Raw Womenís Champion Alexa Bliss spoke with Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald to promote WWE 2K18 being released on Nintendo Switch. Here are the highlights:

Fans criticizing WWE over calling up NXT stars to the main roster too soon:

ďHereís the thing. People say I was called up too soon. I thought I was called up too soon. Itís not about when youíre called up. Itís what you do with the opportunity. As long as they take advantage of every opportunity, I think itís great to have them.Ē

Paige returning to WWE television:

ďIím really excited we have women returning and women coming up. Our division needs it. With the womenís revolution going on, it can only help. There is no bad that can come of it because WWE is good about evolving and bringing in new talent. Thatís our source. To have people coming in and returning, itís greatÖIíve only had a few matches against Paige on NXT and a few live events. To have her on Raw, Iím real excited to see her back in action. Itís nice to see her happy and healthy. Iím really happy for her.Ē