While many continue to point towards Floyd Mayweather Jr’s perceived difficulty with boxing southpaw fighters, the 49-0 legend has a message…

“Well, the last time that I checked I was undefeated,” Mayweather told those gathered to watch his open workout in Las Vegas on Thursday night. “Whether you [sic] was orthodox or southpaw, I was undefeated against you. So everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.”

That opinion is one which seems to be cited regularly by those who claim that McGregor’s stance could prove to be a difficulty for the boxing luminary. While Manny Pacquiao and Robert Guerrero were both “lefties”, they proved little to no trouble for the 49-0 legend. The root of the “southpaw jinx” seems more attributable to fights which Mayweather had against Zab Judah and DeMarcus Corley in the mid-2000’s.

While Mayweather may have had a little difficulty early on in those bouts, he overcame both men comprehensively as the fight went on. “Money” told reporters that, regardless of stance, he has never lost a fight and that supposed chink in his armor lacks credibility without any blemish on his record.