On a recent edition of WWE Network’s Table For 3, former WWE Superstars Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle joined together for a meal to talk about a variety of topics. During the event, “Captain Carisma” discussed watching Angle come up through the developmental system and the former Olympian’s awkward appearance at his wedding. Check it out:

Knowing Angle was going to be a natural after their encounters together in developmental:

“I was already under a developmental contract at the time and they were just bringing me back monthly to figure out if I was ready to go up to the main roster. [Angle] never had a pro wrestling match [at that time]. Like, I remember getting in there and doing the basic lockups and grabbing the arm, just basic things that you learn very early on. And sometimes it takes guys are long time to pick those types of things up and I remember, boom, the first time [Angle] had it. Every time, [Angle] had it and I remember thinking to myself, ‘my God, this guy is a natural.'”

Talking Angle through his first match at a spot show in New England:

“To me, that was a huge honor. First of all, for me, they trusted me to be the guy to come in there and have a match with [Angle]. I was like, ‘don’t worry, you always know what you’re doing out there. I’m going to talk to you’ and [Angle is] like, ‘what? Don’t do that.’ I was like, ‘what do you mean?’ ‘You can’t talk.’ I was like, ‘yeah, I might even tell you a joke’ and now he [has] got his hands here [over his face], ‘please, don’t make me laugh. Please, don’t talk to me.'”

Angle showing up to his wedding with ripped pants and a red face:

“Maybe a little known fact that [Angle] stood up at my wedding. That’s how good friends we are and Adam was obviously the best man. When [Angle] showed up, his face was like beet red and I was like, ‘Kurt, are you alright?’ He was like, ‘I haven’t put this tux on for a while. The button is too tight.’ And it looked like [Angle’s] head was going to pop. And [Angle was] like, ‘hey, look at this,’ and [Angle] put [his] leg up and [he] ripped the crotch out of the pants on the way to the wedding.”