New Japan Pro Wrestling has released another update on the condition of Hiromu Takahashi.

“Takahashi was able to return to Japan today and will proceed with treatment,” the statement reads. “We apologize for the delay in publishing this update, which was in order to ensure smooth and efficient transit for Takahashi at the airport. We deeply appreciate our fans’ concerns.”

An update from July 9th, 2018 stated only that Takahashi was conscious and able to sit-up.

“On July 7, during the G1 Special in San Francisco event, Hiromu Takahashi sustained a neck injury and was taken to a San Francisco hospital for evaluation.” – NJPW statement on Hiromu Takahashi injury.

Dragon Lee’s comments regarding Takahashi’s injury were translated online, “Hiromu is the most important rival I’ve ever had,” Lee said. “The most beautiful matches of my career have been against him. [Hiromu’s] injury was a wrestling-related accident. Though he is my rival, he is in my prayers.”

Takahashi was injured during a triangle to cradle-suplex move from his match with Dragon Lee at the G1 Special in San Francisco. He landed on top of his head but indicated to the referee he was OK and able to continue.

Takahashi finished the match and did not seem to be in much discomfort. He is said to have collapsed backstage, however, and was taken to hospital. The preliminary word on Sunday morning was that he had suffered a broken neck but that has yet to be confirmed.