Chris Jericho recently sat down with Inside The Ropes as part of his speaking tour of the United Kingdom. As part of an online interview series the new IWGP Intercontinental Champion discussed his bout with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom from this past January.

During the match Omega hit Jericho with his patented ‘One Winged Angel’ move on top of a steel chair, Jericho described taking that move saying that “The One Winged Angel on the chair really hurt. I’m not just saying it hurt as a joke, it really f****d me up. It hurt my back to where there’s still something that’s not right but whatever. I can never take that move again.”

Jericho also went on to list the monetary implications and gains from the #AlphaVsOmega bout, stating that gained a “250% increase” on subscriptions as well highlighting that the Tokyo Dome sold an “extra 15,000 tickets.”

You can check out the interview below and also find more information through the Inside The Ropes Twitter account.