Braun Strowman is doing the media rounds to promote WWE SummerSlam and spoke with Brian Campbell of CBS Sports this week to discuss his role in the Fatal 4 Way main event.

During an appearance on the In This Cornerí Podcast, Strowman had high praise for Roman Reigns. Strowman said itís no secret why WWE is so strongly behind Reigns, calling the Big Dog one of the best pro wrestlers in the world today.

ďRoman Reigns is, if not the best, one of the best performers in the world, hands down. I donít care what anybody says. He does it night after night, and it doesnít matter who heís with, they tear the place down. Lately, it has been me and him blowing the roof off the arena on every place we walk into on Godís green earth.Ē

Strowman also praised Reignsí work ethic, saying that Reigns is a tough S.O.B that doesnít back down no matter how physical their matches get.

ďThatís the thing that people just donít get and thatís the work ethic behind Roman Reigns. Heís just a tough S.O.B. Iíve spent so much time in this program, just nailing him and nailing him, and whether itís stubbornness, stupidity or heart, he just keeps getting back up, which just keeps giving me a reason to knock him back down.Ē