Former WWE Superstar John Morrison (also known as Johnny Mundo) recently did an interview with WSVN-TV Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet in his backyard where he has his own wrestling ring. During the interview Morrison talked about what it was like to work with Ricochet and seeing him go to WWE:

Its bittersweet to see him go. I wrestled Puma/Ricochet/Trevor all over the world by all these different names. Hes one of the best in the business right now and Im really excited to see what happens for him at WWE and see him on NXT. Its sad to see him go but when he was a kid he grew up watching WWF and I think its something he had to do for himself.

He had to get there and see what it was like for himself. I think hes going to kick ass there Everyones going to miss Puma. I actually teared up on that last episode when he walked away. It was emotional man.

If Morrison were to return to WWE, there are a ton of talents on the roster that hed be excited about working with:

Theres a lot of cool matchups that are waiting for me in the WWE. Id love to teach Roman Reigns how to work. Just kidding. Seth Rollins. Unfinished business with The Miz. Itd be fun to get back in there and maybe do some Dirt Sheet episodes with him. Me, Miz, Ziggler and Zack Ryder would have a hell of a faction I think. Ive never really had a long program with Cena. Thatd be a fun one. I have a feeling that Daniel Bryan will be back when he gets cleared.

After Morrison and The Miz split up as a tag team in WWE during their early days, Miz has gone on to enjoy a tremendous amount of success with the company. He is a former WWE Champion, main evented a WrestleMania with John Cena and defeated him, and has won the Intercontinental Championship several times. None of this comes as a surprise to Morrison:

Im not surprised. The Miz is someone who people are usually like I cant believe how well hes doing. I cant believe this, I cant believe that. But to me hes someone who really always defined what it takes to becomes a successful public persona and in-ring entertainer and to me thats being authentic. The Miz is always emphatically himself. Hes always The Miz. Hes in my wedding party.

Over the years in his professional wrestling career Morrison has wrestled under several names. He regrets doing this simply because he doesnt own any of them:

I dont own any of these names. I dont own Johnny World, Johnny Mundo, John Morrison, Johnny Nitro, Johnny Blaze or Johnny Impact. None of it. If I had my career to do over again, I think I would wrestle under my real name John Hennigan because if there was some sort of brand test associated with professional wrestling I would hardcore fail that test because I have so many names its confusing to me even. I dont know how to introduce myself to people on the phone depending on who Im talking to.

Morrison also discussed the heat that has has with Vampiro:

Hes always going to be a turd cutter. Are you kidding me? I believe hes going to be back for Season 4. Him and I and Kevin Cross, Fantasma, Tejano and Dr. Wagner have some unfinished shenanigans in AAA. Pretty much if you ask the entire wrestling world they will agree with the turd cutter assessment as far as Vampiro goes.

Its been a hectic schedule for Lucha Underground in preparation for the promotions fourth season. Morrision discussed what to expect from the organization when it finally drops:

This is going to be an insane schedule. Theyre going to try to get Season 4 done in 5 weeks. The entire season. Im not even sure how its going to be scheduled, that has yet to be completely announced but I think we are going to be taping 3 days a week and so were probably going to be knocking out 6 episodes a week.