Bruce Prichard has given some more insight into talking about the career of CM Punk in the WWE on his Something Else to Wrestle podcast.

Prichard recently discussed this topic in an interview with TV Insider. We noted earlier on the site that the podcast would feature Prichard and Conrad Thompson discussing the early WWE career of CM Punk from the period of 2006 through to 2008. This will be the season finale of the show.

It was later revealed that they would talk about the recent lawsuit that was brought forward against Punk and Colt Cabana from WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann, which saw the former WWE stars win.

In the interview, Prichard noted that he didn’t have anything more on the lawsuit other than what he has read online, which made him focus his efforts on telling the early parts of Punk’s WWE career.

“I don’t know anything about the court case other than what I’ve read online and different things like that,” Prichard said. “Me trying to comment on that is no different than any other media source commenting on it. I don’t know firsthand. I wasn’t there for that time. I want to tell stories of Punk in his early days in WWE and the growth before he exploded.”

Prichard noted that it did well for them to talk about it as Punk is so topical and a perfect way to the end season. Prichard added that if the WWE doesn’t pick them up for a second season then they believed that they ended on a high note by covering Punk in his early days.

It’s known that Prichard has a unique deal with WWE Network and that the content is theirs and they also have the final approval on the product. He broke down the process of doing the podcast.

“The content is ours. That’s something we have final approval on. We pick the subjects, and we write it, we do it, we perform it with no direction from them. Then we give them direction with the footage, and they come back with suggestions. That portion of it is pretty neat.”