It was a pleasant surprise for the WWE Universe when Chris Jericho made his surprise return on WWE TV during the July 25th episode of SmackDown Live last month.

However, since then not only Jericho has not made any appearance on WWE programming but he also hasn’t been mentioned much which has left fans wondering if his return was a one-off deal.

During the latest edition of his Talk Is Jericho podcast which was apparently recorded the same day as his return, Jericho was interviewing Tyler Breeze and Fandango where he also opened up about his recent SmackDown appearance.

Chris revealed that he wasn’t actually scheduled to return on the show. According to him, he was in the area to film an episode of Southpaw Regional Wrestling and got ‘roped’ into having a match:

“That’s actually why I’m here today, to film that show Southpaw and talk to you guys, And now I got roped into having a match.”

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that Y2J will not show up at any upcoming WWE Events in near future, it does clear that The Company hadn’t planned his comeback in advance and so we shouldn’t expect him to get involved in a long term feud anytime soon.