Magia Blanca will be out 6-9 months after tearing the ACL in his left knee injury on Tuesday. The injury came when Akuma fell on Magia Blanca after taking an armdrag from Retro at end of the second match in Arena Mexico. It came off as a weird fluke, though Blanca was obviously in a lot of pain the moment it occurred. On Facebook, Magia Blanca thanks everyone for their support and says this ends his year (which means heís expecting to be on the longer side of that recovery.) Akuma is apologetic for the injury and says these things happen in wrestling. Box Y Lucha has an audio interview with Magia Blanca about the injury.

The debut of Atlantis Jr. is now looking like mid-2019 according to Atlantis. At one point, they were talking about him debuting in 2017. I donít know if Atlantis is ever going to do the big mask loss, but itís definitely not coming while that debut is still in the future