Floyd Mayweather Jr’s sparring partners have given their two cents on Conor McGregor’s treatment of Paulie Malignaggi

It is no secret that many in the boxing community have found more reason to criticize McGregor following his perceived ill treatment of Malignaggi.

Two of Mayweather’s sparring partners, Maurice Lee and Daquan Mays opened up on how they feel treated by Mayweather in comparison to how they expect Malignaggi was looked after by McGregor:

Maurice Lee:

“It shows a lot,” Lee said. “It shows [McGregor is] more focused on the show than the actual skill. He should be focused on the boxing, not trying to post stuff like that this close to the fight. He should be more focused, I feel. Because Floyd is very focused.”

Daquan Mays:

“Floyd is real respectful, man,” Mays said. “Treats you good, pays good. End of the day, gives you good recognition. He’s not the kind of guy that punches on you and tells everybody else to talk about you and brags about it. You don’t win fights in the gym. You do — but fights aren’t held in the gym. So there’s no point to brag about what you did in the gym. ‘I got a knockout in the gym, I got a stoppage in the gym.’ That’s gym work. It’s not about what goes on in the camp, it’s about what goes on when the lights shine on you.”