Frankie Edgar has never been known to get under someone’s skin.

Edgar has always been viewed as blue collar. He’s someone who doesn’t complain and gets right to business to the best of his abilities. His style has brought him great success, capturing UFC lightweight gold along the way.

“The Answer” was set to take on Max Holloway for the featherweight title on March 3, but Holloway went down with an injury. Rather than wait for his title bout to be rescheduled, Edgar accepted a bout with rising 145-pounder Brian Ortega.
Hard Work Over Trash Talk

Once again, Edgar didn’t complain or talk trash to anyone. He will simply go to work. During a recent appearance on “The MMA Hour,” Edgar talked about his work ethic:

“I think so, a little bit. Everybody wants to use their mouth to get to where they want to go instead of putting in the work, being a hard worker and doing things the right way. They see instant results so I see why they want to do that, but I’m a little old school, I guess. Me being 36 makes me old school. I just like to do my work, keep my mouth shut and let my results get me to where I want to go.”