With Superstar Shakeup being around the corner, fans have been discussing which stars can switch brands and Baron Corbin has a dream opponent which he may get to face soon enough if he is moved.

Corbin recently appeared on Busted Open Radio where he talked about being a metalhead and how people have the wrong assumption that he did not grow up as a fan of Pro Wrestling.

When asked about his dream opponent, the Lone Wolf said that he would like to face the Big Dog Roman Reigns without a doubt because in his thought, Roman is the best athlete WWE has to offer:

“Roman Reigns. Without a doubt. I think he is the best athlete WWE has to offer. I have been in the ring with AJ Styles, so of course, I would say the same for him, but I have never been in the ring with Roman Reigns, or Seth Rollins, and I think what those guys bring to the table are truly special”

While Baron Corbin made his main roster debut prior to the reintroduction of Brand Extension, he has spent the majority of his time working on SmackDown Live.

However since he is currently not involved in any major storyline at the Blue Brand, Corbin is one of the favorites to switch brands next week and if it happens, then we can very well expect to see him facing his dream opponent sooner rather than later.

You can check out our picks of stars to switch shows at Superstar Shakeup to improve both brands here. The full interview of Baron Corbin can be seen below: