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    Default This Day in History - 19th Aug, 2016

    On this day in history in ....

    1990 - Riki Choshu defeats Big Van Vader for the IWGP Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan. This ended Vader's second run with New Japan Pro Wrestling's top title, and started Choshu's second reign with the strap.

    1999 - Lenny Lane defeats Rey Mysterio Jr. for the WCW Cruiserweight Title in Lubbock, Texas, ending Mysterio's fifth title reign. Two months later, Lane would be quietly stripped of the title due to WCW getting pressure from Time Warner over Lane's flamboyant gimmick, which was based around homosexual innuendo. WCW would create a "phantom" title switch and give the belt to Psicosis.

    2001 - WWE held Summerslam in San Jose, California, at the Compaq Center. Here are the results:
    - In a Heat match, Jacqueline, Molly Holly & Lita defeated Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson & Ivory when Jacqueline pinned Ivory.
    - Edge defeated Lance Storm with the Downward Spiral to win the Intercontinental Title.
    - Test & The Dudley Boyz defeated Spike Dudley & The APA when Shane McMahon interfered, allowing Test to pin Bradshaw.
    - WCW Cruiserweight Champion X-Pac defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Title with an X-Factor.
    - Chris Jericho defeated Rhyno with the Walls Of Jericho.
    - Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy to win the WWF Hardcore Title in a Ladder Match.
    - WCW World Tag Team Champions The Undertaker & Kane defeated Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon in a steel cage match to win the WWF World Tag Team Championship when Undertaker pinned Page with the Last Ride powerbomb.
    - Kurt Angle defeated WWF World Heavyweight Champion Steve Austin via disqualification when WCW referee Nick Patrick refused to count Angle's pin of Austin and instead disqualified Austin for intentionally hitting referees earlier. Patrick was intentionally making sure Austin wouldn't lose the title, and Angle snapped, putting Patrick in an ankle lock.
    - The Rock defeated Booker T with the Rock Bottom to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title.

    2008 - IATV, a cable network devoted to Asian Pop Culture, acquired the rights to air a number of different series from Tokyopop, including 22 one hour episodes of now-defunct Japanese wrestling promotion FMW.

    2008 - WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi. Buck Woodward filed the following TV report:

    ECW for August 19th opened with a recap of the "blink and you missed it" ECW World Title match from Summerslam. After the show opening, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker informed us that we would get the Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry rematch tonight.

    The Miz, John Morrison & Chavo Guerrero vs. Super Crazy, Evan Bourne & Tommy Dreamer.

    Morrison started out with Crazy, trading holds and counters. Super Crazy hit a standing moonsault after a drop toe hold for a two count. Bourne tagged in and tripped Morrison to the mat with a legsweep. Morrison hit a kick and tagged in Miz, but Bourne gave him a rana as he got on the second rope. Bourne knocked Chavo off the apron, but Bam Neely tripped him to give Chavo and Co. the advantage. They worked over Bourne in their corner, then Chavo hit a backdrop driver for a two count. Morrison tagged in and hit a backbreaker for a two count, then pounded Bourne with punches. Miz tagged in and choked Bourne on the middle rope, then applied an armbar. Bourne came back with an armdrag and made the tag to Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer cleaned house on all three opponents, knocking Chavo off the apron and clotheslining Miz and Morrison. Dreamer gave Mix a bulldog and a powerslam, but Morrison broke up the cover. Crazy ran in to counter Morrison and all the heels were sent to the floor. Crazy hit a dive over the top rope onto them, then Bourne hit a top rope moonsault onto the pile. There was an "ECW" chant. Dreamer went to pull Miz back in the ring, but Morrison hooked his foot and Miz gave Dreamer a neckbreaker for the win at the five minute mark.

    Winners: The Miz, John Morrison & Chavo Guerrero.

    Ricky Ortiz was shown in the back with his personalized rally towel.

    Ricky Ortiz vs. Gavin Spears.

    Spears was given an inset interview, saying he was the "Crown Jewel" in the new talent initiative, saying he didn't need a towel like Ortiz, because he has talent.

    They locked up at the bell, and Ortiz backed Spears into the corner. Ortiz grabbed a headlock, then hit a shoulderblock when Spears shoved him off. Spears went after the arm, but Ortiz reversed an arm wringer into a backdrop. Spears pulled Ortiz into a corner by the pants, then hit a back elbow, a punch and a neckbreaker for a two count. Spears hit some knees to the head, then snapmared Ortiz and stomped him in the head. Spears applied a trapped arm chinlock, but Ortiz armdragged out of it. Ortiz hit some punches, a spinning elbow and a dropkick. Ortiz hit a side driver for a two count. Spears hit a shot to the gut, then leapfrogged Ortiz, only to get hit with a second rope shoulderblock. Ortiz then hit a splash for the win at the four minute mark. Ortiz is 4-0.

    Winner: Ricky Ortiz.

    Mark Henry was warming up with 50-pound dumbbell curls backstage.

    Fit Finlay and Hornswoggle came to the ring. Finlay took the mic and addressed Mike Knox' comments that he had "gone soft". Finlay talked about how he invited Mike Knox to the ring last week, and he walked away. Finlay said he was inviting him out again, and noted he didn't even have a shillelagh with him. Finlay dared Knox to come down and prove that he was soft. Knox came out on the stage with a mic. Knox said Finlay calling him out proves that he is afraid of Knox, and can't handle the pressure of knowing he would beat him. Finlay cut off Knox' yapping and called him down. Knox started to come down, then said he would do it on his terms, and started to leave. Finlay said he gave Knox one week to make his move, so now he was making his. Finlay jumped out of the ring and started brawling with Knox. They did a big pull apart brawl, with agents coming out to break them up. They broke away from the agents a few times to slug it out again. Finally, Knox was taken to the back, and Finlay got an ovation.

    Matt Hardy was shown warming up in the back.

    The announcers reviewed the Shawn Michaels-Chris Jericho situation.

    They announced Fit Finlay vs. Mike Knox for next week on Raw.

    ECW Champion Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy.

    Henry hit Hardy with some punches at the start, and Hardy tried to hook on the Twist Of Fate, but Henry shoved it off and tossed Matt into the corner. Henry charged in, but Hardy ducked out of the ring, tripped Henry and yanked his leg across the apron twice. Back in the ring, Hardy dropped a kneedrop on the leg and continued to work on it. Henry came back with a slam, but missed an elbowdrop. Hardy hit some punches and an enzugiri for a two count. Henry shoved Hardy away, but Hardy hit a kick to the face and threw some shots. Hardy bounced off the ropes, but Henry hit him with a bodyblock. There was a loud "Hardy" chant. Henry slugged Hardy to the mat, then headbutted him for a two count. Henry stood on Hardy's chest, then whipped Hardy hard into the corner. Henry missed a charge, then Hardy went for the Twist Of Fate again, but Henry blocked it, then shoved Hardy over the top rope and to the floor as they went to break.

    Henry had Hardy in a neck crank as they came back to the match. Hardy upkicked twice to escape it, but Henry put him down with a big boot, then limped on his bad leg, which Tony Atlas massaged from ringside. Henry decked Hardy with a right hand and went back to the neck crank. Hardy fought up, and tried for a Side Effect, but Henry elbowed it away and punched Hardy down. Hardy slumped on the ropes as Henry argued with the referee, and Atlas slugged him. Henry pounded Hardy with forearms to the back, then put him in a bearhug. Henry slammed Hardy in the corner as Hardy was trying to punch out of the move. Henry kicked Hardy in the ribs, then delivered a second for a two count. Henry went back to the neck crank, but Hardy elbowed Henry in the bad leg to escape it. Henry went for a half-nelson, then hooked the other arm around for a full nelson, but Hardy dropped out of it and hit an upkick.

    Henry charged and floored Hardy with a clothesline, then went for a press slam, dropping Hardy gut first to the mat. Henry went for a splash, but Hardy rolled out of the way. Hardy got fired up and hit a series of punches and forearms, putting Henry in the corner. Hardy went for a bulldog, but Henry shoved him into a corner. Henry charged, but Hardy caught him with a kick. Hardy hit a second rope elbowsmash to the head, then a second rope bulldog for a two count. Hardy went to the top rope and hit Henry with a flying bodypress for another near fall. Hardy set up for a Twist Of Fate, but Henry shoved him into the ropes, caught him on the rebound and hoisted him for a slam. Hardy reversed out of the slam and hit the Twist Of Fate. Hardy covered Henry, but Tony Atlas, out of view of the referee, yanked Hardy's leg to pull him out of the ring. Hardy started to chase Atlas, then turned his attention back to Henry, who was starting to get up. Hardy kicked Henry between the ropes, then went to the top for a moonsault. Hardy jumped, but Henry got the knees up. Henry then gave Henry the World's Strongest Slam for the pin at the 15 minute mark.

    Winner: Mark Henry.

    Mark Henry limped off with the title belt, while Matt Hardy watched from the ring and the announcers wondered if this was the "end of the line" for his ECW Title quest.

    2010 - Nightmare Ted Allen passed away. Allen was a star in the Mid-Atlantic area both under his name and under a mask as The Nightmare. Allen was also a renowned trainer, who trained Arn Anderson, Scotty Riggs, Ranger Ross and the late Big Bossman, among others. We have not heard a cause of death as of this writing. Allen, who was 54, was still active on the independent scene in Georgia in recent years and had attended the NWA Legends Fanfest several weeks ago.

    2010 - Jim Kettner, the longtime promoter and creative mind behind the Delaware-based East Coast Wrestling Association quietly announced his retirement from the promotion he founded today.

    Known as one of the smartest minds on the independent level in the modern era, Kettner was behind the creation of the annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament, which took on a life of its own over the last 14 years as an event where talents could make their name and springboard to the next level of their career. The tournament became the most copied concept on the independent level with dozens upon dozens of similar shows. While they may have featured great wrestling, they all lacked one common denominator - the mind of Jim Kettner.

    2010 - WWE broadcast WWE Superstaers on WGN. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

    We start off tonightís show with the Raw brand and your announcers are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

    Match Number One: Yoshi Tatsu versus Primo

    They lock up and Primo works on the wrist and Yoshi reverses and works on Primoís wrist. Primo rolls through and takes Yoshi to the mat. They lock up and Primo with a side head lock but Yoshi with a take down to escape. They lock up and Yoshi with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Yoshi with chops but Primo blocks a hip toss. Yoshi with a Japanese arm drag followed by a standard arm drag into an arm bar. Primo with a kick followed by a forearm to the back. Primo with a chop to Yoshi. Yoshi tries for a sunset flip but Primo drops down. Yoshi with a back slide for a near fall. Yoshi follows that with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Yoshi with a back body drop and drop kick that sends Primo to the floor. Yoshi with a baseball slide and then he skins the cat and hits a pescado. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Primo with a rear chin lock on Yoshi. Primo with a forearm to the back of the neck followed by a drop toe hold and Muta Lock. Primo add a rake of the face and he is forced to break the hold. Primo and Yoshi exchange chops and Primo with a punch. Primo chokes Yoshi in the ropes and then he hits a splash and goes through the ropes. He returns to the ring and gets a near fall. Primo returns to the reverse chin lock and Yoshi tries to get to the ropes. Yoshi with punches, kicks, and a chop.

    He goes up top but misses a missile drop kick when Primo moves out of the way and Primo gets a near fall. Primo with a modified surfboard and then he drops an elbow to the ribs. Primo with an Irish whip followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Primo with an Irish whip and he misses a charge into the corner. Primo gets caught in the tree of woe and Yoshi with a drop kick. Yoshi with kicks and chops to Primo followed by another chop off an Irish whip. Yoshi with a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Yoshi with the running knees into the corner followed by the rolling mare but Primo ducks the round kick. Primo with a near fall. Primo with a jawbreaker and then he sends Yoshi to the apron. Yoshi with a kick and heel kick from the turnbuckles for the three count.

    Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

    We take a look back at NXT when Percy Watson and Husky Harris were eliminated.

    We are back and did you know that WWE SummerSlam was still the number one search term on Google on Sunday.

    It is time for the Smackdown portion of the show and your announcers are Matt Striker and Todd Grisham.

    Match Number Two: Montel Vontavious Porter versus Vance Archer with Curt Hawkins

    They lock up and Porter with a hammer lock but Archer gets to the ropes. They lock up again and Archer gets to the ropes to escape a top wrist lock. Archer with a kick and he works on the wrist. Porter with forearms and he reverses the wrist hold. Archer backs Porter into the corner and he has something to say to Porter. Porter slaps Archer and punches him. Archer with an Irish whip but he runs into an elbow. Porter avoids Archer and Porter with a drop toe hold and kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Porter with an arm bar but Archer gets to his feet. Archer with shoulders in the corner and the referee warns him. Archer with a punch to the head and then he chokes Porter in the ropes. Archer distracts the referee and Hawkins hits Porter. Porter with shoulders in the corner followed by kicks and the referee warns Porter. Porter with a forearm to Archer and he gets a near fall. Porter misses the running boot into the corner and then Archer sends Porter to the floor. Archer distracts the referee and Hawkins attacks Porter.

    JTG comes out and he goes after Hawkins. All four men brawl on the floor and Teddy Long comes out. He announces that we will have a tag match with JTG and MVP facing Hawkins and Archer.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number 2.1: Montel Vontavious Porter and JTG versus Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer

    The match is joined in progress and JTG with a sliding punch and leap frog leg lariat to Hawkins for a near fall. Porter tags in and they hit a double hip toss and Porter with a knee drop for a near fall. Hawkins with a jawbreaker and he tags in Archer. Porter with punches to Archer. Archer with a big boot when Porter was distracted by Hawkins. Archer with punches before he gets a near fall. Hawkins tags back in and he punches Porter. Hawkins with a snap mare and knees to the back. Hawkins with a rear chin lock Porter escapes and Hawkins responds with a clothesline for a near fall. Archer tags in and hits an elbow drop and follows that with a leg drop and gets a near fall. Archer with a reverse chin lock. Archer with a forearm to the back but he misses a short arm clothesline. Porter with a running boot into the corner and JTG is tagged in. JTG with punches followed by a drop kick. JTG with a flip shoulder tackle to Archer followed by a drop kick to Hawkins. JTG leaps into the corner and hits an X Factor for a near fall. Porter throws Hawkins to the floor. Hawkins drops Porter onto the apron. Archer catches JTG and they hit a modified spike power slam for the three count.

    Winners: Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a look back at SummerSlam week in Los Angeles as well as the Raw Rebound.

    Match Number Four: Jack Swagger versus Chris Masters

    Swagger with a waist lock take down and Masters pushes Swagger when he gets back to his feet. They lock up again and Swagger with a front face lock into a side head lock. Masters powers out of the head lock. Masters with a forearm and running shoulder tackle. Masters with an Irish whip and Masters with a Stinger Splash. Swagger escapes a power slam attempt and hits a clothesline to the back of the head followed by sending Masters shoulder into the ring post. Swagger with a key lock on Masters. Swagger with a knee followed by a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Swagger with a hammer lock. Swagger locks his hands to work on the arms and then he hits a forearm to the back. Masters with a desperation side slam and both men are down.

    Swagger runs into a boot from Masters and Masters with clotheslines and a spinebuster for a near fall. Masters goes to the turnbuckles and hits a flying shoulder tackle with his injured shoulder. Masters sets for the Master Lock but Swagger rolls to the mat. Masters gets Swagger back to his feet but Swagger backs Masters into the turnbuckles and then he puts Masters in the ankle lock. Masters reaches for the ropes but he cannot get there and the pain is too much so Masters taps out.

    Winner: Jack Swagger

    2010 - TNA broadcast Impact on SpikeTV. Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

    Welcome to the TNA Impact Report here on PWInsider.com!

    We start off with footage from moments ago, as Jeff Hardy, after waiting all day for him to appear, in engaged in a backstage brawl with Abyss. Predictably, Abyss gets the upper hand, and they brawl through the back, out into the crowd, and down to ringside. They blur out Jeff Hardy's buttcrack, which was sticking out of the top of his jeans, as Abyss continues to batter him around ringside. We actually see the fans filing into the building as they fight, and Hardy turns things around with a chairshot as they brawl back through an unpopulated section of the crowd and backstage again, past where Orlando Jordan's couch used to be, and Abyss wraps electrical cables around Hardy's face and yanks back. Hardy gets free and they continue fighting through the backstage area as I continue to be distracted by Hardy's blurry buttcrack. They brawl out of the building to where the fans are waiting in line to get in, and Overzealous Security Inc run out and choke Hardy with their nightsticks and pull him away.

    Right from there, we go back into the (now full) arena as Dave Scherer's favorite person, Eric Bischoff, makes his way into the ring. He says that never in his 20 years has he seen something as horrific as what we saw last week. He holds Ric Flair responsible for the attack on EV2.0, and he apologizes to Dixie Carter and swears that they will hold Ric Flair accountable. Words cannot describe what they did to RVD, and then he uses words like horrific and despicable to describe what they did to RVD. Before Bischoff goes, he wants to update us on RVD's condition: he went to the hospital and visited Rob, who is held together by staples, stitches, and pins, and his doctor fears that he has numerous punctured organs, and...get this...he may have had trauma. Eric promises that when RVD is able to crawl out of that hospital, everyone will welcome him back because he'll always have a home in TNA, but the fact is that the show must go on, and after meeting with RVD's doctors, Dixie Carter, and Hulk Hogan, they made the decision he knows the fans and RVD would want: they have decided to vacate the TNA World Title. There will be a tournament that will begin this week and will conclude at Bound For Glory, and his thoughts and prayers are with RVD, but the show must go on and it will...right after this commercial.

    World Title Tournament, First Round: Rob Terry vs Jeff Hardy

    Hardy attacks Terry before the bell and dropkicks Terry's legs out from under him, then tries a crossbody but gets caught and slammed. Hardy is wearing his street clothes and no makeup. Terry goozles Hardy and drives him up the ropes and then chokeslams him out into the middle of the ring. Terry puts Hardy in the corner and rams his shoulder to Hardy's ribs and then whips Hardy across the ring, but Hardy dodges the charge and hits a pair of springboard dropkicks in the corner, then drags Terry out to the middle and covers him for 2. Hardy up top and almost hits the Whisper In The Wind for 2, and then we see two replays of him missing the move. Hardy comes off the second rope right into a clothesline from Terry, and Terry almost hits his spinkick and then tries it again and...HOLY CRAP, HE ACTUALLY CONNECTS WITH IT! Terry goes for a running powerslam, but two properly executed moves in a row is too much to ask of Rob Terry, and Hardy slips out, hits the Twist of Fate, follows it up with the Swanton, and picks up the win.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    Meanwhile, in the back, Ric Flair and Fortune are getting out of a limo...and with them is a suit-clad Douglas Williams. Ah, the plot thickens...

    We go to a video package recapping the events of last week, as Fortune attacked EV2.0 at the end of the show and Tommy Dreamer tells Dixie Carter to make it right, because she doesn't want them making it right.

    From there, we catch Hulk Hogan outside talking on his cell phone and teases us by saying he's thinking of quitting over the RVD situation. He's appalled that they want to replace RVD because it'd be like replacing the President. Hogan says he's going to sit outside and pout because he doesn't think he can go back inside.

    Back to the ring as the tournament continues...

    World Title Tournament, First Round: Jay Lethal vs Ken Anderson

    They warily circle each other and tie up, Anderson takes a headlock, Lethal fires him off into the ropes, and Anderson takes him down with a shoulderblock. Anderson catches Lethal on a leapfrog, but Lethal escapes and gets an STO and they have a standoff. Now Lethal gets a headlock, Anderson tries to hiptoss out but Lethal reverses to a hiptoss of his own and dropkicks Anderson for 2. Lethal puts the boots to Anderson in the corner but gets whipped into the corner, he tries to leapfrog out but Anderson catches him and this time holds onto him long enough to hit a Regal Roll. Fans chant "asshole" at Anderson as he whips Lethal into the ropes and catches him coming off with a back elbow and covers for 2. Anderson with a front facelock, dangerously close to HITTING THE CHINLOCK!, but Lethal escapes and comes off the ropes right into a clothesline, and Anderson covers for another 2. Anderson with another whip, Lethal ducks the clothesline and hits the handspring elbow off the ropes. Lethal chops Anderson in the corner, whips him across the ring and gets backdropped to the apron, but nails Anderson and tries a springboard dropkick, but Anderson dodges, hits the Mic Check, and that's all she wrote.

    Winner: Ken Anderson

    Solid match. Anderson helps Lethal to his feet and they shake.

    Backstage, Christy tells Angelina Love that Madison Rayne has invoked her rematch clause and she'll be challenging for the Knockouts Title tonight. Angelina says she never expects a fair fight from Madison, and she was able to whine and cry until she got her title handed back to her last night, but it's not going to happen tonight. She says to go ahead and bring Dumpy Ass, because Angelina has some backup of her own.

    We go back to last week on TNA Reaction, as the Motor City Machine Guns were backstage saying they proved that they are the best team in the world, and then we see a clip of the finish of last week's Match 5 of the Best Of Five Series between the MCMG and Beer Money. The feeling of being out there in front of the people was greater than anything, and they've been teaming for four years and they are now at the top of the mountain. The other teams have a lot to live up to with the MCMG, and it won't be easy. We now go to a video package wondering what's next for the MCMG, and the champs will be in action next week! But right now, another title is on the line...

    Knockoots Title Match: Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne

    Get it? Angelina Love is the Knockoots Champion...you know, because she's Canadian. Ah, get outta here. Madison is driven to the ring by Dumpy Ass, who joins her at ringside for the match. Angelina, meanwhile, is joined by...Velvet Sky! Wow, didn't see that one coming. Angelina kicks Dumpy Ass's dumpy ass and rams her into the ring apron, but Madison lays out Velvet Sky and stops Angelina from taking Dumpy's helmet off and exposing the other mask underneath. They head into the ring and the bell sounds as we're reminded to follow Dixie Carter's Twitter. Madison does her head hump thing for 2, covers again and still gets 2. Madison with a series of knees to the midsection of Angelina, but Angelina reverses out and gets a Pittsburgh Plunge, then powerslams Madison. Angelina goes to the ropes and Dumpy Ass grabs Angelina's ankle, but Velvet takes Dumpy out and then grabs Madison's ankle, setting up Angelina to hit the Botox Injection for the win.

    Winner: Angelina Love

    Velvet joins Angelina in the ring and they have a short staredown, then raise each other's hands. Madison and Dumpy Ass jump them from behind and leave them laying.

    Meanwhile, Ric Flair and Fortune are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

    We watch the same video package recapping the EV2.0/Fortune/Abyss angle from last week, then we head back to the ring where Flair is in the ring with Fortune. He asks if someone used the word power, and he says this is what you call Impact with power. Kazarian, AJ, Beer Money, and now we add Doug Williams and Matt Morgan. Flair throws up the four fingers even though there's six of them, and he says you'd better love Fortune because they're not going anywhere anytime soon. He goes on to call EV2.0 a circus act and a bunch of undisciplined animals, and says they're not wrestlers and don't belong in the business. The marquee says pro wrestling, not garbage cans and kendo sticks. Flair tells EV2.0 to kiss his ass and Fortune's ass, and just smile and be glad about the fact that they're part of TNA. AJ takes the mic and says that EV2.0 couldn't leave well enough alone, they just had to come in and be on TV one last time. They wanted a hardcore finale, and that's exactly what they got. Nobody has wrestled in this ring more than AJ Styles, he is TNA and TNA is AJ Styles, this is the house that AJ STyles built. Dixie Carter comes out from the back and tells AJ that he helped build this house, but make no mistake, she owns it. It's her house, and if it's her house, it's their house...and here comes EV2.0, looking like they got beat up again before they walked out. Dixie says she's given Flair the benefit of the doubt since he came here and that's over. Before last Thursday, none of these guys had contracts, but now they all do. Flair asks what on his resume says he takes any crap from women, and Dreamer says that he is the living legend of this business, and if Dixie didn't tell them to stay back, they'd all come kick their asses right now. But what she did was acknowledged last night, and it's all about now, and it's time to leave Hogan and everything else in the past, because now it's TNA. Foley told Flair how great it was to be part of TNA and to forget what anyone else said about what to do, and to make the move that's right for him, so Flair came to TNA. Foley has a life full of regrets, but if he could change one thing, he would have never brought Flair to TNA. Flair challenges him to roll around in the thumbtacks with him one more time, but Foley says he doesn't take his orders from Ric Flair, he takes them from Dixie Carter. Flair said Flair is here for Flair, and tells Foley to go home and get soft in his chair. Dreamer says that RVD is their friend and they will get Abyss, then tells AJ that he did build this house and they had nothing but respect for him until last week. They may all be tired and beat up, but tonight it's going to be Dreamer vs Styles in his house, and they're definitely going to make it...EXTREME.

    We go backstage to Kurt Angle, who said it's been a living hell to get through the first half of the Top Ten, but now it's a tournament and he's been through these before in high school, college, and on the Olympic level, and he's only three wins away from regaining the TNA World Title.

    Back to the ring as the tournament continues...

    World Title Tournament, First Round: X-Division Champion Douglas Williams vs Kurt Angle

    This ought to be good. They tie up and Angle takes Williams to the corner and breaks clean. Angle takes Williams down with a headlock, but Williams gets to his feet and takes Angle to the corner and tries to suckerpunch him, but Angle blocks and nails him, but then Williams catches Angle's boot on a kick, kicks him in the thigh, and legwhips him. Angle recovers and fires back on Williams, but Williams headbutts him in the midsection and tosses Angle to the floor. Williams goes out after him and tosses him back in the ring, then slams Angle and hits some springboard kneedrops for 2. Angle tries firing back again but Williams with a European Uppercut and a snap gutwrench suplex for 2. Williams with a three quarter nelson, but Angle escapes and starts running over Williams with elbows and backdrops him. Angle whips him into the corner, eats boot on a charge, but catches Williams charging out with an overhead suplex. Williams counters another suplex by ramming Angle into the corner and following in with a high knee. Williams goes up top and hits a corkscrew elbow off the top for 2. Williams sets up for Chaos Theory but Angle with a switch and the Rolling Germans for 2. The straps come down and Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Williams escapes and almost hits the Chaos Theory, but Angle rolls through and catches Williams with an anklelock and grapevines the leg for the tapout win.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

    Kurt Angle is now only two wins away from regaining the TNA World Title. Still to come tonight, AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer.

    Sting and Kevin Nash are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

    Backstage, Ken Anderson says that he's in the final four and he hopes RVD will be okay, but the show must go on and a win's a win.

    Sting and Kevin Nash come out to the ring and I can guarantee you right now, before they even open their mouths, that we won't understand a damn thing that happens in this segment. Nash says he's known Sting for 20 years, and they've had their disagreements, but there's nobody in this business he respects more than Sting. Nash has been called a cancer and a lot of other things, but after 20 years and 20 operations, he's not out here for just the money, he's here because he loves to do what he does, and he'll be damned if somebody tells him it's his time to step aside. First, nobody tells him anything, they ask him, and if they want his spot, come take it. Nash says TNA is this close to turning the edge and making it happen, but the cancer isn't in this ring, it's in the back, and the whole magic act and smoke and mirrors, he says he's wasting his time and maybe he is, but he wants to tell us the truth...and here comes Jeff Jarrett, who asks if Nash really wants to tell the truth, because the guy who's really full of BS is Nash. A leopard never changes his spots, and it's always been about Big Sexy Kevin Nash, who never gave a damn about anybody and that's never going to change. And as far as Sting goes, Jarrett can open a closet door and talk about all his skeletons and tell the world what kind of man he really is, but he's not going to do that. What Jarrett will do, is that there's a locker room full of guys who are tired of the games they've been playing, and as far as Hogan and Bischoff go and all they've done for the company, the whole company has been better off since they got here. So what Jarrett will do tonight will be in honor of a 20 year wrestling executive in Eric Bischoff and the greatest box office attraction ever in Hulk Hogan, he's going to grab a chair and beat both their asses. Suddenly, Hulk Hogan comes out and says Jarrett's not going to do it by himself. Jarrett built this company up, and he and Eric came in to help him finish the job. Everyone knows what Nash and Sting are all about, and they're jealous because the spotlight's on the young guys right now and not them. So right now, they're going to come down to the ring and settle this, and challenges Sting to put the bat aside and do it like a man for a change. Sting tosses the bat out of the ring and Jarrett and Hogan come down to the ring and step inside...and the lights go out. When they come back up, Fortune is in the ring beating up Kevin Nash and Sting while Hogan and Jarrett are laid out on the other side of the ring. They finish beating up the old men and flash their new Fortune hand signal as we go to commercial.

    Backstage, Raven is telling Tommy Dreamer that they should have killed Fortune, and Tommy says not to tell him anything, and to look at the bigger picture. They once again put over the opportunity Dixie Carter gave them as everyone tries to talk sense into Raven.

    Back to the ring for the final first round match...

    World Title Tournament, First Round: Matt Morgan vs The Pope

    Pope sticks and moves on Morgan, and it looks like his strategy will be to stay out of Morgan's reach. Morgan grabs him and launches him into the corner, but Pope dodges the charge and beats Morgan down in the corner and puts the boots to him, then hits the springboard twisting senton for 2. Pope comes off the second rope and Morgan goozles him, Pope fights free and comes off the ropes but Morgan nails him with a discus clothesline. Morgan puts Pope in the corner and chokes him with his boot and then hits the machine gun elbows. Morgan follows that up with a running splash in the corner and goes for a side suplex, but just drops Pope instead of slamming him. Morgan kicks Pope into the corner as we see a Schrute Buck laying in the corner, and Morgan charges in but eats boot and Pope comes off the top with a sunset flip, but Morgan yanks him up by the neck and gets a choke bomb, but yells at him instead of going for the cover. Pope tries to fight back but Morgan beats him down and chokes him on the top rope and gets a Boss Man splash on the top rope! Nice. Morgan pulls Pope to the floor and rams him backfirst into the ring apron, and as Pope regains his footing, Morgan tries to Carbon Footprint him into the ringpost, but Pope moves and Morgan crotches himself on the ringpost. Pope follows him in with the DDE and pulls him into the ring and covers for the win.

    Winner: The Pope

    The semifinals are now set: Kurt Angle will take on Jeff Hardy, and the Pope will face Ken Anderson.

    Backstage, Mick Foley says he watched what happened to EV2.0, and he was spared the worst of it because he got knocked out early, but he is part of EV2.0 and there will be revenge. His doctor said he won't be ready to get in there for another couple of weeks so he'll need to let the others lead the charge, but he'll eventually join his guys in their fight against Fortune.

    Main event time...

    AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer

    AJ goes after Tommy's bad knee to start, but Tommy catches AJ's foot on a kick and shoves him down. AJ tries a charge but gets backdropped to the floor, and Tommy goes out after him and hits a rolling senton off the apron. Tommy rams AJ into the guardrail and slams him on the floor, and then rolls him back in the ring. AJ nails him coming back in and works him over in the corner, but Tommy catches AJ on a leapfrog attempt and hits a running powerslam for 2. Dreamer chops AJ in the corner and hits a pump handle suplex for 2. Tommy gets on top of AJ and starts raining down punches and then picks him up, but AJ surprises him with a shot to the throat and a Pelle kick. AJ starts firing rights into the skull of Dreamer, who is now busted open, then picks Tommy up, slams him, and hits the big kneedrop. AJ continues the assault on Tommy and chokes him on the second rope, yelling to the camera that he's going to kill him. Tommy with a sunset flip out of nowhere for 2, but AJ immediately recovers and hits a dropkick, then we finally HIT THE CHINLOCK! It doesn't last long, as Tommy back suplexes his way out of it, but AJ recovers with a shot to the gut and another Pelle kick. AJ goes out to the apron and goes for the springboard elbow, but Tommy catches him coming in with an inverted atomic drop and a DDT. Fortune begins to make their way out to ringside, but EV2.0 cuts them off and a brawl erupts in the aisleway. Suddenly, Abyss comes out of nowhere from under the ring and attacks Dreamer and gives him the Black Hole Slam, then bails to the floor. AJ Styles crawls over and covers Tommy and gets the win.

    Winner: AJ Styles

    The EV2.0-Fortune feud continues at ringside as Abyss escapes through the crowd, and we're off the air.

    Under Kettner, the ECWA was something of a throwback to the days of your local promotion featuring good vs. evil. Long before WWE marketed the virtues of their PG brand, Kettner was doing that style, distilled for fans of any age but without coming down as insulting to anyone. To say this is going to leave a huge void on the independent scene and the future of a number of up and coming stars, is a gross understatement.

    I have been extremely lucky to have attended a number of ECWA events promoted by Kettner over the years and I always walked away wishing every promotion ran the way Kettner did. The shows were professional, they were fun, and everyone involved in every aspect of the group - from the wrestlers to the staff - always went out of their way. Jim ran a tight ship and ran a great company. He loved telling stories and he loved creating characters. He is going to be missed as there has never been another promoter quite like him that I've ever come across.

    Kettner had been involved in local promotions for WWE events in Delaware. I am not sure if he will be continuing those responsibilities. For the longest time, the fact Kettner wasn't tapped for a national promotion has been one of the great mysteries of pro wrestling for me.

    On behalf of everyone involved with PWInsider.com, I wish Kettner and his family nothing but the best. I don't think even Jim will realize how many lives he changed over the course of his career, and that's the mark of a great man.

    August 19, 2010

    After 43 years of promoting pro wrestling under the East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) banner in the state of Delaware, Jim Kettner has retired from the ECWA. Kettner promoted his first show in 1967 in his backyard and went on to run one of the most successful, consistent, longest running, reliable and recognized independent promotions in the United States.

    Kettner was originally trained to wrestle by Victor Riviera, Joe Alfano and Bulldog Brower. Kettner wrestled for some local independent groups in the late 1970s‚Äźearly 1980s, but spent most of his time since 1967 developing the ECWA. In the early days, Kettner did wrestle on his own ECWA shows and is a 2‚Äźtime ECWA Tag Team Champion. Kettner also has done some part time training, promoting and other jobs for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) over the years.

    The ECWA is known for many quality talents that have come through the promotion over the years, where Kettner had a hand in training and honing their skills. Men like Charlie & Russ Haas, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, Bryan Danielson, Billy Kidman, Steve Corino, Christian, Simon Diamond, and Test as well as hosting appearances by some of the bigger name talents.

    The ECWA is best know for it's Super 8 tournament that was established in Feb 22, 1997 and recently hosted it's 14th annual event on July 10, 2010. The list of wrestlers that have competed in the Super 8 over its history is a who's who in wrestling, men like Jeff & Matt Hardy, Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson, Davey Richards, Ace Darling, Simon Diamond, Reckless Youth, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles and many more. In fact, the original Ring of Honor (ROH) style of matches were patterned after the Super 8 styles of matches in the early 2000's and in fact many, many of the talents that Kettner brought to the East Coast for the first time went on to ROH and later Total Non‚ÄźStop Action (TNA) Wrestling and the WWE.

    Jim Kettner's last ECWA show was August 14, 2010. At his request and insistence, Kettner left quietly and with no fan fare, as he has never been one to put himself in the spotlight. Jim wanted to convey his thanks and gratitude to all the folks over the years that have been part of the ECWA family and havesupported it so faithfully, from the staff, to the ring crew, to family and friends, to the sponsors, to the wrestlers and most importantly the fans. Jim said that Jim Kettner is not the ECWA, that no one person is the ECWA, that the ECWA is the collective group of all the people who have been a part of it over the years.

    The transfer of daily operations from Jim Kettner to Mike Tartaglia was arranged by Joe Zanolle. Zanolle, a former pro wrestling referee and currently a photographer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) magazine and booker for Mike Tartaglia's Tri‚ÄźState Wrestling
    Alliance (TWA) at www.twaprowrestling.com, has been attending ECWA shows for over 10 years and has also served as a photographer for the ECWA. Thecurrent TWA mirrors the ECWA in many ways as both are family shows that showcase some of the best independent wrestling peformers on the East Coast.

    Tartaglia and Zanolle plan to run the TWA and ECWA shows as separate events, retaining both names and changing as little as possible, using many of the same names and keeping the rosters separate for the foreseeable future while there will be some talents swithed from one promotion to another and some talents will appear in both promotions. Tartaglia and Zanolle will maintain many of the ECWA traditions, including it's most highly visible event, the Super 8 which will celebrate it 15th year this year.

    The TWA will continue to be based out of the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey while the ECWA will continue to be based out of the Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, Delaware.

    Mike Tartaglia was a wrestler (Mike Bruno) in the original TWA in the early 1990's and competes sporadically in the current TWA. Tartaglia resurrected the current TWA with a reunion show on October 24, 2009 and has run shows in South Jersey and Pennsylvania over the last year. The TWA has used WWE legends such as Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka, Ax & Smash "Demolition," Al Snow, the Kat/Stacy Carter and Kamala, TWA Originals like "Hitman" Tony Steston, "The Beast" Glen Osbourne and "The Living Legend" Larry Winters, kid's favorites such as Shockwave the Robot, Mr. Ooh La La, The Blue Meanie and Kid America and great local independent talent like TWA Champion Breaker Morant, TWA Tag Team Champions "The Best Around" TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell, the Logan Brothers, and "Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino w/ Rob Dimension. The TWA has also raised awareness and funds for several charities and has appeared in Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) magazine, The NJ Gloucester County Times Newspaper, the NJ Courier Post Newspaper and on NBC Philly CW57 and NJ 95.7 BEN‚ÄźFM.

    Tartaglia is also a local South Jersey business man and has owned several of his own businesses over the last decade.

    2011 - Brian Kalinowski, who was WWE's Executive Vice President of Digital Media, departed the company. Kalinowski had been with WWE from 2007 on.
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    Continued ...

    2011 - WWE broadcast Smackdown. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

    We start off with a look at what happened on Sunday when Randy Orton became the World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Christian at SummerSlam. What will happen?

    We are live on tape from Bakersfield, California and your announcers are Josh ĎHappy Birthday Dadí Mathews, Michael ĎGimmicks donít always equal good commentaryí Cole, and Booker ĎMushmouthí T.

    Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long is in the ring and he is hollaing. He brings out the new World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and he comes to the ring.

    Randy soaks in the applause and cheers before he speaks. He says that everyone is used to seeing Smackdown starting with Christian in the ring, whining and complaining and begging for that one more match. Orton says that he sure as hell isnít Christian. Randy reminds us who he is and he tells us that he is the World Champion.

    He says that he beat Christian so badly and so brutally at SummerSlam that he cannot even stand up to beg him for another match. Orton says that he used to respect Christian but then he started to annoy him and now he despises Christian with every fiber of his being. Now it is over. Randy says that he doesnít want to talk about lawyers, lawsuits, and contracts. He wants to start anew.

    Teddy says that he will tell Orton who he will face next. It will be the winner of a twenty man over the top rope battle royal.

    Teddy is interrupted by Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase who make their way to the ring.

    Cody says that this is the Legacy reunited in the ring. He asks Randy if he remembers Legacy. It was the group that they used to have on Monday Night Raw when they were considered lesser sons of a greater sire. My how times have changed. Cody says that just like Randy, he is a champion too. Unlike Randy, he didnít have to resort to common barbarism to win his title and please the masses. Cody says that he does not care about any of the hideous people in the building tonight.

    Cody says that Randy knows him and he knows that Cody doesnít like just being the Intercontinental Champion. Cody says that is why he will compete in the battle royal. He wants what Randy has and sooner rather than later, he is going to take that title.

    Cody gives the mic to Ted and Ted tells Randy that they know him better than anyone else in the WWE. They know his strengths and they know his weaknesses. He tells Randy that they have not forgotten all those times that Randy used them . . .

    Orton has heard enough and he gives Ted an RKO.

    Cody leaves the ring so he doesnít get an RKO.

    Orton heads up the ramp while Cody has something to say to Teddy.

    Cody says that he assumes that Teddy is going to do something about this. Cody demands that Teddy does something about that.

    Teddy says that he will make Randy stand in a corner for ten minutes on one leg. He will also tell Randy to write one hundred times ďI will not RKO Ted DiBiaseĒ.

    Since Ted is not able to compete, Teddy is forcing Cody to compete. Cody will have to defend the Intercontinental Title against Ezekiel Jackson. Who wants to holla?

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and we see how Cody Rhodes won the Intercontinental Title last week.

    Match Number One: Cody Rhodes versus Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Title

    They lock up and Jackson sends Cody into the corner and he punches Cody and then he Irish whips Cody followed by a spinning side slam for a near fall. Jackson grabs Codyís leg and Cody misses an enzuigiri. Jackson with an elbow to the back for a near fall. Jackson and Rhodes with punches and Cody with the drop down uppercut. Jackson with a back body drop and he gets a near fall. Cody drops Jacksonís throat across the top rope and then Rhodes with a bulldog for a near fall.

    Rhodes with a series of kicks and punches to Jackson and the referee warns him. Rhodes with another series of punches but Jackson with a punch to stop a mare. Rhodes with a forearm for a near fall. Rhodes with a quarter nelson into a front face lock but Jackson sends Rhodes into the corner. Rhodes with a forearm but Jackson with punches in the corner. Jackson tries for a slam but Rhodes goes to the floor. Jackson follows after Rhodes and he sends Cody into the ring steps. Cody kicks the steps and Jackson gets hit in the leg. Jackson tries for the Torture Rack but Cody escapes and he kicks Jackson. Rhodes with the Beautiful Disaster followed by Cross Rhodes for the three count.

    Winner: Cody Rhodes

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Teddy Long is in his office with his assistant Zack Ryder. Zack says that Alberto is on his way. Zack says that Alberto is great because he is going to wrestle tonight. Ryder says that Alberto is coming to Zackdown to talk about being the Undisputed Champion. Teddy says that this is Smackdown and he wanted Zack to invite the WWE Champion who he thought would be John Cena or CM Punk.

    Ryder says that he is going to surprise the world and become the number one contender.

    Cue the saxophone and Aksana enters. Teddy is surprised that Aksana is here. She asks him why his last name is ĎLongí. Aksana says that he main event looks exciting and then she asks Teddy if he would like to watch her with twenty men. Teddy wants to make sure that she meant watching the match with him. Aksana wonders what Teddy was thinking and then Teddy has some trouble trying to form a coherent sentence in front of Aksana and he says that he would rather watch it by himself and he leaves.

    The announcers talk about how Alberto Del Rio is coming home to Smackdown and that leads us into a video package about WWE returning to South Africa, Justin Gabrielís home country. He says that he hasnít been back to South Africa in three years. We see Justin all over the country.

    Match Number Two: Justin Gabriel versus Tyson Kidd

    Kidd with a waist lock take down into a side head lock. Kidd with a shoulder tackle and he tries for a hip toss but Gabriel lands on his feet. Gabriel with an arm drag into an arm bar. Kidd backs Gabriel into the corner and Kidd with punches but Gabriel with an Irish whip. Kidd floats over and he sends Gabriel into the turnbuckles with a head scissors. Kidd with a snap mare followed by a drop kick to the back of the neck and he gets a near fall.

    Kidd with an elbow to the back of the head and he hits a running back elbow for a near fall. Kidd with a surfboard with his knee on Gabrielís neck. Gabriel flips out of a belly-to-back suplex and Gabriel misses a spin kick but he hits an enzuigiri. Gabriel with kicks to Kidd ending with a jumping back kick. Gabriel with a spinning heel kick followed by a roaring elbow for a near fall.

    Kidd with an Irish whip but Kidd misses a charge into the corner. Gabriel with a springboard cross body but Kidd rolls through and tries for a Sharpshooter but Gabriel counters and gets a near fall. Gabriel with an STO and then he goes up top but Kidd recovers and he tries for a superplex but Gabriel knocks Kidd off the turnbuckles. Gabriel sets for the 450 splash and he hits it and gets the three count.

    Winner: Justin Gabriel

    Matt Striker asks Jinder Mahal about his chances in the battle royal tonight. Khali interrupts and Jinder says that Khali says that he will win the battle royal. Mahal yells at Khali in Hindi and then he tells Khali that he serves him. Mahal says that they agree that Jinder will win the battle royal.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Ricardo Rodriguez introduces the WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio.

    Alberto tells us who he is . . . but we already knew that. He tells us that the is the Undisputed WWE Champion. He says that he has been talking about destiny for month. People might have thought that he was crazy, but he is here in front of the crowd to prove to everyone that destiny is real.

    He says that he cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase at SummerSlam to become the Undisputed WWE Champion. He says that he is Ďyourí champion because of what Bakersfield means to Alberto. Alberto says that he debuted in this building last year. He defeated Rey Mysterio in his debut and he says that he remembers how everyone hated him.

    Things have changed in a year because everyone loves Alberto. Alberto says that it is funny that a year ago he defeated Rey Mysterio. Then a year later, he beat Rey Mysterio in his first title defense. Alberto says that if the people donít believe him, we have the footage of the match from Monday night.

    Alberto and Ricardo like what they see while the people of Bakersfield disagree. Alberto says that he is a real champion. A real champion faces anyone. Alberto wants to know who wants to face El Padron Alberto Del Rio.

    Daniel Bryanís music plays and he comes out to the stage.

    Del Rio wants to know if Bryan is kidding him. He asks Bryan if he wants another beat down and he calls him a dog.

    Bryan says that Alberto thinks that he is so special. Bryan wants to know why Del Rio cashed in his briefcase like everyone else when the champion was beaten and broken so he had to pick up the bones. He says that is not special. It is ordinary and predictable so it is pathetic.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Three: Daniel Bryan versus Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez in a Non Title Match

    They lock up and Del Rio backs Bryan into the corner. Del Rio misses a punch and Bryan with forearms and kicks. Bryan misses a round kick when Del Rio holds on to the ropes. Del Rio goes to the floor and Bryan follows. Del Rio with kicks to Bryan. Del Rio with a hard Irish whip and then he kicks Bryan and gets a near fall. Del Rio with an arm bar. Bryan with punches but Del Rio with a head butt and then he kicks Bryan and gets a near fall. Del Rio with a side head lock take down into a side head lock.

    Bryan with a knee to the midsection followed by kicks to the back and chest. Bryan gets a near fall. Bryan with European uppercuts but Del Rio with an Irish whip. Bryan with an elbow to Del Rio when he charges into the corner. Del Rio with an arm breaker from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Del Rio punches Bryan and then he kicks him and he returns to the arm bar. Bryan tries for a sunset flip but Del Rio blocks it and he applies an elbow drop to the arm. Del Rio kicks Bryan in the arm.

    Del Rio with a near fall and then he applies a key lock before returning to an arm bar. Bryan with European uppercuts in the corner but Del Rio with another hard Irish whip and Bryan holds his arm. Del Rio with a baseball slide to the head for a near fall. Del Rio with another arm bar. Del Rio and Bryan with forearms and then he kicks Bryan in the arm and gets a near fall.

    Del Rio returns to the arm bar. Bryan punches Del Rio in the ribs but Del Rio sends Bryan into the corner. Bryan with an elbow and boot to Del Rio when he goes into the corner. Bryan with kicks to the shoulder and head in the corner. Bryan flips out of the corner and hits a flying clothesline but Bryan still tries to get some feeling into his arm. Del Rio wit ha kick to the injured shoulder but Bryan back body drops Del Rio to the floor. Bryan goes to the apron and he hits the flying knee off the apron but Bryan holds his left arm.

    Bryan sends Del Rio back into the ring and Bryan tries for a move from the top but Del Rio moves and Del Rio with a German suplex and bridge for a near fall. Del Rio puts Bryan on the top turnbuckle and Del Rio punches Bryan and then he sets for a super belly-to-back suplex but Bryan counters and almost gets a lateral press. Both men are down as we go to commercial.

    We are back and Bryan with a kick but Del Rio with a punch. Bryan and Del Rio then exchange forearms until Bryan gets the advantage. Bryan with an Irish whip followed by a drop kick into the corner. Bryan goes up top for the missile drop kick and he hits it but he can only get a two count. Bryan with more kicks to the chest and Bryan tries for another one but Del Rio ducks it. Bryan avoids a few suplex attempts and then Del Rio charges into a boot. Del Rio tries for a tilt a whirl move but Bryan counters with a Guillotine choke but Del Rio runs Bryan into the corner. Del Rio with a suplex and then he puts Bryan in the cross arm breaker and Bryan taps out.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    After the match, Del Rio continues to work on Bryanís left arm and he reapplies the cross arm breaker.

    From out of nowhere, Sin Cara comes ot the ring and he hits a head scissors followed by a drop kick and a cross body from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Cara checks on Bryan while Ricardo checks on Del Rio.

    Matt Striker asks Mark Henry about his match with Sheamus at SummerSlam and we see some photos from the match. Matt asks Mark about his chances in the battle royal. Mark says that he is getting no respect. He should be the number one contender. He put out the Big Show and Kane. He drove Sheamus through a wall at SummerSlam but they put him in the same boat as everybody else. Mark says that he looks at this battle royal like a boat. With twenty men, the seas are gonna get rocky. Nineteen of those twenty men are going overboard and they are all gonna sink. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Did You Know that a lot more people watched Smackdown last Friday than any other show on cable.

    Match Number Four: Kelly Kelly and AJ Lee versus Natalya and Alicia Fox

    Natalya and AJ start things off and they lock up. Natalya blocks an arm drag and AJ tries for a rollup but Natalya stays on her feet. Natalya picks up AJ and sends AJ into the corner. AJ kicks Natalya in the corner and she tries for a cross body off the turnbuckles but Natalya catches her. AJ with a head scissors take down. Natalya with an Irish whip and she sends AJ into the ropes and then Natalya drives AJ into the mat.

    Alicia tags in and Alicia with a snap mare and Natalya with a kick to the midsection. Alicia with a knee to the midsection followed by a reverse chin lock. AJ with elbows but Alicia pulls AJ to the mat. Natalya tags back in and they hit a double suplex. Natalya gets a near fall. Natalya with a slap and then Alicia is tagged back in.

    Alicia sends AJ into the corner and she chokes AJ with her boot. AJ fights out of the corner and she tags in Kelly. Kelly with a Thesz Press and then she spanks Alicia Kelly with a spinning and screaming head scissors take down followed by a bulldog. Kelly with the stink face. Kelly with a rana to Alicia for a near fall that is broken up by Natalya. Natalya and AJ fight on the floor. Alicia misses the Scissors kick and Kelly with a Fameasser for the three count.

    Winners: Kelly Kelly and AJ Lee

    After the match, Natalya wants to know what went wrong and then Natalya realizes that she lost to Alicia a few times. Alicia tries to plead her case and Natalya wants her to get out of her face. Alicia gets to the apron and Natalya with a forearm and then Natalya puts Alicia in a Sharpshooter on the floor and Alicia taps out because no match is going on.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a look at the SummerSlam festivities in Los Angeles.

    Randy Orton makes his way to the ring to watch the Number One Contender Battle Royal from the announce table.

    Before the match starts, we get the entrances of Sin Cara, Wade Barrett, Mark Henry, and Sheamus.

    Match Number Five: Number One Contender Battle Royal (featuring Sheamus, Mark Henry, Jinder Mahal, Great Khali, Wade Barrett, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Ezekiel Jackson, Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Yoshi Tatsu, Heath Slater, Sin Cara, Ted DiBiase, Johnny Curtis, Zack Ryder, William Regal, Trent Barreta, and Tyson Kidd)

    Khali protects Mahal while everyone else goes after Mark Henry but Henry pushes them off. Henry tosses Barreta into the air and then he eliminates him. Yoshi punches Henry but Henry with a punch and he eliminates Yoshi. Khali continues to protect Mahal. Cody punches Gabriel and Curtis is eliminated by Wade Barrett. Slater is on the apron and the Usos try to eliminate him but Slater returns to the ring. Cody and Gabriel battle. Kidd has Slater against the ring post. Khali chops Regal in the corner. Barrett kicks his former Corre and Nexus partner, Heath Slater. Ryder punches Cara and then they exchange forearms but Ryder charges at Cara and Cara hip tosses Ryder to the floor.

    Jackson tries to eliminate Rhodes but Rhodes hold on and skins the cat. He doesnít last much longer because Jackson clotheslines Cody to the floor. Jackson punches Khali and then he hits the running clothesline to Khali in the corner. Khali with a chop to Jackson when he charges again. Khali eliminates Jackson.

    Barrett continues to work over Slater. Henry and Khali stare each other down and Henry pie faces Khali. Khali chops Henry in the head and Khali grabs Henry by the throat but Henry blocks him and then he slams Khali over the top rope to eliminate him. Mahal is not happy with what just happened. Sheamus hits Henry from behind and then he connects with a forearm and Henry rolls under the ropes to the floor.

    Sheamus waits for Henry to get back into the ring and Slater climbs on Sheamusí back. Sheamus sends him to the apron and then he knocks Slater off with a brogue kick. Henry picks up Slater and drops him on the ring steps while Orton watches and we go to commercial.

    We are back and Gabriel and Cara are trying to eliminate Sheamus. We are missing William Regal who was eliminated during the commercial. Sheamus works over Tyson Kidd while Mark Henry walks around the ring. Jinder Mahal holds on to the ropes to avoid elimination. Sheamus tries to eliminate Kidd while Ted works over Jimmy Uso. Sheamus goes to the apron but Gabriel with a kick to Kidd.

    Gabriel with a chop to Mahal but Mahal returns the favor. Sheamus with a knee to choke Mahal. Cara chops Gabriel in the ropes and then he hits a cross body that eliminates Gabriel while Cara holds on to the ropes. Henry picks up Gabriel and then he tosses Gabriel into the crowd. The Usos are eliminated at the same time. Jimmy Uso is Irish whipped into the ringside barrier while Jey is bieled over the announce table onto Josh Mathews.

    Henry punches DiBiase and then he eliminates Mahal. Ted climbs on Henryís back and Henry eliminates Ted.

    We are down to five and Kidd has Cara on the ropes but Cara is able to send Kidd to the floor while holding on to the ropes.

    We are down to four with Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Sin Cara, and Mark Henry.

    Cara, Sheamus, and Barrett go after Henry but Henry pushes Cara away. Sheamus with knees to Henry in the corner. Barrett with a clothesline to Sheamus and then Barrett sends Sheamus over the top rope but Sheamus holds on. Sheamus brings Barrett to the apron and Sheamus and Barrett exchange punches on the apron. Barrett with a kick to Sheamus but Sheamus with a version of a Brogue Kick to eliminate Henry. Cara goes through the middle rope to the floor. Cara returns and he hits an enzuigiri. Cara is sent to the apron and Sheamus with a kick but Cara stays on the apron. Cara is dropped on the top rope and Cara is on the apron. Henry picks up Sheamus and eliminates him.

    We are down to two and Cara goes up top and takes Henry down with a cross body but Henry sends Cara through the ropes to the floor. Henry picks up Cara but Cara with kicks to the leg and then he tries for a rana but that is a mistake. Henry sends Cara over his head and then Cara tries for a springboard cross body but Henry catches him and he hits the World Strongest Slam. Henry presses Cara over his head and he drops him to the floor and Henry wins the match.

    Winner: Mark Henry

    After the match, Henry goes to the floor and he has something to say to Orton as we go to credits.

    2011 - WWE ran Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. Cohen Morrison filed the following:

    (1) Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne beat WWE tag champions Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga in a non-title match.

    (2) Zack Ryder beat Drew McIntyre.

    (3) Santino Marella beat Jack Swagger.

    Eve came out to pick four contestants for a special contest later in the show.

    Dolph Ziggler came out next and cut a great heel promo by saying Canada sucks.

    (4) U.S. champion Dolph Ziggler beat Alex Riley in a non-title match.

    Justin Roberts then announced a double main event tonight with the winner of the following match facing John Cena for the WWE Title.

    Ricardo Rodriguez then introduced WWE champion Alberto Del Rio. Huge heat from the fans.

    (5) WWE champion Alberto Del Rio beat C.M. Punk in a non-title match. This was a good match, Ricardo distracted Punk, who ended up losing to Del Rio. After the match, Ricardo stayed in the ring & mocked Punk while Del Rio celebrated on the outside. Punk then got Ricardo and chased Del Rio to the back.

    [Brief Intermission]

    (6) Divas champion Kelly Kelly beat Beth Phoenix to retain the Divas Title.

    Eve came back out and brought the four contestants into the ring. A little kid won and got to hang out with the Superstars backstage for the rest of the show.

    R-Truth then came out and cut his Promo with Great Heat before his match with Morrison

    (7) John Morrison beat R-Truth..

    Prior to the main event, Ricardo returned to the ring. Out came Del Rio, who came over to our side and pointed at my shirt, pointed at the WWE merchandise stand, and gave me a smile & wink. John Cena then came out to a huge pop. The match was about to start, but another ref ran down with a note. Justin Roberts read the note "from the new COO, Triple H." (You mean he is there and doesn't have time to come out himself?) The note said due to the actions of Ricardo earlier tonight, he was banned from ringside.

    (8) John Cena beat WWE champion Alberto Del Rio via DQ; Del Rio retained the WWE Title. Good Match for Cena & Del Rio until Ricardo then came down and started hitting Cena with a chair. & Del Rio was DQ, Ricardo & Del Rio beat down Cena until CM Punk made the save. The show ended with Cena & Punk looking at each other before Cena pose & high five with the fans.

    2012 - WWE broadcast Summerslam 2012 on PPV. Mike Johnson filed the following PPV report:

    WWE United States champion Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro (with Aksana)

    Cesaro described how great he was in five languages before the match.

    They locked up several times with Marella getting the better of the exchanges. Marella scored a near fall with a double leg takedown into a pinfall. Cesaro cut him off and worked over Marella in the corner. Marella avoided a charge into the corner. He went for the Cobra but was blasted from behind. Cesaro grabbed his arms and nailed a series of headbutts. He rode Santino to the mat and cinched in a rear chinlock. Marella tried to crawl towards the ropes and his Cobra but was pulled away.

    Cesaro turned it into a side chinlock. Marella fought to his feet and nailed a Saito suplex. He tried again to retrieve the cobra but was pulled away. Cesaro worked over Marella. He grabbed the cobra and ripped it apart, getting a lot of fan reaction for it.

    This enraged Marella, who made a comeback but missed a diving headbutt. Cesaro fought back but was nailed and Santino pulled another cobra out of his, well, rear end. Aksana distracted Santino but Cesaro cut off Marella and nailed him with a face-first spike piledriver and scored the pin.

    Your winner and new United States champion, Antonio Cesaro!

    Solid opener. Nice to see Cesaro get the nod.

    Backstage, Triple H told referee Scott Armstrong that tonight's match was not going to end in a DQ or a countout. He told Armstrong to let them fight and let it end in a pinfall or submission.

    Great video package on Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar main event.

    Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcomed everyone to the show but were interrupted by Vickie Guerrero who introduced Dolph Ziggler. Big pop for Ziggler in Los Angeles.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho

    Jericho came out with his ribs taped from the Smackdown attack. They said that he insisted he worked the main event of Smackdown despite the injury and insisted he wrestle tonight.

    "Y2J" chants at the bell. He chased Ziggler to the outside, around the ring and back inside. Ziggler tried to nail him but was caught with a leaping elbow. He ran Ziggler into the buckles and chopped him, then beat him with a series of right hands.

    Ziggler leapfrogged Jericho bur was chopped down with a big chop. More loud "Y2J" chants. Jericho went for a suplex but was punched in the injured ribs. Ziggler began working them over to wear Jericho down. He nailed Jericho with a series of punches to the mid-section in the corner. He whipped Jericho into the ropes. Jericho held on and backdropped Ziggler over the top to the floor when he charged.

    Jericho went to the top for a dive to the outside but missed. The referee began counting him out but Ziggler returned to the floor and whipped Jericho into the apron outside. Jericho was tossed into the ring and covered for a near fall. Ziggler ripped at his face and told Jericho,"You can't hang with me!"

    Ziggler scored with a dropkick to the ribs for a two count. He tied up Jericho on the mat as the crowd chanted for Jericho. Jericho mounted some offense and they battled back and forth. Ziggler cut him off with a Stinger Splash for a two count. Ziggler drilled Jericho with a hangman's neckbreaker. He stepped on Jericho's chest for a pinfall but Jericho kicked out. The announcers said he didn't expect to win but was showing off.

    Jericho rolled up Ziggler for a two count but was cut off with a clothesline. Ziggler missed a charge in the corner and was nailed with a dropkick and a series of shoulderblocks. Ziggler cut him off with a kick to the ribs. Jericho kicked off a Ziggler charge and nailed an axehandle off the middle turnbuckle.

    Ziggler reversed a whip and smashed Jericho into the buckles and nailed the Famouser for a two count. Ziggler went to grab Jericho but was maneuvered into a Walls of Jericho attempt. Jericho kicked him off and nailed a enziguiri kick to the back of the head for a two count.

    Jericho sent Ziggler into the turnbuckles but Ziggler went up and over and locked on a sleeper while riding Jericho's back. Jericho escaped but Ziggler cut him off and tried to pull him up for a superplex. Jericho fought him off and whipped out a rana off the top. Jericho crawled to Ziggler for a cover but Ziggler kicked out at two.

    Jericho went for Ziggler, who leapt up and caught him with a stiff DDT for a two count. They battled back and forth until Jericho nailed a running bulldog. He went for the Lionsault but Ziggler put his knees up and nailed the Zig Zag. Ziggler covered him but Jericho kicked up at the last second. Lots of "Y2J" chants.

    Jericho nailed the Codebreaker but Ziggler rolled out of the ring. Jericho followed to the outside in front of the announcers and rolled him back inside. Vickie grabbed Jericho's leg as he entered the ring, allowing Ziggler to use a small package for a two count.

    Jericho sent him into the ringpost shoulder-first and locked in the Walls of Jericho for the submission.

    Your winner, Chris Jericho!

    Good PPV opener with some nice sequences and near falls. Ziggler looked really good here and Jericho was pulling out lots of nice stuff in what's his PPV swansong for now.

    Jericho celebrated in the ring while Ziggler and Guerrero looked on, upset, from the stage.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Kane.

    The crowd chanted "Yes" and Bryan screamed back "No." Bryan tried to score with some kicks early but they had no effect. Kane wiped him out and stomped away at him in the corner. The crowd chanted for Bryan.

    Bryan ran Kane into the ropes and was tossed off. He flipped over, landed on his feet and was drilled with a kick to the face for a two count. Kane was dropkicked in the legs, which Bryan targeted with kicks, following Kane around the ring.

    Kane grabbed Bryan and tossed him over the top to the floor. Kane stalked him outside. Bryan returned to the ring and nailed a sliding dropkick to the outside. Bryan nailed a dive through the ropes onto Kane.

    Kane returned to the ring but was nailed with a missile dropkick for a one count. Bryan began reacting to "yes" chants and got angry. He began drilling Kane with a series of kicks to the chest. He went for a kick to the head but Kane ducked under and clotheslined Bryan hard.

    Kane whipped Bryan into the corner and clotheslined him. Kane followed up with a hard running clothesline in the corner and nailed a sideslam. Kane came off the top with a clothesline. He went for the chokeslam but Bryan kicked out and went to the outside of the apron. He nailed Kane but was caught with right hand.

    Bryan drilled Kane with a shot to the jaw to no effect. Kane lost it and began stomping the hell out of Bryan. The referee warned him he would be DQ'd if he didn't stop. That allowed Bryan to nail the distract Kane and attempt to lock in the No Lock. Bryan couldn't get it so he kicked Kane in the head and went for the diving headbutt. Kane caught him as he went down and rose, chokeslamming Kane. Bryan's reaction to all this was great.

    Kane signaled for the tombstone. Kane went for it but Bryan used an inside cradle and caught him out of nowhere for the surprise pin.

    Your winner, Daniel Bryan!

    Solid match that was better than you'd expect on paper. They worked a nice pace and told a good story of Bryan trying to overcome Kane's power. The surprise win at the end was a nice touch.

    Kane stalked Bryan, chasing him out after Bryan ran out following the pinfall. The cameras followed Kane destroying the backstage area and looking for Bryan. Josh Mathews tried to get an interview. Kane grabbed him and asked where Bryan was. Matthews said he left so Kane trashed him. He stormed off, ripping apart the backstage area, screaming for Bryan.

    WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

    Mysterio came out in a Batman inspired outfit. I wonder if www.ringsidecollectibles.com will do an exclusive action of that? Miz had the inflatable letters spelling AWESOME for his entrance.

    Miz shoulderblocked down Rey. Miz is in best physical shape of his career. He worked over Rey early, Rey ducked a clothesline and used a Lucha head scissor takedown. He sent Miz into the corner but was cut off.

    Miz nailed Rey who rolled through and landed on the outside. He dared Miz to follow but ran back in when he did and cut off Miz. Miz countered that by slamming Rey chest-first over the barricade. He tossed the challenger back into the ring and covered him for a one count. Miz locked in a rear chinlock, using his knee to dig into the small of Rey's back.

    Rey made a comeback but was caught and nailed with Shock Treatment. Miz peppered Rey with a series of punches while trash talking him. Miz covered Rey for a two count. He locked in a cravate, trying to wear Mysterio down.

    Miz worked over Rey and scored several near falls but Mysterio drilled him with a kick for a two count. Mysterio kicked Miz but was picked up for a slam. Rey turned that into a DDT for another near fall. He went to the top but Miz mer him there. Rey won that battle and was knocked off. Rey came off with a headscissors into the ropes. Rey nailed the 619 and went to the top for a splash but missed.

    Miz went for a move but was caught with a forward roll for a two count. Miz caught Rey with the Skull Crushing Finale and scored the pin.

    Your winner, WWE Intercontionental champion The Miz!

    Another good back and forth match. Very solid undercard so far. Miz was really on here and has really upped his game as a worker since returning from filming Marine: Homefront. Mysterio hit some nice flash moves.

    They announced AJ would deal with Kane putting his hands on Josh Mathews on Raw.

    Teddy Long and Eve were coming out of AJ's office and talked about what a good job she was doing as GM. As they left, WWE champion CM Punk entered and told AJ that he wanted to reiterate that putting him in a match against two opponents where he can lose without being beaten isn't right. AJ was zoned out and not listening. He said that she was doing this because he turned down her proposal on Raw. She just stared like a drone without emotion. He said she was disrespecting him just like Cena and all the uninformed fans have been but promised he would retain the title. He walked out and she was still somewhere on the Grid in Tron, because she sure wasn't there.

    Piers Morgan is sitting behind the announcers.

    World champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio.

    They locked up and Sheamus backed him into the corner. They tried to muscle each other back and forth but the referee broke them up. This time Del Rio backed up Sheamus, who nailed him with a punch. They locked up and fell out of the ring to the floor.

    Sheamus went into the ringside table. They battled back and forth on the floor. Sheamus tossed him back in but was kicked in the head as he returned through the ropes. Del Rio worked over Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus kicked off a charge and nailed a neckbreaker for a two count. Sheamus worked over Del Rio with a series of rights.

    Sheamus used a rolling senton for a two count. Sheamus placed Alberto on the top rope and Sheamus went under putting Del Rio on his shoulders. Alberto grabbed the buckle to hold on and ripped it off. Del Rio escaped and went for the cross armbreaker but Sheamus slipped out and went for the Brogue Kick.

    Del Rio drilled Sheamus, knocking him to the floor and rammed him backwards into the steel stairs. Del Rio came off the top with a shoulderblock and covered him for a two count. Sheamus fought back but was kicked in the leg and covered for a two count.

    Sheamus fought his way out of a chinlock and nailed a series of headbutts but was cut off. Alberto stomped him down to the mat and covered him for a near fall. Del Rio mocked Sheamus' mannerisms. He teased going for the Brogue Kick but was cut off with a Polish Hammer. Sheamus began working him over but was sent shoulder-first into the ringpost. Sheamus went to the top but was nailed. Alberto yanked him, bad arm first, off the ropes, driving him down for a two count.

    Del Rio continued working over Sheamus who tried to muscle him onto his shoulders. Alberto rolled through and locked on the cross armbreaker. Sheamus tried to fire up and pulled Del Rio up and dropped him into a powerbomb. Carlos Newton was smiling somewhere.

    Sheamus nailed White Noise for a two count. He set up for the Brogue Kick but Alberto stepped out of the way. Sheamus caught him in the ropes and worked him over with a series of shots across the chest. Sheamus rained down with punched in the corner but Del Rio dropped down and drove him into the exposed buckle. Del Rio nailed the leaping enziguiri for a near fall.

    Ricardo, who got up on the apron to celebrate, then tried to toss Del Rio a shoe but the referee saw him. Alberto was so mad, he dragged Ricardo in and nailed him. Ricardo rolled out but his shoe was left in the ring. Sheamus nailed Del Rio with the shoe and hit The Irish Curse for the pin. Del Rio had his foot on the ropes but the referee missed it as Sheamus pulled it off.

    Your winner and still World champion, Sheamus!

    Good stiff bout. I wasn't a fan of the finish but the work was good and this was a completely different match from everything that preceded it. This was way better than the entire storyline that set the bout up.

    WWE Tag Team champions Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Primetime Players

    Truth went right after Darren Young and took him down and rained down with the punches. The crowd began chanting "Kobe Bryant" in reference to the AW firing. Truth worked over Young, who cut him off and ran him into The Players' corner.

    Titus O'Neal slammed down Truth for a two count. He locked in a front facelock to wear down Truth as the crowd tried to rally him. Truth made the hot tag to Kingston really fast and he unloaded with some offense on Titus, then drilled him with the Boom Drop.

    Kingston set up the Trouble in Paradise but Young distracted him, allowing Titus to roll out of the ring. Kofi followed him but was doubleteamed and nailed with a clothesline. Truth tried to help but the referee forced him back to his corner. Meanwhile, Kofi was trashed outside and deposited back in the ring.

    Kingston tried to fight back but Titus was too strong. Titus picked up Young for a suplex and dropped him down on Kingston for a two count. The crowd began chanting for Kingston as Young tied him up on the mat. Kingston tried to fire back but was nailed with a sideslam.

    The Players tagged in and out, working over Kingston. Kingston countered with a DDT on Titus. Truth gets the hot tag and cleans house on Young with a series of clotheslines and a right hand. Truth hit a spinning flying forearm and drilled him with a sitdown gourd buster but Titus broke up the pinfall.

    Kingston was tossed over the top by Titus but Kingston skinned the cat, and ducked down when Titus charged. Kofi nailed a crossbody over the top to the floor. Young rolled up Truth but was nailed with an Axe Kick for the pin.

    Your winners, WWE Tag Team champions R Truth & Kofi Kingston!

    OK match but nothing memorable. You know this is a hot crowd when they are into the Tag Team title match. They worked hard.

    WWE champion CM Punk vs. Big Show vs. John Cena

    Cena was booed out of the place. Punk came out wearing some snazzy hot pink tights. Show dominated both early, showing his power. The crowd went back and forth with Cena and Punk chants.

    Show laid out Punk and Cena with big chops across the chest. Cena and Punk tried to double suplex Show but he reversed it. Show charged and hit Cena with a back splash in the corner, then followed up with one on Punk. Punk saw it coming and dropkicked Show in the leg. LA chanted for Punk, so they have rejected the teased heel turn.

    Punk tried to go for the GTS but Show nailed Punk. Cena tried to out-do him with an AA so Punk nailed Cena and Show collapsed down atop of him. Show drilled Punk with a shot in the mid-section and stepped onto Punk's body, crushing him underneath.

    Show whipped Punk hard into the turnbuckles and chopped him hard. Show continued demolishing the champ and teased the KO punch but Cena came to life working him over. Show speared Cena and covered him for a two count.

    Show set up both for a Vader bomb off the ropes. Punk rolled out of the way but Cena ate it. Show covered him and Punk broke it up. Punk unloaded with some punches but was shot over the top to the floor. He followed Punk to the outside and tossed him into the ropes. Punk bounced off and hit hard.

    Show returned to the ring. Cena nailed some shots but was cut off with a sideslam. Cena made a comeback and went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Punk took him out and nailed the flying elbow off the top for a two count. Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice. Show was able to power out and chopped Punk hard. Punk rolled towards the outside.

    Cena nailed Show with a shoulderblock and locked in a STF. Show steps up and Cena lands on the buckles. He tries for a bodypress but is caught and slammed. Punk nailed the springboard clothesline. He nailed a series of running knee lifts in the corner on Show. He goes for the running bulldog but is thrown off.

    Cenas goes to the top and hits the Alabama Jam onto the back of the neck of Show. Cena locks on a STF as Punk locked on the Anaconda Vice. Show tapped but no one knew who made him submit. They both argued with the referee over who got the duke.

    AJ Lee came out with her music and skipped to the ring. Cena and Punk were face to face arguing. Punk told her to "Do the right thing like Spike Lee" and told her to let the fans decide. AJ ordered them to restart the match.

    Show grabbed them both for a double chokeslam and covered Cena for a two count, then covered Punk as well. Show went for the KO but Cena ducked under and nailed the AA. Punk dumped him out of the ring and covered Show for the pin.

    Your winner, WWE champion CM Punk!

    Much better than I expected going in. They laid out a good story that made Show look like an unconquerable monster early. The false finish was pretty clever and Punk "stealing" the win goes with his claims that he would do whatever he had to in order to retain the belt. Enjoyable bout.

    They showed Vince McMahon's star on the Walk of Fame. They then showed Maria Menounos (wearing a Bob Backlund shirt), music producer and SMW backer Rick Rubin, David Arquette (holding a WCW title belt) and Piers Morgan at ringside.

    They aired a trailer for "The Day". They showed the cast at ringside, doing the John Cena "You Can't See Me" hand gesture.

    Kevin Rudolf performed. There were all these shots of WWE personalities dancing that were completely embarrassing to watch. All the Divas came out and danced, even Eve who's supposed to be a top heel. Even worse, she was dancing next to Kelly Kelly, her hated rival. Rosa was there.

    Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs. HHH

    Lesnar tackled HHH into the corner and nailed a series of shoulderblocks. HHH fired back but was forced back. Lesnar went for the Kimura but HHH escaped. He grabbed it again but HHH grabbed the ropes. Lesnar didn't let go and scissored him. HHH nailed him to escape and clotheslines Brock over the top to the floor.

    Lesnar glared at him from the floor and hit the ring, killing HHH with knees and a clothesline. Lesnar ate another sick clothesline to the floor. This only made Brock madder and he stalked around ringside. Heyman told him to remember it's his fight. Lesnar ripped off his MMA gloves.

    Lesnar used a double leg takedown and punched HHH in the back of the head. HHH rolled to the outside and to the floor. They battled back and forth with Lesnar getting the better of him. Lesnar locked HHH's arm behind him and slammed him down hard on the announcer's table, which didn't give at all. Ouch.

    HHH staggered towards the ring and Lesnar pulled him in by his hair. He kneed HHH in the gut and slammed him across the "once broken" arm. Lesnar yelled "my house" at HHH and continued working on HHH's arm. He stomped the hell out of HHH.

    Lesnar went back to the Kimura and rammed HHH's shoulder into the turnbuckles. Lesnar went for the F5 but HHH slipped out. Lesnar caught him and launched him with a German suplex. HHH fought back with a series of strikes and a DDT.

    Lesnar caught him with a Kimura but instead of breaking it, he just slammed HHH on it. HHH rolled to the outside and Lesnar followed. HHH tried to whip him into the ring steps but Lesnar reversed. So far, this isn't the monster MMA Brock that fought Cena at Extreme Rules but more the monster heel traditional wrestler Brock.

    Lesnar drilled HHH into the Spanish Announcer's Table and flipped it over. He dove off the table on its side down onto HHH with a big shot to the neck. Cole said he was a "Butt-kicker." Ugh.

    Lesnar tossed HHH back into the ring. HHH fired back but Lesnar rolled him up for a two count. HHH kneed him to fire back and whipped Brock into the ropes. Lesnar reversed and clothesline HHH across the face. You could hear some "boring" screams.

    Lesnar grabbed HHH who countered into a suplex. Lesnar missed a charge in the corner. HHH went for the Pedigree but was whipped hard into the corner and he took a Ray Stevens style bump over the top to the outside. Haven't seen him do that for a long time.

    Lesnar went to grab him on the floor but was launched into the corner of the announcer's table. Lesnar began selling that he was hurt, playing off guess his diverticulitis. Lesnar was heard saying his stomach was hurt. HHH nailed him in the gut again. Lesnar rolled back in. Heyman looked like he just lost his soul.

    Lesnar went for the arm but HHH now had a weakness to attack and went after him with a series of knees. Lesnar went down to one knee. HHH nailed a spinebuster. HHH went for the Pedigree but was lifted into the F5. HHH slipped out and nailed the Pedigree for a near fall.

    Lesnar lowblowed HHH. Lesnar called for HHH to stand. He nailed the F5 and covered HHH, who kicked out at the last minute. Lesnar locked on the Kimura and locked it in, scissoring his body. HHH grabbed the ropes and began nailing Lesnar in the kidneys and stomach, forcing him to break the hold.

    HHH nailed the Pedigree but Lesnar grabbed the Kimura. HHH tried to fight it off and nailed Lesnar. They teased Lesnar was going to have his arm broken and he finally tapped.

    Your winner, Brock Lesnar!

    An OK match but a much slower and more deliberately paced delivered match than you might have expected. They never seemed to go into a kickass series of sequences and while Lesnar looked impressive with some of the early bumps, this wasn't a repeat of the awesome madness of Extreme Rules PPV bout. The finish was somewhat surprising since HHH lost clean via submission and WWE usually doesn't send people home from the big matches with a heel going over like that. The story was goodand patterned after a Heavyweight boxing fight in a lot of ways but by no means was it a spectacular finish.

    HHH refused medical help after and spent a long time in the ring recovering. There were some boos and finally a "HHH" chant. He demanded an EMT get out of the ring and shoved him away. The ever sensitive crowd in LA began chanting, "You tapped out." HHH told the crowd that he was sorry. He was holding his arm to the side as if it was injured. The cameras followed him all the way out to the back.

    As the show went off the air, Michael Cole said, "This is the end of HHH."

    2013 - Linda Hogan changed her plea in the DUI she was charged with in California last year. The police said she had a Blood Alcohol Level of .084, over the legal limit of .08. She initially said she had one glass of champagne on an empty stomach while taking antibiotics. She made a deal and got a second charge dropped and was sentenced to three years probation and agreed to undergo three months of alcohol education classes, which she is already doing.

    2013 - Sin Cara suffered what appeared to be broken fingers in his right hand hitting a dive to the outside on Alberto Del Rio during Raw. Cara connected with the dive and immediately upon landing, called for the referee as several of his fingers were obviously out of place.

    2013 - During the opening segment of Raw, John Cena announced he will be undergoing surgery for a torn triceps and will be out of action for 4-6 months. Cena noted that he knew for two weeks that he would need the surgery and that WWE initially wanted to yank the Summerslam main events so that he could have surgery, but he refused so that he could wrestle Daniel Bryan.

    2013 - WWE broadcast Raw. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

    CM Punk and Brock Lesnar met in a No Disqualification Match and they made sure that they gave the fans a lot of things that could have warranted disqualifications. In the end, Paul Heyman was able to help Brock Lesnar survive and get the victory. Last night saw the crowning of a new WWE Champion and during the celebration . . . we saw the crowning of a new WWE Champion when Randy Orton cashed in his briefcase, with a little help from his friends. The situation is showing its Evolution, but will Daniel Bryan be able to evolve into a position where he can regain his WWE Championship?

    We are in Anaheim, California and your announcers are Michael ĎIn the land of Mickey Mouseí Cole, Jerry ĎIs Total Divas the new O.C.í Lawler, and John ĎRing of Mouse Earsí Layfield.

    John Cena makes his way to the ring. He says that it is early on the west coast but everyone is rowdy. Cena says that he is disgusted at what happened during SummerSlam. Despite agreeing with the fans, the fans chant ĎCena Sucksí. John says that when he was the champion, the next person to win the title would earn it and Daniel Bryan earned it at SummerSlam.

    John thanks Daniel Bryan for bringing out the best in him. For reminding him that a WWE Superstar should not be judged on race, creed, or appearance. They should be judged by what they do in the ring. John says that they donít always see eye to eye, but they share the same passion in the ring. John says that is why he picked Daniel Bryan.

    John says that people told him that he should not wrestle. John says that he has a torn tricep and he was told to have surgery and that the match at SummerSlam would be cancelled. John says that he is not using it as an excuse. He was beaten last night by a better man in a clean fight. Cena says that he wanted a clean fight and when he was in the training room, some yokel asked him if he saw Triple H hand the WWE Championship to Randy Orton.

    John says that he was disgusted, offended, and disgraced. John says that he cannot hold off the surgery any longer. He says that he will be getting himself healthy over the next 4 to 6 months. John wants to bring out a man who has earned his respect. John says that he is a man who we can all agree has earned the right to be called champion. John brings out Daniel Bryan.

    Daniel makes his way onto the stage and he walks to the ring without any flourish.

    John hands Daniel the mic and he leaves the ring.

    Daniel looks around and the crowd chants for him.

    Before Daniel can say anything, Stephanie McMahonís music plays and she makes her way to the ring. She tells Daniel that she is sorry. Last night, Daniel had a hard fought victory and he won the title clean in the middle of the ring and he deserved it. He did not deserve to have that victory snatched from him.

    Her husband, Triple H, did what was best for business since he is the COO.

    Daniel repeats the ĎBest for Businessí line. It seems like some people disagree as to what is best for business. He expects that from Stephanie and her father, but Triple H was a rebel and renegade. He was the leader of Degeneration X. Now, he is wearing a suit, has a corporate hair cut. It must be true that when you lie down with trash, sooner or later, you start to stink.

    Stephanie says that she knows why Daniel is upset and she will let it slide.

    Daniel is excited that Stephanie will Ďlet it slideí. He asks her if she will fire him. He will go back to wrestling in armories and selling t-shirts in the back of his car. Before he leaves, he is going to get his moneyís worth. He doesnít care if it is her snake husband or Randy Orton, he will really really really really give her a reason to fire him.

    Stephanie says that the anger management issues are messing with his mind. Stephanie says that they think that Daniel is very talented. He is the ultimate underdog and the fabric of the WWE. Stephanie says that the people donít understand business and they donít know who the face of the company should be. Daniel is maybe 5í 8Ē and 200 pounds. The WWE Universe clearly loves him and he has a place here. Daniel might not be an ĎAí, but he is a ĎB+í . . . a solid B+.

    Daniel says that Stephanie is reminding him of a word that starts with B. Daniel says that he knows that Stephanie is out here to rationalize her husbandís behavior, but he does not have to accept it. Daniel says that he does not have to agree to being in the middle of the card. He knows that he can be WWE Champion and he doesnít care what she thinks.

    Daniel takes the mic from Stephanie and throws it out of the ring. Stephanie gets another mic and she tells Daniel to calm down. She refuses to be intimidated by the likes of him. He is being unprofessional and uncouth. She wants security to come to the ring and she tells them to escort Daniel from the building. She tells Daniel he has no one to blame but himself.

    Daniel leaves the ring and then he turns around at the top of the stage and he starts a No chant.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and we see photos from the Rhodes/Sandow match at SummerSlam.

    Match Number One: Cody Rhodes versus Damien Sandow

    Sandow with a series of knees but Rhodes sends Sandow to the mat. Sandow with shoulders in the corner but Rhodes punches back. Rhodes does to the turnbuckles and connects with an elbow to the back of the head and he gets a near fall. Rhodes with a gourdbuster. Sandow tries to send Cody into the ring post from the apron but Cody blocks it and he hits a springboard drop kick for a near fall.

    Cody clotheslines Sandow over the top rope to the floor and he suplexes Sandow on the floor. Rhodes gets a near fall. Rhodes with a hammer lock using his leg for extra pressure. Sandow with punches but Cody holds on to the ropes. Cody with an elbow and Rhodes is sent to the floor by Sandow. Sandow goes to the floor and he connects with a clothesline to the back of the head.

    They return to the ring and Sandow with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Sandow with a head butt and Rhodes rolls to the apron. Cody with a shoulder and he goes up top but Sandow with an arm wringer to send Cody to the mat and he gets a near fall. Sandow with a kick to the back and we go to commercial.

    We are back and Sandow gets a near fall. Sandow with a reverse chin lock. Rhodes with punches to Sandow but Sandow with a knee to the midsection and he hits the side Russian Leg Sweep followed by the Elbow of Disdain and he connects and gets a near fall. Sandow with a front face lock and he kicks Rhodes in the head.

    Sandow puts Rhodes on the turnbuckles and Rhodes with elbows to knock Sandow off the turnbuckles followed by a moonsault. Rhodes with a back body drop followed by two clotheslines. Rhodes with the drop down uppercut and a jackknife cover for a near fall. Sandow with a snap mare to counter Cross Rhodes. Sandow with an Edge-cution for a near fall.

    Rhodes with a forearm to the back of the head followed by Beautiful Disaster but Sandow rolls to the apron. Sandow drops Rhodes on the top rope. Rhodes floats over into a sunset flip for the three count.

    Winner: Cody Rhodes

    Brad Maddox is in the interview area and after the events of last night, many individuals made comments about Triple H. Dolph Zigglerís comments are put on the screen where he questions the actions of Triple H. Dolph Ziggler will be in a three on one match against The Shield.

    Paul Heyman walks in the back and we go to commercial.

    We are back and Paul Heyman is in the center of the ring. Paulís arm is in a sling as he addresses the crowd. He says last night, CM Punk was defeated by BROCK LESNAR. Tonight, he is going to give everyone a lesson in life. Like any rebellious child, he needed to leave the nest to prove his self worth.

    Paul says that CM Punk gave Brock all that Brock could handle. Where do we go from here. Paul says that he has the answer. Where we go from here, it is time to end this family feud. He has been more of a father figure to CM Punk than the man who sired him in Chicago. When big brother Brock knocked some sense into his head, Paul says that he realized it is not time for retribution or revenge. Paul says that he forgives Punk. He tells Punk to listen to him. When Punk apologizes to him, he will take Punk back.

    Punk is better with him than without him. When reunited, they will achieve greater heights than they attained before. Paul says that he still loves Punk. He will guide Punk to the WWE Championship and the main event at Wrestlemania. Together, they will be the Best in the World.

    Cameron and Naomi are stretching in the back and the Bellas wish them luck because they are representing their show. Cameron has to calm Naomi down as we go to commercial.

    Match Number Two: Cameron and Naomi versus Layla El and AJ Lee

    AJ and Layla attack Cameron and Naomi before the bell rings.

    AJ kicks Naomi as the bell rings and she sends Naomi face first into the mat. AJ with a neck breaker followed by a cravate. Naomi with punches but AJ tries for a belly-to-back suplex. Naomi lands on her feet but AJ with a spinning back heel kick for a near fall. AJ with a reverse chin lock and Naomi goes down to a knee. AJ chokes Naomi in the ropes.

    AJ sends Naomi into the turnbuckles and follows with a kick. AJ returns to the sleeper and she gets on Naomiís back to add more pressure. Naomi almost makes it to her corner for the tag but AJ pulls Naomi back into the center of the ring.

    Naomi with an enzuigiri and Layla tags in but she drop kicks Cameron off the apron. Naomi with a rollup for the three count.

    Winners: Cameron and Naomi

    Dolph Ziggler is walking in the back and he is in a good mood even though he is supposed to face The Shield.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a look back at highlights from the opening segment with John Cenaís elbow, Stephanie McMahonís apology and grade for Daniel, and Daniel Bryanís anger at what happened.

    Match Number Three: Dolph Ziggler versus Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns

    Ambrose starts off and he goes to a stalemate with Ziggler. They lock up and go to another stalemate. Ziggler with a waist lock take down and elbows. Ziggler with another waist lock and Rollins tags in. Ziggler punches Rollins and he gives Rollins a back body drop and he punches Rollins. Rollins with a punch to Ziggler and Reigns makes the tag and he connects with a clothesline from the apron. Reigns with punches. Reigns tosses Ziggler into the corner and Ambrose tags back in.

    Ambrose with kicks to the head followed by a snap elbow drop for a near fall. Rollins tags back in and kicks Ziggler in the ribs. Ambrose tags in and he punches Ziggler while Rollins holds him. Ambrose with a series of crossfaces to the head and then he stomps on the abdomen. Ambrose with a rear chin lock while trapping the legs and then he rubs his forearm across the face. Ziggler bites Ambroseís hand.

    Ziggler with a sleeper but Ambrose returns fire but Ziggler with a jawbreaker and both men are down. Reigns tags in and he takes his time going across the ring and Ziggler with a drop kick followed by a neck breaker and a Fameasser. Ambrose goes after Ziggler but Ziggler sends him over the top rope to the floor. Ziggler with a DDT for a near fall. Ziggler with a knee to Rollins to stop a suplex and Ziggler suplexes Rollins over the top rope to the floor and Rollins holds his knee.

    Ziggler charges into the corner and Reigns meets him with a spear for the three count.

    Winners: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose

    After the match, Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose set for the Cerberus Bomb and they hit it.

    We are back with a commercial for WWE 2K14.

    Match Number Four: Alberto Del Rio versus Sin Cara in a Non Title Match

    Del Rio with a kick and punches followed by a boot to the back. Del Rio tries for a hip toss to the floor but Cara bounces off the ropes and he sends Del Rio to the floor with an arm drag. Sin Cara with a suicide dive and they bump heads.

    Del Rio rolls Cara into the ring while the medical staff checks on him. The referee calls for the bell.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio (by referee stoppage)

    After the match, Del Rio tries to get a few shots in on Sin Cara.

    After the match, Del Rio gets the mic and he says that he proved at SummerSlam why he is the best World Champion in history. Most important, he proved to the Latino community that finally you have someone to cheer for.

    The Latinos have no heroes so he will be the representative for everyone, especially all of the peasants.

    Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and he asks Alberto if he remembers him. Alberto was talking about being a hero, but Alberto is not a hero to him, the people or the Latino community. Ricardo says that he has a confession. He is very happy that he doesnít have to represent Alberto any more and stand by his side.

    In fact, he is proud that he represents someone new. Somebody who will stand for people. Rob Van Dam.

    Van Dam and Del Rio fight in the ring and Van Dam with a thrust kick and he goes up top but Del Rio goes to the floor.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Zeb says that the WWE have been in the headlines and he wants to give everyone a headline. What about Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro being Real Americans. They should be celebrated for their courage and convictions and they are pure. That is unlike the cesspool they are in. Zeb says that he is embarrassed to be here because he was standing in line behind illegal immigrants who were speaking a language he did not know. He says that they probably stole a job from an American after Sneaking across the border. Zeb says that they will look forward to seeing LAX behind them.

    Match Number Five: Darren Young and Titus OíNeil versus Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)

    Cesaro kicks Young and he connects with a European uppercut and punches. Young with a hip toss but Cesaro with a punch and Swagger tags in. Young with a hip toss and he tags in Titus. Young and OíNeil with a double shoulder tackle. Titus punches Swagger in the corner. Swagger gets his boots up for Titus and Cesaro tags in.

    Cesaro with a dead lift side salto for a near fall. Cesaro with a European uppercut and he tags in Swagger. Swagger with knees in the corner and then Cesaro with a choke while Swagger distracts the referee. Titus punches Swagger and he knocks Cesaro off the apron but Swagger hits Titus from behind.

    Swagger with a step over toe hold. Titus kicks Swagger to get out of the hold. Swagger with kicks to Titus followed by a slam and the double jump Swagger bomb and Cesaro tags in and he hits a leap frog double stomp for a near fall.

    Cesaro works on Titusí neck and he tags Swagger back in. Swagger with a knee and shoulders in the corner. Swagger with a punch but Titus with a spinebuster and both men are down. Young tags in and he punches Cesaro who also tags in. Young with a clothesline and then he hits an overhead belly-to-belly throw. He knocks Swagger off the apron and then Young blocks a kick and he hits a Northern Lights Suplex and he gets a near fall. Titus takes care of Swagger and Cesaro takes care of Titus. Young with the Gut Check for the three count.

    Winners: Darren Young and Titus OíNeil

    Renee Young is in the back with The Big Show. She welcomes Show back to Raw. She asks about rumors that he might work with Mark Henry to face The Shield. Show says that is true. They will go after the World Tag Titles.

    Brad Maddox interrupts and he tells Renee to leave. Brad tells Show that he has made some disparaging comments about the COO. Show says that he has the freedom of speech. Brad wants Show to express himself in a different way. He will face The Shield in a handicap match and all three members of the Shield can be in the ring at the same time.

    Show asks Brad if he wants the Shield to have to do that.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel are in a Foot Locker promotional segment . . . until Fandango and Summer Rae dance in.

    We take a look at the CM Punk/Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan/John Cena video that opened the show.

    Ryback is in the locker room and he tells people to leave, but then he wants to know why someone is leaving. Ryback tells the person who had to stay that he cannot have his locker. Ryback tells him to pick up his bag and Ryback takes it and throws it into the bathroom. Ryback stands on the bag. He throws the bag into the shower. Ryback tells him to turn on the water but he refuses so Ryback slaps him. He tells the guy to let the water fill his bag.

    Match Number Six: Big Show versus Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns

    Show sends Reigns to the floor and then he head butts Rollins and he sends Rollins and Ambrose into the corner. Show with punches to Ambrose followed by a slam to Rollins. Show sends Ambrose over the top rope to the floor. Show with a kick and head butt to Rollins. Show sends Rollins over the top rope and Rollins holds his knee.

    Show with a spear to Reigns but Show does not go for a pin and Ambrose pulls Reigns out of the ring. Rollins and Ambrose figure out how to surround show wile Reigns is still on the ground. Rollins tries to sneak up on Show but Show sees him. Ambrose with a sleeper but Show falls to the mat to get out of the hold.

    Rollins with punches to Show but Show with a head butt and then he stands on Rollinsí back. Show sends Rollins over the top rope again and Rollins continues to hold his knee. Show with clotheslines to Ambrose followed by a butt splash into the corner and a running shoulder tackle. Show grabs Ambrose by the throat but Rollins clips Show and then Ambrose with a drop kick to Show against the ropes.

    Rollins with a knee off the turnbuckles and Ambrose gets a near fall. Ambrose and Rollins try for a double suplex but it is Show who hits the double suplex. Reigns with a spear to Show and both men are down.

    Ambrose says something to Reigns and they signal that they are going to go for the Cerberus Bomb. They pick up Show and they hit the Cerberus Bomb and get the three count.

    Winners: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Punk starts to limp once he gets in the ring. He says that he doesnít really know what to say now. There is so much going on upstairs right now. He knows that Paul Heyman was out here earlier and he had some personal things to say.

    Punk tells someone in the crowd that he can boo him, but if he wants to come through the ropes, he will kick his ass. He challenges him to fight CM Punk.

    Paul says that he can give him the WWE Title and Wrestlemania Main Event and those are things he wants. If Paul wants an apology and that is what he wants, he tells Paul to come to the ring and that might be what he wants.

    Paul makes his way onto the stage with Curtis Axel.

    Punk tells Paul that the doctors tell him that he is not cleared to wrestle, but he is in his gear. Punk says that he was in a fight last night and he has had his ass kicked before, but he is here standing.

    Punk says that he is sorry. He is sorry he took his eyes off Brock Lesnar for a moment to go after Paul. He is sorry that he did not take Paulís arm from his body. The next time he has his hands on Heyman, he will choke him out. Then he will wake him up and spit in Paulís face and he will rip his arm off.

    Punk says that he will get his hands on Paul and he will get his revenge. He wants it to happen tonight. He tells Paul to have the guts that the fat guy in the crowd doesnít and step in the ring with him.

    Paul says that there is an apology that is due tonight and it should come from him. Paul tells Punk that he is sorry. He is sorry for what is about to happen to him. Paul tells Curtis to go to the back to tape up his hands for a fight. Punk has pushed him too far once too often. Paul says that he is not the fat guy sitting in the front row. He can be the worst nightmare that Punk has ever encountered in his life.

    Paul tells Punk that if he is in the ring when we come back from commercial, Curtis Axel will go to the ring thanks to Paul Heyman and he will finish the job that BROCK LESNAR started last night.

    We are back and CM Punk is sitting in the ring waiting for Curtis Axel.

    Curtis Axel and CM Punk brawl

    Axel comes into the ring and Punk with a double sledge and then he drops Axel onto the chair and he hits Axel in the back with the chair. Punk throws Axel to the floor but Axel with a shoulder and punch. Axel with punches to Punk and a chop. Punk with a knee and forearms. Axel Irish whips Punk into the ringside barrier. Axel with kicks and punches to Punk while we watch Heyman enjoy this. Axel with a punch but Punk with a back body drop that sends Axel into the Roberts cubicle. Punk thinks about going after Heyman but instead he hits a plancha onto Axel and he hits Axel with a case. Punk gets the bell and he hits Axel in the midsection with it.

    They return to the ring and Punk gets Axel on his shoulder but Axel escapes and he hits Punk in the back of the leg. Axel with kicks to the leg. Axel drops the knee into the mat. Axel hits Punk in the leg with the chair. Axel with the neck breaker driver. Axel puts the chair on the leg and Paul tells Axel to break Punkís leg because Punk broke his heart.

    Punk moves out of the way and he sends the chair into Axelís midsection. Punk hits Axel with the chair but he has trouble standing up. Punk hits Axel in the back. Punk sends Axel into the ring steps a few times. Punk picks up Axel and he drops Axel on the ring steps.

    We are back with a WWE 2K14 commercial.

    Match Number Seven: Bray Wyatt (with ďFire MarshallsĒ Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) versus R Truth

    They lock up and Wyatt sends Truth into the turnbuckles. Truth with a forearm. Truth floats over and he does a split and hits a leg lariat. He knocks Harper off the apron but he is taken down with a running cross body by Wyatt.

    Wyatt looks at Truth from the other corner and he wants Truth to get up. Wyatt with a splash into the corner and then he dances with Truth and he kisses Truth on the forehead before hitting Sister Abigail and he gets the three count.

    Winner: Bray Wyatt

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a video about great toreadors. Los Matadores are coming.

    Match Number Eight: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso versus Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal (with Drew McIntyre)

    Slater and Jey start things off and Slater pushes him away and he does some air guitar. Slater with a waist lock but Jey with an arm wringer. Jimmy tags in and they hit a double back elbow and double elbow drop for a near fall. Jimmy with forearms and Slater goes to the floor but Jimmy grabs him. Drew with a kick and Mahal tags in and he kicks Jimmy.

    Mahal chokes Jimmy and Drew gets in a shot on Jimmy. Mahal with a swinging neck breaker followed by knee drops. Mahal with a reverse chin lock. Mahal pulls Jimmy to the mat by the hair. Slater tags in and he hits a leg lariat and gets a near fall.

    Slater with kicks to Jimmy. Slater with punches to Jimmy. Slater with a reverse chin lock. Slater with kicks. Jimmy has a kick blocked and Jimmy hits an enzuigiri and both men are down. Jey and Jinder tag in and he connects with forearms and an uppercut. Jey with a flying shoulder tackle. Jey with a splash into the corner followed by the running butt splash. Jey gets a near fall but Slater breaks it up. Jimmy sends Slater to the floor and then Jey with a super kick to Mahal and Jey with a plancha onto Slater and McIntyre while Jimmy is tagged in and Jimmy with the superfly splash for the three count.

    Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with the WWE Rewind and it is the third Fandango interruption that was met with a punch by Miz.

    Match Number Eight: Wade Barrett versus Miz

    Barrett with a kick and side head lock and shoulder tackle. Miz with a flap jack and an Awesome Clothesline. Miz goes up top for a double sledge but Barrett moves and Wade with a boot to the head for a near fall. Barrett with head butts. Barrett chokes Miz in the ropes and then he connects with knees and a boot that sends Miz to the floor.

    We go to Barrett sends Miz back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Barrett with a reverse chin lock. Miz with elbows and Barrett with a knee. Miz lands on the apron and he slides in and gets a near fall with a rollup. Barrett with a back elbow and reverse chin lock. Miz with punches and a jaw breaker. Miz with a running forearm and kick followed by a running knee lift and clothesline. Barrett backs into the corner and Miz goes for the Awesome Clothesline but Barrett gets his leg up.

    Miz sends the leg into the ropes and he kicks it and hits a drop kick. Barrett avoids the figure four leg lock and then he kicks Miz and puts him on the turnbuckles. Miz with a sunset flip and he rolls into the figure four leg lock before Barrett can tap out, Fandango hits the FandangoBama Jam and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winner: Miz (by disqualification)

    Brad Maddox walks through the back and he tells Stephanie McMahon that Daniel Bryan is back in the building. Stephanie thanks Brad for the update.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and The McMahons are in the ring, The Shield are protecting the ring and the rest of the roster is on the stage.

    Triple H makes his way to the ring.

    Vince says that this is a wonderful night. Tonight is the night for the coronation of a new champion that everyone can be proud of. Vince says that he is most proud of his son-in-law. In the end, he did the right thing and he saw the light. Vince hugs Hunter.

    Hunter asks if this is the time that he has to explain why he would screw over Daniel Bryan. He says that everyone is so short sighted. He did this to insure the future of the WWE. He did this for everyone. He did it for the wrestlers on the ramp. He did it for Vince McMahon. He did it for his grandfather Jess McMahon and his father Vince McMahon Senior. He did it for the genius who gave this to everyone.

    He did this for his wife and their children so this would exist for the future.

    Hunter says that he likes Daniel Bryan and he is a fan of what he does in the ring. Daniel is a very good little technician. He gave John Cena a hell of a match and he deserved to win. WWE Champion? Face of the WWE?

    The crowd chants ĎYesí while Hunter says Ďnoí. He says that the people deserve better than that. Everyone deserves better than that. They deserve A+, not B.

    Hunter says that we donít have to worry about Daniel Bryanís personal problems. Did Hunter want to throw away the 15 years of blood, sweat, and tears? Hunter says that it hurt him to do this to Daniel Bryan.

    Hunter asks if he liked doing this with the new WWE Champion? There is no love lost between them. There is a lot of water under that bridge, but he buried his personal feelings for what was right for the people. He buried all of his bitter feelings to do what was right for everyone.

    For Daniel Bryan to say that he had a problem with that, he doesnít care. Hunter tells Daniel that saying he has a problem with that is selfish. It is not all about him. Hunter tells Daniel he needs to check his ego at the door, just like him. It is about the WWE Universe. You do what is best for business.

    Hunter says that he will put his personal feelings aside and he brings out the future and face of the WWE. The coal that has become a diamond. He introduces the new WWE Champion . . . Randy Orton.

    Randy makes his way to the ring as only Randy Orton can. Randy makes it into the ring and he shakes Vince and Hunterís hand and then he holds his hand for Stephanie, but she hugs him.

    Randy says that he told everyone that when he cashed in, you would not see it coming. Now he stands before you for the tenth time as the Apex Predator of the WWE. Randy says that he is usually not one for thank yous, but he can make an exception. After what Hunter did for him, he is not ashamed to tell him that he owes all of this to him.

    Orton shakes Hunterís hand and they do the hug of respect. Orton says that everyone should stand up on their feet and show Hunter the respect that he deserves.

    Hunter knows that Daniel Bryan is in the building so he wants to get this out in the open like men. He wants Daniel to come to the ring and tell him face to face. Daniel can have a good cry so he can move on with his career.

    Hunter tells The Shield to move to the side since they are probably intimidating Daniel. Hunter tells anyone who touches Daniel on his way to the ring, there will be problems.

    Hunter asks the people if they want to see Daniel and he gets them to start a ĎYesí chant. He even tells them to play Danielís music.

    Daniel makes his way to the ring.

    Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose attack Bryan before he enters the ring, but Bryan fights them off and he sends Reigns into the ring steps. Bryan and Ambrose exchange forearms and then Rollins goes after Bryan but Bryan with kicks. Bryan with a hip toss to Ambrose.

    Reigns with a spear to Bryan and then Ambrose and Rollins kick him. Hunter stops them from giving Bryan a Cerberus Bomb.

    Hunter wants Daniel to come into the ring to say what he has to say.

    Bryan climbs into the ring but Orton with an RKO.

    Hunter holds Ortonís hand and the McMahons McCelebrate.

    2014 - The Rock announces he will star in the DC Comics' film adaptation of "Shazam!" It would be some time before he confirmed he would be playing anti-hero Black Adam in the film.
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