Iíve never really thought about how garbage sometimes settles on power lines. Iíve also never thought about how that garbage is taken down from those power lines. I guess I figured someone went up there and grabbed it? That seemed obvious. This 100 percent isnít the case in China. In China, they use fire-spewing drones to burn the garbage down. See here:

This seems incredibly unsafe, right? Directing fire at power lines rubs me the wrong way. Itís a thing I know shouldnít happen because it goes against my common sense. That said, maybe a drone that spews fire is just as dangerous as having to climb up to a power line to fetch garbage. The man controlling this drone seems pretty chill about the whole situation. Heís got a hard hat in case things go totally astray, but other than that, he isnít decked out in complete firefighting gear, just green cargo pants and a matching jacket. Everything is fine.

I have no idea where these images were captured, other than in Xiangyang, Hubei Province of China, and I have no clue under what pretenses this situation occurred. It certainly seems like a testing scenario, but one of the imageís captions say ďa technician from a electric power maintenance company use the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) to clean the high-voltage wire in Xiangyang.Ē I guess that answers some questions.