NOAH’s President Masayuki Uchida and Toho Eiyuden’s President Simon Inoki announced that they will be forming a business alliance going forward.

Toho Eiyuden, also known as Oriental Heroes, based out of Shanghai, China, is what formerly used to consist of IGF (Inoki Genome Federation) before they underwent a split from Antonio Inoki last year. As for this alliance though, it started out with Simon allowing his students to go and train in the NOAH dojo. As they needed an open dojo in Tokyo for training their students. Which KENSO, who now competes as freelance in NOAH, was once (or may still be) involved with training the Shanghai wrestlers. Uchida then thought there could be more to this than just training and the two groups have been in talks since March about a true alliance.

The main details of the alliance are as follows. The aim is for the two promotion to work together in the further development of the China market. That development entails discovering new talent in China, teaching, and even PR work. In Japan. Toho Eiyuden will see their wrestlers in joint training with NOAH’s wrestlers. Then lastly the two promotions will be working together on several shows. The first being NOAH’s upcoming Korakuen Hall show on May 29 in which some of the Toho Eiyuden wrestlers will greet the audience for the first time. Though they will not be competing until the Korakuen Hall show on June 26 and the tour scheduled in July. Then NOAH will be competing for Toho Eiyuden in Shanghai on August 8 & 9th.