Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling star Cody Rhodes recently participated in a media conference call to promote the G1 Special Tournament. Cody will challenge IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega at the event for his title.

“The American Nightmare” first talked about what it would mean for him to win the ROH World Heavyweight Title before he heads into his IWGP match against Omega:

“As far as the Ring Of Honor World title heading into the G1 Special, I have these title matches. I have the Ring Of Honor one at Best In The World: Baltimore [Maryland], June 29th [2018], the day before my birthday.

“July 7th [2018] on AXS TV, what we’re talking about today, I have the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. And then, at All In, the show I’m executive producing, I have the NWA World’s Championship title match. So the world is not enough for someone like me. The character you see in the screen is very not… there’s not much difference. I think that might disappoint some people, I’m a bit of a dick in real life. And I don’t want to go 0-3. I don’t want to go 1-3. I don’t want to go 2-3.

“I want to go 3-3. I want to take this completely and it would mean a great deal to show up at Bay City [California], The Cow Palace, on AXS TV as Ring Of Honor Champion. And I think it would also be really good for Ring Of Honor. The Dalton Castle experiment didn’t pay off and this is my opportunity to get back to where I was because as their Champion, and even not as their Champion, I’ve continued to grow their business.

“And they’re very grateful for it and I’m very grateful for them. It’s an opportunity for me. But yeah, I’d very much like to show up and be able to hold my title up alongside [Omega’s] and see where it gets us.”

Cody then talked about wanting to compete in the G1 tournament this year. Unfortunately an acting gig presented a scheduling conflict. He promised he’d be in the G1 tournament next year or the year after:

“I would’ve wanted to be in the tournament this year, but there’s this other part of my life that’s not [pro] wrestling and that’s… I’ve been working to break into acting a little further. I had my guest roles in a couple of past seasons [of Arrow] and there was something I was able to accrue or book.

“It hasn’t been announced yet and that’s eating up my schedule. I actually don’t have a day off until the Wednesday before All In. After, I think I start July 1st [2018] and then go all the way till the Wednesday before All In. No days off at all.” Cody added, “that was the reason I wasn’t able to be in the G1. I think, I’ll just guarantee it. I’ll Joe Namath it.

“I will absolutely be in the G1 if not next year, the year after that. I give you my word. I’ll be in the G1. If I have to move Heaven and Earth to do it, I will compete in one. I’ve seen the importance of it.”