James Storm has made it known that he is willing to take on a full-time schedule with the WWE.

He recently spoke to Inside The Ropes about various topics including his stint with the WWE where the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Storm debuted in WWEís developmental brand, NXT, during the October 2015 tapings, which aired on the October 21 episode of NXT by defeating Danny Burch and later appeared on the December 2 episode by defeating Adam Rose.

However, Storm opted not to sign with WWE NXT and return to TNA instead. Storm returned to the promotion back in January of 2016. Now that he is free and clear of Impact Wrestling as he works on the indy scene, Storm noted that once he made the call to go back to Impact after his NXT run, it just seemed like creative didnít know what to do with him, which he didnít understand because he believed that he was their biggest babyface on the roster.

ďAll you gotta do is give me a microphone, show me the ring, hit my music, and Iíll go out and entertain the people. Itís not that hard, itís not rocket science. So I donít wanna say I was going through the motions but to me, it kinda felt like I was.Ē

Storm also noted that he is more than ready to jump on the road full-time with the WWE if they call him. He brought up the fact that he is the in the best shape that he can get in and he got his stuff together after some personal and family issues.

ďIím one of those guys that I like to be considered a road warrior. Like I donít care about how many days Iím on the road. My wife loves for me to be on the road, sheís like: Ďget out of the house.í I just love to wrestle. That is why I got into wrestling is to wrestle. You always hear people complaining about being on the road too much and the travel and the hotels ó pussies, fĖk that. Thatís what Iím about. Put me on the road because thatís what I signed up for to entertain these people. Run around in the world in my underwear and entertain the people.Ē