The new IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, recently spoke to Tokyo Sports. During the interview, Omega mentioned why, despite the many offers to go elsewhere, he chooses to stay in NJPW.

We’ve run Omega’s interview through Google Translate, which doesn’t always lead to the most exact translations. Most of Omega’s sentiment still comes through, however.

“It was a really bout, I still have a pain in the whole body, but that’s why I felt again that I should stay in New Japan,” Omega told Tokyo Sports. “I want to evolve the business of professional wrestling.”

“I was touched by Mr. Takagi who was still watching my game,” Omega continued. “I am thankful to those who cheer for me from the DDT era, and my style is to tell people that I have never seen a wrestling yet I want to increase new fans in the future.”

The Tokyo Sports article then concluded with the following statement:

“It is because Kenny’s constant efforts are widely known to be able to honor his accomplishment beyond nationality and genre. A foreign champion to be loved will be a new leader in the Japanese wrestling world.”

Omega has consistently said he wants to evolve professional wrestling. He expressed the same desire during a pre-Dominion interview he gave to New Japan World.

“You (Okada) may be the best wrestler on the planet. I’ll admit it, you are,” Omega said “It’s not even an opinion thing anymore, this is something that you’ve proven. But you can’t say you are the best performer. That goes to me. If we’re going to move this thing forward, if we’re going to cause this revolution of professional wrestling and make it worldwide and something cool, we can’t just have the best natural wrestler steering the ship. We need someone who captures the imagination, who captures the heart. We need a professional wrestler and a showman. Which is why I’m doing everything in my power, to overtake your natural wrestling ability.”