If anyone doubts that Floyd Mayweather Jr’s motivation to fight Conor McGregor is driven by money they are wrong…

That is according to the legendary boxer’s uncle Jeff Mayweather.

The bout between boxing’s defensive master and the UFC lightweight champion of the world looks set to be the biggest money spinner in combat sports history. While Mayweather is poised to pick up a record-breaking 50th win of his career (a pro record of 50-0), the bout has little to do with record books or legacy.

Jeff Mayweather told Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting that it is “getting paid” which is the driving factor for his famous nephew:

“Don’t ask me no dumb sh-t like [why Mayweather took the fight]. Why would you take it? Don’t ask me no stupid questions. That’s a dumb question right? 50th fight don’t matter. You’re getting paid. It’s the record, but still it’s not so much about the record. It’s about getting paid. At the end of the day, it’s about getting that check. You can win 95 titles, but if you ain’t got no money, what difference does it make? It don’t mean sh-t.”