The topic of Chyna going into the WWE Hall of Fame is one the company would probably rather not be discussed much. While the former 9th Wonder of the World had a revolutionary impact during her short WWE run, she’ll likely not end up in the WWE Hall of Fame while Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are running the company.

Despite this, Mick Foley recently commented on Twitter that he would be honored to induct his old friend should he ever be asked.

Mick Foley was always a friend to Chyna. Inside and outside the ring! In this clip he helps protect her number one contender slot for the heavyweights title! Maybe if she got into the WWE Hall Of Fame he could induct her?#TeamChyna #ChynaHOF #ChynaWWEHOF @RealMickFoley

— Chyna (@ChynaJoanLaurer) July 10, 2018

Foley posted that he would be honored to induct Chyna.

I would be honored to induct @ChynaJoanLaurer if asked!

— Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley) July 11, 2018

According to her, there were once plans on the table for Chyna to become the first-female WWE Champion. Evidently, those plans fell apart only because Chyna agreed to pose for Playboy.

In an interview she gave to the Bell 2 Bell podcast before her death, Chyna detailed why her WWE title run never came to be.

“Yes, there certainly was (a plan for her to win the title), it was actually in the pipeline and ready to happen, but when Playboy came along and wanted me to pose for them, I had to make a choice. Vince (McMahon) told me if I did Playboy, I could never be world champion. I’m a woman, I like to feel pretty and liberated, and be able to kick some ass too. So I chose Playboy and was never world champion,” Chyna said.