UFC president Dana White is allowing fans to decide for themselves.

Did UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor knock former IBF and WBA world boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi down during a sparring session?

Here is the video everyone wanted to see of Conor vs Paulie Malignaggi former IBF and WBA World Champion @TheNotoriousMMA pic.twitter.com/GfFP3SKsye

— Dana White (@danawhite) August 12, 2017

Malignaggi has made his thoughts on the matter – and McGregor – very obvious during interviews in recent weeks since leaving the McGregor camp as he prepares to face Floyd Mayweather later this month.

The ex-boxing world champion responded to White and the video:

@danawhite you bitchass you were actually there and saw all 12 rounds. Really you fuckin cue ball ass fraud? Kissin my ass after the 12rds.

— Paul Malignaggi (@PaulMalignaggi) August 12, 2017