Just 3 weeks out from WrestleMania 34, Jerry Lawler apparently suffered a stroke. Lawler was in ICU for 3 days and was unable to speak before making a full recovery in time to appear at WrestleMania this weekend.

Lawler was engaging in sexual intercourse at the time of his stroke. He detailed the incident on an episode of his “Dinner with the King” podcast.

New episode is up. @JerryLawler suffered a stroke three weeks ago. Hear about the story on this week's show: https://t.co/e0lYgQAidn

— Dinner With The King (@DinnerWithKing) April 11, 2018

Lawler, who also suffered an on-air heart attack in 2012, made a full recovery following the stroke. Not only did Lawler appear at WrestleMania 34 but he participated in some pre-Mania festivities as well. During an independent show over the weekend, Lawler even shot a fireball at Joey Ryan’s genitals. At the time, Ryan was dressed up as Andy Kauffman, Lawler’s historic rival.

At WrestleMania 34, Lawler called the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal along with his broadcast partner, Jim Ross.

According to the King, only Kevin Dunn and Triple H knew about his medical scare before Mania.