The news that Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract is about to expire has been a popular topic amongst the IWC. His contract is expected to expire on September 1st.

While it’s interesting to note that Bryan’s contract is expiring in September, the WWE has him booked for a lot of events post-September.

He is booked for the Super Show-Down in Australia event in October. The second European tour that takes place in November, as well as the MSG Live event in December.

WWE event cards are always subject to change but the fact that Bryan is still advertised for those events have many puzzled on if a new contract is in the works once the old one expires.

It has been made known that Bryan would love to work a limited schedule. He has said in past interviews that he was not supposed to be working a full schedule and feels if he does resign then he would like to work limited dates. More on that here.

Currently, Bryan is working on a Team Hell No storyline on Smackdown and if he does work a limited schedule, one would wonder how that would impact the storyline overall. One thing is for sure we’ll have the latest news on Daniel Bryan’s WWE status once September rolls around.