Conor McGregor expects Paulie Malignaggi to be spilling insider secrets to Floyd Myaweather Jr., but that is OK according to the Irishman

In fact, McGregor seems to “like the guy”.

While the lead up to the Mayweather vs. McGregor bout has been relatively quiet, a subplot between the UFC lightweight champion and former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi has kept the fight in the headlines.

Despite the acrimonious nature of Malignaggi’s departure from McGregor’s training camp, the Dublin-native dismissed any notion that he holds a grudge towards the former two weight world champion. McGregor opened up on Sunday about the possibility of the New Yorker sharing insider secrets with his upcoming opponent, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and does not seem to be worried in the slightest. The SBG Ireland star pupil even blamed a bruised ego for Malignaggi’s exit:

“He [Malignaggi] showed [up], he tried his best, it didn’t go his way,” McGregor said. “He got his ass whooped, he got his pride dented, and then he wanted a way out. What better way for a guy like him to exit under a load of questions. He was flattened. What can I say? He got his ass whooped. But I like the guy. He’s kind of like a lovable mouthpiece.”

When asked about Mayweather’s potential benefit as a result of Malignaggi’s information, McGregor was pragmatic:

“Let him speak [to Floyd Mayweather]. I’m sure he has!” McGregor stated. “You can’t prepare for me. There’s nobody in the game that moves like me and that strikes like me and has the confidence like me. So, let them talk.”