Justin Gaethje believes Joanna Jedrzejczyk is making excuses.

Back in November, Jedrzejczyk lost her UFC strawweight title to Rose Namajunas. She suffered a TKO loss in the first round. It was the first defeat in her professional mixed martial arts career.

Jedrzejczyk fired her nutrition team Perfecting Athletes and blamed the loss on a poor weight cut. She will get a rematch with “Thug” Rose on April 7 in the co-main event of UFC 223.

Gaethje questioned Jedzrejczyk’s mindset:

“I don’t know her or what happened to her, so I can’t judge her for it. I think she’s weak-minded for saying it, even if it is true. It’s her own business. And no matter what, it could be true to the core and you could have proof, who’s going to [care]? Like, I’m not going to support you. Okay, whose fault was it? At the end of the day, whose fault was it? It was your fault. Do you have a scale at your house? Then you get to step on the scale every single morning, just like every single one of us do. We worry about our weight the whole camp, and I’ve never had a nutritionist help me in my entire life.”

Gaethje then said Jedrzejczyk should take responsibility for her own failed weight cut.

“I made weight in college eating McDonalds every day. It’s willpower. You either f*cking do it or you don’t do it. Like, the nutritionist does not cut the weight for you. And yeah, it could be detrimental to your performance, so if she did cut a tremendous amount of weight, then I’m sure that she suffered tremendously, and I am excited to see Rose fight the best Joanna whenever she doesn’t f*ck up and f*ck her weight cut up.”