WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently joined the Gorilla Position podcast to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Bryan first voiced a bit of frustration with WWE seemingly ignoring his creative suggestion.

Bryan said that should he have an idea on how to better a segment or angle he’s involved in, he’ll throw in his two cents, but to no avail:

“If I see stuff on the show that I don’t like, right, I’ll be like, ‘okay,’ for me, for my stuff, I’ll go in and I’ll say, like, ‘hey, I don’t like this because of this, this, and this. Here’s my idea of how to fix it, how I think it’s better,’” Bryan said.

“And 95% of the time, nothing changes, but I’m not like, ‘you need to do this’ or ‘you need to do that’ or whatever it is. It’s like, ‘hey, this is my opinion from my experience within this business and this is how I think it would work better both for me and who I’m working with.’ But I don’t fight for it because I’m happy to be back.”

Interestingly enough, WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels recently pulled Bryan aside and explained to him that even stars the calibre of John Cena still have issues with creative:

“So Shawn Michaels once showed me.” Bryan said. “He told me, but he showed me. He said, ‘look at John over there.’ He’s talking about John Cena. ‘He is constantly fighting every week to make sure that his segments are the best possible segments that they can be.’ Right?

“And so, like, that’s a gift that you have to fight every week. And I have to re-get, get back into that mindset of fighting for that and I don’t know that I’m mentally at that place yet. Now I’m just mentally grateful for being back.”