Kevin Sullivan does not believe wrestling fans think Ring of Honor’s product is cool. He believes the roster is as talented as any he’s ever seen but he lacks faith in the promotion itself.

The 68-year-old former Dungeon of Doom leader was a guest on Interactive Wrestling Radio in May. Sullivan had plenty to say regarding his feelings towards Ring of Honor during the show.

On the topic of Ring of Honor’s roster, Sullivan had this to say:

“Let me tell you about their talent. I’ve seen them all in my 40 years. Jay Lethal and Jay Briscoe matches are just as good as Funk and Brisco, Flair and Steamboat,” Sullivan said. These guys are just superb. They’ve got some great young talent. Dalton Castle? He’s a special talent. They get Cody [Rhodes] there. He’s a special talent and an influx of New Japan guys.”

Sullivan believes the only reason ROH broke their attendance record at Supercard of Honor this year is the event is held over WrestleMania weekend. He believes WWE draws the house for them in that situation.

“What are they going to do if they’re wrestling fans?” Sullivan asked out loud. “Of course, you’re going to go to the show! They haven’t drawn! Are you kidding me? What else would a wrestling fan do?”

Sullivan then described what he feels is definitive proof that ROH is not seen as cool by fans.

“I’ll give you why and I think this is the definite proof. Last Saturday, Ring of Honor was in Chicago with Cody and all of the boys, right? They drew 1,600 people. On Sunday, All In drew 11,000 people in 29 minutes and 31 seconds. What is wrong with this picture? People look at Ring of Honor and think it is uncool.”