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    Default This Day in History - 20th Aug, 2016

    On this day in history in ....

    1951 - Terry McGinnis defeats Ted Travis to win the Hawaii Heavyweight Title in Honolulu. This marks the start of McGinnis' second title reign.

    1954 - June Byers defeats Mildred Burke for the NWA World Women's Title in Atlanta, Georgia. The win was controversial, as the match was scheduled for three falls, but after Byers won the first fall, the one hour time limit expired, and Byers was awarded the title.

    1963 - A live event held in the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, TN featured the following results:
    -Bad Boy and Billy Boy Hines defeated Bobby and Don Fields.
    -Eric Steiner defeated Jesse James.
    -Pat O'Conner defeated Al Greene.
    -Don Greene fought Al Torres to a draw.

    1963 - Crusher & Dick the Bruiser defeat Ivan & Karol Kalmikoff for the AWA World Tag Team Title in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the first of five AWA Tag Title wins for the legendary duo.

    1986 - Alfonso Dantes defeats Cien Caras for the Mexican Heavyweight Title in Acapulco, Mexico, ending Caras' second title reign.

    1987 - Kuniaki Kobayashi defeats Nobuhiko Takada in the finals of the IWGP World Junior Heavyweight Title tournament in Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

    1988 - Carlos Colon defeats Ron Starr in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico to win the WWC Television Title, ending Starr's second run with the belt.

    1996 - Lord Steven (William) Regal defeats Lex Luger for the WCW Television Title in Dalton, Georgia, ending Luger's second run with the belt and beginning Regal's third.

    2003 - Michael Shane defeats defending champion Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian in the first ever "Ultimate X" match to win the TNA X Division Title in Nashville, Tennessee. The match involved hanging the title belt at the center of an "X" that was formed by two steel cables strung above the ring, and the wrestlers had to climb across the cables to get to the belt and win the match.

    2007 - WWE officially announces that WWE Diva Search Winner Ashley Massaro would be taking part in the next edition of CBS' reality hit, Survivor. She wouldn't last long on the show.

    2008 - Gail Kim departed TNA for WWE, citing to those close to her that financially, she needed to go to WWE.

    2008 - A taped AAA Best of Lucha Libre PPV debuted.
    2009 - In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, Chris Jericho commented, "We’re in a crisis period in WWE and we need to build new guys. When Shawn Michaels came back to Raw, he said, “Whose been built since I left?” On Smackdown we’ve built [John] Morrison and [Dolph] Ziggler and Cryme Tyme. The Intercontinental title has been rebuilt now with Rey Mysterio. But I can’t tell you on Raw who has been built over the last six months. They better do it soon, because when this generation of performers is gone, who will replace them?"

    2009 - WWE broadcast WWE Superstars on WGN. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV Report:

    We start off tonight’s show with a match from the Raw brand and it is a Divas Match.

    Match Number One: Kelly Kelly versus Beth Phoenix

    Kelly avoids a collar and elbow attempt by Beth. Beth with a wrist lock but Kelly with forearms and then she gets flipped over. Kelly with kicks to Beth’s leg. Kelly with a float over on an Irish whip attempt. Kelly uses the ropes to escape a back slide and then Kelly with a rana for a near fall. Kelly moves when Beth charges and Beth goes to the floor. Kelly tries for a cross body from the apron but Beth catches her. Beth tries for a running power slam into the apron but Kelly sends Beth into the apron. Kelly tries to get back into the ring but Beth with a neck breaker and then she slingshots Kelly into the ropes and gets a two count. Beth works on the shoulder and puts Kelly in a reverse chin lock. Beth sends Kelly into the turnbuckles but Kelly with a sunset flip for a near fall. Beth with punches to Kelly and the referee admonishes her. Beth misses a boot against the ropes and Kelly with forearms. Beth with a Dragon Sleeper but Kelly fights out of the hold. Beth misses a charge and she goes into the ropes. Kelly with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and forearms. Beth with an Irish whip but she charges into an elbow. Kelly kicks Beth away and then Kelly goes up top for a cross body and gets a near fall. Kelly with a drop kick that sends Beth into the corner. Kelly tries for the handspring back elbow into the corner but Beth moves. Kelly with a victory roll for a near fall. Beth with a clothesline and it is time for the Glam Slam and the three count.
    Winner: Beth Phoenix

    We are back and did you know that you cannot escape the WWE Universe?

    It is now time for some big words to be thrown together for the ECW match.

    Match Number Two: Shelton Benjamin versus Tyler Reks

    Benjamin with forearms and punches to Reks. Reks with punches of his own and an arm drag. Reks misses a charge into the corner and Benjamin with a German suplex. Benjamin with a hard Irish whip to Reks followed by a snap mare and near fall. Benjamin with a rear chin lock. Benjamin with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Benjamin gets a punch blocked and Reks responds with punches of his own. Reks with a rollup for a near fall. Reks tries for a slam but Benjamin sends him off the ropes. Reks with a flying clothesline for a near fall. Reks gets kicked in the chest but he hits a standing power slam for a near fall. Reks goes up top and hits a cross body but Benjamin rolls through and gets a near fall. Benjamin hits the dragon whip and hits Paydirt for the three count.
    Winner: Shelton Benjamin

    We are back and it is time to talk about the TLC match between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. We have a video package.

    Todd and JR remind us about the six man tag main event on Smackdown.

    R Truth is walking in the back because he will be in the match after the commercial.

    Match Number Three: Charlie Haas versus R Truth

    They lock up and Haas with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Haas with an Irish whip but Truth floats over and splits to avoid a clothesline. Truth with a kick for a near fall. Truth tries for a wheelbarrow move but Haas drops Truth on his head and gets a near fall. Haas with an arm bar and head lock. Truth with a sunset flip for a near fall. Haas with a big boot and then he goes to a rear face lock and turns it into a reverse chin lock. Truth sends Haas into the turnbuckles to escape the hold. Truth with a few punches and a clothesline or two. Truth with a near fall. Haas slams Truth’s head into the mat again. Haas misses an elbow drop but Truth hits the twisty flying forearm for the three count.
    Winner: R Truth

    We are back with a John Morrison video package.

    In case you missed Raw, we have the Raw Rebound.

    Match Number Four: Mark Henry versus Chris Masters

    They lock up and Henry sends Masters into the ropes and Henry poses. Masters wants a test of strength but it was a ruse and Masters with a kick and punches. Masters tries for a slam but he cannot get Henry up. Henry has no problem slamming Masters. Henry with a clean break in the corner. Masters with a waist lock and then he punches Henry. Henry blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Henry with a head butt followed by a biel. Masters tries for the Master Lock but Henry is able to stop Masters. Henry with a clothesline. Masters avoids a splash from Henry and then he kicks Henry followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Masters with a reverse chin lock on Henry. Masters with a forearm to the back and he tries for the Master Lock but Henry runs Masters into the turnbuckles. Henry with a punch followed by a clothesline and body block Masters with elbows and then he tries for the Master Lock but Henry powers out of the set up. Masters tries for a clothesline but Henry picks up Masters and it is World’s Strongest Slam time but Masters grabs the ropes to break the count and then he leaves the ring and gets counted out.
    Winner: Mark Henry by count out

    2009 - TNA broadcast Impact. Richard Trionfo filed the following report:

    We start off tonight’s show with a look back at Hard Justice. Remember when the Main Event Mafia was undefeated?

    Mike Tenay has a special announcement. He points out that Don West has been his broadcast partner for the last seven years, but Don West was given an opportunity in the sports merchandise division of the company. Mike wishes Don his best. We have a new announcer to sit next to Mike Tenay.

    We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘School’s Back in Session’ Tenay and Don ‘He really looks like Taz this week’ West . . . wait, that is Taz.

    Mike says that he has always respected Taz as a wrestler and announcer.

    What better way to start off the show than the way most of them have started and the Main Event Mafia comes to the ring. Kurt says that on Sunday at Hard Justice . . .

    Kurt is interrupted by Matt Morgan’s music and he comes to the ring with an axe handle. He has a mic as well. Matt tells Angle to shut his mouth. Morgan wants Booker to make a move so he can hit him with the axe handle. Matt says that minutes before the biggest match of his life, Kurt comes into his locker room asking him for his help. He talks about the win/win situation that Angle talked about. Morgan pins Sting and becomes the new TNA champion and then he gets his spot in the Main Event Mafia. Angle could have won and Morgan gets a spot in the Main Event Mafia. Then Angle could have gone into business for himself and he screws Matt over. Matt wants to know why because he had Sting pinned in the ring but Angle took the biggest moment of his life. Matt tells Kurt that he has ten seconds to answer or he swings for the fences.

    Angle tells Matt to calm down. He has answers for Matt. Kurt tells Matt that they were working like a well oiled machine. That was until Matt went into business for himself. Angle reminds Matt about the kick on the floor. Kurt says that he could not feel his arms and legs. Angle tells Matt that he could have been in a wheelchair. Angle says that he heard the count and he pulled the referee out of the ring because he thought that Matt was the one being pinned. Angle says that he was still messed up from the kick. He went to get the chair and he says that Matt made a rookie mistake and got hit in the head with the chair. Angle says that all he did was fall on a fallen opponent who happened to be Matt Morgan. Angle says that they did what they set out to do. He tells Matt that the Main Event Mafia still has the title. Angle says that he will give Matt another chance. They will tag together against Team 3D in a tables match.

    Matt tells Angle that he lost his mind and he says that he will split Angle’s skull. Matt thinks about it and he decides not to hurt anyone yet. Matt says that he is with Kurt on this one. Matt says that it was his inexperience that cost him and he knows that Kurt had Matt’s best interests in mind.

    Lauren sees A.J. enter the Impact Zone and she asks A.J. about his big announcement. A.J. says nothing and we go to commercial.

    We are back and the referee sends the people who are not in the match to the back.

    Match Number One: Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams versus James Storm and Robert Roode in a Non Title Street Fight

    Storm and Roode come from the crowd and ambush the British. They put a trash can on Magnus’ head and they hit it with a kendo stick. They whip Doug Williams and then Roode chokes him with the strap. Roode goes to the floor and does the same to Magnus. Roode sends Magnus into the announce table. Storm and Roode with a double suplex onto the ramps and it is time to remember their team name. Storm sends Williams into the steps and he chops Williams. Williams Irish whips Storm into the ring post.

    Back in the ring, Roode chokes Magnus. Williams hog ties Storm against the ring post while Roode kicks Magnus. Williams hits Roode with a loaded sock. Williams and Magnus attack Roode while the fans chant ‘USA’ and Roode is now bleeding. Williams chokes Roode with a pool cue and then Williams hits Roode with the trash can. Roode fights back but Williams hits him again with the trash can. Magnus has a plastic bag and he is not going to help the environment with this attack. A referee cuts Storm from the ring post. Storm has a board while Magnus suffocates Roode. Storm hits Williams and then Magnus with the board. Storm hits Williams with the trash can and then he hits a back body drop on Magnus. Storm punches Magnus in the corner but Williams knocks Storm off the turnbuckles. Roode punches Williams and then Roode hits a David Young spinebuster. Storm hits Williams with a beer bottle and Williams is bleeding. They hit DWI onto a trash can and Magnus gets pinned.
    Winners: James Storm and Robert Roode

    Lauren is in the back with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Madison is nowhere to be found. Lauren tries to point out the positive because Angelina now has a teddy bear instead of a title belt. Angelina says that there is no humor in this situation. Angelina blames Madison for the loss and she will pay tonight. Velvet says that Madison is no longer a VIP. Velvet says that they made her and they can break her. We go to commercial.

    We are back with a look at the women’s title match and the controversy in the trailer park over who is the current champion.

    Jeremy and Mick are in the back and they talk about the pay per view. We hear ODB and Cody arguing over Foley and Borash’s conversation. Mick tells them to knock it off. Cody says that ODB does not want him to be the women’s champion even though he got the pinfall. Mick asks how a man can be a women’s champion and Jeremy insults NASCAR so the hat turns around. ODB and Cody argue semantics. Remember that ‘assume’ joke when you were six years old? Cody throws a Cena effect. Mick says that he is going to go into his inner sanctum to make a decision and we will find out his ruling next week.

    Abyss stops by and he is clapping. Mick thanks Abyss for helping him on Sunday. Mick has a present for Abyss and it is a blue flannel shirt and Abyss loves it. They are now flannel brothers. Abyss hugs Foley and then they talk about the feeling of tasting your own blood.

    It is time to run through the rest of the show.

    Match Number Two: Madison Rayne versus Angelina Love

    Angelina attacks Madison as Madison comes to the ring and Angelina sends Madison into the ring steps. The match starts while they are on the floor. Angelina sends Madison into the apron and then she kicks Madison. They get into the ring and Angelina gets the three count.
    Winner: Angelina Love

    After the match, Velvet Sky comes to the ring and she has a bag for Madison. The bag goes on Madison’s head but Tara’s music plays and she is joined by Christy Hemme. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are talking about why you haven’t seen them on television too much. It is because they are not political. They are about three things, entertaining the fans, getting laid, and getting paid. Chris says that they have been getting a little less in the paycheck. They are offering their services to the fans at the low low rate of $2,000 per hour. You also get a free Shamwow.

    We are back and Madison is being attacked again by Velvet and Angelina.

    Match Number Three: Homicide versus Samoa Joe for the X Division Title

    We are back and the match is joined in progress as Homicide attacks Joe. Homicide sends Joe to the floor and Joe moves out of the way of the tope con hilo but Homicide hits a somersault splash from the apron. They return to the ring and Homicide with a monkey flip attempt but Joe with snake eyes followed by a clothesline. Joe with knees and punches. Joe and Homicide exchange punches with Homicide getting the advantage but Joe with a power slam for a near fall. Joe works on the neck but Homicide bites Joe’s hand. Joe with a German suplex to Homicide and then he hits the power bomb for a near fall. Joe goes for another power bomb but Homicide counters it and Homicide with a drop kick. Homicide with a cross body to counter a tilt-a-whirl move. Joe sends Homicide into the rope but Homicide with an Ace Cutter for a near fall. Homicide punches Joe and then he charges into the corner but Joe with a uranage and then he tries for a clothesline but Homicide avoids it and he has Joe in a choke. Joe sends Homicide into the turnbuckles and then he hits a pele kick. Joe with the muscle buster for the three count.
    Winner: Samoa Joe

    We see some knockouts in the back with Lauren and there is going to be a big announcement. We go to commercial.

    We are back and The Pope and his red shoes and pope stick arrive at the Impact Zone.

    Lauren is in the back with Tara, Christy, Taylor, and Sarita and Lauren says that they will all be in the TNA Knockouts Tag Title Tournament. Tara utters the ‘W’ word and Christy and Tara are so happy to be tag partners. Taylor talks about how she is happy to be teaming with Sarita in the tournament.

    Match Number Four: Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed versus Sarita with Taylor Wilde versus Traci Brooks with Sharmell versus Christy Hemme with Tara

    Kong goes after Traci and Christy and then she tries to attack Sarita but she avoids Kong. Sarita tries for a rana but Kong blocks it. Kong goes over the top rope to the floor when she charges and Sarita moves. Sarita with a head scissors to Traci. Sarita and Christy drop kick Kong off the apron. Traci takes care of Sarita for a moment. Traci goes to the apron and then she pulls Christy to the floor and then sends her into the guardrail. Kong sends Traci into the guardrails and then Sarita with a somersault splash onto Kong. We go to commercial.

    We are back and things are under control with Christy kicking Kong but Kong gets Christy up for a power bomb but Sarita and Traci trip Kong. Sarita and Traci kick Kong. Sarita kicks Traci but Traci with a somersault splash onto Kong. Christy with a DDT to Traci followed by the leg drop from the turnbuckles. Kong with the Implant buster to Christy. Sarita with a drop kick to Kong. Kong catches Sarita on a cross body attempt. Kong hits a splash on Sarita and then she goes up top but Traci gets the cover on Christy for the three count.
    Winner: Traci Brooks

    Kong is not happy after the match and she throws a chair up the ramp. Kong is stopped by Saeed. We are told that Kong and Saeed will face Traci and Sharmell next week.

    The lower body of The Pope is in the back as we go to commercial.

    Match Number Five: Consequences Creed with Jay Lethal versus The Pope D’Angelo Dinero

    Jay Lethal is sent to the back by the referee before the match starts.

    They lock up and Dinero works on the arm and wrist. Creed with a reversal but Dinero with a kick and punch. Creed goes to the apron and he punches Dinero and then hits a springboard clothesline. Creed with jabs and a split but he misses the finishing punch. Dinero with a punch that evokes some bleeped language. Dinero with a splash into the ropes that sends Dinero to the floor. Dinero with a fist drop from the turnbuckles for a two count. Dinero with elbows to the head followed by a rear chin lock. Creed with elbows to Dinero but Dinero tries for a kick but Creed blocks it. Creed with a punch to Dinero. Dinero wants a time out and then Dinero sends Creed into the turnbuckles. Dinero with a hesitation elbow drop and then the knee pads come down. Dinero with a running double knee that sends Creed into the turnbuckles for the three count.
    Winner: D’Angelo Dinero

    The lights go down and Suicide emerges and heads to the ring. Suicide attacks Dinero and connects with forearms. Dinero leaves the ring and Suicide wants him to return.

    A.J. Styles is walking in the back and he has something phenomenal to say when we come back from commercial.

    We are back and if you are in Texas, you can see Bobby Lashley wrestle.

    Lauren is in the back with Matt Morgan and she wants to know if Matt is really gullible. Matt asks Lauren if she thinks he is working him. Matt says that Kurt never lies and never stabs anyone in the back. Matt says that you can trust Kurt Angle. Matt says the wrong thing for a second and he says that he is nervous about the match with Team 3D. Matt corrects himself.

    It is time for A.J. Styles to return to the Impact Zone for the first time since he lost to Matt Morgan. A.J. has something to say. He says that this is one of the hardest things he had to do in the ring. A.J. says that he had it rough over the last few weeks but it is nothing new. A.J. says that he never quit. A.J. talks about the problems growing up and he says that he never quit. A.J. says that he is proud of the man that he has become. A.J. says that he is not proud of losing the Legends Title. He is not proud of losing his match with Matt Morgan. He is not proud of losing friends like Eric Young and Samoa Joe. A.J. says that when you are passionate about the company, it gets to you. A.J. says that he has missed half his kid’s lives. A.J. says that things are getting to him at home and he is yelling at his family for petty stuff. He says that he had to look in the mirror and ask himself if it is worth it. He says the answer is no. He says that it is not worth letting the fans down. A.J. says that it is time for A.J. Styles to say goodbye to professional wrestling.

    Sting comes to the ring to return the favor that A.J. did when Sting made his retirement speech in 2006. Sting asks if that is the legacy that A.J. wants to leave behind. Sting is telling A.J. that he is saying that he quit. He says that A.J. is quitting on his wife and kids. Sting tells A.J. to look at the fans because he is quitting on them too. Sting says that A.J. is quitting on him and he calls A.J. a loser because losers quit. Sting says that he has been in the business for 20 years and he has suffered hardships. Sting says that he did not quit. Sting asks A.J. if this is how he wants to be remembered. Sting says that he has talked about how he wanted to bring honor, pride, and respect back into the business and he wanted somebody to step up so he can pass the torch to somebody. Sting tells A.J. that he is the person he has been talking about the entire time. Sting says that A.J. was the chosen one and that can be flushed down the toilet because A.J. decided to say goodbye to wrestling. Sting tells A.J. to look him in the eye and he wants A.J. to tell Sting ‘I quit’ and ‘I give up’. He wants A.J. to tell him ‘I’m a loser’. He tells A.J. if he cannot say it to get in the back and lace up his boots to claim what is his. A.J. turns around and hugs Sting and then Sting tells A.J. that he is supposed to be the man. Sting leaves the ring and A.J. follows after him.

    Bobby Lashley is walking in the back and he is going to probably say something when we get back from the next commercial.

    We are back and Lauren is with Hernandez and she asks him when he will cash in his briefcase. Hernandez says that when he cashes in the briefcase, he will win the title. Eric Young stops by and he tells Hernandez that he can help Hernandez because Hernandez knows where he is from. Eric says that the World Elite will not play their games any more. Eric says that he knows that Hernandez is thinking about what he said because he did not try to crack his head open.

    Bobby Lashley comes out and he shakes Taz’s hand and then joins Taz and Mike at the announce table in a shock despite the extra chair at the table. Bobby says that next week, Dixie Carter will be making her Impact debut to tell the TNA fans what his role in the company will be.

    Match Number Six: Team 3D versus Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle in a Tables Match

    Before Angle gets to the ring, he confronts Lashley at the announce table and he pie faces Angle. Lashley punches Angle and security needs to separate them. Lashley is escorted to the back before the match starts.

    Angle and Ray start things off and they lock up. Ray with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Angle with a drop toe hold and punch to the head. Angle with punches in the corner but Ray with a hip toss and clothesline followed by a slam. Ray goes for a table but Morgan stops him. Angle with a double sledge to Ray. Devon makes a blind tag and they hit a neck breaker and belly-to-back suplex combination. Devon sends Angle into the turnbuckles followed by punches to the head. Angle with a rake of the eyes and Morgan tags in. Morgan chokes Devon in the ropes and then Angle holds him in place for the Morgan splash. Morgan goes for a table but Ray stops him this time. Ray punches Angle in the knee. Morgan with a knee to Devon followed by a slam. Morgan misses a leg drop and Devon clotheslines Morgan over the top rope to the floor. Angle charges at Ray and Ray with a flap jack and we go to commercial with Morgan and Angle on the floor.

    We are back and Devon with the Wassup Head butt to Angle. It is time for the announcement you have been waiting for as the crowd calls for tables. Devon gets a table from under the ring and he decides to get another on Two for Thursday. Morgan gets into the ring and he waits for Team 3D to turn around and Morgan with a double clothesline. Morgan decides to pose for the camera. Morgan moves one of the tables and it is time for a choke slam through the table, but Ray moves the table out of the way. Morgan punches Ray for rearranging the furniture in the ring. Angle tags in and he kicks Devon. Angle punches Devon some more in the head. Angle with a running forearm to Ray and then he tries for an Olymic Slam through the table but Morgan moves the table and then Devon with an inverted slam. Morgan with a punch to Devon and the he tries for the bicycle kick but Devon moves and Morgan kicks the table. Ray with clotheslines to Angle and time for a power bomb but Angle blocks it and Angle with an Olympic Slam but Devon moved the table out of the way. Devon punches Morgan and then he fixes the table. Team 3D try for a double suplex and the move does not break the plane of the table so the match continues. Angle attacks Team 3D and then he goes for another table but there are no more tables. Ray with a big boot to Angle and then the staff gives Ray another table while Angle is sent into the ring steps. Ray throws the broken table to the floor as they set up the new table. Angle punches Ray and Devon. Angle punches Devon and then hits a European uppercut. They put Devon on the table and Angle tells Morgan to go up top but Morgan says that his knee hurts. Ray takes care of Angle and then they hit a double press slam through the table to win.
    Winners: Team 3D

    After the match, Angle heads to the back and he argues with Morgan as we go to credits.
    2010 - World Class and Mid South/UWF legendary manager Skandar Akbar passed away at the age of 75. Akbar was a true great in the business, leading his Devastation Incorporated against babyfaces throughout the Southwest.

    2010 - An Ohio man was mauled and killed by a bear used in wrestling stunts while he and the bear's owner were feeding it. The bear was outside of its cage, according to comments Capt. James Drozdowski of the Lorain County Sheriff's Office gave to the AP. There was no word as to why the bear became aggressive. Brent Kandra, 24, passed away this morning due to injuries suffered in the mauling. Kandra worked for Sam Mazzola, who maintained several bears on his property and offered the chance to wrestle bears at the Cleveland Sport, Travel & Outdoor show. The practice had come under fire in recent years but Mazzola refused to end it. Traveling wrestling bears were commonplace as a special attraction in the territory era of professional wrestling, although they haven't been used in many, many, many years.
    Helpful Links:
    Latest WWE News / WWE RAW Discussion


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    Continued ...

    2010 - Forgotten Championship Wrestling ran MCU Field in Brooklyn, NY, utilizing a number of WWE legends. Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

    Brooklyn, New York based independent promotion Forgotten Championship Wrestling debuted at MCU Field, the home of New York Mets farm team the Brooklyn Cyclones last night with a benefit for the Wounded Warriors Project, a charity which helps wounded servicemen and women and their family.

    MCU Field, a baseball stadium, is the same venue that TNA ran earlier this summer. The show was held outside with the ring placed over home plate and it was your typical feel good independent wrestling event with a few "legends" appearing on the top of the card and some local indy talents working underneath. You wouldn't find any matches that were going to end up the talk of the Internet the next day but the show was about trying to raise some money and have a little fun, which based on how the audience reacted, did it's just. FCW utilized the stadium's screen to broadcast the show and also put up graphics for each wrestler during their entrance.

    Full results:

    *DW Dudley pinned Samuel Elias After Elias Missed a 450 splash and DW hit a moonsault. This was the same DW who worked for the original ECW. Good opener.

    *Romeo Roselli with Evan Ginzberg came out. Ginzberg cuts a promo about being in The Wrestler and being too good for Brooklyn because he's a Hollywood star. Ginzberg was an Associate Producer for the film, which was the connection here. He did a promo saying he was from Brooklyn and then couldn't wait to move and get out to go to Hollywood. He got some heat for it. The bit was based on something his old friend, the late Tiger Khan did when Khan got to work Trinidad, where Khan was originally from. Roselli then cut a promo on his opponent for tonight, Tommy Dreamer saying anyone who wanted to see something extreme was in for a disappointment. Roselli was heckled by a "fan" of Dreamer's so he invited him into the ring. Roselli then said he was going to pretend the fan was Dreamer and kneed the fan in the gut. Dreamer hit the ring for the save. Dreamer said he didn't know if Roselli was late for the "Jersey Shore" but they were in Brooklyn where Dreamer had his first match and where his family is from. He challenged Roselli to take it to the extreme right now but Roselli bailed. Dreamer said it figures and put over the wounded warriors, saying he's been living his dream and they allow him and everyone to live their dreams with their sacrifices. Dreamer left and the fan followed him into the locker room.

    *Little Greatness defeated Justin Cage, Manny Martinez and The Grimm Reefer for the FCW Number One Contender Trophy. Reefer has been working New York City independents for a few years. The others have been regulars here in FCW, This was your typical high flying indy match where they tried to do everything at light speed to pop the crowd and they went right into dives sequences. Reefer cut off Greatness wuth a clothesline and they brawled into the stands and on top of the dugout. Greatness took a bump off the top into the dugout. Meanwhile Cage and Martinez brawled around the ring. Cage tossed Martinez into the wall of the field. Reefer forced Martinez to tap to a crossface. Greatness pinned Cage with a frog splash off the top to the field. Reefer hit a Fireman's carry into a slingshot suplex. Greatness went to the middle rope but Reefer caught him with a Side Russian Legsweep off the ropes. Greatness shocked him with a forward roll for the pin. Miss Teen New York presented Greatness with the trophy. The idea here was he could turn it in for a title shot anytime. FCW champion Johnny LeDoux and his manager Professor Paul Pope came out. LeDoux shook Greatness' hand, then attacked him and laid him out. He then broke the trophy in the ring. LeDoux locked in a Camel Clutch.

    Brutus Beefcake walked (and I mean walked) to the ring for the save. Greatness was stretchered out. Pope cut a promo and said that Beefcake was being arrested for cutting his hair on the last show. They had actually handed out fake police reports on the "crime" as fans came into the venue, which I thought was a cute idea. Out came three "detectives" who arrested Beefcake, taking him out in handcuffs. The detectives were playing to the crowd like they were heels. The promotion promised to try to get the situation sorted out before Beefcake's match with LeDeux later tonight. The crowd didn't take it seriously but seemed to enjoy the silliness of the storyline.

    *In what was billed as a USO Dirty Vixens match, Divina Fly vs. Angel Orsini. Fly is an extremely attractive Latina billed from Long Island. Orsini is the former Prodigette in the original ECW, who's had some great matches for WSU in New Jersey. Fly scored several near falls early. She nailed a hangman's neckbreaker but missed a moonsault. Orsini nailed a DDT for the pin. Short but fine and everything looked good.

    *Daemon Slugga & Teddy The Tank Teade with manager Manny Pockets (a Leprechaun) defeated Blackhearted Justice, Rockstar Ryan Blackheart & Justice Garrison. Reade was Swole in the WCW No Limit Soldiers. Slugga was seen in the early days of ROH as Special K's bodyguard. The crowd expected a squash once they came out but it was more of a back and forth battle. It was anything goes so they brawled all over ringside. Slugga put Garrison through a table. It then settled into a traditional tag match. Reade slammed Garrison on the floor. Slugga pinned Blackheart with a sitdown powerbomb. A guy named One Warrior Nation (guess who he was dressed and painted up to look like) hit the ring and did the complete Ultimate Warrior shtick down to shaking the ropes and clotheslined Slugga and Reade, who escaped the ring. OWN then picked up Manny Pockets and carried him out to the locker room, but tripped along the way and they both fell. That was unintentionally hilarious.

    *They did a ten bell salute to Chris Kanyon, noting he had his last match for FCW. No mention of any other passings.

    *Nikolai Volkoff & Tito Santana & Jimmy Snuka (with Scott Epstein) defeated a six man tag team called Badstreet USA (with manager Diamond Jim). Badstreet USA came out to the Michael Hayes song and wore Confederate colors, which was quite the sight to see considering one of them was African-American. Epstein is an agent who books a lot of veterans on the indies. Lots of stalling early. The veterans moved about as well as you would expect, except Santana who still had a spring in his step. They were there more just to be there than to have a good match and you can't expect that out of them at this stage of their life. Epstein began beating Diamond Jim with a walking stick. Badstreet got heat on Santana, which made sense since he was the most capable of working a real match. They worked him over in their corner for a long time. Santana made a tag to Volkoff but the ref missed it. Santana finally hit the flying forearm and ade the hot tag to Volkoff. Volkoff slammed him and tagged Snuka who did the Superfly Splash off the middle turnbuckle and scored the pin.

    *FCW champ Johnny LeDoux came out for his title match. LeDoux said that his match wasn't taking place because Beefcake was arrested. The ring announcer said they got word from a New York State Senator that he checked into the charges and there were no valid charges filed. Beefcake came out and said they forgot that in the State of New York, he was licensed to carry his clippers and they were getting a haircut tonight. Lots of haircut chants. Pretty basic match with stalling and playing to the crowd. LeDoux began working over Beefcake and came off the middle turnbuckle with an axehandle. He went for a second and well, it was awful timing-wise. I think Beefcake was supposed to catch him and didn't, so it just sort of fell apart and the crowd laughed at it. Beefcake kicked LeDoux as he charged him in the corner. LeDoux tried to walk out. He was told by the ref that if he is counted out, he would lose the FCW title. Beefcake caught him coming off the ropes with a shot to the gut. Beefcake nailed several clotheslines and a bodyslam. He locked on the sleeper but Professor Pete Pope attacked Beefcake with a toilet seat cover. Yes, really. He pulled a toilet seat out of somewhere, like Inspector Gadget. So Beefcake wins with a DQ and LeDoux keeps the title.

    Beefcake cut a promo and said that while he can't win the belt, he knows someone who can and that person has a heart as big as Brooklyn. Out came Little Greatness, who cashed in his title match. I thought using Beefcake to build to this was a good idea. They rang the bell and had a quick match. Greatness caught LeDoux with a superkick, then nailed a frog splash and scored the pin to won the title. Beefcake then grabbed LeDoux and began cutting his hair. Beefcake and Greatness ended the segment with their arms raised and Greatness as the new champ. From a storyline aspect, it worked well.

    *In the main event, Tommy Dreamer won his first match in forever, pinning Romeo Roselli, who was one of the Heart Throbs in WWE. Roselli controlled Dreamer early. Roselli went to the outside when Dreamer took control. Dreamer followed him out and they exchanged chops. Roselli ran away from Dreamer and ran the bases. Dreamer pursued then turned around and returned to the ring. Roselli, not realizing Dreamer was no longer behind him, slid into the ring but Dreamer caught him and the ref ruled Roselli was out. Dreamer then stomped on his fingers. That was funny. Roselli took control and grabbed a chair. He came off the ropes with it but Dreamer kicked it in his face. Dreamer nailed a DDT and scored the pin. It looked like they were trying to end quickly to be done in time for the weekly Fireworks on the Boardwalk in Coney Island, which the stadium faces.

    Notes: They drew in the area of 400-600 fans, which was probably the promotion's best crowd to date....Scott Hall was originally booked but canceled due to rehab or a pneumonia bout (both stories made the rounds last week). The promotion booked Sid Vicious as a replacement, but he didn't show....A wrestler called La Parka USA was advertised for the show as a "former WCW star." No idea who that was, but I'm sure it wouldn't have been L.A. Park....The cast of a TV series, W.E.A.P.ON. were in attendance....As part of the charity aspect of the show, they raffled off a lunch with Mick Foley and a WWE replica belt signed by Vince McMahon....The show also featured as troupe billed as the USA Cheerleaders doing a number set to a Bon Jovi song...There were a lot of servicemen and women in attendance as well as members of the USO....Many of the wrestlers did a meet and greet before the show and were interviewed by local Brooklyn media....The talents all worked especially hard since the ring was a good 15-20 feet away from the crowd....Tickets ranged from $100 ringside (maybe three rows on one side of the ring plus a meet and greet for VIPS) down to $20 for general admission....As noted, there was a big fireworks display after the show with the Stadium pumping in patriotic music for everyone to listen to during the pyro show....For more on Forgotten Championship Wrestling (what a strange and unique name, by the way), visit www.FCWrestling.net.

    2010 - ROH taped Ring of Honor on HDNet. Joshua Higham filed the following report:

    *The cage was set up so we're starting with a TV main event of Austin Aries vs. Delirious. Austin attacked Daizee before he tried to get into the cage. Delirious began bleeding thru his mask. Delirious won with a cobra stretch on the top corner of the cage. All Night Express came out right before the end to try to interfere but couldn't get into the cage. After the match, The All Night Express and Aries attacked Delirious and hit him with a couple spike piledrivers. Sinclair was taken out as well. No one made the save.

    *Mike Bennett defeated Adam Cole rolling thru a crossbody.

    *The Embassy of Necro Butcher and Erich Stevens defeated Dark City Fight Club when Stevens pinned Chavis with Ghanarea.

    *Jim Cornette came out for a promo with Tyler Black. Cornette asked Tyler about his future with his ROH contract about to expire, and Tyler said "you can't outbid a billionaire in CT" and heeled out with "What if I show up with this belt on another network?"

    *Colt Cabana vs. Jay Freddie. Colt started playing around with Freddie and quickly locked in Billy Goat's Curse. Right after Freddie tapped, Corino tried to attack with the fork. Colt grabbed control of the fork and Corino quickly hightailed.

    *The Kings of Wrestling defeats the Super Smash Bros. with a combo of Claudio's superplex and Hero's moonsault on Dos.

    *Steve Corino vs. Aiden Chambers with running commentary from Steen at ringside. Steen was hysterical on commentary. Corino won with the sliding clothesline. Corino threatened to use the fork on Chambers. Cabana and Generico hit the ring and Corino and Steen hightailed.

    *Daizee Haze defeated Rachel Summerlyn with a heart punch and German suplex. Summerlyn looks to have dropped some weight since I last saw her on Shimmer 28.

    *In a TV main event, Roderick Strong and the House of Truth defeated Daniels and the Briscoes.

    *In the mid-show match that gave the cameramen a break, the Bravado Brothers and Bobby Dempsey defeated Julian Starr, Mike Taven, and a third guy.

    *In a Pick your Poison match, Colt and Generico announced that Kevin Steen's opponent would be Steve Corino. Steen punched out the ref immediately with Colt and Generico ringside. Steen and Corino refused to wrestle claiming they've been disrespected long enough and that they quit, then they walked out the front door.

    *Tyler Black beat Mike Sydal with God's Last Gift and got trash thrown at him. Tyler got some You Sold Out chants.

    *Before the Ten Minute Hunt, Cornette said that Hagadorn is turning Edwards into a joke so why not let him pick the next challenger? Cornette's pick is Kenny King. Eddie finally won with the Achilles hook. Both hit most of the big stuff.

    *In the second Pick Your Poison match and main event for the evening, Davey Richards made El Generico tap to the ankle lock. Davey and Generico shook hands after.

    Notes: The Arena video screens were advertising the upcoming TNA house show in September....The crowd got real quiet during the women's match, and they were definitely burnt out towards the end. Eerily quiet during the last three matches.

    2010 - WWE broadcast Smackdown. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV Report:

    We are live on tape from Bakersfield, California and your announcers are Matt ‘Cheese’ Striker and Todd ‘You mean it was Kane the whole time’ Grisham.

    We see a photos from Sunday when Kane defeated Rey Mysterio only to see the Undertaker return to the ring and he went after the man who attacked him. That man was Kane.

    Kane will address the WWE Universe tonight about the tombstone he gave to his brother.

    Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and he has something to say to the WWE Universe. Rey starts off by speaking in Spanish to the people of Bakersfield. Rey says that he wants to thank the WWE Universe for helping him get through one of his most grueling matches at SummerSlam. While he did not get the result he wanted, he was not put in a casket. Rey mentions that Kane has accused a lot of people for being responsible for the attack on the Undertaker. In the end we know that he was looking to mask his guilt. Rey says that his name has been cleared. We know that it was Kane who attacked the Undertaker. Rey says that . . .

    Rey is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio who makes his way into the arena and he says that tonight is his grand debut on Smackdown. Alberto tells Rey that it is an honor. Rey is a Mexican idol. He is a great luchador. After all their families have been through, they are both here. They are both Mexican icons. He says that he is a national hero, a millionaire, and a man who is admired in Mexico. He says that his family comes from kings. Alberto says that Rey’s blood is from the streets of Tijuana. Alberto says that Rey is like the people of Bakersfield. He is the little worm in his bottle of tequila. He is little and then he tries to grab Rey but Rey tells him not to touch him. Alberto says that Rey is a joke of a man. Alberto says that he is handsome rich, and powerful. He is a man who wears the finest clothing.

    Rey says that Alberto’s suit and cufflinks are nice. He says that he has a family member who has the same things but he got them at a swap meet. Rey tells Alberto that he has a lot of guts coming out here to talk about his royal family. Rey tells Alberto that he is a nobody. He says that he has seen Alberto’s type a million times. Just because you have houses all over and wear fine, tailored suits that he has to respect him. Respect is earned around here and as far as he is concerned, Alberto has not gained anyone’s respect.

    Alberto says that he does not have to earn anything from Rey or the people. He calls Rey a peasant. Alberto tells Rey that he is going to respect him, or he will make Rey respect him.

    Rey tells Alberto that he is not his amigito. If Alberto wants his respect and the fan’s respect, he tells Alberto to come and get it. Rey suggests that he face Alberto tonight in a match.

    Alberto thinks about it and he says that he will do it because he can’t wait to squeeze Rey like the little cockroach he is. Alberto winks at Rey and Rey hits Alberto. He knocks Alberto into the ropes and Rey hits a 619 and leaves the ring.

    Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler are in the back in split screen as we go to commercial.

    We are back and it is time for some Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips. Cody talks about dry, craggly, aging skin. Cody says that he is here to show us that we can be dashing. When you use a manly moisturizing lotion packed with the proper botanical ingredients, you can have healthy, glowing skin. He takes some cucumber melon fragrance lotion and rub it into your skin. This will give you silky, soft, smooth skin.

    We see photos from the Nexus attack on Kofi Kingston from Sunday night.

    Match Number One: Kofi Kingston versus Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero for the Intercontinental Title

    They lock up and Kofi with a punch and Dolph goes to the floor. Dolph goes to Vickie for a quick consultation. Kofi with a waist lock but Dolph with an elbow and then he takes Kofi to the mat and gets a near fall. Dolph with a neck breaker. Kofi with punches and kicks to Ziggler but Dolph with a kick of his own followed by a punch. Dolph with a snap mare and reverse chin lock. Kofi with a kick and then he holds on to the ropes and Dolph runs into a few kicks. Vickie grabs Kofi’s boot to distract him and that allows Ziggler to hit a running forearm that sends Kofi to the floor.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Dolph has Kofi in a reverse chin lock. Dolph applies more pressure and he has the referee check on Kofi to see if he wants to continue the match. Kofi gets to his feet and he punches Dolph but Dolph with a knee. Kofi with a jawbreaker and he hits a running forearm into the corner and gets a near fall. Dolph stands on the back of Kofi’s neck and then he connects with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Dolph kicks Kofi in the corner but Kofi kicks Dolph a few times. Dolph holds on to Kofi’s legs and pulls him out of the corner and gets a near fall. Dolph with an arm bar on Kofi but Kofi with punches. Dolph with a kick and Irish whip.

    Dolph misses a charge into the corner and Kofi with a rollup but he can only get a two count. Kofi with chops to Dolph followed by a drop kick and a Thesz Press. Kofi punches Dolph a few times before getting up. Kingston tries for the Boom Drop but Ziggler rolls out of the way and to the apron. Dolph with a kick on the apron to the head and it staggers Kofi. Dolph charges at Kofi and Kofi with a pendulum kick. Kofi goes up top but Vickie gets on the apron and pushes Kofi to the mat. The referee calls for the bell.

    Winner: Kofi Kingston by disqualification

    After the match, Vickie argues with the referee’s decision. Dolph stands over Kofi but Kofi punches Dolph and Dolph goes to the floor. Dolph runs away and Vickie is in the way and she screams as if she is going to suffer severe bodily harm. She also follows Kofi as he tries to get around her and she prevents his attempts to get to Ziggler. Vickie suddenly gets courageous and asks Kofi if he is going to hit her. Dolph makes his way back around the ring and he attacks Kofi from behind. Dolph with boots to the head and they return to the ring. Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on Kingston. Ziggler waits for Kofi to get back to his feet but he only needs Kofi to sit up and Dolph applies the sleeper. Dolph releases the hold and he is about to leave the ring, but he has second thoughts and he goes back to Kofi’s motionless body. Dolph stands over Kofi and raises his boot while Vickie encourages him and Dolph stomps on Kofi’s head. Dolph leaves the ring.

    The referees and medical staff check on Kofi to see how he is doing.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with a look back at the SummerSlam week activities.

    We go to Michelle and Layla’s dressing room and they both talk about how good they look. Layla says that it is time for some real talk and she mentions that Teddy Long is probably not happy with what they did to Melina at SummerSlam. Layla thinks that Teddy will punish them but Michelle thinks that Teddy should be rewarding them. Michelle talks about all of the crying that Melina does. Layla and Michelle are secretive about their plan and when they leave, there is an ugly plant in the center of the dressing room that is really Hornswoggle in disguise.

    Matt and Todd get serious after the return of Hornswoggle. They talk about the resolution of the Who Vegetated Undertaker story and we see photos from SummerSlam of Taker’s return.

    The Straight Edge Society followers are in the dressing room and Luke says that he cannot forgive Punk for walking out on them at SummerSlam. Joseph asks aloud if any of them would walk away like Punk did. Serena says that Luke and Joseph don’t understand. She says that Punk was trying to teach them a lesson. They need to prove that they are strong. Serena says that tonight is their chance because they will beat Kelly Kelly and Big Show. Joseph says that Serena isn’t ready to be in a match, but Serena says that she has been training for months and that she is ready and that they will show that they deserve Punk’s admiration.

    Punk enters and he wonders what they mean by his admiration. Punk says that none of them deserve anything, least of all their admiration. Punk says that he watched Raw and what Nexus did peaked his interest. Punk says that if they don’t win their match, they are out of the Straight Edge Society. Punk leaves and we go to commercial.

    We are back and Did You Know that WWE SummerSlam was still the number one search term on Google on Sunday?

    Match Number Two: Luke Gallows and Serena with Joseph Mercury versus Big Show and Kelly Kelly

    The men start things off and Show with a kick. Luke with a kick but Show with chop and he wants to punch Luke but Luke makes the tag. Serena wit ha kick and elbow to the head. Kelly with forearms followed by an Irish whip. Kelly tries for the handspring back elbow but Serena with an elbow. Serena with a kick to the midsection and then she gets a near fall. Serena with a forearm and knee to the back and she gets a near fall. Serena with a chin lock on Kelly and then she uses a cravate. Kelly with a forearm and jawbreaker to escape the hold. Serena misses a charge into the corner and Kelly with a Thesz Press and she slams Serena’s head into the mat. Kelly with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Serena. Kelly with an X Factor but Luke breaks up the cover. Show knocks Gallows out of the ring and they go to the floor. Show with a kick and punches to Gallows. Kelly tries for the K2 but Serena counters and hits a gutbuster for the three count.

    Winners: Serena and Luke Gallows

    After the match, Punk is on the stage and he applauds their performance. Punk gives Serena a hug to celebrate her first win.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Kane is in the ring and the building is red and he is laughing maniacally. Kane says that when the devil removed himself from heaven and earth, he left seven deadly sins. Kane says that his favorite sin is pride. Kane tells his brother that it was his pride that weakened his powers over the decades of destruction. It was his pride that allowed Kane to put him in a vegetative state. It was Taker’s pride that brought him back before he was ready. It was because of his pride that he was able to drop Taker on his head at SummerSlam. Kane asks Taker if he can remember when it all began. He asks if Taker can remember when the downward spiral from immortality to the mangled wreck that was left in the ring on Sunday was started. For years, he was nothing more than some vague memory in the back of his mind. When Taker saw him again for the first time, the look in his eyes told the story. It was the story of an older self serving brother who was worried about keeping the spotlight on himself while leaving his brother in the shadows.

    Kane says that everything that he did in those early years, Taker was able to overcome. Instead of destroying his legend, Kane made it greater. When Taker set him on fire, he knew that it was his influence that pushed Taker to the limit of the dark side. It was his little brother who separated him from his last vestiges of humanity. It was Taker’s most magnificent moment. That is when Kane knew what he had to do. That is when his master plan was set in motion. With every victory, Taker’s collection of souls grew, but so did his weakness. Kane says that he watched and waited. Even in victory, it was clear that Taker was losing his grip. It was the day that Taker forced Kane to take off his mask to reveal his true face to the world, that Taker unleashed the monster capable of ending Taker’s reign of darkness.

    When they met for the second time on the grandest scale of them all, the time was not right, but the plan continued to evolve. Kane says that he understands Taker better than anyone. He positioned himself at Taker’s right hand to gain confidence. Kane says that he watched and waited. Their reunion was nothing more than a vehicle for his vengeance. Kane says that no matter how many times Taker was sent crashing down, he would get back up. It was because of Taker’s pride that he continued to get up. Taker’s pride would be his undoing. While Taker was disgracing himself and allowing himself to be disgraced by those beneath him, Kane says that he was biding his time. Kane says that he knew his moment arrived when he showed Shawn Michaels some mercy. Taker could have destroyed Shawn Michaels or he could become one with his weakness. It was at that moment that the plan he hatched over a decade earlier had come to fruition.

    Kane says that he knew last Sunday when he saw that shadow of his former self rise out of the coffin and the weak grip around his throat, he knew that it was over. All of those years of planning, watching, and waiting in the shadows were at an end. Kane says that he had his vengeance. A vengeance that had eluded him for so long. Kane says that now the shadows in which he once labored are now cast upon him. What was once Taker’s holy grail is now Kane’s World Title. He tells Undertaker that they used to be the Brothers of Destruction, but now Taker is nothing more than the brother he destroyed. For fifteen years, Kane dreamt of the day when the Phenom would be no more. Kane relished the thought of being the dominant brother. He knew that this day would come. Kane says that he dedicated his life to this moment becoming reality. The moment that his brother would be cast down with grave vengeance and furious anger. That would be the moment that he would replace Taker as the devil’s favorite demon.

    Kane laughs again as he summons the hellfire and leaves the ring.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back with the Smack of the Night: Christian versus Drew McIntyre from three weeks ago when Christian injured his shoulder.

    We see highlights of what Drew McIntyre did to Matt Hardy last week on Smackdown.

    Before the match starts, we hear Dashing Cody Rhodes’ music and he comes out in a dashing suit and joins Todd and Matt at the announce table.

    Match Number Three: Christian versus Drew McIntyre

    Drew with a kick to the arm and he puts Christian briefly in an arm bar. Christian gets out of the hold by rolling through and he kicks Drew. Christian leaps over Drew as he comes off the turnbuckles. Christian blocks a hip toss and then hits a rana on Drew. Drew goes to the floor and he attacks the announce table. Christian goes to the apron and Drew blocks a kick and then he pulls Christian onto the apron. Drew sends Christian into the ring bell cubicle. Drew returns to the ring and then goes back to the floor. Christian with a punch to Drew but Drew drops Christian’s injured shoulder onto the exposed ringside barrier. Drew waits for Christian to return to the ring and then goes back after Christian. Drew says that he is going to snap Christian’s arm like he snapped Hardy’s leg. Drew sends Christian’s arm into the ring post. Drew sends Christian back into the ring and gets a near fall. Drew with a hammer lock on Christian as he continues to work on the shoulder. Christian with an elbow but Drew holds on to the hammer lock. Christian tries to escape but Drew sends Christian into the mat as he lands on his shoulder. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Drew with an arm bar as he continues to work on Christian’s left arm. Drew continues to work on the shoulder and gets a near fall. Drew with a boot to the shoulder with a series of kicks. Drew with a kick to the head as Christian tries to get to the ropes to get the referee to keep Drew away from him. Drew wraps Christian’s arm in the ropes and uses his boot for extra pressure. Christian with a kick and a DDT off the turnbuckles and it plants Drew on the top of his head. Christian can only get a near fall. Christian tries to get feeling back in his arm and he hits a running forearm. Drew with a kick but Christian runs Drew into the corner and he punches Drew until the referee pulls him off.

    Christian with a boot to the ribs and then he hits a baseball slide to the head. Christian goes up top and hits a missile drop kick and gets a near fall. Drew misses a charge into the corner and Christian hits the pendulum kick. Christian misses the corkscrew back elbow from the turnbuckles when Drew moves out of the way. Drew hits an arm breaker on Christian and gets a near fall. Drew tries for the Future Shock but Christian escapes and tries for the Killswitch but like last week, he was unable to turn Drew without feeling too much pain in his shoulder. Drew runs Christian shoulder first into the turnbuckles. Drew tries for a running power slam but Christian hits a crucifix driver for the three count.

    Winner: Christian

    After the match, Cody leaves the announce table and he goes over to Christian. Cody has something to say to Christian but it was only a trap for Drew McIntyre to get behind Christian. Christian sees Drew and that allows Cody to attack Christian from behind. Drew sends Christian back into the ring while Cody removes his dashing jacket. Cody and Drew attack Christian in the ring and Drew with boots to the arm while Cody holds him.

    Matt Hardy comes to the ring and his ankle is in a boot because of what happened last week. Matt punches Drew and hits a Side Effect on Cody. Matt punches Drew and Cody attacks Matt from behind. Drew and Cody go after Matt’s ankle. Drew with the Future Shock DDT on Matt. Cody hits Cross Rhodes on Christian.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Jack Swagger says that this is the worst summer ever. At the start of the summer, he was the World Champion but he wasn’t even on the card for SummerSlam. He was robbed of the World Title and then he says that he was robbed last week by MVP and he calls MVP a delinquent. He wants the person with whom he is communicating to respond but we see that it is Rosa Mendes exercising and she has headphones on. Jack says that he is getting no respect.

    Jack turns around and Montel Vontavious Porter is in front of him. Porter says that he hears what Jack is saying but nobody is buying into the ‘I’m better than you’ thing. Jack reminds Porter that he is the All American American and Porter cuts him off before he gets out too many ‘Americans’. He says that nobody is questioning his credentials. Porter says that Swagger might be better than him at some things and he points out Swagger’s whining. Swagger says that he is better at him in any way. Swagger says that he can beat Porter in a shootout and he calls it the Jack Swagger Senior Invitational. Porter asks Swagger about his dad’s chronic diarrhea.

    Swagger says that if he wins, he gets to host the VIP Lounge for a night. Porter says that if he wins, he will throw a huge end of the summer block party and Swagger has to pick up the tab.

    It is time to talk about the main event at SummerSlam and then it is time for the Raw Rebound.

    Teddy Long is in his office and Kane joins him. Teddy tells Kane he might not be happy to hear that the Undertaker is going to be on Smackdown next week. Kane doesn’t look too angry and he says that next week Smackdown will be hell on earth.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Alberto Del Rio has his own personal ring announcer and his name is Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto drives into the arena in a Rolls Royce.

    Match Number Four: Alberto Del Rio versus Rey Myserio

    Del Rio has the patented Del Rio stare as the bell rings and he kicks Rey in the leg and takes him to the mat. Alberto sends Rey into the turnbuckles and kicks him. Alberto punches Rey in the head and snap mares him followed by a kick to the back. Alberto with a hard Irish whip and the referee checks on Rey. Alberto with kicks and forearms. Rey with kicks to Del Rio but Del Rio sends Rey into the turnbuckles. Rey avoids a charge into the corner and then he hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Alberto. Del Rio goes over the top rope to the floor when Rey avoids him. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Rey with forearms to Del Rio in the corner. Alberto with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Alberto sends Rey to the apron but Rey holds on. Albert sends Rey’s arm into the ring post and then he slams Rey’s arm into the ring steps. Alberto stands on the arm as the referee starts his count and Alberto with the Del Rio glare. Del Rio sends Rey back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Alberto with an arm bar on Rey and Rey with kicks to get out of the hold. Rey with kicks to Del Rio but Alberto with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Alberto with a standing hammer lock power slam and then he goes to the top turnbuckles. Del Rio misses a back senton when Rey moves out of the way.

    Both men are down on the mat and Rey with punches and knees to Del Rio. Del Rio pushes Rey away but Rey with a running kick to Del Rio’s head and Rey gets a near fall. Rey with the springboard seated senton followed by a springboard cross body for a near fall. Del Rio runs into a drop toe hold and falls into the ropes. Rey tries for the 619 but Alberto grabs Rey’s legs and he tries to catapult Rey into the turnbuckles but Rey lands on the turnbuckles. Rey with a mule kick and both men are down. Rey goes for a double jump moonsault but Alberto clips Rey’s leg and Rey hits the turnbuckles and then the mat as he holds his injured left arm. Del Rio with a kick to the arm and then he takes Rey to the mat with a cross arm breaker and Rey taps out.

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio

    After the match, Del Rio reapplies the cross arm breaker and Rey screams for mercy before Del Rio releases the hold.

    2011 - Matt Hardy was arrested and released by TNA in the same day.

    Hardy was arrested by a North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper after having run his car off the road, striking a tree. Hardy, who was alone at the time, was not injured. The Trooper arrested Hardy after "observing signs of impairment". TMZ.com is reporting a blood test is pending and there was no contraband found in Hardy's car.

    In the wake of his arrest, Matt Hardy was released by TNA.

    In a statement made to TMZ.com, an unnamed TNA Spokesperson commented, "TNA today released Impact Wrestling star Matt Hardy from its roster. Hardy was already under suspension from the company."

    According to sources this evening, the original plan had been for Matt and Jeff Hardy to return to TNA storylines around Bound for Glory this October. Obviously, that is out the window. Jeff Hardy's status with the company is unchanged as TNA will be releasing a DVD on his career this Fall and have also licensed him out for several new products, including children's Halloween costumes.

    Matt Hardy had been sent home from TNA the previous June, with the official reason being excessive lateness to events, although it was believed that was a cover story and the real suspension was due to a video Hardy posted online that featured an inebriated Jeff Hardy and both Hardys using a Tazer on Matt's girlfriend, Lucha Libre USA's Reby Sky. Hardy never acknowledged he was suspended, instead stating publicly he was taking some time off.

    Hardy joined TNA this past January after being released by WWE in October 2010 following a series of incidents that caused him to be sent home from a company tour of Europe. Hardy walked out of an event in White Plains, NY after officials voiced concern about his condition. During the European tour, Hardy's condition caused him to be sent home. When PWInsider.com broke the story, Hardy responded with a rambling video posted online claiming that the stories couldn't be true because he was still in Europe. He never wrestled for WWE again, being officially released several weeks later.

    On August 19th, Hardy wrote on his Twitter account, "It's time for me to get back to a healthy, happy place, the transformation his now started for me, for us-(New Chapter Will begin new)"

    In the wake of all the Hardy news, Matt Hardy was trending on Twitter in the United States.

    2012 - WWE broadcast Raw. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

    We are live from Fresno, California and your announcers are Michael ‘Daniel Bryan likes one-third of this city’s name’ Cole and Jerry ‘I am good at the announce table and I won’t say anything mean to Brock’ Lawler.

    We begin the show with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman making their way to the ring. We see photos of the match between Brock and Triple H from SummerSlam.

    Paul tells everyone that he is talking right now. He know how everyone feels because when Brock Lesnar faced Triple H, it was a most uncomfortable match to watch. Not only because of Triple H’s ability to withstand violence. Paul says that he was doing a better job eleven years ago at the announce table watching Triple H tear a quadriceps, and he continued to fight. Triple H is a warrior who fought despite a terrible injury. Brock Lesnar could because last night at SummerSlam, Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H and forced him to tap out.

    For those of you who do not know what ‘Tapping Out’ means, it means that Brock forced Triple H to quit on his own family . . . on his company . . . on his friends . . . on his fans . . . on all of the people.

    Brock made Triple H suffer. He stripped Triple H of his dignity and manhood because this athlete forced Triple H down to the canvas and left him the battered shell of a former man. Paul says that he does not feel sorry for Triple H and neither should anyone else. This was a fight that Triple H picked. It was not just a fight with Triple H that he could not win. Paul points out that Triple H pulled the referee into his room to tell him to let the rules be bent and broken. He wanted a fight to a finish.

    Paul asks Scott Armstrong to come to the ring because Brock would like to address him.

    Scott does not come to the ring and Paul starts to get impatient.

    Scott finally makes his way to the stage and down the ramp to the ring. He tells Scott that Brock does not bite.

    Scott gingerly enters the ring and Paul wants to make sure that Scott was the referee and that Triple H told him to let the rules be bent and broken. Brock has two words for Scott.

    Those words are ‘good job’.

    Paul says that not only did Brock end the career of Triple H, he endangered the future of the entire WWE. Paul says that Brock is now the new ‘King of Kings’. He says that he is the master of the Brock-tagon and the conqueror of the WWE Universe. That means that each and every one is a loyal subject of the Lord and Master of the WWE Universe.

    Brock bounces as he accepts his new title.

    Brock and Paul leave the ring.

    We are told that Shawn Michaels will be appearing live tonight via satellite.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and we see a Tout from CM Punk and he wants to choose his opponent tonight after having to defend his title twice last night.

    We see comments from Kofi after his successful title defense from last night. We see R Truth dumping Gatorade on Little Jimmy.

    Match Number One: Kofi Kingston, R Truth, and Sin Cara versus Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, and Cody Rhodes

    Darren and Kofi start things off and Kofi backs Darren into the corner and Kofi with a clean break. Kofi with a side head lock but Darren with a shoulder tackle. Kofi with a flying back elbow and he gets a near fall. Truth tags in and they hit a double hip toss and then Kofi with a kick. Kofi and Truth with a double drop kick to Titus when he tries to interfere. Cara pulls Cody out of the ring and then Cara goes up top but Cody runs far away.

    Truth and Kofi with stereo baseball slides to Titus and Darren as we go to commercial.

    We are back and Kofi with an arm drag and then he makes the tag to Truth. Truth punches Young and then he shimmies and kicks Young. Truth with the spinning scissors kick and he gets a near fall. Young with a knee and forearm to the head. Young with an elbow but he misses the clothesline. Cody makes the blind tag and he gets a near fall on Truth.

    Cody with a gourdbuster and then he wants the fans to chant his name. Cody with a kick to the head and then he tags in Titus. Titus kicks Truth but Truth punches back. Titus with a forearm and kick to the midsection. Titus gets a near fall. Truth punches Titus but Titus with a boot to the head and Titus barks and gets a near fall.

    Young tags in and Titus drops Young onto Truth with a gourdbuster but Young can only get a near fall. Young with a reverse chin lock and body scissors on Truth. Titus tags back in and connects with shoulders in the corner. Titus argues with the referee and Truth tries to fight out of the corner but Titus with a clothesline and he gets a near fall.

    Titus with a reverse chin lock on Truth followed by a forearm. Titus knocks Kofi off the apron but Truth with a leg lariat to Titus and both men are down. Cody and Cara tag in and Cara with a handspring back elbow and head scissors. Cody sends Cara to the apron and Cara with an enzuigiri followed by a springboard cross body for a near fall.

    Kofi and Truth take care of Titus and Darren and then Truth propels Kofi onto Titus and Darren on the floor. Cody goes for the mask and Cara gets the three count with a double leg take down and jackknife cover.

    Winners: Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, and R Truth

    Matt Striker is in the interview area and he introduces AJ Lee. Matt asks AJ about CM Punk but David Otunga and the Magical travel mug are back and he interrupts her. David congratulates AJ for getting the job and David suggests that AJ might need some legal counsel. David says that he is the man for that. He will file a lawsuit at the blink of an eye if someone calls her crazy.

    AJ looks at David after saying the ‘c’ word. AJ tells David that if he wants to offer his services, he can offer them in the ring against an opponent of her choosing.

    Matt returns to his original question and he asks AJ about CM Punk’s Tout. She says that Punk can choose anyone he wants . . . pending her approval. AJ skips into a commercial.

    Match Number Two: Ryback versus Mike Skinner and Andy Tavares

    Ryback wants them to charge at him and Ryback kicks Skinner and throws him over the top rope. Ryback with shoulders to Andy followed by a forearm to the back. Ryback sends him face first into the mat. Ryback with a power bomb from the shoulders and then he hits another two power bombs. Mike punches Ryback from the apron and Ryback brings him back into the ring. It is time for the double decker marching muscle buster but Jinder Mahal attacks Ryback and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winner: Ryback (by disqualification)

    Mahal continues to work over Ryback and he applies the camel clutch. Ryback gets to his feet and he hits a backpack stunner.

    Ryback with a clothesline to Mike and it is time for the Double Decker Marching Muscle Buster.

    Chris Jericho is in the back and Dolph Ziggler finds him. He congratulates Chris for getting one win. Ziggler demands a rematch.

    Jericho tells Dolph who he is. He is the Ayatollah of Rock-and-Rolla. He is Y2J. He is a six time World Champion. He asks Dolph if he can win the big one.

    AJ skips by and she says that since they want a rematch, she will give it to them. AJ tells Chris if he loses, his contract is terminated. If Dolph loses, his briefcase goes to Chris Jericho.

    AJ skips away.

    Alberto Del Rio is walking through the back and he stops to yell at Ricardo.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring and he is introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez.

    Alberto says that he should be standing in front of all of you peasants as the World Champion, but last night he got robbed by the referee and the peasant Sheamus.

    We see photos from the match at SummerSlam.

    Alberto says that his foot was on the rope and they robbed him. He says that he is not going to stay here and take it and do nothing. Alberto demands another World Title Match against Sheamus right now.

    AJ comes out and says hola to Alberto. She says that since she has no authority over the World Title scene, but since Alberto is dressed to wrestle, she can put him in a match that means something for Booker to consider for the World Title.

    Match Number Three: Randy Orton versus Alberto Del Rio (with Ricardo Rodriguez)

    Before the match starts, Sheamus makes his way out to watch the action.

    Orton with punches to Del Rio followed by a European uppercut and drop kick for a near fall. Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackle but Del Rio rolls to the floor. Orton knocks Del Rio off the apron. Orton with a kick to Del Rio followed by a slingshot suplex for a near fall. Orton with the Garvin Stomp on Del Rio.

    Orton with a leaping knee drop and he gets a near fall. Orton punches Del Rio in the corner and then he climbs the ropes to punch Orton but Del Rio gets away. Del Rio with a snap mare and kick to the back of the head and Del Rio gets a near fall. Del Rio with a boot to the head and then he applies a reverse chin lock.

    Orton with elbows but Del Rio with a head butt. Orton floats over a charging Del Rio and gets a near fall with a rollup. Del Rio with a drop kick to Orton and he gets a near fall. Del Rio with a boot to Orton’s head and then he rakes the face and then applies a reverse chin lock. Orton gets to his feet and he connects with a few elbows. Del Rio with a suplex and then he leaps onto Orton’s chest.

    Del Rio mocks the Orton push ups and then he kicks Orton in the shoulder. Del Rio goes up top but he takes too long and Orton crotches Del Rio. Orton with punches to the head and then he hits a superplex. Orton gets a near fall on Del Rio.

    Orton and Del Rio exchange punches as they get back to their feet. Del Rio with a kick to the arm but Orton with two clotheslines. He avoids a clothesline from Del Rio and then he hits a power slam. Del Rio rolls to the apron and Orton picks up Del Rio and sets for the IEDDT but Del Rio sends Orton to the apron and Del Rio with an enzuigiri and Del Rio gets a near fall. Del Rio kicks Orton in the head and shoulder.

    Orton with a back breaker but Del Rio with kicks to the shoulder and then Del Rio sets for the cross arm breaker but Orton with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Orton with an Irish whip into the corner but he runs into an elbow. Orton punches Del Rio on the turnbuckles and Orton with the IEDDT from the second turnbuckle and he hits it. Orton looks around and he twists into the set up for the RKO.

    Ricardo gets on the apron but Sheamus gets up from the announce table and Ricardo runs away. Orton looks at Sheamus and that allows Del Rio to hit a lungblower but Orton gets his foot on the ropes and Sheamus tells the referee. Del Rio yells at Sheamus and then he turns around into an RKO and Orton gets the three count.

    Winner: Randy Orton

    We get comments from CM Punk from after his win at SummerSlam. Punk says that there is no controversy. The controversy is that he had to beat someone twice. He had to fight four people. John Cena, Big Show, and AJ. He makes Big Show tap but he has to beat him again. Is the controversy over who the champion is and that it is someone AJ doesn’t want as champion.

    Punk wonders why he has to beat someone twice in a single match since he has been champion for ten months. Punk says that whether you like it or you hate it, you better respect it.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and it is time to see how things are said in five different languages and then we see how Antonio Cesaro won the United States Title.

    We see Antonio’s post match Tout from the ring.

    We take a look at the events in Los Angeles during SummerSlam week.

    Damien is in the Goldman Box and he says that he cannot let this ignorant buffoon dance in front of everyone. He will send the Funkasaurus into extinction.

    Match Number Four: Brodus Clay (with the Funkettes) versus Damien Sandow

    Sandow goes for the leg but Brodus with a forearm and he sends Sandow into the turnbuckles. Clay with punches. Sandow with kicks to the injured knee and he wraps the leg in the ropes. Clay pushes Sandow away and he clotheslines Sandow. Clay with a back body drop. Clay with a forearm to the head. Sandow’s head is sent into the turnbuckles by Clay.

    Clay with a belly-to-belly sheeeeplex and then he sets for an elbow drop and connects. Sandow with more kicks to the injured knee followed by punches but Clay gets back to his feet and he punches Sandow.

    Clay with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Clay with a butt bump to Sandow. Clay with a flying head butt to the chest. Clay with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner. Sandow with a rollup and a handful of tights for the three count.

    Winner: Damien Sandow

    After the match, Sandow does the cartwheel of moral and intellectual superiority.

    Clay is not happy with the result and Clay hits a T-Bone Sheeeplex and splash onto Sandow.

    It is time for Clay to dance with the Funkettes and some kids.

    We see Shawn Michaels getting ready for his interview via satellite as we go to commercial.

    We are back with footage from last week when Brock Lesnar broke Shawn Michaels’ arm with the Kimura.

    It is time for Michael Cole to be the serious interviewer and he has Shawn Michaels as his guest. Michael asks Shawn for his thoughts on Triple H’s future. Shawn says that he is feeling that he knows what is going on through Triple H’s head right now. You can tell yourself that the end is near. You can prepare yourself for it. You can do everything that people say you should do, but there is nothing that prepares you for that day when it hits your right in the face. Because all of the thought that you have given it, it happens silently and privately on its own. In reality, it happens in front of thousands of people . . . and millions on pay per view. That is the humbling part.

    You cannot prepare yourself for that. You cannot prepare yourself to face your own professional mortality. You can talk about it all day long. Shawn says that he knows what Hunter is feeling. Last night could have been the end of an amazing career. Hunter is a warrior and a man of honor and integrity, things that Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman know nothing about.

    Hunter goes out there every night and leaves everything in the ring. He did it last night and he did it every night prior. That is who the game is. The last couple weeks, Shawn says that he came around to support his friend. Shawn says that he realizes how stupid that was because he became a distraction and a burden on Triple H. If he was in Hunter’s corner last night, it might have been different.

    Shawn says that he told Triple H last week that he knew where his heart was. Shawn did not tell Hunter the truth. Hunter needed to hear that Shawn thought he could beat Brock Lesnar. It isn’t easy to look your friend in the eye, someone who has been there through thick and thin that it might be over for them. Maybe time has run its course. Shawn tells Hunter that he has nothing to be ashamed of. He says that Hunter is one of the greatest superstars to ever live. Shawn says that he has always respected him and he has always been proud of him.

    Shawn says that he loves Hunter and everyone loves him. Shawn thanks Hunter for a job well done.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Five: David Otunga versus Big Show in a Don’t say “That Word” around AJ Match

    Show sends Otunga into the corner and he punches David in the midsection and follows with a forearm to the back. Show with a chop to Otunga against the ropes followed by a slam. Show with more punches to the midsection followed by another forearm. Show walks across Otunga’s back.

    Show with a head butt to Otunga but Otunga gets in a few punches but Show punches back and Otunga goes down. Show chokes Otunga in the ropes. Show with a chop across the chest and Otunga does down.

    Show with a knee to the midsection and Otunga goes down. Show with the spike elbow drop and then he signals for the punch and he connects and Show gets the three count.

    Winner: Big Show

    We go to comments from Big Show after his loss at SummerSlam. Show says that it was a handicap match, not a Triple Threat match. Show wants to know how that is fair. Cena and Punk have not gone through what Show has had to endure. Show wants to know when his one-on-one match happens.

    We go to commercial.

    Match Number Six: Kane and Zack Ryder versus Miz and Daniel Bryan

    Bryan and Kane start things off and Bryan tags Miz in and goes to the floor. Kane brings Miz into the ring and he punches Miz in the corner. Kane with knees to Miz and then he uppercuts Miz and tags in Ryder. Ryder sends Miz into the turnbuckles. Miz with an Irish whip but Ryder with knees to Miz followed by a missile drop kick. Ryder with punches but Miz with a kick.

    Miz with kicks followed by a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Bryan tags back in and he kicks Ryder. Bryan with a kick and Knees of No. He taunts Kane and tells Ryder to tag him. Bryan with kicks of no to the chest followed by a knee drop and he gets a near fall. Bryan taunts Kane some more and Bryan with a European uppercut.

    Miz tags back in and he kicks Ryder in the head. Miz works on Ryder’s back and then he applies a rear chin lock. Ryder with punches to Miz but Miz with the Reality Check and he gets a near fall.

    Bryan tags back in and he kicks Ryder in the corner. Bryan misses a running forearm into the corner and he knocks Miz off the apron. Ryder kicks Bryan away and Kane tags in. Miz refuses the tag and then Bryan punches Kane in the head and goes to the floor. Bryan runs into the crowd and Kane follows for a moment.

    Kane looks at Ryder and he figures if Miz and Bryan cannot co-exist, why not choke slam your partner. Kane leaves the ring and attacks the ring steps. Kane then attacks the announce table and he goes after the timekeeper. Kane throws him over the ringside barrier.

    Kane returns to the ring and he grabs Ryder and hits the Tombstone piledriver on Ryder.

    Kane leaves the ring and he goes to the back.

    We go to comments from John Cena after he lost at SummerSlam. He is asked if Punk is the best in the world. Cena says that he has not seen anything like that in his time in the WWE. He will not blame the referee. He says that he will get Punk tomorrow.

    Cena is asked again if Punk is the best in the world. Cena leaves.

    Matt Striker is with CM Punk in the interview area.

    Punk says that the question is who is his next opponent. Punk thanks AJ for having the respect to allow him to choose his next opponent. Punk says that he is going to pick someone the WWE Universe loves and can take a beating. He is going to face someone who the WWE Universe does not think he can beat. He is choosing John Cena, but on one condition. Punk says that it is all about respect. Punk says that he commands respect when he walks into the room. He will demand respect from John Cena.

    We go to commercial.

    We are back and Layla is at the announce table to watch the next match.

    Match Number Seven: Divas Battle Royal for the Number One Contender Spot (featuring Alicia Fox, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Eve Torres, Rosa Mendes, and Aksana)

    Tamina with a clothesline to Alicia. Rosa climbs on Tamina’s back but Tamina with a snap mare. Aksana picks Rosa up by the hair. Rosa and Aksana roll around the ring while everyone watches and they roll to the floor and both are eliminated. Eve and Kaitlyn battle while Alicia connects with forearms to Tamina.

    Natalya picks up Kaitlyn and tries to slam her. Natalya and Tamina get Kaitlyn on the apron but Kaitlyn fights her way back to the ring. Tamina and Natalya with a double suplex to Kailtyn. They kick Kaitlyn but Alicia with a shot to Natalya.

    Alicia with forearms to Natalya. Tamina and Natalya try to eliminate Alicia but it fails. Tamina punches Alicia in the midsection. Natalya and Tamina try for another double suplex but Alicia escapes and she hits a double drop kick on Tamina and Natalya. They hang from the apron but stay in the match. Natalya runs Alicia into the turnbuckles while Eve and Kaitlyn remember that they are in the match.

    Tamina eliminates Natalya and Alicia Fox but Kaitlyn eliminates Tamina. Eve gets Kailtyn on her shoulders but Kaitlyn holds on to the ropes. Kaitlyn with a European uppercut and clothesline that sends Eve over the top rope to the floor.

    Winner: Kaitlyn

    In case you missed the first part of the show, we have footage of the crowning of Brock Lesnar as the second King of Kings by Paul Heyman.

    We see a Tout of Brock Lesnar saying that he is leaving WWE and never coming back. The King of Kings has abdicated his throne.

    We are back with a Barrett Barrage Return video. He says that broken bones and shattered dreams are a way of life. Between hope and despair, his fists are his weapons of choice. He is relentless. He is remorseless. You fight or you perish. He says that his barrage cannot be stopped.

    Michael Cole mentions AJ’s tweet that she is going to send Daniel Bryan to anger management classes.

    Vickie Guerrero says that AJ is a witch. Dolph cannot lose the briefcase. She tells Dolph that he needs to win for her.

    Dolph says that he might not get another title match again. This is the biggest match of his life. He says that he has to win. Dolph says that they will win.

    Match Number Seven: Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) versus Chris Jericho in a Jericho’s contract and Ziggler’s Briefcase are on the Line Match

    They lock up and Jericho with a side head lock. Jericho with a shoulder tackle but Jericho with a rollup for a near fall after a leap frog by Ziggler. Jericho gets another rollup for another near fall. Ziggler goes to the floor to regroup and discuss strategy with Vickie. Jericho with an inside cradle when Ziggler returns to the ring. Jericho with a kick to Ziggler.

    Jericho with a chop followed by punches and forearms. Ziggler with a punch to the head and kicks to the ribs. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop to the ribs and he gets a near fall. Ziggler with an elbow to the head followed by a punch and kick. Ziggler with an Irish whip but Jericho runs into a boot from Jericho. Jericho with a missile drop kick for a near fall.

    Jericho back body drops Ziggler over the top rope to the floor and Jericho hits the springboard drop kick that sends Ziggler to the floor. We go to commercial.

    We are back and Ziggler with a reverse chin lock. Ziggler takes Jericho back to the mat and Ziggler with a headstand to add more pressure to the hold. Ziggler with elbows to the neck followed by a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler returns to the reverse chin lock. Jericho with a belly-to-back suplex to get out of the hold. Ziggler runs into a boot from Jericho.

    Jericho with shoulder tackles but Jericho is sent to the apron. Jericho goes up top and hits a double sledge. Ziggler avoids the bulldog but Jericho puts Ziggler on the turnbuckles and chops him. Jericho with punches and he hits a super hurricanrana. Jericho gets a near fall. Ziggler gets a near fall after a DDT.

    Jericho tries for a Fameasser but Jericho blocks it and tries for the Walls of Jericho. Ziggler with a near fall. Jericho with a clothesline. Ziggler tries for the Zig Zag but Jericho holds on to the ropes. Jericho with a bulldog and then he tries for a Lionsault but lands on the knees. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for the three count.

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

    After the match, Dolph celebrates his victory while Jericho sits in the ring, wondering what is next for him.

    Jericho grabs the briefcase and Vickie yells to tell Dolph to do something.

    Jericho hits Ziggler with the briefcase and then he has an evil look on his face before hitting a Codebreaker on Ziggler.

    Jericho leaves the ring, shaking hands with the fans.

    CM Punk is walking in the back and we get ready to hear what his condition will be for his match with John Cena. Who wants a commercial?

    We are back and CM Punk makes his way to the ring.

    Punk decides to return to his perch in front of Jerry Lawler and he says that after defending his title at SummerSlam and feeling good about it, he was going to talk about that and his next contender. He remembers that Jerry said that Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe. Punk says that he wants Jerry to go ahead and admit that it was a lie.

    Jerry says that he meant no malice and he thought that Punk turned his back at that time.

    Punk tells Jerry to tell him to his face that he was wrong and he asks for an apology.

    Jerry is speechless . . . but that doesn’t matter because John Cena comes out.

    John makes his way to the ring and Punk is not impressed.

    Punk asks Cena if he could have waited. Punk says that he was going to call John Cena out so he knew that Punk was doing business with Jerry, but Cena had to steal the spotlight.

    Punk says that since Wrestlemania until last night, he has been taking a back seat to Cena, Triple H, Dwayne Johnson, and he has been doing it out of respect.

    Punk tells John Boy that respect is a two way street and it has not been reciprocated to him. Punk reminds us that he is the WWE Champion and has been for nine months. People have been asking him why he is not in the main event and taking a back seat to John Cena.

    Punk says that he is always in the main event and out of respect he lets Cena wrestle last. Punk says that taking a back seat no longer makes sense. Punk says that he was the man he beat to win the title at Money in the Bank. Punk says that he beat Cena last year at SummerSlam. He is still taking a back seat to the guy he beat last night.

    Last year he had to take the company hostage to get respect.

    Punk says that he is going to beat John Cena again because he has to do it again. All of the times that he has defeated Cena, it has not mattered. He sees a sea of green with foam fingers, t-shirts, and wristbands. He sees the C-Nation in Fresno. It dawned on him and the one condition that he wants Cena to do . . . is . . . admit that CM Punk is the best in the world.

    Cena thinks about it and Punk wants him to tell the truth.

    Cena says that Punk is one to always speak his mind. Cena says that Punk has been the WWE Champion for nine months. That means that he has not been the WWE Champion for nine months. You will see t-shirts and signs in the crowd and Punk might ask why. Cena says that it is because through all of the wins and losses, through the good times and bad times, they connect through one word. That word is respect.

    Cena mentions Fresno and the place goes crazy. For some reason, if Fresno State does not win the National Championship, the fans are not done with their team. They love their team and they are proud of their city. It represents who they are. Cena says that his merchandise represents who he is. Cena will not let all of us down.

    Cena says that he might be throwing away his shot at the championship, but he is not going to say that Punk is the Best in the World. Cena says that he has to believe that he is the Best in the World. It is not out of arrogance or being cocky, he wants people to believe in him. Cena says that he spent a year saying that would beat the Rock. Cena says that he did not think he was going to lose the match. If he gets another chance, he will think that he can beat the Rock again. Cena tells Punk that if he doesn’t think he is the best, he can go out the door. Cena says that he held the title for more than 380 days and he never demanded anything from the fans inside or outside the ropes.

    Cena says that Punk is firmly in the back seat. Punk has been champion for 274 days and all people remember is the day that Punk blew a kiss to Vince McMahon and walked out of town. Cena says that now Punk wants him to throw away everything that Cena developed over the last ten years. He is not here to stroke Punk’s ego. He tells Punk to choose someone else because he will not say that Punk is the Best in the World. He knows that he can get another title match.

    Cena tells Punk that there is one match that will define what Punk wants. Cena says that Night of Champions is in his house. If Punk goes into his house as champion and leaves as champion, that will be the moment that defines his existence.

    Cena says that there is a mutual respect. He tells Punk to choose whoever he wants, but he tells Punk not to demand respect from the people. He tells Punk that if he does not choose Cena for the main event of Night of Champions, Punk has no respect for himself or the title.

    Cena leaves and goes to the back.

    CM Punk addresses Jerry Lawler and says that he wants to finish things with him. He demands an apology. Punk wants Jerry to come into the ring so they can have a conversation.

    Punk says that Jerry went a little too far and Jerry owes him an apology.

    Jerry says that this is a misunderstanding and if Punk wants this, he will apologize.

    Punk stops Jerry from leaving the ring and he says that he is not finished. If John Cena doesn’t want him to say it, Jerry is the minister of propaganda. He wants Jerry to say that Punk is the best in the world.

    Jerry says that Punk can call him what he wants. Jerry says that he has built a rapport with the WWE Universe.

    Punk wants Jerry to tell everyone the truth and say that Punk is the best in the world.

    Jerry says that he cannot say that. Jerry asks Punk to let him do his job.

    Punk kicks Lawler in the back and then he picks up the title belt and he squats next to Lawler. We go to credits
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