Darren Till isnít letting anyone tell him heís had opportunities handed to him.

Till has quickly risen up the UFC welterweight rankings. He scored his biggest victory against Donald Cerrone back in Oct. 2017. ďThe GorillaĒ ran through Cerrone to earn a first-round TKO win.

With the win, Till shot up to the seventh spot on the official UFC 170-pound rankings. Speaking to MMAJunkie.com, Till said heís worked hard to get to this level:

ďI just want people to know that Iím willing to fight anyone so nobody can say that I donít deserve this or that. Itís not down to me to decide who deserves a shot at me or somebody else. I think we should all just fight each other and find out who the best is. Because sometimes a guy is champion but heís not exactly the best. A lot of people said that about (Conor McGregor), that he got an easy go of it, but I donít think he did.Ē