Former Lucha Underground champion, Johnny Mundo (aka John Hennigan/Johnny Impact) is being hunted by Kobra Moon’s reptile tribe. The storyline is currently playing out on season 4 of Lucha Underground.

Mundo, who is the leader of the World Wide Underground on the show, recently took part in the promotion’s “Social Interview” series.

“Let me tell you something,” Mundo starts off his promo. “When reptiles ruled the Earth, the Earth kind of sucked. There was no tanning salons, no corvettes, no gyms, no Taya, no Slamtown”

“But Kobra Moon seems pretty damn proud of being the Queen of the serpents,” he continued. “More like Queen of a bunch of slimy d***bags.”

“Kobra Moon has got to be the dumbest luchador on the entire roster,” Mundo said. “We all know it was a really stupid move for the Reptile tribe to declare war on the World Wide Underground.”

“I promise you this,” he said before giving a line you could tell he was proud of. “Not since Homer Simpson on Whacking Day has there ever been a man more hell-bent on reptile violence than Johnny Mundo.”

After losing the Lucha Underground championship late in Season 3, Mundo now appears to be moving into a feud with Kobra Moon and her Reptile Tribe. Ricky Mandel appears to have a mysterious backstory in this season as well. The newest World Wide Underground member has been speaking with a charred doll as of late. This has been creeping out the other members of the faction.

Lucha Underground airs Wednesday nights at 8 PM on the El Rey Network. Fans without access to the station can also purchase the shows through iTunes.