While the WWE is home of all kinds of bizarre characters and gimmicks, the persona of Goldust still stands on its own because of its unique nature.

However, on an episode of Photo Shoot on WWE Network, the Attitude Era Star revealed that he had actually agreed to the Goldust character without realizing what Vince McMahon had in mind.

The episode is set to be released soon and the company recently posted a promo video for it, where Dustin Rhodes, the man behind the persona talks about his transformation from ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes to Goldust.

According to him, he accepted Mr. McMahon’s proposal of repacking him as Goldust without knowing the meaning of the word “androgynous” which Vince kept using and when he finally realized it, his Jaw dropped:

“At this point in my career I wanted to kind of do something on my own, step out of my father’s shadow and try to accomplish something as Dustin, away from the Rhodes name just a little bit, I guess, I just said, ‘OK, let’s do this.’ And I hung up the phone, and immediately I ran to the dictionary and looked up androgynous. And my jaw dropped, ‘What did I just get myself into?'”

Dustin wrestled as the “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes for the majority of his WCW career. After he was fired from the company for blading during a match, Rhodes made his return to WWE in August 1995, repacked as ‘Goldust’.