Sami Callihan will face Pentagon Jr in a Mask vs Hair match at Slammiversary on July 22nd, 2018. He was this weekís guest on the Impact Wrestling teleconference media call.

Callihan is currently a featured wrestler for 3 different promotions. Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and MLW all have Callihan on their roster. He believes this fact is proof that he is the most revolutionary wrestler going right now.

ďIím making history right now, Iím one of the first people, if not the first person, to work for 3 national television programs at the same time,Ē Callihan said. ďIím on TV every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Who else in professional wrestling history could ever say that?Ē

Out of everything he is currently doing, however, there is nothing more important to him than taking Pentagonís mask at Slammiversary.

Callihan didnít mince words when talking about his plans for Slammiversary. ďSlammiversary Iím going to take Pentagonís mask once and for all,Ē Callihan said. ďA lot of people outside of Impactís world donít realize that me, Pentagon, Fenix, Dave & Jake (Crist, oVe) weíve been doing this for years all over the world. Now, we get a chance to do it on national television, on live pay-per-view and thereís nothing thatís going to stop me from taking his mask once and for all.Ē

ď(Pentagon) may have the rest of the wrestling world fooled that heís some undead Mexican Zombie but I know his secret. He is just a really good professional wrestler that wears a mask. Iím going to take that ask from him and heís not going to be special anymore.Ē

Should Callihan lose at Slammiversary, however, heíll have his head shaved bald. In the past, having their heads shaved has caused many wrestlers to spiral into madness. We asked Sami if he was worried that this could be his fate at Slammiversary.

ďWell, Iím not going to have my head shaved, thatís the point,Ē Callihan said. ďIím going to beat Pentagon, Iím going to take his mask. Then Iím going to parade all around the world wearing it. Maybe Iíll become Pentagon. I donít know if you saw TV a couple of weeks ago (it was last week), I wore his entire outfit and at this point, Iím pretty sure I make a better Pentagon than he does.Ē