PROGRESS and UK Independent wrestling star Alex Cupid made his in ring Japanese debut this past weekend at the Kaientai Dojo event ‘ChiBattle 6’ at the Blue Field in Chiba.

Cupid is best known to fans of the UK independent scene as one half of the Never Say Die tag team. The team formed whilst training in the PROGRESS ‘ProJo’ and were featured heavily on the Freedom’s Road programme on Demand PROGRESS. Both Cupid and his NSD tag partner Dillion D’Angelo have been featured in more single’s bouts across the UK for the likes Sacrifice Pro and UBW.

The ‘Prince of Hearts’ Alex Cupid teamed with Taylor Adams and Latrell Apton to face Ricky Fuji, Shiori Asahi and former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion TAKA Michinoku. The Kaientai Dojo (also known as K-DOJO) is in fact run by Michinoku and can rank a number of Japan’s most technically proficient performers among their alumni including Pro Wrestling ZERO1’s Minoru Fujita, Big Japan’s Madoka and DDT’s Makoto Oishi.