it in Roode's face. MVP tries for a bicycle kick while Roode is blinded, but Roode sees it coming and MVP "impales" himself on the guardrail. Roode yanks up and down on the guardrail and sends MVP flying to ringside, groin in hand, but Roode comes after him and MVP hits another shot to the ding ding. He makes a series of covers on the floor and can't put Roode away, so he goes for a suplex and gets reversed by Roode, who dumps MVP right on the entry ramp. Kenny King comes out to try and distract Roode, but Eric Young comes out and nails King so Roode can concentrate on MVP. MVP shoves Roode into the ring steps, then rolls Roode into the ring and DESTROYS him with a chair. He's doing an "Austin at Wrestlemania 17" job on Roode with the chair, but Roode comes back with a shot to MVP's knee and now he has the chair, which he uses to assault MVP's bad knee and apply the second-worst applied Sharpshooter I've ever seen. MVP taps out instantly.

    Winner: Bobby Roode

    Great opener, this is great action.

    We look back at last week when Jeff Hardy failed to defeat Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title, then we see Hardy backstage, where he's...LIMPING! We'll hear what's on his mind after this commercial!

    We look back at last week when Team 3D reunited and nearly put Dixie Carter through a table, then Dixie is backstage saying that Bully has been promising that he'd put her through a table, but she guarantees that she'll be the one standing over Bully's dead body tonight.

    Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring and says Jeff Hardy is back by popular demand, but we haven't seen the last of Willow and he may come back out here with a painted face and mask. Last week's match against Lashley was what it's all about here in TNA, but he wants to talk about the future. He brought someone with him to be a part of TNA's future (the crowd chants "we want Matt"), he's older than Jeff, he's coldblooded, he has a great mind for professional wrestling, and he introduces his brother Matt Hardy! Matt comes out to a huge reaction and a welcome back chant, and he says he loves the crazy and passionate New York City fans. He thanks Jeff for bringing him here because this isn't about the Hardy Boyz getting back together, it's about two brothers getting back together. They grew up with a dream to become tag team champions and they did it multiple times. He had to step away and get healthy over the last couple of years, and he feels like he let Jeff and the fans down by doing that. He could come out and apologize for everything, but he could let his actions speak for him, and it's time for the two kids from North Carolina to be the World Tag Team Champions one more time. He can't think of a better place to do that than at Destination X, but for them to be the best, they have to beat the best. The crowd goes WHOOOOO as Matt says the best team in the world are the Wolves, and he wants to invite them down to the ring right now. The Wolves come down to the ring with the belts, and Eddie says that they have nothing but respect for the Hardys and everything they've done for tag team wrestling. Davey says they didn't come here to talk, they came here to fight, and it's on for the title at Destination X. Okay, I officially can't wait for that one!

    Austin Aries is backstage and says he's made his decision, but he wants to change the equation and he'll explain what that means later tonight.

    The Bromans are in the ring as we come back from commercial, and Jessie declares that Robbie is no longer afraid of clowns. Robbie was on one of the tightest reality shows around, and they've got the best DJ in the world, DJ Z. DJ Z says he's the best wrestler in the X Division, and at Destination X, he'll prove that he's the best thing in the X Division and the King of New York.

    DJ Z vs Low Ki

    Oh boy, DJ Z is in for it. Low Ki nails several kicks and a charging elbow into the corner, but DJ Z slips out underneath him and yanks him down face first on the top turnbuckle. Zema covers for 2, but Low Ki baseball slides Robbie and Jessie, sunset flips Zema, and double stomps his chest. Low Ki hits repeated elbowstrikes to Zema's head, a shotgun dropkick, and puts Zema away with the Ki Krusher.

    Winner: Low Ki

    Geez, talk about a squash! Great to see Low Ki back, he looks great for a guy who was ready to quit a year ago.

    Gunner and Sam Shaw are backstage and Shaw says he's probably one of the most normal guys in New York, but then Anderson comes in and tells Shaw that he and Gunner have a match tonight and that he better not try and get involved. Shaw tells Anderson that he doesn't have a reason to trust him, but one day he will. Anderson says "no" and walks out.

    Dixie's crew is backstage as EC3 says he is street because he grew up on the streets of Boca Raton, Florida. Dixie comes in with King Mo and says that she made a mistake in not taking Rampage out in his hometown, and that EC3, Spud, and Rhino need to take Dreamer and Team 3D out in New York City.

    Magnus & Bram vs Gunner & Ken Anderson

    Magnus briefly dukes it out with Gunner before tagging Bram in to brutalie Gunner. Gunner gets fired up and hammers back on Bram, and if it weren't for the tattoos, I'd have trouble telling these guys apart. Gunner nails Bram with a high knee, but Bram flattens Gunner with a clothesline. Magnus and Anderson are in and Anderson takes control with a rolling neckbreaker and a BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK bodydrop, then hits the Finlay roll. Magnus blocks the Mic Check and they go out to the floor where Bram rams Anderson into the ringpost. Magnus brings Anderson back inside and hits a nice uranage and pins Anderson.

    Winners: Magnus & Bram

    Magnus and Bram continue to attack Anderson while Gunner is out on the floor. Bram rolls Gunner back inside and prepares to hit him with a spare turnbuckle from under the ring when Samuel Shaw runs out and stands in Bram's way. He willingly takes the bullet as Bram hammers him with the turnbuckle, then they go back to beating on Gunner until Abyss comes out and destroys Bram with a couple of clotheslines and goozles him over the top rope to the floor. Let's see, Gunner, Samuel Shaw, Abyss, and Ken Anderson. There's some crew.

    Austin Aries is backstage, and he's...WALKING! We'll find out if he wants to cash in the X Division Title for a TNA World Title shot after this commercial!

    Bully Ray is backstage and says he's losing sleep because he wants to put Dixie Carter through a table SO bad. He wants to rid the wrestling business of this woman, and tonight, the three of them will ride together one more time. Tommy Dreamer says to relax because it's going to happen because there's no two men he'd rather do this with tonight, and Devon says testify.

    We look back at the history of Austin Aries and Option C, then Kurt Angle comes out to the ring and says that Destination X is next week and it's a chance for the X Division to show their skills. He invites Aries out to the ring and says that every wrestler who has cashed in on Option C has won the World Title, and Aries has a winning lottery ticket. All Aries has to do right now is hand the title over and he has a shot at Bobby Lashley next week. Aries says it seems like a foregone conclusion, but before he can announce his decision, Bobby Lashley and MVP come out to the ring. MVP puts over Lashley's physical prowess and advantages over Aries and says he's what a champion looks like. MVP says Aries is a pretty good wrestler and isn't a dumb guy, and he knows the fans love his brand, but it's not gonna happen. A lot of time went into giving the X Division equity, so he suggests Aries keep the title and stick to what he knows instead of jumping into water too deep for him. Option C worked once, but he won't catch lightning in a bottle. Aries says he knows about making things great, what it takes to be World Champion unlike MVP, and he knows what Aries can do in the ring and that's why he held him back. He created Option C because he believes in the X Division, and he wanted to leave a legacy for that title because it sets TNA apart. It means you're willing to leave it all in the ring, and he does things in the ring MVP couldn't do with four good legs. He's come too far to turn back now and he has unfinished business with the TNA World Title. Lashley's ibgger and stronger than he is, but he's not tougher than Aries, and there isn't a man he's stepped in the ring with who he didn't know he could beat. He hands the title over to Angle and says next week when he beats Lashley, he's going to change the game again and will create Option D and allow the X Division Champion to challenge for the World Title anytime he wants instead of once a year. Angle says it's official for next week: Austin Aries vs Bobby Lashley for the TNA World Title.

    We look back at the first two Gail Kim-Taryn Terrell mathes from last year, and they'll have the tiebreaker match...NEXT!

    Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell

    They do a bit of mat wrestling before a back and forth ends with Gail nailing Taryn with a clothesline. Terrell gets a couple of near falls off of rollups, then comes off the second rope with a clothesline of her own for 2. Taryn tries going to the top rope, but Gail counters with a Kurt Angle superplex for 2. Gail hits the crossbody in the corner, but then a double crossbody wipes both ladies out. The New York crowd shows how clever they are by starting a "you screwed Bret" chant at Gail Kim. Ha. Taryn is in control with a nice series of moves and goes back to the top. Velvet Sky suddenly comes out and shoves Terrell off the top rope as Angelina Love comes in and hits Gail with the Botox Injection.


    The Great Muta is backstage, and he's...WALKING! He'll be in the ring after this commercial!

    Dixie Carter is backstage and tells someone on the phone to have her car ready for her. Sounds like she's planning a quick getaway! We'll see how that goes.

    Jeremy Borash introduces the Great Muta, who comes out in full Muta gear. Robbie E comes out and asks if this is a joke because first Low Ki gets a grand entrance, and now the Not-So-Great Muta gets a grand entrance. Robbie asks what about the biggest star in this company and where his grand entrance is. Robbie challenges Muta to a match right now, so looks like we have an impromptu one!

    The Great Muta vs Robbie E

    Robbie sneak attacks Muta and pounds on him with forearms, but he throws the referee across the ring and turns around into a face full of green mist. Muta takes robbie down and hits the twisting elbow, hits the Dragon screw legwhip, and hits the Shining Wizard for 3.

    Winner: The Great Muta

    Now James Storm comes out to the ring with a microphone and says that he must be the legend all the boys in the back are talking about. All he sees is a great fraud, a joke, and a hasbeen. He may have Sanada fooled, but all he sees is another man coming into a company that his body built since day one and trying to relive the glory years. He's the legend in this company, and where he comes from in the great state of Tennessee, they don't spit mist. Storm spits his beer in Muta's face and proceeds to beat the crap out of him, then lays out another Japanese wrestler who tries to come to his mentor's aid. Sanada runs in with a chair and Storm bails and starts to walk up the ramp. Muta stands up and sprays the red mist in the air as a warning to Storm, but Sanada suddenly nails Muta with the chair and then sprays his own red mist in the face of the other Japanese guy. He goes to the top rope and moonsaults onto Muta, then goes out to ringside and bows to Storm. Storm goes back down to the ring, grabs his beer, and motions Sanada to the back before doing one more beer spew to mock Muta.

    The participants in tonight's main event are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

    Mike and Taz run down the card for next week's Destination X show, then we go to JEremy Borash in the balcony with Dixie Carter and King Mo. Dixie says Mo has her back tonight, and he's genuinely one of the biggest badasses around. They're here to watch Bully Ray go down for good, and says this is her fault for allowing Tommy Dreamer to have his reunion with his group of hasbeens. Tommy thinks he's somebody again, but if somebody wants to chant "those letters" then she'll give them a reason to.

    It's main event time!

    New York City Streetfight: Tommy Dreamer & Team 3D vs Ethan Carter III, Rhino & Rockstar Spud

    They start brawling as soon as the bell rings, and Dreamer takes Spud out to ringside and throws him a beating while Team 3D works over EC3 in the ring. Bubba press slams Spud over the top rope onto EC3, then Team 3D double tackles Rhino before Dreamer comes in and nails him with a pair of cookie sheets. They go out to the floor to continue working over Dixie's troops as we go to commercial. We're back and Bully is unloading on EC3 in the ring as Dreamer throws a trash can full of weapons into the ring. Bubba uses a cheese grater on EC3's chest, and the crowd chants that they want blood as Bubba puts a trash can lid over EC3's ding ding, then Devon smashes another lid and Dreamer smashes a Singapore cane on it. Rhino is in and quickly takes out all three opponents, but Devon blocks the Gore with a big boot and rams Rhino into a trash can wedged in the corner. Spud is all by himself now, and he quickly finds himself on the receiving end of a Doomsday Device from Team 3D. 3D with a double flapjack on EC3, then Dreamer hangs EC3 in the Tree of Woe, puts a trash can in front of his face, and baseball slides it into EC3's mug. Bubba slams Rhino and he and Dreamer hold Rhino's legs for WHAZZUP from Devon. Team 3D gets the tables, but some guy in a hoodie nails Devon from the crowd. Bubba drags him over the rail and attacks him as Dreamer piledrives Spud, then hits a White Russian legsweep on EC3 before giving him another good shot from the Singapore cane. Dreamer goes for a piledriver onto the chair, but another hooded guy comes out of the crowd and clotheslines Dreamer into next week. He pulls the hood off and it's the former Ezekiel Jackson. EC3 hits the front bulldog onto the chair and pins Dreamer.

    Winners: Ethan Carter III, Rhino & Rockstar Spud

    Dixie and King Mo come down to ringside and we see that the other hooded guy was Gene Snitsky as they walk past him, and she gets in just as Rhino gores Devon. Bubba comes into the ring and gets the CRAP kicked out of him by Dixie's gang. You know, Dixie might not have been bluffing when she said she had even bigger, tougher guys on her side than MVP. Zeke gives Dreamer a Rock Bottom and Snitsky chokeslams Bubba. Dixie stands over the fallen ECW originals and raises EC3's hand as her music plays and we call it a week.
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