Kimberley Benson/Viper/Piper Niven took part in the inaugural Mae Young Classic tournament and became a firm favorite before being eliminated by Australian Superstar Toni Storm.

As we reported recently Viper filmed a documentary with the BBC entitled ‘Fight Like a Girl’ which is now available to view for UK fans on the iPlayer service. Before the documentary aired Viper sat down with the BBC and discussed a variety of topics from her time as a professional wrestler on the UK scene and beyond, here are some of the highlights:

When discussing getting started in wrestling: “It never occurred to me that it was something you could do. I got totally beat up but I loved it. I went every week for about seven years.”

When discussing the Women’s scene when she first started: “Certainly in my training school there wasn’t many other girls doing it, and all the women wrestlers on television were like supermodels. Women’s wrestling was not respected. It was difficult for me because I’m a girl and because I’m a big girl.

When discussing her peer’s view of her: “I think a lot of people took a look at me and thought ‘she’s not going to last five minutes’. I can’t express some of the things I have gone through in my wrestling career. People wrote me off because of my size and what I look like and thought I was some stupid, blonde girl who was never going to amount to anything.“

You can read the full interview via the tweet below:

“People wrote me off because of my size” @missviper91 via @BBCNews. #FightLikeAGirl

— ICW (@InsaneChampWres) June 10, 2018