UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve believes that Jones is simply the superior athlete who would overcome Lesnar with relative ease…

That is, if Lesnar could, in fact, make it back to the UFC first.

Struve recently spoke to Submission Radio and gave his two cents on the potential fight between the UFC light heavyweight champ and the former heavyweight king pin and WWE superstar:

“If he [Lesnar] fights again, he should go through six months of testing, I believe, before he fights again. I think that’s the rule right now. So if he comes back, and they let him go through those six months of testing, then I’m curious to see how he steps in the cage.”

Struve heavily favors Jones to come out on top despite the fact that “Bones” would be required to bulk up in order to meet the heavyweight threshold:

“I think Jones beats him anyway – simple as that,” Struve said. “Jones is too good of an athlete. I don’t think Lesnar gets a hold of him to take him down. Jones moves too well. I think ‘D.C.’ is a great fighter, and of course, that kick was great, but before that, I didn’t see the Jon Jones who we used to see as dominant as he used to be.

“So I’m curious to see if he re-finds himself and gets to be more dominant again. But I don’t think Lesnar takes him down or anything, and he’s definitely not going to win the fight on the feet.”