You read that headline correctly, the former middleweight and welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre (26-2) recently survived an attack by a gorilla according to a post on social media. Apparently, St-Pierre was spending some time in Africa and looks to have been on some sort of Safari before he encountered a gorilla that saw him as a threat.

This video was taken in Africa seconds after an alpha gorilla charged me. I had to take a submissive posture and get out of his way. One of the most frightening and incredible experiences of my life – even with all the fight training in the world I wouldn’t have been a match!

— Georges St-Pierre (@GeorgesStPierre) June 12, 2018

St-Pierre last fought Michael Bisping at UFC 217 last year where he won the middleweight title, then had to give up the belt when he suffered a bout with colitis. Fights with Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz have been rumored for his return but no official word of a comeback or retirement has come from St-Pierre or the UFC. Although Dana White believes he is retired since he is “not interested in fighting anybody” according to a recent interview on TSN. One of the other fights mentioned in the interview was possibly with Khabib Nurmagomedov who has a history of wrestling bears so St-Pierre is not alone in scrapping with dangerous animals in the wilderness.

It is no secret Georges St-Pierre is constantly training even when he is not fighting and his health is a prime concern of the man many consider the greatest welterweight of all time. Maybe St-Pierre was on safari to take some time and weigh his options for a potential return for a super fight.