The Golden State Warriors came out of the All-Star break dead before coming to life in the third quarter Thursday night, and Draymond Green was right in the middle of it, yelling at officials, his coach, teammates — everyone.

Green landed on the bench with a technical and was lucky he didn’t get ejected. But he calmed down, and the Warriors caught fire to come back and beat the Clippers, and Green later called the whole thing “fun.” And while his teammates admitted he lost his composure again, coach Steve Kerr said they laughed the whole thing off after the game.

But Green’s behavior — which included taunting Paul Pierce early Thursday and a kick that came dangerously close to Blake Griffin — is becoming such a concern that Chris Broussard thinks the Warriors can’t wait any longer to address it. “You can argue it cost them a title already,” Broussard said Friday on “Undisputed.”

“They don’t have that (strong) personality in Golden State — not in the whole organization!” Broussard said. “… Kerr, he had a talk; what good did that do? I think Steph, Klay and KD — since not one of them can go to him and say it — all of them go to him together, and sit him down: ‘Look, we love you, man. We need you. We can’t do this without you. But we don’t want to lose you.'”

Shannon Sharpe thinks that as great as he is, Green is destined to share the same fate as DeMarcus Cousins if he can’t clean up his act.

“They’re gonna get fed up just like Sacramento got fed up with Boogie Cousins, even though he was giving you 28 and 11 and 5,” Sharpe said. “They said, ‘Enough is enough,’ and I guarantee you, within the next two years or three years, (the Warriors) are gonna say, ‘Enough is enough’ and they’re gonna ship him up outta there.”