I am aware of the fact that I'm the only one to write a creative on these boards at the moment. But I hope that me starting a new creative besides EAM Promotions on here will inspire others in trying to write their own creatives. Because I know I would love to read them! I know that the hardest part of writing a creative are the start. You have nothing and has to start with a clean canvas (no pun intended) but I assure you, if you manage to write a couple of shows, and start to get the hang on things, building a structure with everything you have planned. Because I also know for a fact that coming up with ideas for feuds and storylines etc. can be hard (Hey, Travis and I have written EAM Promotions since 2006) But it's also tons of fun.

Hopefully someone reads my creative, and hopefully someone find the time to give me some feedback on tension building, storylines/feuds, match writings and choosings of wrestlers/characters for my creative. I am aware that Guerreros Del Ring might reminds you of Lucha Underground, but pay in mind that Guerreros Del Ring is something I have been planning to do since the start of EAM Promotions (That's 10 years ago) But I hope I manage to make my own thing, as GDR aways was planned to be something completely different from what EAM Promotions is.

And hopefully, we'lls see some more creative on this site soon