On the latest episode of “Being the Elite”, the Young Bucks and Chris Jericho teased forming a 3-person team. Jericho and the Jackson brothers toyed around with team names “The Bucks of Jericho”, “Y2Jacksons”, and even “The Bucks of Jericho or is it Y2Jacksons?”.

After much deliberation, Jericho says he is now ready to land on a team name.

After much deliberation, it’s official… @mattjacksonyb, @nickjacksonyb and I wanna join forces AND our name will be #TheBucksOfJericho (#OrIsItY2Jackson)! But WHERE can we possibly make this dream team happen? #NotOnSoil #NotInSpace #ButMaybe…. @jericho_cruise #BeingTheElite

Also on a recent episode of “Being the Elite”, the three speculated as to under what promotion they would be able to team together. As they brought up on the show, they work for different companies: Bullet Club and Alpha Club. They then began to tease they would team together on Chris Jericho’s cruise this fall.

There has been some speculation that Jericho won’t be appearing in NJPW for some time. He has said he will not be at the Cow Palace show and others have said his winning the IWGP Intercontinental Championship might be a way for the promotion to put the title on ice. As with anything involving Chris Jericho, however, he’s only going to let out the information he is OK with people knowing. Jericho and NJPW are likely the only parties who know when he will be appearing for the promotion next.

Following the main event of NJPW Dominion over the weekend, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks reunited. The trio had been out of contact following the Bullet Club civil war this spring and Omega taking time off to prepare for his 4th bout with Okada. Omega chose to hug with the Bucks before he was even handed the IWGP Heavyweight Championship belt.

Omega, the Bucks, and Kota Ibushi then unveiled the four of them will be known by the name “the Golden Elite”. This development is most likely not going over well with Cody or some of the Bullet Club OG faction.