The story of Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return is something that will inspire wrestlers and non-wrestlers from around the world for a long time and it will give them strength to fight for their dreams.

However, during a recent interview on Why Not Now Podcast, Bryan revealed a moment which inspired him not to accept things as they were and keep struggling.

According to Daniel, he was cleared to return by several neurologists after 6 months of his retirement speech, but WWE still hadn’t cleared him to wrestle. After this, he had started making up his mind to accept the decision.

Though then one day he watched a match between Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles and seeing the crowd reaction for the bout, he decided to keep fighting:

“I was watching these guys wrestle and they were two of my friends that I had known for years, right? A guy named Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles. And I was sitting there and they’re both really good, and the crowd’s going crazy, and I was like, ‘I refuse to accept this! It took me another year-and-a-half before I got cleared, but I did it!”

Apart from this Daniel Bryan also talked about the support he received from his wife Brie Bella, whether he was nervous while making his in-ring return and more.