Kenny Omega made history when he beat Kazuchika Okada and ended his historic, 700+ days title run with the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Omega talked about his victory and explained how his title reign will be different from the reign of Okada.

According to Kenny, he can never top what the former Champion has accomplished but he’ll tell stories different from Okada’s reign with his creativity and the ability to draw raw emotion:

“In a wrestling sense, what Okada accomplished is something I can never top. I excel in my creativity and ability to draw raw emotion. From these, I’ll tell stories different from Okada’s reign. It won’t necessarily be worse or better, but it will certainly be different. From that, I hope I can add layers of character to everyone I work with.”

Apart from this Omega also talked about how he wants to be a team player for NJPW, continually working towards becoming a better wrestler and more.

Kenny Omega beat Kazuchika Okada during NJPW’s Dominion PPV, ending his historic title reign. This was Omega’s third attempt at winning the Championship and their two out of three falls match was awarded a 7-star rating from the Wrestling Journalist Dave Meltzer.